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Swingclub Darkroom


This story is a liberal recollection of an erotic experience that my mind keeps wandering back to. Thanks for letting me share it with you.


After we had arrived and circulated a bit at a local swingers' "happening", our hostess, Colleen, told us to grab a drink and bring it into the living room. After all 35 of us had settled down more or less in a circle, she had us introduce ourselves in a unique way.

"Welcome, everyone. I see quite a few familiar faces, and a few new ones. By way of introduction, we're going to play a little game. We'll go around the circle and first say our first names or "handles", if you prefer. Then, state an erotic act that you have never done, but that you have an interest in. For example, I'm Colleen, and I have never eaten a woman out while I masturbated a guy. If any of you have done that, you take a swallow of your drink. If nobody takes a swallow, you have to state another erotic act. Oddly enough, there aren't many times that anyone has to describe an act more than once. Okay, let's start with you, Lisa."

"Hi, I'm Lisa, and I assist Colleen, so a lot of you know me. Hmmm, what haven't I done... Okay, I've never ridden a guy's cock while his wife was giving me a rim job."

Glancing to my left, I watched my wife take a sip of her drink, and saw that another woman was doing the same.

"I'm Jeff, and I've never fucked another guy in the ass - not that I would really want to!"

A couple of sips.

"I'm Tom, and I have never fucked my boss on top of his desk in the middle of the day." Tom looked directly at his partner Joyce, who's face turned red. She exclaimed, "I can't believe you said that!", amidst chuckes from the group. Joyce took a drink while reproaching Tom with a bemused smile.

And so it went, until all had a chance to say their names and describe an erotic situation. Only two people had to state another "I've never...".

As we broke up, my wife wandered away while I found an ideal opportunity to sit between two ladies lounging on opposite ends of a short, plush couch. While some non-descript porn played on a distant video screen, I sat down between them and engaged in some small-talk. As we chatted, my left hand wandered onto the ample nyloned thigh of the heavy-set lady to my left. Continuing, I turned my head to the Mexican firecracker on my right, putting my arm lightly around her shoulders. The erotic tension grew as Maria bantered with me, all the time observing my opposite hand travelling up, down, and between Norma's thighs. After a while, Norma appeared a little flushed and got up, excusing herself to wander off in the direction of a darkened hallway. After concluding my conversation with Maria with some french kisses and light caresses of her bare thighs up under her dress where her hose ended, I also chose to wander off down the hallway.

I love the erotic atmosphere of a swingers' meeting, and especially liked the setup at Colleen's. Her house had the common bubbling hot tub that hid many a wandering hand and searching foot. It also had group rooms that contained multiple mattresses, boxes of kleenex, and the ever-present dishes of condoms that only occasionally got used. Then there were the more private rooms with a solitary double-bed and locking doors that could not hide the moans and wet noises that would emanate from within.

In addition to those expected features, her house had a special "dark room". She showed it to us during our initial orientation with the lights still on. Basically, it was a nice-sized rectangular room with a knee-high platform along the far narrow end. The platform was topped with mattresses. Plush carpeting covered the floor, with large, soft cushions arranged along the walls, and kleenex and towels on some recessed shelves. Colleen explained that the room would be completely dark after introductions, so that people who chose to enter could only get to know each other by the other senses - touch, feel, sounds, even smells and tastes. I don't know why this fascinated me so much, but my imagination was captured by the dark room.

Wearing only a waist-wrap after getting out of the hot tub and drying off, I found myself headed toward the dark room. Leaving my wrap on a hook by the entrance, I entered the dark room completely nude. It was so dark, I could make out only the barest of outlines. Mostly, the room was hushed and sultry, and I heard low moans and body motion noises. The smell of sex was in the air. Hushed whispers and open moans in the dark made my pulse quicken with anticipation. My arousal caused my cock to stick out in front. It was warm enough that I could feel my balls dangling between my thighs.

As I stood in silence a little away from the entrance, I sensed someone coming up close to me from behind. The person brushed lightly against me and stopped. I put out my hand, and felt a long cock protruding from a smooth, trim belly. When the person didn't move, I lightly stroked his cock a few times out of curiousity, then moved to let him pass. Like me, he spoke not a word as he lightly explored my cock with his hand, then moved on toward the center of the room.

After a minute or two, with my eyes adjusting to little light, but my ears focusing, I moved more into the center of the room toward some "wet" noises. Sensing a person in front of me, I touched a guy standing at ease facing toward the rear of the room. I allowed my hands to proceeded to his front, where I felt a feminine head moving unhurriedly back and forth over his long cock that she had taken in her mouth.

Her hand moved from his thigh over to mine, where she began caressing me up to my balls, fondled them, then moved up higher to hold my cock, lightly feeling and stroking it, never stopping her cock-sucking. I stroked her long hair and touched her puffed-out cheek, then let my hand wander down to her large naked breast. As I repositioned myself closer to this voluptuous, soft lady, I bent over to fondle her other big, soft, dangling breast and could tell she was sitting upright in front of her long-cocked partner with her legs folded underneath her.

She continued to casually move her head back and forth, slurping on his cock. Not detecting any annoyance at my presence or touches, I let my erect cock brush against her face, then knelt beside her while she continued to blow her partner. My cock brushed her side, then her hip as I knelt and fondled her heavy breasts and gently tweaked her nipples. I ran my hand over her hip, belly, and pubic hair, then tried to put it between her thighs. It was a tight fit. She slowed as I leaned closer to her face and kissed her cheek while she still had his cock in her mouth. Kissing the corner of her mouth and the side of his cock at the same time was so hot! I couldn't resist running my other hand down her back to her bottom while I continued playing with her big boobs. Growing ever more aroused, I kissed lightly from the back of her neck down to her ample bottom, where her fresh sexy scent inspired me to explore even further.

I let my fingers search on down between her bottom cheeks, where I briefly encountered the light hairs around her anus, and teasingly circled it before putting the tip of my finger in her rosebud. Reaching on down further, I teased her hairy nether lips and erect clit, then stuck my finger into the wet hole of her vagina.

When she raised up slightly to give me more access to her butt, I was encouraged to go further. Moving around and laying down on my back behind her with my face close to her ample bottom, I gave her a gentle nudge with my hands to see if she would raise up. To my delight, she raised her bottom higher off the carpet and allowed me to scoot my face underneath her pussy and ass, letting me lick both her cunt and her asshole as she continued to suck Long Cock's dick. As I ate her out, I could feel her lift her arms and steady herself by reaching around and grabbing Long Cock's butt cheeks, pulling him deeper into her mouth. Her dangling, jiggling tits filled my hands to overflowing and her tightening areolae and nipples kept my fingers almost as busy as my tongue on her clit.

As Ample Lady gently ground her clit and pussy on my eager mouth and tongue, I sensed two feminine feet and ankles straddle my ribs as a woman positioned herself at my voluptuous lady's back, probably feeling what was going on with my lady's head and face. Soon, I detected a feminine presence settling on the carpet beside me, exploring with her fingers up to where my face disappeared under Voluptuous Lady's butt, then down my chest and belly to my erection. Even though I was trying to keep tonguing my lady toward her climax, my consciousness was drawn to the small fingers of one hand tentatively touching, then wrapping around and stroking my cock, while the other hand fondled my balls. I spread my legs a little to give her better access.

Initially disappointed, I felt the new mystery woman let me go and get up. Then I was more than pleasantly surprised when she straddled me and I felt those small fingers guide my stiff cock into her warm wet pussy as she settled down, taking my dick up her cunt.

She wantonly caressed my chest and pinched my nipples, then reached around and played with my balls as she rode my cock for her own pleasure. Pleasure was also washing ever-more-stongly over me as I felt my Cock-Sitter's hands reach around to join mine on Ample Lady's tits. I let go of a tit so that I could reach up and touch Long Cock's balls and cock as he continued fucking Ample Lady's mouth. Then, reaching back around to feel and play with Cock Sitter's tits, I heard and felt her cumming while I gently pinched her nipples and hunched my dick up higher, deeper into her cunt. Her orgasmic moans were deep and strong for such a petite-seeming gal.

Evidently, I am not the only one who gets erotically jump-started by the sounds of a woman cumming, as I heard long dick groan loudly with his male climax, evidently pumping his jism into Voluptuous Lady's mouth. I heard the noise of her gulping just before I felt her clitoris and cunt-hole start to throb. Then it was me trying to swallow enough to keep up as my mouth received her sexy nectar straight from her flowing pussy-hole.

It was a good thing that Cock Sitter had stopped moving, probably out of post-orgasmic sensitivity, because I was barely able to resist cumming, myself. I signaled Ample Lady to raise up so I could get free. Evidently sensing my effort to disengage, I felt Cock-Sitter get up and give my dick a last fond squeeze and kiss. I managed to pat her bare ass before I got up to cool off.

I still remember standing there, reveling in the smell of one woman's orgasm on my face, and the other's orgasm on my cock and pubic hair, thinking that this was just too good to be true. Feeling along the wall for the kleenex box, I regretfully wiped up without yielding to the temptation to keep stroking my cock. God, I wanted to cum!

As I stood trying to regain my composure and to calm my cock, I could hear couples' sex-noises toward the platform at the end of the room. My little head was not to be denied as it led me over to the sounds where I would make out two big women on their backs, legs spread and knees up, side-by-side on the raised mattresses, while their partners were kneeling next to them by the mattresses, holding their legs up and eating them out. How could I tell this in the dark? Well, that was my other dark-room surprise...

Decades earlier in my sexually-formative years, I happened to be in Europe where I fell head-over-heels in love with a wonderful young woman. She forever impressed on my psyche the erotic sexiness of feminine hair not just around the pussy, but under the arms, on the legs, and around the nipples. I've never gotten over her, and still get especially aroused by a woman's underarm hair. So it was with pleasure that I had earlier spied, then briefly conversed with an older "hippie" couple in the hot tub, her a large, natural woman with big breasts, nipples protruding from the center of large dark-pink areolae, naturally greying hair framing a kind, serene face, and... natural sexy hair under her arms. Yes, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that.

Now where were we? Oh, yes, feeling my way around at the other end of the dark room...

I made my way over to the couple on the right, not knowing exactly where they were positioned. I let myself be guided by the sounds of the moans and sexy slurping.

Reaching out to touch the first figure kneeling on the floor, I could feel hair just over shoulder-length, and a smooth, soft back. Being a little less cautious now, I let my cock press against this soft back as I reached down a little, going under the arms heading toward the boobs. But I stopped reaching immediately as my fingers encountered some hair under those arms. I started getting more aroused as I allowed my fingers to toy with that hair, reveling in long-neglected erotic sensations. Then I finally resumed my journey down toward those tits. Though they were small, it actually took me several seconds to understand why this didn't feel right. It finally dawned on me that these little nipples belonged to a man!

Maybe it was the shock of the unexpected, but though I've always considered myself open to new sexual experiences, I backed away real quick, my dick drooping immediately. Fortunately, he didn't seem bothered at all (he just kept on eating out his partner), and as the sexy feminine noises of appreciation kept emanating from the ladies on the mattresses, my dick quickly began to recover.

I couldn't resist getting up on the mattress beside the vocal lady on the left, and lightly stroked her hair while she continued enjoying the pussy-licking she was receiving. Meeting no resistance, I let my hands wander onto her firm, gravity-flattened boobs as her partner got up and put his dick into her, initiating a slow, easy fuck. His hands would meet mine occasionally as we both played with her boobs and big hard nipples. It wasn't hard to tell she was loving the attention she was getting from both of us, so I got up and leaned over to french-kiss her. Her heavy breathing didn't stop her from sucking my tongue into her mouth and teasing it with hers while I continued to play with her nipples. Her partner seemed to like it as well, as he picked up his place slightly to fuck her a little faster.

Evidently, the woman laying to our left also detected our increased excitement, as I sensed her stirring. When I moved my hand down to feel the cock and pussy of the fucking couple I was playing with, I found Left Lady's hand already there. Our fingers did a little dance together in the middle of the couple's pubic hair, then both of us proceeded together to touch and fondle the clit, cock-shaft, lips, and balls of the couple while they continued to fuck.

I brought my hand up from the undulating pubes of our couple and raised it up to Left Lady's mouth, allowing her to sniff, then lick and suck my fingers. Her hand was still feeling them fuck while mine drifted over to her smaller, firmer boobs and fondled them. Next, my hand went down to her pubic hair, where her partner was continuing to lick her pussy. As he got inspired to get up and put his cock in her cunt, I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart to receive his dick. What a sensation that was, to feel his cockhead slip between my fingers into her eager, open cunt. I couldn't help bringing those fingers up to my face to sniff, then lick their fuck-juices.

My arousal was really building as these two women squirmed while their partners thrust their dicks in and out of their wet twats. Then inspiration hit.

I got up on all fours and crawled over the head of the first woman so that I could bring my cock up to her face while I french-kissed and felt up the other Lady On The Left. I sensed the first woman take my dick in her mouth and suck, swirling her tongue around on the head of my cock. As she fondled my balls, then put the tip of her finger into my asshole, I knew I wouldn't last very long. Moving my hand back and forth between the two couples, feeling the ladies' pussies with their partners' cocks sliding in and out of them, I got so aroused that I started groaning and cumming in Number One's mouth. She loved it, sealing her pouty lips around my throbbing shaft just behind the ridge of my cock-head. Gently sucking my cock-head deeper into her eager mouth, she fluttered the tip of her tongue on the tip of my dick so that my cum squirted out directly onto her tongue. She tasted and swallowed every bit of my spunk. Why is it so damned sexy to feel a woman eagerly gulping and swallowing as you pump your cum into her mouth?

Both couples were evidently inspired by my orgasm to more energetically pursue their own. As my orgasmic shudders subsided, I raised up, let go of Left Lady's tit, and gently pulled my dick out of Number One's mouth with a "plop". Number One's partner must have been really horny, because even though my dick and balls were still resting against her cheek I felt him immediately lean down and start french kissing her, both of them sharing the taste of my cum in her mouth as they rushed toward their own fuck climax.

As I got up and headed to the snack table to recover, I knew that I would be forever addicted to the exciting and anonymous sexual activity that went on in the dark room.


EPILOG: Reader, you may remember that I stated at the beginning of this story that this recollection is "liberal". How liberal, you may ask? Except for changing the names, and perhaps condensing more than one swing club visit into a single experience, my story is at least 85% accurate and true. I'll leave it to you to decide which parts are factual, and which are the product of my wishful imagination. - Ardentplayer

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