tagGroup SexSwing Time Ch. 02

Swing Time Ch. 02


Two couples have gone out for a birthday dinner for Andy, who has turned thirty seven today. His wife is Arielle, a tall, trim redhead. Andy's best friend Ryan has been dating Madison, a fellow engineer co-worker with Andy. They returned to Andy's house, got stoned, and watched a sexy movie together: "Swing Time". That led to some hot sex among them and Andy has just received a great blowjob from Madison as a surprise birthday gift. They are all going to take a shower in the master bath.


"I think I need a shower," Madison stated.

"Good idea. Why don't you two take one first and we'll follow you later. Use the shower in our bedroom. Everything's there that you need. Guest towels are in the hall closet," Arielle volunteered. "Why don't you guys just stay the night? You're too fucked up to drive anywhere this late."

"Well I'm fucked up all right. Well fucked up," Maddie laughed. "Ok with me."

"Great, it's settled then. We have a spare bedroom and some robes you can wear. You wouldn't want to sleep in your nice clothes," Andy replied.

"Well, it sounds like we're taking a shower together Babe. I'm ready. Let's go," Ryan exclaimed excitedly, jumping up and helping Madison to her feet.

"Yeah, it's a little late to worry about formal wear now. And who knows what might happen in the middle of the night," Arielle added with a sly grin. "Besides, I'm still horny from watching all that!"

"Well, we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?" Andy muttered before realizing what he said. "I mean, I'll help you with that later, my dear. Never worry. Have no fear. Maddie, thank you very much for my surprise birthday present! I'm going to remember it forever."

"Oh, it was my pleasure for sure!" Madison replied. "I have always wanted to try to deep-throat a long cock just to see if I could, and now I know that I can! And don't worry, your cum tasted good too." And with a lick of her smiling, cum-splashed face, looking at Andy, she added, "Tastes good, I should say."

Tan colored thigh-high stockings on Madison were their only remaining garments. Arielle glanced back to see Ryan's limp cock swinging back and forth as they walked. She had just sucked him off while her husband was receiving his wonderful deep throat birthday present from Madison, who's full round breasts and blond hair bounced and swayed while they approached Andy and Arielle's bedroom. She smiled at the sight. Heck, she'd been smiling since they first lit up the vape pen a couple of hours before! She hung up their clothes so they would be presentable to drive home the next day. Wouldn't want the neighbors wondering what was going on here, would they?

"There's the bathroom. I'll bring you clean towels and leave the bathrobes in the bathroom for you when you get out. Oh, and I have a couple of toothbrushes for you too. You must have a sticky mess in your mouth from all of Andy's cum in there, Maddie," said Arielle with a wink.

"Yeah, but he really tasted good. I didn't mind it at all. Kinda liked it actually!" Madison replied with a smile, thinking back to all that cum shooting down her mouth and throat when she deep throated him.

"Oh, I know. And Ryan wasn't so bad either," Arielle said, looking over at Ryan's deflated penis that she had just sucked off. "Must have been something we ate," she said, and they all laughed at the double entendre'.

Andy put his underwear back on, cleaned up the living room, and grabbed Arielle's clothes to take to her. They met in their bedroom just as Madison and Ryan were heading into the bathroom to shower. Arielle was getting the spare bathrobes and towels for them.

"Hey, babe. I thought you might want to put these on while we wait," Andy said, handing her clothes to her.

She hung up her dress and put on only her black lace panties. She sat on the bed and removed each stocking while lingering on each thigh and calf longer than necessary, looking over at her tall and virile husband for his response. He admired her lovely bare legs and bent over to French kiss her mouth and fondle her firm, bare breasts.

"Hmm, you taste like a stranger's cum! We need to brush our teeth soon too. How did you like sucking off Ryan? Did he taste OK?" Andy asked, wondering if his wife taking a strange cock for the first time agreed with her or not.

"Oh yes. It was nice and thick, as you could see, and his cum tasted ok, not bad. I was so turned on watching her sucking your cock and getting her pussy eaten that I really needed something too. God, that was so sexy that I just had to help. But don't worry. You've still got him by an inch or two in height, and length," She said, reaching down to rub his deflated penis through his boxers.

He bent to kiss the top of her breasts that were pressed up by his hands. "Well, she may have the deepest throat, and nice big round boobs, but you are the most beautiful and sexy woman I've ever met and I wouldn't trade you for anyone."

She smiled and kissed him again lovingly and asked him, "Well, happy birthday to you, my sexy man. Hey I'm going to get us some fresh drinks. Want to grab what's left of the popcorn?"

"Sure, let's go."

While she got the drinks, he grabbed the popcorn and decided to get another DVD also. They met back in the bedroom where he inserted the DVD and they sat back on the pillows on the headboard to check out the movie. When it started, the same four actors who were in the first movie were engaged in a heavy sex orgy much like they were watching at the end of the first movie.

Andy spoke, "Looks like someone forgot to rewind the DVD again!" And they both laughed heartily at the dumb joke.

Of course, he had state of the art electronics systems in their home since he was an electronics engineer and knew about these things. His system automatically saved the stopping point where they left off the last time they watched every movie. He had also taken his vape pen to the bedroom and proceeded to take another big toke of it and pass it to his wife. She inhaled it also and held it for a while until her body relaxed and blew it all out. Her smile got even bigger again.

"Thank your brother the next time you see him. This "Blue Dream" is really good shit, as the kids say. I'm so relaxed and can't stop smiling. I think they'll like some more of this, and the movie too. I wonder what they're doing in there. Hope they save some hot water for us!"

Meanwhile, in the master bath's shower, Ryan and Madison were busy soaping each other up and rubbing it all over. Ryan took special care of Madison's breasts and vagina areas while she did the same to Ryan's cock, balls, and ass, pulling him close when she had him soapy and starting to awaken with fresh blood. She held his ass tight, pulling him in to her soapy mound and kissing him lovingly with her head upturned and eyes closed. He kissed her back and pulled her buttocks and shoulders into himself, feeling her mound brushing over his growing penis and her big, full breasts pressing into his chest. They remained locked in the embrace while the warm water cascaded over them, soothing and relaxing them both.

"Ryan spoke, "I can't believe you took all that cock into your throat! I felt your pussy contracting when you did that and I wanted to eat it all for you too."

"Oh, God, that was so good! I've never taken one so long all the way in like that and I almost came instantly when you sucked me at the same time. Just thinking about it makes me horny all over again. And, hey, I'd swallow you like that too, if you weren't so thick and hard. You're just too big for me babe," she said, reaching between them to grasp his cock and balls for emphasis. Actually, she sucked Ryan well enough when she did, but could get only his head into her throat, which was fine with him. "Man, that movie really got me going. I've never been so turned on. And you?"

"Yeah, me too. Don't worry," Ryan replied. "I was plenty turned on too and you and Arielle did a fine job of taking care of me. She's no slouch at fondling and sucking either. I'm very satisfied. Hey, how would you like to really do something like in the movie? I mean something like swapping? I saw how turned on Andy made you while you were eating him. So, would you like more?"

"Well, I mean, like, hell yes. That is, if you didn't mind, and if it ever happened to come up sometime. Wouldn't you like to have sex with Arielle? She's a beautiful woman and has a gorgeous body."

"Well, of course I would, if it ever came up, of course. A couple of hours ago, I never would have thought of having her naked and sucking on my cock either. But I wouldn't push it. Andy's my best friend and it would be up to them. I could never start anything like that. Well, I think we're done. Let's go see what they're up to. This shower was great!"

When he heard the shower turn off, Andy stopped the movie that they really weren't watching anyway and reset it to the beginning for Ryan and Maddie to see. They came out wearing only the two white robes that Arielle left for them and saw their two stoned hosts sitting up on the bed in just their underwear. The sweet aroma and slight haze in the air tipped them off. The host couple arose to go take their turn in the shower.

"How was the shower, guys?" Arielle asked.

"Great! I feel so refreshed. And thanks for the toothbrush. All that cum does get a little yucky after it dries up," Madison replied for both of them while Ryan nodded affirmatively.

"Ok, we're going to go shower. Please have another toke from the pen there," said Andy while pointing to the night stand. "Get comfortable in the bed and press 'Play' when you're ready for something to keep you occupied until we get back. And there's more popcorn if you want."

Lying on the right side, from the bed's view, of their host's big California King sized bed, they grabbed the pen and shared a couple of tokes each, causing their heads to spin and their thoughts to scramble and ramble in various otherworldly directions. Good thing they were sitting on the bed as they probably would have collapsed if not. After a few minutes of regaining their senses, Ryan remembered to press 'Play' and the big screen lit up and came alive with color and sound as the movie started. It displayed "Swing Time II" and the first scene showed a couple in the shower. Only it wasn't the blondes or the brunettes. It was one of each. They had obviously swapped up for their showers too, as they had for their sex in the last film. The other blonde and brunette were patiently awaiting their turns while kissing and making out with each other outside the shower. While the music played in the background, they swayed and ground each other to the rhythm of the music. Blonde guy and Brunette girl, as they had been named by Andy in the first movie, were in the shower first, kissing and rubbing each other with passion. The brunette girl seemed to be as horny as ever and was ready for more sex.

"Well, what have we here? It's our horny couples getting ready for more," Madison observed.

"Yeah, and your favorite horny brunette is looking for more again. She's a lot like you tonight, babe - can't get enough."

Andy and his wife quickly shed their underwear and jumped into the shower. The warm water and the massaging spray began to soothe their muscles and anxieties as they soaped each other down, taking special care with the penis, balls, breasts, and vagina areas. They were both pretty stoned by now and soon began to feel sexual feelings returning to their bodies.

"Oh, God, I'm still so horny! I don't know what's happening to me tonight. You guys have all came at least twice and I only had one little one a long time ago, so maybe that's it. I got so turned on watching her lick and suck you, and seeing Ryan eating her pussy out so good, and all three of you coming so hard together! And I loved sucking off Ryan until he came in my mouth! But I've been turned on so much ever since then and it keeps getting to be more and more so."

"Well, aren't you a horny little one tonight? Oh, I enjoyed watching you sucking his dick too. I didn't think I'd ever say that but it did turn me on a little bit more than expected," said Andy. "So, you were OK with doing that?"

"Oh, yes, more than I ever thought I would be. I mean, I never thought about making love to another guy but he's different and it just seemed right tonight, celebrating your birthday in the special way we did. And we only did oral with them so it's not like we really had sex. What did Clinton say about that? You know, I don't see any problem with us doing things like this as long as we are doing it together. That way, it could never be cheating, right? I don't feel any anger or jealousy, only happiness; and horniness right now!"

"Really, let me check that," Andy said, cupping her bare pussy mound and inserting a finger far up her pussy and feeling around inside. "Yep, you feel horny to me all right. We'll have to do something about that real soon, won't we? You know, I feel the same way. As long as we're together you can do whatever you want to. As long as I can watch it, go for it!"

She playfully squeezed his soft penis and called him a pervert for wanting to watch her. They finished up, dried each other off and walked naked back into the bedroom because they had forgotten to bring any clean clothes into the bathroom. Who does that in their own private bathroom?

As they strolled back in, Ryan and Maddie stared at her breasts and his cock swaying as they walked to their dresser. Andy put on a fresh pair of boxers and Arielle donned a sexy pair of lacy red panties that almost matched her bright red mane of hair. They joined the other couple on the left side of the bed with Maddie and Arielle sitting together in the middle and the guys on the outsides. They looked to see how the movie was going.

"How's the movie, guys?" asked Andy.

"Great," they both replied, enjoying seeing Arielle's perky breasts and Andy's fit physic.

And Maddie added, "I can't get enough of these two couples. They're so fucking hot!"

"So I'm not the only one who's still horny, huh?" replied Arielle, not expecting an answer.

The two young dancer women were standing nude, holding each other and gently moving to the music in the background. They began kissing each other's lips, softly at first, then with more puckering, tongues fighting like swords as they hugged each other close, tight little breasts pressed firmly together, hips and tummies grinding together.

"Damn, I sure would like her to kiss me like that," exclaimed Madison, grabbing her own breast and pressing her other hand into her crotch above the robe!

"Which one, the blonde or the brunette?" asked Arielle, not really caring which one, but curious that she wanted to kiss a girl at all!

"Oh, it doesn't matter. Either one will do," gushed Maddie while squeezing her breast at the thought. "They're so sexy together like that."

"Well, there's no blonde or brunette here. How about a redhead?" Inquired Arielle mischievously.

Looking over at her hubby and giving his penis a squeeze through his shorts, she asked him, "You don't mind, do you babe? May I?"

All he could do was to shake his head 'YES' to let her know that he was good for whatever was about to happen. She smiled and turned to Maddie, and kissed her on her cheek. Maddie turned her head and looked Arielle in the eyes to be sure she knew what was happening. Arielle leaned in and kissed her fully on her lips and drew back and asked, "Well? I kissed a girl and I liked it!"

Maddie responded by smothering Arielle's lips with her own, kissing and tonguing her in reply. She put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, seeing and feeling her bare breasts pressing against her own with only the robe separating them. They kissed for several minutes, eyes closed; enjoying the intimate electric sparks being exchanged between them. Maddie's hand slipped down over Arielle's shoulder as they kissed until it landed squarely on her bare breast. It was a nice, firm breast for a thirty-something woman, a perfectly shaped large "B" or small "C" with medium sized pinkish tan areola and eraser sized nipples. Maddie kissed harder as she pressed her hand over the perfect boob, feeling the nipple suddenly growing into her palm. Arielle made no effort to stop her and pressed her chest back into the soft palm covering her boobie. She reached for Maddie and her hand slipped right inside her robe and landed on her larger, fuller, right boob. She had never felt another woman's breast before and she tingled inside at the touch of it. It was a full "C" or maybe a "D", she figured. She only knew what her own smaller boobies felt like as she had only felt her own before, like when showering and occasionally masturbating herself when Andy was away. She thought back to when Maddie was being fucked from behind by Ryan and her boobs were hanging down and bouncing and swaying with every stroke. She had thought that it must hurt for boobs to be swaying and bouncing that much with no restraint. It turned her on to think about that and she fully squeezed and caressed it with growing and unexpected pleasure while they remained in a lip battle of kissing. Any and all of their reservations were removed by the haze of the marijuana. The guys were staring silently in rapt attention while touching their own cocks in response.

"Oh, that feels so fucking good," moaned Maddie.

Meanwhile, back on the movie screen, a mattress had appeared and the two opposite couples, that is; one blonde male and one brunette female, and one brunette man with the blonde woman, all naked of course, were in full swinging and swapping mode. They were moving to the music, dancing around slowly while caressing and stroking each other. The music, moans and slurping sounds wafted through the room, helping set the mood in Andy and Arielle's master bedroom.

Upon taking a brief break, Arielle asked, "Well, was it as good as the girls in the video?"

"Better! You're here and they're not," Maddie responded and resumed kissing her and rubbing her breast.

Arielle kissed her right back, then trailed little kisses across her face and over to her ear, gently tonguing it, down to the nape of her neck, around to the front of it. She moved the robe away from her upper chest to see her hand and the breast within it that was giving her pleasure. She lowered her kisses to it and, holding it up with her thumb and forefinger forced Maddie's large brown areola and nipple to stand right out. She kissed the nipple, then took the whole areole in her mouth while tonguing the nipple. She never knew a woman's breast could taste so good and it turned her on even more than she had already been. Maddie was moaning and sighing by now and pinched Arielle's nipple in return, making her chest heave along with her own. Ari removed the rope tie on the robe and spread Maddie's robe completely open to reveal her nude body for all to see. She wasted no time turning to her and kissing her other breast and nipple. She laid across Maddie, her breasts rubbing into her stomach, belly, and upper thighs as she slid down, kissing her way across her stomach, her belly, down over her neatly trimmed 'landing strip' of dark blonde mane pointing to her red and puffy pussy lips with her aroused clitoris poking out. It was now or never.

Ari pulled her down from her seated position until she was prone on her back, eliciting a little yelp from her at the quiet host woman taking over her. She raised her hips up when she felt the first touch of Ari's tongue tip on her clit. It sent sparks up both women as Ari kissed and sucked Maddie's clit into her mouth, then licking up and down it with her lips and tongue, enjoying her first taste of forbidden women's fruit and enjoying the taste and sensation it caused within her. Maddie sucked in a quick breath and held it as she felt the same feelings at the woman's mouth on her pussy lips. She opened her eyes wide, looking down with a long, "Ohhhh." She looked over at her boyfriend, Ryan and exclaimed, "She's licking my pussy, Ryan!"

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