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Jayne and I had been swinging for a number of years and fulfilled many fantasies and made lots of new friends in that time. We'd had a bit of a lull for nearly a year after Jayne got a little too involved with her young black lover Ray but now things were back to normal. We recently had a wild weekend in London where we went to a club and the following night had a threesome so Jayne was well and truly up for some fun again now.

It made the timing of Sue and David's email perfect. They were a couple we had met at the club several years ago and they had remained good friends, in fact they had introduced us to new things in swinging and we had particularly enjoyed one of their parties at their home. They were both experienced swingers and party hosts and they had held parties at their beautiful large house for about five years.

"Hey Jayne, come and look at this. Sue and David are having another party on Saturday and have invited us." I said showing Jayne the mail.

The invite promised a Wild Night with around 25 people there, a mix of couples and selected singles.

"Sounds good to me. You remember Sue is a greedy girl so there will be plenty of extra men for us women! And I bet you can't wait to get your hands on Sue's big tits again." Jayne said laughing.

I did indeed fancy getting my hands on Sue again. Sue is around 5'4", shoulder length blonde hair, a slim waist and very big tits indeed. She told me she is 36DD and on her frame they look even bigger.

All week at work my mind was on what might happen on Saturday and the weekend couldn't come quickly enough. Saturday evening Jayne was every bit as excited as me and she soaked in the bath and then spent ages titivating while I showered. When I had dried myself, shaved and dressed I went downstairs and caught my breath when I saw my wife sitting in the lounge ready to go.

"You approve of the look Gary? We know what it's going to be like tonight."

"You look great love, I'm sure you will get plenty of attention."

I did approve, Jayne was sat wearing in a see through blouse with a black bra clearly showing underneath, a tiny black leather mini, black hold up stockings and spiky high heels. She looked absolutely stunning. Jayne at 45 has stayed a slim size 10 and has always worked hard at keeping herself looking younger and tonight she looked really fabulous.

"Come on then, let's go. Let's hope the neighbours don't see me dressed like this! I've not even bothered with knickers!" She said with a laugh as we got in the car.

I remembered exactly where Sue and David lived and an hour later we pulled up behind several other cars already in the driveway of their large detached house on a small private estate. As we parked Sue came out to greet us, she too was sexily dressed in high heels, a short black skirt, and a slightly too small top with no bra on underneath. Sue's tits looked fabulous, most women with her bust size could not get away without wearing a bra.

"Hi you two, great to see you both. Not as many here as we had hoped but we're sure to have some fun!" Sue said smiling and winking at Jayne.

We followed her into the house and she sent us off in the direction of the kitchen. There was plenty of booze and food in the kitchen and with the music playing it seemed everyone was already having a good time. We poured ourselves some drinks and wandered into the huge lounge where everyone was either talking or dancing. We saw that not many were there at all, I particularly noticed there were only a few women but no doubt we would still enjoy ourselves. There were only 5 couples and then another 9 or 10 single guys, a few we did recognise from the club, but we were not surprised at the ratio as Sue's thing was "greedy girl" fun.

Sue joined us again with husband David in tow. "Come and meet some of our friends," David said taking Jayne's arm and escorting her around the room, introducing her to their swinging friends.

"There's some nice people here I think. Have fun with Sue won't you Gary," Jayne said mischievously with a twinkle in her eye.

Sue stayed with me. "You look really lovely Sue," I said as I glanced down at her chest. The tight vest she had on clearly showed she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were poking into the fabric.

"Thank you. You like my top then," she said. Sue took my hand and placed it on her chest so I gently rubbed her and tweaked her prominent nipples.

"These are gorgeous Sue, I could quite happily cum over your tits tonight." I said with a smile.

"Ok, no problem. Maybe we need to change the atmosphere and get things going, let's change the music."

As we went into the dining room Sue dimmed the lounge lights, "Time to play!" We heard someone call, making a lot of people laugh.

Then I followed Sue and we had some time sorting through her CD's in the dining room before we settled on an R n B compilation and put it on. We diverted to the kitchen for more drinks and ended up chatting with some friends. Jayne also came into the kitchen with David and got some drinks. She was clearly in complete slut mode and was happy to let David caress her arse while we all chatted. At one point in the kitchen David had his hand under her skirt fingering her pussy while she kissed a young black guy I knew from the club called Jason. Jayne went off into the lounge with David, Jason following close behind. We had another drink before going back into the lounge about 20 minutes later.

"Mm! Look at your wife. She looks keen to get things going," Sue said nodding towards the other end of the lounge.

Jayne was dancing between two men, Sue's husband David and Jason. Jason had been with Jayne twice before at least at both the club and at one of Sue's previous parties. The music was slow and raunchy and Jayne was sandwiched between them, she looked so happy dancing between them in her sexy clothes, softly illuminated by the candles dotted around the room.

"I think your husband and Jason are both a bit keen on Jayne," I said.

"David was so happy she was coming tonight. Young Jason likes her too, I know he was waiting for her to turn up, they both intend to have her tonight."

"I think Jayne will have them both together too. She likes David and is always game for some black cock." I replied. As I looked back at Sue I couldn't help but look down at her gorgeous cleavage. "You really do look so sexy Sue."

"36DD, you like them don't you." As Sue spoke she rubbed her hand over my cock and felt I was erect. "That from looking at my tits or more likely watching your wife getting fondled on the dance floor I reckon!

I glanced over again at Jayne, her top was undone and the two men were running their hands all over her body as they danced. David had his hands mauling her tits while Jason ground his cock against her bum.

"Come on, let's go upstairs. Your wife looks otherwise engaged." Sue said.

Sue took my hand and I followed her upstairs, enjoying seeing her tight skirt stretching over her bum, and into the main bedroom.

"Well, I'm honoured Sue. We get to screw in the comfort of your own bed."

"It is our party and I want my first fuck tonight in comfort. Come on."

Sue pulled her top over her head, and then slipped her skirt and knickers off and climbed on the bed. Quickly I stripped off and joined her on the bed. I turned to her and kissed her deeply and my hands went straight to her tits.

"You really like my breasts Gary," she said wriggling away from me. She moved over me and swayed her magnificent tits over my open mouth.

"I want a mouth full. I'm gonna suck them hard for you Sue."

We both moaned as she lowered her exquisite tits onto my mouth, I sucked first one nipple and then the other and she let out a quiet groan of pleasure. I remembered how sensitive Sue's tits were from the last party. Her right hand was on my cock wanking me gently keeping me hard.

"God your hard Gary, I need some of that," she said feeling my cock.

She moved down the bed and straddled my legs, leaned over and started to lick the end of my cock, she looked up, smiled and still looking at me sank her lips down my cock making me moan out loud.

"Fuck that is lovely," I said my head rolling back.

There was a creak from the doorway and I suddenly realised we were not alone. I glanced over to the corner and saw Rob, who I recognised from the club, his eyes glazed with lust as he watched Sue suck me. His eyes never left Sue as she took my cock deep in her throat, her naked pussy pointing back at him.

"Come up here Sue," I said pulling her back onto the bed. I didn't mind a bit of group action but I wanted Sue to myself first. I gently pushed Sue onto her back and she laid out flat, spreading her legs. I exposed her clitoris using my finger and thumb, her trimmed blonde bush was inches from my face and I desperately wanted to bury my face in her pussy. I dipped between her legs, I felt her tremble as I lapped at her clitoris and then ran my tongue along the length of her slit, gently probing inside her. She opened her legs wider as she began to relax and enjoy my tongue. I stuck my tongue into her as she grabbed my head and pulled my face into her soft mound. I loved the taste of her as her juices flowed over my tongue

"Suck on my clit, that's good." She said as her heels dug in my back. Then I felt her thighs closing around me as gently, her legs trembled and tensed, reacting to my tongue and she pushed my head and forced my mouth hard onto her cunt.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!"

She began to shake and climaxed holding me on her. Sue relaxed, I got up and I kneeled between her legs an inane grin on my face knowing I had satisfied her.

I kissed her breasts and then worked my way up to her neck. My cock was rock hard and I positioned my body between her smooth legs.

"I know what I want now," I said climbing between Sue's thighs.

I slid my cock into her wet pussy with a quiet squelching sound and I felt the warmness of her around my cock. As I started to fuck her Rob moved from the corner of the room and stood by the bed, he had stripped off and had his hard cock in his hand as he watched close by. I picked up the pace making Sue groan as I fucked her harder and then we settled into a smooth steady rhythm.

"Oh, my God, Sue that feels so good," I panted.

"That's gorgeous Gary. Do you want to cum on my boobs?" Sue answered.

I stopped and just grinned at Sue.

"I'll take that as a yes then? Your turn now, on your back." She said as we rolled over on the bed so she was again on top of me. She leaned forward slightly, pulled her tits apart, so that there was a nice deep cleavage between them and slid her tits over my cock. When I was in position she placed her hands over the expanse of flesh making a nice tight grip around my cock. I thought that maybe I'd died and gone to heaven and I began to thrust wanting to cum.

"Jesus, Sue that so good," I panted.

"Come on fuck my big tits," Sue whispered. "Fuck them and cum over me."

That bit of dirty talk was all it took, "I'm cumming Sue!"

My cock was pulsing as I cum between Sue's wonderful big tits. She kept my cock nestled between her boobs rubbing the cum into her warm and now sticky flesh. She really enjoyed making me cum and seemed happy even though I made such a gooey sticky mess on her. I took a deep breath and looked at Sue crouching over me and saw Rob move behind her, the bed creaked as he kneeled between her legs.

She looked over her shoulder at Rob, squatted down with her arse bum stuck up and wiggled it. "You are a very naughty Rob, watching us like that. You're all hard now."

Rob knelt behind her, gripped her waist and slid into her making her moan more obscenities.

"Use me, fuck me, do it hard! Oh you bastard that feels good. Stick it in deep."

Rob buried himself deep in Sue's pussy thrusting deep pushing her forward onto my lap, her arms wrapped around me as Rob fucked her from behind. I started feeling uncomfortable and a bit of a spare part so I prised Sue's fingers off me and kissed her gently.

As I stepped off the bed she looked down at her tits and said, "You made a mess."

I looked down at her tits and I could see cum dripping down onto the duvet. Before I could say anything Sue moaned out loud and buried her face in the bed as Rob gripped her hips and rammed into her.

"Fuck Sue, you're insatiable," Rob said.

I stood and watched for a minute as he thrust deep into Sue pounding his hips against her soft bum making ripples move up her bum and lower back.

I quietly walked away, went to the bathroom and cleaned up, put my boxers back on and then went downstairs curious about what Jayne might be up to. I stopped by the kitchen and got a drink before wandering into the dimly lit lounge where the music was still playing and now accompanied by moans and sounds of sexual activity. There were two large settees in the lounge and all the activity was around them so I moved in closer and stood next to another man.

"Fuck! These two girls are up for it, I reckon they will do us all tonight," he said.

He was stripped off ready and waiting, stroking himself looking down at a chubby brunette with tattoos who was riding up and down on a cock while another man was stuffing his cock in her mouth. There was another man standing at the side of her rubbing his cock waiting for his turn.

I glanced to the other settee and saw Jayne on her knees with David's cock in her mouth while Jason fucked her doggy style from behind and a third man stood beside them tentatively stroking her. It was a powerful and sexy image for me and I stood soaking up the vision for just a few moments.

The man standing next to me whispered, "Isn't that your wife over there?"

"Yes, she will be very happy with this." I answered him.

"I wish my wife would do this, she is awesome."

Suddenly right in front of us the fucking intensified as the man in the brunette's mouth grunted and I could see he was cumming in her mouth as her throat gulped as she swallowed. As his cock slipped out of her mouth she fell forward as the man fucking her began thrusting into her making her arse ripple, grunting loudly as he fucked her.

"I'm cumming, Chloe you are a great fuck!" With a grunt and thrust he came in her.

Chloe, I now knew her name, got off the man under her and lay back on the settee looking very hot. The man standing next to me went quickly around to her and slipped a condom on.

"May I?" He said and then simply got between her thighs and started fucking her in the missionary position. The other man moved in and put his cock in her mouth so she was full of two cocks again within seconds.

I moved over closer to Jayne just as she managed to get David to cum.

"Fuck Jayne, that's gorgeous," David John as he cum in her mouth. He wanked his cock as Jayne leant forward and sucked him dry. When he pulled out she looked over her shoulder at Jason.

"Get on top of me Jason."

They swapped position so Jason was on top, I watched as he climbed between her thighs and slammed straight back into her.

"You like fucking while your husband watches don't you Jayne?" Jason asked.

"Fuck me," I heard Jayne murmur.

He had his hands on both sides of her hips ramming his black cock in and out; it was so sexy to see the contrast of their skin. My cock was hard again as I watched Jayne being fucked by this black guy, she knew I loved watching her having sex with black men. For both her sexual pleasure and my voyeurism we had agreed to have black men preferably join us when we had swinging fun with single guys.

As I watched my wife entranced I suddenly realised Sue had joined us. She stood beside me and started to play with my hard cock.

"Aren't you going to join in?" She asked me.

"No I like to watch and Jayne is enjoying Jason." I replied.

At this Sue got to her knees and in one smooth movement took my cock in her mouth. I slid my cock in and out of her luscious mouth, as she started sucking and slurping noisily and I watched my wife fuck.

"Come on lover. Do it. Cum in me." Jayne said to Jason.

Her words had the desired effect. Jason rammed his black cock in and out of her then held her thick red hair, pulling her head round so she looked at me as he fucked her hard. I was so turned on by my wife letting this young black man fuck her like a slut. Jayne smiled at me as Jason thrust his hips forward, his black cock disappearing into her.

"Oh yes, just like that." I heard her whisper as she began using her free hand to rub her clit and as she did her whole body quivered for a moment with a moan. She was groaning loudly and closed her eyes as she started to cum.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming, shit!" Jayne moaned as she cum.

"I'm ready to cum. Get ready baby," Jason moaned and grabbed her shoulders so he was in deep cumming in her, ""Oh yea baby, oh yea take it!"

I felt my knees buckle as I watched them, "Oh fuck I'm cumming," I moaned as Sue kept me deep in her mouth and swallowed every drop.

After a few moments I stopped cumming and calmed down. Jason pulled his cock from Jayne and sat back on the settee and pulled her next to him, David sat on the other side while Sue and I sat on the floor. We all sat still for a few minutes catching our and chatting quietly. Another single guy stood by hoping but I knew Jayne and Sue were satiated for now.

After about ten minutes of laying about Jayne slowly got up and collected her clothes and got dressed. It was 01.30am and Sue and David's party had again been brilliant. Jayne was flushed as we walked to the car and her steps unsteady.

"Enjoy it Jayne?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Yes, perfect. I wonder when the next party will be?"

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