tagGroup SexSwing Chronicles Ch. 07: Josh and Sharon

Swing Chronicles Ch. 07: Josh and Sharon



This story is absolutely and completely true. Names and places have been changed for the obvious reasons.

I am not good at writing wham-bam pieces of erotic fiction. I think this story delivers the goods, but it moves very slowly. Slow-moving is the kind of erotica I like to read, and hopefully it's the kind of erotica that I have written here.

Still divorced, and with some experiences with swinging at this point, I continued to sow my wild oats. I was enjoying swinging very much. I was 33 at the time this story took place.

As for me, I was a good-looking professional with a nice physique. I am not the meathead type, and definitely not a magazine model, but I keep and present myself well. I am a bit taller than average, and shave my head. Personality-wise I am pretty approachable, and while I can stand my ground under pressure, I'm not what you would call an alpha male. Dick wise? 5" or maybe 6", not too thick, not unpleasant looking, just not huge. I know some dudes have it down there, but in my experiences, as you will read in these stories, most dudes do not have that much going on; they are JUST like me size-wise.

Most importantly, even though I chose swinging as an outlet for my sexual desires, I decided to remain very discreet with my sexual interests, mainly to keep my professional and sexual lives in

separate containers. If you were to look at me, or to chat with me you would probably never know what was going on behind the scenes. I had an insistence on keeping it that way.

No doubt that some people who read these can't help but to point a wagging finger about my level of irresponsibility, promiscuity, recklessness, and/or dumbness, but when I went through this stuff, my mantra was "you only live once." I can't make apologies for engaging in a consensual lifestyle where everyone was seeking similar or same pleasures.

NOTE: These stories may be submitted out of sequence. I chose this course because converting my journal to stories has taken a whole lot of time, so I chose to reframe the best stories first. Reading through the whole history, if you're an aficionado of swinging (threesomes specifically!), will be worth it in the end.

Thanks to MidtownKitten for editing this story.


***The Morning After***

I slept in until 10am the next morning. I don't know whether I woke up seasick or hungover or both, but my tiny room was spinning and I had a huge headache. I slowly made my way top side, where I found Josh laying in the sun. When he took his shades off, I could see that his eyes were bloodshot and he was obviously feeling the effects of yesterday's endless drinking too.

He gave me a grin and handing me a bottle of water and some pills, said, "We're basically like a couple of monks at home, totally straight-edge, so when we head out on our summer adventures, well... it tends to turn into a party."

I eyed the pills and joked, "These aren't roofies are they? Am I going to pass out after I take them and find you guys taking advantage of me?"

"No!" Josh laughed, "Just a pain reliever, I swear! You look like you could use them."

I laughed and nodded as I swallowed the pills with a gulp of water, but I could tell from the sudden tension between us that the idea of taking advantage of me wasn't unappealing to Josh - and if I was telling the truth, it wasn't unappealing to me either.

"Why not have a bit of breakfast and then just relax for a while?" Josh suggested.

"That sounds great," I agreed.

I accepted a plate of toast and sausage from the grill, but when I was finished, I found the heat and my lingering hangover were making it hard to keep my eyes open. I excused myself, went back to my bunk and promptly fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up much later in the afternoon feeling more like myself. I could hear Josh and Sharon chatting on deck and I called up to them that I was going to take a shower. I took my time brushing my teeth and soaping myself from head to toe so that when I emerged wrapped in a towel, I felt like a new man. I wandered back to my bunk and was surprised to find my bermuda shorts had been replaced by a blue thong-style Speedo swimsuit with a white racing stripe and a zipper down the crotch. I had never worn anything like this before but I remembered what Sharon had said the night before - that slipping into something sexier could make things more interesting for everyone. I decided to go for it.

I picked up the Speedo between my thumb and forefinger. The garment had that brand-new smell to it and the material was silky-soft against my skin. I dropped my towel, unzipped the Speedo and started to put it on. When the skinny part of the fabric started to enter my crack, I stopped. It felt weird, but not bad weird, like having a wedgie, but good weird, like something I had never experienced before. My cock was rock hard and I had to think it down a bit before I could manage to pull the Speedo up to my waist and zip it back up. I looked down at myself and could see my hard-on straining against the tight material. It looked and felt amazing and wrapping the towel around my lower half again, I headed up top to see what my travel companions were up to.

Josh and Sharon were snuggling behind the wheel. He was wearing the same thong Speedo he had worn the day before and she was wearing the same yellow micro-bikini, this time with no robe over it. The bikini really only covered her nipples and snatch, leaving everything else on display - and I was certainly enjoying the view!

"Good morning! Or should I say... good afternoon?" Sharon teased me. "Josh told me you had a rough start today and to be honest, so did I. But looks like we're all feeling better now?" I nodded and she continued, "We're heading to the Vineyard for dinner and then maybe some dancing if we're up for it. How does that sound, Lucky?"

"Okay," I replied, "Although I'm not much of a dancer."

"I'm sure you'll be fine," she said with a smile. Then, looking at the towel around my waist, she said, "I hung your shorts up to dry in case you were looking for them. Should I go get them or...?"

"No need," I replied and let my towel fall to the deck.

Sharon looked at me over her sunglasses and I could see her eyes practically light up with glee. "Holy shit, we've got our own Nascar driver here!" she exclaimed.

"Racing stripe and all!" I quipped back with a wink. I took a seat near the back of the boat where Sharon had applied my sunscreen the day before and said, "Number 24 checking in, ready for some sun, dinner and dancing, and... any other adventures that tonight holds!"

Josh and Sharon laughed warmly and then Sharon said, "Okay Number 24, but you're not ready for the sun until you have sunscreen on."

I picked up the bottle of sunscreen which was sitting out on the deck and started doing my legs and most of my front. "Could I get some help with my back, please?" I asked.

My request was directed at Sharon but it was Josh who got up to take the bottle from my hand and slide into the seat behind me.

"Is this okay?" he asked me quietly. I nodded and felt him start working the lotion into my back with hard strokes. He tapped on my arms and I lifted them, letting him work his way up and down both sides of my torso, and then around to my chest. He hit my nipples nearly a dozen times, circling them in a way that turned me on more than I ever expected it would. I leaned forward to try and hide my massive erection, but in the tight Speedo, it was nearly impossible to conceal. I could feel Josh's hardness pressing into my back and his hot breath on my neck. It felt like the situation could erupt into something more at any second.

"There it is!" Sharon broke the spell with her cry as she pointed to the horizon. We had reached the Vineyard.

Josh's hands lingered on my shoulders for a moment longer and then he hopped up to help Sharon steer the boat into the marina. Once we were docked, Sharon suggested we all go get ready for the night ahead. Alone in my cabin, I closed the door behind me and took a deep breath. I had a feeling that the real adventure was just getting started.

***Bounce and Boom***

The sun was just starting to go down as Josh, Sharon, and I finished our supper and enjoyed another bottle of excellent wine. In the glow of the sunset, I marveled at how stunning Sharon looked. She was wearing a tight, low-cut, slate-grey dress that barely covered her thighs, black high heels, and heavy gold jewelry that looked fantastic against her tanned skin. She had done her face up with smoky eyes and bright red lips and even though I loved how slutty she looked, I was a bit surprised that she would go to an upscale dining establishment dressed as she was. I also couldn't help but notice that neither she nor Josh were wearing their wedding rings. As I started to look around, I realized that there was something unusual about the clientele - it was nearly all couples and most were either young men with older women or vice versa. The men were all well dressed, as Josh and I were, and many of the women were dressed just as provocatively as Sharon, although I still thought she was the hottest woman in the room.

The lights in the restaurant dimmed and the pounding of bass music could be heard from another room. Josh and Sharon settled the bill and we made our way through a set of glass doors and down a long corridor into a large, dark room with flashing strobe lighting, well stocked bars on either side, and a dance floor in the middle that was slowly filling up with couples grinding to the beat.

"Let's get drinks!" Josh yelled over the music and led us to the bar. We had two cocktails each and I offered to buy another round - I was in no hurry to show off my dancing skills, or lack thereof - but Sharon was already pulling us on to the floor. She and Josh wasted no time intertwining their bodies while they swallowed each other's tongues and swayed seductively together. The music all sounded the same to me, but as the beat changed slightly, Josh moved behind Sharon and bent her over, slapping her ass and then groping her tits through the front of her dress. Sharon reached back and grasping Josh's hips, pulled him even closer so that she could grind her ass directly into his crotch.

They were putting on a good show, but other than watching them, I didn't really know what to do with myself. I was about to head back to the bar when Josh let go of Sharon and taking a step back, motioned for me to take his place behind her. My hands went around Sharon's waist and I tried to mimic what she and Josh had been doing, but I still felt awfully awkward. Maybe realizing that I had stopped moving, Sharon turned around and began grinding up and down the front of my body. I was already half hard but when she started grabbing my ass and sucking on my neck, my cock swelled to fully erect and there was no way she could have missed it! Our eyes met and she smiled at me before pulling my mouth down on hers. As much as I would have loved Sharon's tongue in my mouth all night, we hadn't discussed any ground rules and I wanted to make sure this was cool with Josh. I scanned the room for him and saw him off to the side with a drink in hand. He was watching us with that boyish grin on his face and when I gave him a little wave, he raised his drink to me, before polishing it off and coming to join us on the dance floor.

Josh slipped in behind Sharon and began thrusting his hips into her in time with the beat. Sharon still had her arms around me and we kept kissing, as I let my hands explore her body. Josh and I made accidental - or maybe not so accidental - contact every now and then and I have to admit, I was enjoying the experience very much. Eventually, Sharon took both of our hands and led us off the dance floor. She wanted to hit the ladies room and Josh and I wanted another drink.

As we waited in line at the bar, Josh yelled into my ear, "Lucky, Sharon is super into you, I can tell!"

"That's good, right?" I asked. He laughed and nodded. "So, what now?"

"Well, we can either stay here, or head back to the boat for a nightcap and see what happens."

"A nightcap sounds great," I shouted back. I had had enough of the club and was eager to get back on the boat, and hopefully get Sharon out of that dress!

When Sharon returned, Josh whispered something in her ear, she nodded, and the three of us headed back towards the water. Josh helped Sharon and me back aboard their boat, aptly named "Opportunity Knox," and then disappeared below deck to fix that nightcap we had talked about having.

"Are you having a good time tonight, Lucky?" Sharon asked.

"An excellent time!" I answered emphatically.

"Did you notice anything... odd about the place we went to?"

"There were a lot of mixed-age couples. And some of the guests... well, you don't see dinner attire like that every day!"

Sharon laughed and said, "Yes, that's why we love the Vineyard. The club there lets us be ourselves - we can dress however we want and do whatever we want with whoever we want. Some of the locals don't appreciate us being there, but we bring in a lot of money, so it's live and let live if you know what I mean."

"I think I do know what you mean," I replied. "If I'm understanding you correctly, you're telling me that maybe more goes on at that club than just dinner and dancing?"

Sharon nodded. "Yes, Lucky - A LOT more happens behind the scenes - things that I bet you might enjoy. We'd like you to experience it with us sometime, if you're up for it."

"I'm up for just about anything," I said suggestively. I was feeling buzzed and excited as I waited to see how the night would unfold.

Josh reappeared with three flutes of champagne and the three of us sipped our drinks and enjoyed the cool night breeze. The conversation was light and flirtatious, and there was an intense sexual energy crackling in the air between us. When Sharon finished her champagne, she stood up and giving both Josh and I a kiss on the lips, retreated to their cabin.

Josh and I sat in silence for a few minutes and then he said, "You like her, don't you Lucky?"

I tried to read his tone for traces of anger or jealousy, but couldn't find any. He seemed genuinely good humoured and curious about what I wanted.

"I do, Josh. And... I like you too. But I think we need to establish some ground rules before we continue with the adventures. I think I've been pretty honest about the fact that even though I like you both a lot, I don't consider myself bisexual. So I think you'll understand that I have some reservations about what might happen tonight."

"I understand that, Lucky," Josh said, "And Sharon and I have definitely met individuals who were just curious and open to trying new things, or worse, people who claimed to be bi just to get a shot with Sharon before flaking out on us. But we can see that you're a gentleman and we both like that about you. I don't think we need any rules written in stone for tonight. Tonight is all about feeling each other out and having a good time together."

"Okay, but what does that mean?" I pushed him. "What specifically do you want from me?"

"Let me ask you something, Lucky," Josh said, dodging my question. "How did it feel when I put the lotion on you earlier today?"

I paused and then answered honestly, "I enjoyed it. More than I thought I would, actually."

"And how do you feel right now?"

"A little nervous. A little turned on. Mostly excited to see where this is going."

"In that case, why don't you go down and check on Sharon? Depending on how things go, maybe I'll join you later on."

I put down my glass and descended the stairs to their cabin, not knowing what awaited me within.

***Adventures on the High Seas***

Josh and Sharon's cabin was considerably larger than mine, with enough space for a dresser, a chair, a bedside table, and a queen-sized bed. The first thing I noticed was that the entire headboard was a gigantic mirror. The second thing I noticed was Sharon. She was sitting on the edge of the bed combing out her hair, still fully dressed in her outfit from the club.

"Hello there," I said. "I was told this is where 'Opportunity Knox'?"

"That depends," she said with a smile.

"On what?"

"On you."

Sharon leaned back on her arms, letting her dress ride up so that I could almost glimpse between her legs. She didn't appear to be wearing any panties. As I took in her inviting pose, I realized that as nice and cute as Josh was, he was not the take-charge type, and that tonight anyway, Sharon wanted someone else to lead the adventure. I was happy to oblige.

I pushed her legs apart with my knees and stood in front of her with my crotch at face level. She pressed her lips to my pants and rubbed her cheek up and down my hard cock, which I'm sure she could feel straining to be set free. I grabbed her hair - not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to let her know I was in control - and pulled her head back so I could lean down and kiss her. She seemed surprised by my aggressiveness as I forced her lips apart with my tongue, but by the way she moaned into my mouth, I could tell it was exactly what she wanted.

Pulling back from the kiss, I looked her in the eye and said, "Play with yourself."

Her hand went beneath her dress and she sighed with pleasure as she began to masturbate just as I had commanded. I took her other hand and placed it firmly over the zipper of my pants.

"Undo it," I said. When she hesitated, I gave her hair a sharp tug. "Now."

"Lucky, I had no idea you were like this!" Sharon said as she unzipped my fly. "I thought you were a gentlema - "

I silenced her with my index finger pressed to her lips and then into her mouth so she could suck on it. "I'm always a gentleman," I said. "You've taken me on quite an adventure so far and a gentleman always returns the favour."

I dropped my pants and watched Sharon gasp in delight as she found that instead of underwear, I was still wearing the Speedo thong.

"I knew you would love it!" she exclaimed. "Just knowing you've been wearing it all night is making me so hot!"

"I think I've been wearing it long enough, don't you?" I growled at her.

Without any further prompting, Sharon peeled the Speedo off of me and began gently fondling my balls while she gave the tip of my cock a few playful licks. Taking just the swollen head between her moist lips, she swirled her tongue around it, teasing me, and tasting the droplets of pre-cum that were starting to form. I pushed for further entry into her mouth, but she resisted. I got the feeling she wanted to see what I would do about it.

Gripping her hair tightly, I forced her to look up at me and said, "You are going to suck my cock." Then I guided her head forward and she opened her mouth to give me the best blowjob I have ever had in my life. "That's it, take me deeper," I told her and she made the dirtiest slurping sounds as she took me all the way into her throat and held me there. That woman knew how to suck a dick!

Not wanting the adventure to be over too soon, I stepped back and said to Sharon, "Strip me."

She immediately stood up and unbuttoned my dress shirt, stopping to caress my naked chest and play with my nipples before slipping it off completely. She turned her face up to mine for another kiss, but I stopped her.

"Uh uh," I said, turning her around to unzip her dress. It fell to the floor, leaving her totally naked. Her pert breasts stood at attention and as she turned back around, I noticed that her pubic hair had been shaped to form a perfect exclamation mark!

Sharon bent down to take off her shoes, but I grabbed her hands and whispered, "Leave them on," as I pulled her in close for a long, hard kiss.

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