tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSwimming with Brother's Friends

Swimming with Brother's Friends


Slightly revised, based on several readers' comments.


I was finishing up my run when I heard voices coming from out back yard. I opened the gate and saw my brother Stevie in the pool with his two friends, Karl and Mickey. I'm the older sister, but not by much: we're "Irish twins" -- Stevie just turned 18 and I'm still a month short of my 19th birthday, and we'd just graduated high school together. Karl and Mickey were closer to my age than to Stevie's.

"Hey," Stevie shouted to me. "Mom and Dad just took off for the day, and they left us money for pizza for dinner."

"Cool. I may join you in the pool in a few minutes. I sweated up a storm just now."

"Um... I should warn you, sis, we didn't change into bathing suits."

"Ewww. The three of you are swimming naked on our pool together?"

"God. no. I mean we just stripped down to our underwear."

"Okay, that's no big deal." I'd caught Stevie in his underwear plenty of times, and I'd dated Karl for over a year during high school. We'd never "gone all the way" -- which is probably why he broke up with me -- but we'd done pretty much everything else, so I was certainly no stranger to seeing him in his underwear.

"Strip down." Karl started to chant. "Strip down, strip down." Mickey quickly joined the chant -- Mickey was always sort of Karl's sidekick -- and Stevie looked a little uncomfortable and told them to knock it off.

"Not likely," I said, walking into the house. Especially since I was wearing thong panties under my shorts and no bra under my shirt.

I came out a few minutes later wearing one of my nicer bikinis. It wasn't skimpy by any means, but I know it showed off my petite figure nicely. It wasn't a suit I'd normally have worn swimming in the back yard with my brother, but I guess part of me wanted to show Karl what he'd given up.

I dove into the water, and for a while everybody swam about separately. Then somebody blew up a beachball that was sitting on the side of the pool, and we all started tossing it around.

Somehow, a volleyball game evolved into dodgeball. As we were dashing about in the water trying to avoid one another, Karl managed to brush his arm against my breasts. I ignored it, writing it off as an accident, but a few minutes later he came up behind me and I could feel his penis, not particularly restrained by his wet boxer shorts, pushing against my ass.

"Stop it," I said to him under his breath.

"Stop WHAT?," he asked innocently.

"Stop trying to cop feels," I said. "That ship has sailed."

"Maybe I'm just taking care of unfinished business."

"We don't HAVE any unfinished business."

"I think we do, you tease."

I began to swim away from him, and he called out, "Hey, Steve!"


"Have you ever seen your sister's tits?"

"What? Of course not."

"That's a shame," Karl said, "I have, and they're very nice. A little small, but nice and firm. Big nipples."

"Knock it off," Stevie said angrily.

Karl came up behind me again and before I knew what was happening, he'd grabbed my bikini top with both hands and yanked it over my head, exposing my breasts. "What do you think?" he said, holding onto my arms to keep me from covering up.

Mickey held Stevie back, but he wasn't sure about all this. "Karl," he said, "let's not do anything that's gonna get us in trouble."

Karl led me out of the pool -- I tried breaking away, but he twisted my arm so hard, I almost started crying -- and pushed me down onto the grass, Then he straddled me. "Please," I said. "Please don't. I'm still a virgin."

He used my bikini top to tie my wrists together over my head. I'd be able to break free, but not quickly enough to make a run for it. "Don't worry," her said. "I'm not anxious to go to jail for rape. I'm not going to do anything to you unless you ask me to. Mickey," he called out, "bring Steve over here."

While Mickey was pushing Stevie over to us, Karl yanked down my bikini panties,leaving me naked on the grass. "What do you think, Steve?" Karl asked when my brother came close. "Your sister's pretty hot, huh?"

"Fuck you," Stevie said, trying to free himself from Mickey's hold.

"No," Karl said, "You fuck her."

"Are you crazy?" I shouted, trying to untangle my wrists from the bathing suit bra. Karl grabbed my wrists and put his full weight on them.

"I want to see you fuck your sister," Karl told Stevie. "Then I'll let both of you go."

"No way," Stevie said.

Karl took his hands off my wrists and stroked my nipples. I shivered, despite my anger and frustration. "Then I will," he said. "You don't have a lot of options here: Mickey can hold you for as long as he needs to. Long enough for me to take your sister's cherry." I could feel his hard cock pressing into my belly through his boxers. "But I'm going to be nice here, and leave it up to you. What do you say?" he asked me. "Me or your brother?"



"You're sick."

He slid his body further down mine, until his cock was pressing against my pubic hair. "Choose."

He was rubbing against my pussy now. Shit. I was wet. "My brother!" I shouted.

Karl climbed off me, and Mickey pushed Stevie over to where I lay. "Do it," Karl said.

I looked up at my brother. "It'll be okay," I said gently. "You're my brother, I love you."

He pushed down his boxer shorts. His penis sprung free, completely hard, sticking straight out. "Oh look," Karl said. "He's hot for sister. I bet you've been fantasizing about this for years, haven't you? Fucking your sweet sister?"

"Let's just do this so nobody gets hurt," I said.

Stevie crouched down between my legs, then moved the tip of his penis until it was touching the wetness in front of my pussy. I knew how wrong it was for me to be feeling this hot, just as I understood why Stevie didn't want me to see how hard he was, but I wanted him inside me. "I'm glad it's you," I said, and he pushed his cock deep inside of me.

I bit my lower lip, trying not to cum. Not while Karl and Mickey were watching us. Not while we were being forced to do this.

Stevie pulled out of me. His cock was coated with my juices. "Are you assholes satisfied?" he asked. "I did it." He untangled my wrists from my bathing suit bra, and handed it to me.

Karl and Mickey laughed as we got dressed, then we walked into the house and locked the door behind us. I saw how hurt and humiliated Stevie was, and I ran up to my room and started crying.


Two hours later, I knocked on Stevie's door. It was locked. He didn't respond when I called his name and I got a little concerned, so I hit the doorknob sharply with the heel of my hand, and the lock snapped open.

You don't live in a house for almost nineteen years without learning a few of its tricks.

Stevie was lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He turned his head away from me when I walked in. This wasn't going to be very easy.

I sat down on the edge of his bed, even though he clearly didn't want me there. "Stevie," I said quietly, "I'm hurting too."

"I know," he whispered. "I'm so sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for. You didn't do anything wrong. Neither of us did."

He said nothing, still wouldn't look at me.

"Stevie, what Karl did... it was a terrible, mean thing. He took something away from us that we can never get back. Our choice."

"I'm sorry," he said again.

"No, Stevie, I didn't say that to make you feel worse. It's just, I was thinking... I've been thinking, and please hear me out."

He nodded.

"I mean it, this may sound crazy, but I'm serious."


"Stevie, we should have been able to choose who we had our first sex with. For me, I don't know who it would have been or when. But I want to take back that choice now."

"I don't get it."

"I choose you, Stevie. I want you to make love to me, and I want it to be because I choose you."

"You're my sister," he said.

"I know. Listen, we can't undo what happened this afternoon. But we can reclaim it. We can make it something we do because we want it. Stevie, do you think I'm sexy?"

"You're my --"

"Yes, I'm your sister. And I know you felt guilty for being turned on by your sister, especially since we were being forced into doing that, but your cock was hard as a rock."

"Hey!" he said, never having heard me say the word "cock" before. At least I was getting a reaction now.

"You thought I was hot, didn't you?"


"And Stevie, my pussy was so wet. I'm sure you felt that. It was so hard for me to keep from screaming out, your cock felt so good in me." I put my hand on his shoulder, and turned him around to face me. "I want it back inside me. But only if you want to fuck me. Really want to fuck me."

"Really?" he asked. "Are you sure about this?"

"Jeez, Stevie, I'm doing everything but beg for it." I pulled my shirt over my head. "And this is me showing you my breasts for the first time."

He continued to hesitate, so I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. He caught on quickly at that point, and began rubbing my nipples with his thumbs. It made me feel warm all over.

"Get naked," I said. "I want to see your cock." He took his hands off my chest just long enough to quickly undress. He cock was as hard as it was this afternoon, and I wrapped my right hand around it. He groaned, and I let go of it after a few seconds; I didn't want him cumming in my hand.

I yanked down my shorts and my panties in a single move, and pushed him down onto his bed. "Fuck me now. I don't want to wait. Be the first man to put his cock deep inside of me." I crawled on top of him and lowered my pussy onto his erect cock. I groaned loudly, the way I'd wanted to this afternoon but couldn't. "I love you," I said, as I bounced myself up and down. Shit, this was nothing like rubbing myself off or playing with a vibrator or anything else I'd experienced in nineteen years on this planet.

If Stevie had felt any reluctance before, he was over it now, grabbing my ass and pulling me hard against him with each stroke. Finally I felt his cock twitch and he said "let me out, I'm about to cum."

"It's okay," I told him. I actually wasn't sure it was okay -- but I needed to go all the way with this, I needed his cum inside of me, so it was a chance I was willing to take.

The words had barely left my mouth when he erupted inside of me, coating my insides with his warm sticky cum. I gasped as I came. Wow. No amount of masturbation can prepare you for the feel of having your insides sprayed with cum.

I collapsed onto his chest, and lay there for a few minutes just hearing him breathe. Finally I said "Hey."


"We're okay?"

"We're okay," he agreed.

"I'm glad you were my first."


"I also want you to be my second, my third and my fourth."

"Are you sure?"

"Completely. I chose you tonight. I chose to do this, and I fucking loved it, and I love YOU, so... yeah."

Stevie leaned over and kissed me: the kiss of a lover, not a brother. Things would get complicated later on but for now, for the remainder of the summer, we remained lovers and enjoyed one another's bodies every chance we had.

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The epilogue (PLEASE READ)


Steve and I knocked on Mickey's door early in the morning. His mother answered and told us Mickey was still asleep. We told her our names and said it was very important. She went upstairs,more...

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