It was almost 6 o'clock and Master would be home any time now. Through the day, I had tried to finish everything on his list to the best of my abilities. His laundry was clean, folded and put away. I cleaned the bedroom, dust every inch of the house, swept, vacuumed, mopped and tidied every part of the house except the playing room. That is the only part of the house he insists on cleaning himself.

He's called me throughout the day to give me more instructions. I feel myself getting wetter at all his instructions. He was expecting a box to be delivered today. Make sure I sign for it and put it onto the table in the play room. I was not allowed to put anything over my usual uniform while I signed for the box.

Master has been working with me to get me more in tune with my body and not be so self conscious. Around the house, my uniform is a sheer pair of panties and high heels with my hair braided down my back. I am always to wear a light dusting of make up and bright red lipstick. I tried to persuade Master to let me wear my robe, but my comment made him upset and I earned myself a punishment.

"Aly," Master says in his stern voice, "I am not pleased you are questioning my orders. Go into my room."

'Yes, sir" I hear myself say. I walk towards the playroom and open the door, stepping in slightly.

"Grab your plug and vibrator. Once you have those, climb onto the table and put your speakerphone on."

The plug feels heavy in my hands as I hold it, get the vibrator and climb onto the table. I set the phone aside on speaker. "ready, sir."

"Take off your panties and put them in your mouth. I don't want to hear anything from you." I put my panties in my mouth and could taste myself on them. "Now lay back knees bent, legs open on the table. Run your hands over your breasts. Pinch your nipples. Hard. Harder." My nipples hurt, but the pain went directly to my pussy. I moaned, muffled by my panties. "Turn on the vibrator and put it on your clit. I bet you're soaking wet right now. Your juices are probably soaking the table. Once the vibrator is on your clit, close your legs to hold it there. Don't you dare cum!" I was moaning and squirming , I could feel myself getting closer and closer. I kept pinching my nipples, rolling them between my fingers. "STOP! Turn off the vibrator and kneel on the table. Grab your plug and rub it in all your pussy juices. Once its soaked, slide it into your ass. Feel it fill it up, stretch you out. Imagine its my cock filling you up. Slide it in and out, fuck your ass with it." The plug slid in so easily and felt so good. I imagined it was Masters cock, how big it would be, how it would stretch me. I wanted so badly to touch my pussy, thrust my fingers in and fuck myself with my fingers and the plug. I was getting close again, I wanted to cum so badly. "I bet you want to cum. Cum with that plug in your ass. Now stop, put the plug all the way in and leave it there. Take your panties out of your mouth, put them back on and get back to work."

I groaned as I did as instructed. The plug felt so good in my ass, but I still wanted to cum. So badly. "Now regarding the package, I expect you to sign for it in uniform. Take the package from him, put it down inside the door. When you bend over, make sure to give him a nice view of your ass with the plug deep inside. I want you to play with your breast. Roll and pinch your perfect nipples, stretch them towards him and let go. I want them to bounce for him. Understand?"

"Yes, sir." My voice cracked. I could still feel that need, that longing deep in my pussy, the desire to cum and cum and cum. The plug in my ass shifted as I did. This sent tingles all down my body.

"Now get back to work and make sure you don't cum. If you do, I will be very disappointed." I heard the click as he hung up. I knew I needed to get back to work, but I couldn't move. I wanted to stay on this table until he came home, until he filled me with his cock and came deep in me. But I knew if I wasn't done with all his chores, I would get punished even worse than this, and by his hands.

I was dusting in the living room when there was a knock at the door. Setting my duster down, I walked to the door, looking through the peep hole. Standing on the front step is the UPS man with a box. I take a deep breath and open the door.

"Package for..." the UPS man starts, but his voice trails off as he looks at me.

I want to hide myself behind the door, but I know Master will be displeased. I feel myself blush as his eyes remain fixed on my breasts. "Of course. Let me take that." My hands reach forward and take the box from him. It covers my breasts and I turn to put it inside.

The man stumbles over his words. "Signature... box..." He automatically holds out his device.

I catch his eyes on my ass and know he's seen the plug. "Thank you," I say, my blush deepening. As I sign, his eyes are back on my breasts. I can see the strain of his pants. I offer him his device back and start to play with my breasts, rolling my nipples and making my breasts bounce like Master told me to. "Will there be anything else"

His eyes suddenly lift from my breasts to my face and shock is clearly evident. It seems he wants to say yes, but is having an internal struggle. Finally he speaks. 'Uh, no. Just the box." He quickly turns, and I think its so he can't change his mind, and strides back to his truck.

I close the door after him and smile. I can feel my body tingling from that experience. I reach down and feel my pussy, noticing my pussy juices have soaked through my panties. I moan, but know I'm not allowed to do anything. I pick the box up, not recognizing the sender. I take it into the playroom and set it on the table for Master. Curiosity flows through me, wondering what he got and how he'll use it.

I am vacuuming when I hear the phone ring. Seeing the number, I quickly answer it.

"Slut, why didn't you answer the first time I called?" Master's voice is low.

"I'm sorry sir. I was vacuuming and didn't hear it." I know this will earn me another punishment.

He does not answer right away. His voice is still low when he answers. "I see. I shall deal with this when I get home. Next time, you will not make me have to call a second time. Has my package arrived?"

I shudder to think of how Master will punish me. "Yes, sir. The package is waiting for you in your room."

"Very well. I hop you followed my instructions when it was delivered."

My body flushes when I think about it. "Yes, sir."

"Did he enjoy your show? I bet you were dripping when he left. Tell me slut. Were you dripping?" When I am hesitant to answer, he continues. "Oh slut. You are really asking for it when I get home. From now on, on the hour every hour, you are to stop what you are doing, kneel, pull your panties aside, pinch your clit and shove three fingers in your pussy. You are to play with yourself, stopping right before you cum. If you cum at any point, I will be very upset. Do you understand me, slut?"

I nod my head, even though he cant see. "Yes, sir."

"Good. You're going to practice this when I hang up the phone. Then in 23 minutes at 11 o'clock, you're going to do it again. On the hour, every hour. If you miss one, your punishment will double. I will call again later." With that, he hangs up.

I put the phone on the table and drop to my knees, spreading them so I have access to my pussy. I move my panties aside, already wet with my juices. Finding my clit, I pinch it between my fingers as I shove three fingers into my dripping pussy. I am already close to cumming. I move the my fingers in and out while rolling my clit with my other hand. I go faster and faster and scream out my frustration as I fling my hands away. I know with one more touch, I could be cumming and relieving this ache. But Master would know and I know my punishment is already going to be harsh. I sit for another five minutes before I can get up and finish cleaning.

The rest of Master's calls are just to make sure I'm following his orders and checking how wet I am. He sounds pleased to find me dripping every time he calls.

It is difficult to finish his list of chores, but I get everything done. I'm kneeling by his chair like how I'm supposed to everyday to greet him when he returns home. At 6 o'clock, he is still not home and I start to get worried. He didn't say in any of his calls that he would be late. As it is a new hour, I know I have to play with myself again. I spread my knees, push my panties aside and slide my fingers into my pussy. I can feel my need growing and growing, just like my clit. I roll it between my fingers and shove my fingers as deep as they can go. I'm so close, so close. One pump and a roll of my fingers, a second pump and I know I will cum if I continue on. With a groan, I slump forward, leaning onto my hands as I feel my need pulse through my body, centering on my clit.

"That was a beautiful thing to come home to." Master's voice startles me.

I gasp as I look up at him, leaning against the front door. In all my pleasure, I did not hear him come in. I straighten as he walks towards me and bends down. Suddenly, my pussy is filled with his fingers. Already being so close, I know I won't last long as his fingers thrust into me.

"Don't cum until I tell you to." He smiles at my small nod. Its difficult to hold off my orgasm now that his fingers are in me, but I do it. "that's right, baby. Feel my fingers deep in your pussy. You're so tight and wet already. I can't wait to get my cock in there and fill you with my cum."

I groan as he suddenly withdraws and stands before me. I don't know when, but his cock is already free from his pants. He grabs it in one hand and my hair in the other. He pulls my mouth onto his cock, and I can't help the wave of pleasure that courses through my body as I hear him moan. As he starts thrusting, I move my hands to his thighs.

His hand tightens in my hair. "No," he growls at me, "hands behind your back." He keeps thrusting as I comply. With both hands in my hair, he controls how far I take him. Slowly, I take more and more of my cock until I feel it hit my throat. "Oh baby. Your mouth feels so good. I could fuck your mouth all night." His thrusts get faster and I know he's going to cum soon. Suddenly, his cock swells and his first load of cum fills my mouth. He pulls his cock out as his second load hits my face. He aims his cock so the rest of his cum splashes onto my tits. He brings his cock to my mouth again. "Clean it."

My tongue snakes out and licks the last drop from the tip before I suck him back into my mouth. I lick around his softening cock, trying to get all the cum from it. He takes his cock from my mouth before I am finished and I watch as he tucks it back into his pants. Kneeling down in front of me, he takes his hand and trails it through his cum on my breasts, spreading it everywhere. He makes sure to cover my nipples and pinches them once before standing back up. "Good girl." He smiles down at me. "Stay."

As he walks away, I swell in pride knowing I just pleased him, but I can still feel my own need dripping down my thighs. I want to reach down and touch myself, but without permission, I know my already harsh punishment would get worse. After a few minutes, I see Master walk back into the room in jeans and a T-shirt. He stands before me, looking into my eyes. "Are you hungry?"

I try to plead with him with my eyes, desperate to cum. "Yes, sir."

He smirks and I know he can see my need. "Good." He holds out a hand, helping me stand. "Start dinner. I have plans for you tonight and you need to have all the energy possible. I'll join you in the kitchen once I have things set up."

My thoughts drift back to the box. "Yes, sir." I turn and start towards the kitchen feeling his cum already drying on my face and tits. I squeak in surprise when his hand slaps my ass, causing the plug to shift.

Half an hour later, just as I put the last dish on the table, he enters the kitchen. "Bend over, hands on the table." I do as instructed. He walks behind me and I feel his fingers slide down my back, over my ass and onto the plug. He moves it in and out slowly before pulling it out completely. I suddenly feel empty and groan in disappointment. "Don't worry, slut. You'll be filled again later tonight with my cock until I cum deep in that ass. For now, let's enjoy dinner." He puts the plug aside, washes his hands and sits at the table. I sit across from him, waiting until he has taken his first bite before starting to eat.

During dinner, he talks about his work day. He's frustrated at one of his troublesome clients. He's always so animated when talking about his job, even if he's had a bad day. Once he finishes, he pushes his plate away and stares at me. Standing up, he takes both plates and sets them into the sink. He holds out his hand at me. "Come."

His hand is warm in mine as he leads me towards the playroom. Opening the door, I see he has moved some of the furniture to make room for the new addition. He watches my face as I stare at it, finally realizing its a sex swing. I look into his eyes and he smiles. "First things first, panties off." He watches me as I slide the small scrap of material down my legs and step out of them, leaving them on the floor. Walking towards the cabinet, I watch him get out rope and two sets of restraints. One set fastens around my wrists, though he does not connect them. He kneels down and fastens the other set to my ankles, again, leaving them separate. It takes him a while to fasten the rope around me, but when he is finished, my breasts are bound tight, a pattern snakes down my front and back and two lengths of rope lie snugly on either side of my pussy before running up the crack of my ass and fastening behind me.

He walks around me, admiring his own work, tugging occasionally to make sure everything is secure. "Go kneel on the table. Lean back onto your hands. Keep your ass off your feet." I do as instructed, feeling the rope dig slightly around my pussy. I watch confused as he walks out without glancing back at me. He returns and I see my cell phone in his and and realize this is going to be my punishment. He stands in front of me. "Do you know why you are being punished?"

I nod. "Yes, sir. I did not answer your call." I stare apprehensively at my cell phone in his hands, not sure what he is going to do with it.

"After this, I hope you remember to always answer my calls." He steps forward and palms my pussy in his hand. He finds my clit easily and starts circling it slowly with his finger. "Don't cum. If you do, you won't be allowed to cum for a week, understand?"

"yes, sir." Its already difficult to stop myself. After keeping me worked up all day, my need to cum has grown until I feel any extra touches will send me over. His circling finger stops and he slides my phone between the ropes and down to my pussy. He makes sure my clit is in direct contact before stepping back and taking a seat at the couch so he can watch me. I watch as he takes his cell phone out and punches a number. Suddenly, I feel my phone start to vibrate against my clit and pussy. I moan, closing my eyes at the feeling. The pulsing vibration suddenly stops and I realize I'm already breathing hard. The vibrations start again, and I'm getting closer to cumming. I hold myself back, but the longer the vibrations continues, the more I moan. I pump my hips up, trying to get more, but it just drives the phone hard onto my clit and I scream in frustration. I don't know how long he keeps me going, but I start to beg him, beg him to stop, to let me cum. I tell him over and over how much I need to cum, how badly I need it. The vibrations suddenly stop and I groan.

As I open my eyes, I see him standing in front of the table. "Are you going to make sure you answer my calls from now on?"

"yes, sir. Please, sir." I moan, I'm so close to crying I'm so frustrated. I need to cum so badly and yet I know I'm not going to be able to.

"Please what?" He smirks.

"Please may I cum?"

"Do you deserve to cum?". His finger is sliding between my pussy lips, teasing me.

I know there is no right answer to this question. If I say yes, he's going to deny me. If I say no, he will be pleased, but I still wont get to cum. "No, sir."

"Then of course you can't come." He takes the phone from my pussy and throws it onto the couch. I feel his fingers slip into me again, teasing, riling me up again. His thumb circles my clit as his fingers slowly, tortuously fuck me. He slowly builds me up again. And just when I'm about to cum, he withdraws and listens to my protesting moan. "Off the table. Its time for my fun.

I get off the table, thinking that I'm not going to make it to the end of the night if his fun hasn't even started. He leads me to the swing and shows me where to sit. I feel the rope tighten between my ass and around my pussy as I sit down. I lean back as instructed, watching as he puts my feet through the straps and move them to my thighs, opening me up. Moving to my side, he bends my knee so my ankle is next to my butt before clipping my ankle restraint to my wrist restraint. He switches sides and does this side the same way. I realise in my leaned back and open position, he has access to my entire body. Walking away behind me, I hear him at his cabinets and wonder what toys he's getting. I hear his stride back to me before I feel his hand on my shoulder before slightly pushing. I feel myself swing slightly before I come to a stop. His hands come into view above me fiddling around with something on the top of the bar. When he's finished, I realize he has hooked up a chain with nipple clamps.

He starts playing with my breasts, pinching my nipples. "I can still feel my cum covering your tits. I can't wait to cover you completely." Suddenly, he pinches my nipples hard. I gasp at the pain, but feel my pussy drip in anticipation. I watch as he attaches one clamp then the other, seeing how they pull my breasts up. He pushes on my shoulders again and I moan as my nipples are pulled with each swinging motion. "You have no idea how hot you look right now. I can't wait to fuck you hard and watch you tits pull with every thrust." I hear some shuffling behind me before I feel his hand in my hair, turning my head. His cock is right in front of my face. "What do you want slut?"

My voice is breathless as I answer. "Please sir, may I suck on your cock? I want to taste your cum. Please, sir?" I stare at his cock, hoping beyond hope that he allows me to.

"You're a greedy slut, aren't you. Always wanting my cum. Well since you asked so nicely..." Master moves his cock forward and I engulf the tip in my mouth. He slides forward more and slowly fucks my mouth again. In and out, I suck his cock, twirling my tongue around the tip, trying to take as much as I can. He moves faster and faster and I hope he cums in my mouth. "Oh baby. Your mouth aways feels so good around my cock. I wish I could have your mouth on it all day." He moves faster, and just as I think he's going to cum, he pulls out and I groan. He moves around and positions his cock at my pussy. "This is what I want. Look how wet it is, always so ready for me." In one swift motion, he thrust his cock all the way in and I scream.

Finally, it feels so good to be filled by his cock. He thrusts quickly, making me swing, making my nipples pull with every thrust. I feel myself building to a wonderful climax. With every pull of my nipples and thrust of his cock, I get closer. 'Oh please sir. May I cum? Please let me cum. I want to all over your cock. I need to." His thrusts get more powerful, hitting that sweet spot in me. I'm so close, but I know I can't cum until he says so. My nipples are starting to hurt, but my pleasure overrides it.

"No. You don't get to cum yet." I moan, felling my body twitch from the overwhelming need. "But I'm going to fill this pussy of yours with my cum. I want to watch my cum drip out of this pussy." I feel him speeding up and know he's close.

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