tagGroup SexSwingers Club: Halloween Party

Swingers Club: Halloween Party


SUMMARY: A wife is convinced to try swinging to save her marriage.

NOTE 1: This is a Halloween 2013 Contest Story...I hope you enjoy...although it is long Halloween story that starts plot heavy before ending in my longest sex scene to date.

NOTE 2: As always, a great big thanks to the one, the only MAB7991 for editing my stories. Another thanks for goamz who seems to somehow catch whatever MAB and I miss.


In every marriage there are ebbs and flows, how a couple deals with these ebbs and flows defines their marriage. With over 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it is no surprise that many couples cannot overcome the plethora of challenges that constantly come their way.

Matt and I were recently in one of those ruts that not only caused strain in our marriage but damn near ended it. Our solution, although unorthodox, saved our marriage and although I don't recommend it to everyone, for us it changed everything.


Matt and I had been married over thirteen years (both of us are superstitious by the way) and after years of trying had learned we could not have children. We had applied two years earlier to adopt, but that process only added to the exhaustion that was our lives, as we dealt with red tape from all directions.

The recession hit us hard and my husband even harder (I won't get into the details, but we lost a lot of money and Matt, although he didn't lose his job like many others, he was demoted). Being a nurse, my job was relatively secure due to the shortage of qualified nurses. Matt had to work more hours for less pay, while I took extra shifts to make up the financial difference. In the end, financially we ended up about the same, but our lives were way more exhausting and stressful, resulting in little or no time for each other.

Before the recession, we went on yearly trips that seemed to rejuvenate both our personal and sexual lives. It had been three years since our last trip, we were in more than a rut, we were in a gigantic meteor pothole, and I wasn't sure we could get out.

We hadn't had sex for over three months and even that time was anti-climatic for me. We were a couple going through the motions and our relationship desperately needing a boost.

In years past we had sex every couple of days and experimented with a wide variety of sexual positions and locations. Now it was always the missionary position and always in our bed...again the rut was deepening.


I was complaining to a colleague at work during a double shift.

"I haven't had sex for three months," I whined rather matter-of-factly.

"Oh my God," my younger co-worker Jessica responded, "If I don't get my pilot lit every couple of days I am one cold bitch."

I laughed, "Always the poet."

Jessica shrugged and quipped. "But seriously, what the fuck...pun intended."

"Life," I shrugged.

"Life is what you make it," she replied using the terrible cliché quote.

"How high school prom," I quipped.

She smiled naughtily and quipped back a dreamy look in her eyes, "Aaah yes, my high school prom and first threesome."

I spit out my coffee when she declared her naughty sexual secret.

She continued, "Ever since then I have never been a one cock woman."

"B-b-but you're engaged," I stuttered.

She shrugged, "So."

"You cheat on him?" I questioned.

"Oh no, no," she chuckled, before responding like she was talking about the weather, "He is usually a part of the threesome, orgy, gangbang or whatever."

"You're shitting me," I replied, assuming she was just yanking my chain.

"I'm not shitting you and truth be told I have a solution to your and Matt's sexual rut," she retorted.

I stared at her still trying to wrap my head around all this information. She had always been rather open with her sexual exploits, but this was very deep into the too-much-information zone.

"You need to come to a swinger's party," she casually announced.

"A swinger's party?" I repeated, mindlessly, the information coming too fast and furious for my somewhat conservative values to comprehend.

"Yes, the next one is on Halloween," Jessica explained.

"How often do they occur?" I asked, still in shock.

"Depends," she shrugged, before adding, "sometimes there are special parties, like Halloween, but the first Saturday of every month is the usual meeting time."

"You are serious?" I asked, finally accepting that she was not pulling my leg.

"Deadly," she smiled, her hand grabbing mine.

"Wow," I uttered.

She added her tone suddenly dripping with sexual innuendo, "And I would love to 'wow' you like you have never been wowed."

"Excuse me," I replied, shocked by her sudden predatory overture.

"Everything is possible at a swinger's party," she purred, moving so close to me that I could almost taste her cherry flavored chap stick.

I stammered, "I-I-I could never do such a thing."

Her finger went to my lips and she leaned towards my ear, her warm breath heating up my dormant oven. "I would bring inconceivable pleasure to you and," she paused as she bit and lightly tugged on my ear.

I let out an uncontrollable soft moan.

"Your husband," she finished, her hot breath lingering in my ear and triggering a sudden wetness in my vagina.

Suddenly considering the ludicrous suggestion, I argued, weakly, "My husband would never agree."

"Really?" she asked, moving away from my ear. I was surprised by the wave of disappointment that rushed through me suddenly. Her smile was playful and yet implying so much. "Your husband wouldn't mind watching you in the throes of girl on girl passion? Or having his choice of at least a dozen hot women to pleasure him?"

I tried to make a joke out of it. "Well what guy wouldn't want that?"

Jessica let my question linger before finishing, "So if you're interested, I can get you in, but there are requirements."

"Like what?" I asked, curiosity killing the cat.

"Are you sure you want to know?" she teased.

Before I could answer, the intercom crackled and announced, "Ms. Kraun to room 1402. Ms. Kraun to room 1402."

Jessica shrugged, "Well, we will have to continue this conversation later." Then she shocked me by leaning in and kissing me quickly on the lips but with authority.

Just as quick as her lips were on mine, she was gone and I was left alone a mental muddled mess. I couldn't deny a spark chilled my entire body when Jessica briefly kissed me. I was shocked by the kiss and confused by the sensations I was feeling. Before I had time to really deal with all this information, I looked up at the clock and realized I was five minutes late for my shift. Ignoring the spark kindling in my vagina, I left the locker room and headed out to my work station.


The next eight hours were crazy and I didn't have any time to consider the invitation Jessica had offered. I was grabbing my stuff to head home when Jessica entered the locker room.

My face instantly felt warm as I relived our last brief moment of unexpected intimacy, I suddenly felt like a giddy insecure teenager again. Jessica asked, as she began unbuttoning her shirt, "So do you still want to know about the party expectations?"

I barely heard her words as I watched her undress like a horny teenage boy would do, even though I had seen her changing many times, it felt like my first.

"Earth to Trudy," Jessica teased as her final button was unbuttoned.

"What?" I asked, rattled by my sudden obsession with seeing her breasts, considering I had seen her breasts in a bra many times before.

"What were you thinking about?" she asked knowing exactly what I was thinking, as she began pulling down her skirt.

"Oh-oh-oh nothing," I stammered, even as my red face betrayed my words.

Her mischievous smile returned as each word slithered out of her mouth with sexual venom breaking down the last remaining walls of my propriety. "You can't stop thinking of my offer, can you, sexy?"

Being called sexy was another rush as the sweet terms of endearment from my husband quit around the same time the market crashed. I stammered, "I-I-I guess."

With her skirt on the floor, she bent down like a porn star, giving a perfect view of her thong covered ass encased in white pantyhose. Although I was not a lesbian and had never had more than brief lingering thoughts and rare naughty dreams, I was suddenly mesmerized by Jessica's body. Jessica seemingly knowing the impact she was having on me, held her perfect pose as she turned her head to look at me staring at her and asked, "Like what you see, Trudy?"

Only able to speak with a stammer, I answered, "I-I-I-um..."

Thankfully, Jessica saved me from my blithering idiot rambling and asked, as she stood back up, "So I assume you want join us next Saturday?"

My moral conscience still lingering deep inside overcame my carnal desire that was simmering at the surface and begging to be dealt with. "I could never cheat on Matt."

Jessica, grabbing a pair of jeans from her locker, countered, "Who said anything about cheating? Our group is very much against cheating. Every member is married or in a serious relationship. Both man and woman in the relationship must agree to all the rules of the group and can only join as a couple."

"Oh," was all I could muster as I continued to check out Jessica's perfect body as she slowly slithered herself into the tightest jeans ever made.

She continued talking, oblivious to my staring or just used to it based on her perfect body and looks, and explained, "Our group believes that monogamy is a hindrance in a relationship as everyone, regardless of your morale fibre and your love for your partner, will fantasize about others. Usually these fantasies will consume you and either you cheat and betray your spouse or you mentally cheat every time you are intimate with them." She paused, her perky breasts still on display for me in her skimpy black lace bra, "Thus we strongly believe our swinger's group actually saves marriages."

I joked, trying to be casual about an idea that seemed more logical and appealing the more I learned, "Your slogan could be: saving marriages one fuck at a time."

Jessica's smile disappeared and she said, suddenly her tone cold, "Don't be flippant and judgemental Trudy. I was trying to be helpful."

As she grabbed her shirt from her locker, I quickly apologized not wanting to insult her. "Wait! Sorry, Jessica, I was being sarcastic. It is how I deal with situations I am uncomfortable with."

Jessica turned back to me, her shirt in her hand, her eyes softening, "I am sorry too. I don't tell many about Eddie's and my swinger lifestyle, but thought it could really help you. Plus I find you very attractive."

"You do?" I questioned, both confused and turned on.

"Yes I do, sexy," she smiled.

"How did you and Eddie get started in the group?" I asked, wanting to know everything.

Jessica offered, "That is a long story. Let's go out for a drink."

"I am way too tired to be going to a bar," I yawned.

"Did I imply I was asking you?" she asked her tone suddenly firm. Before I could respond she added, "We are going for a drink and I am not taking no for an answer."

"Ok," I agreed distracted by her putting on her blouse and her rather authoritative tone.

"You're not changing?" she questioned, content with my answer.

"I usually just go home after work and hit the shower so I don't bring extra clothes," I explained.

She turned back to her locker and pulled out a blood red blouse and handed it to me. "I have a few outfits in here depending on what I may be doing later. Your skirt is fine, but we can't be going out with you in a stained nurse's smock."

Before I could even respond she was pulling my scrubs off me, revealing my tiny breasts in my sports bra (I found a sports bra more practical for the job...comfort had always came first with me).

"A sports bra," she smiled, adding, "I hope you are less practical at home."

I shrugged, "I am more a sweats and t-shirt kind of gal."

Jessica dressed me like I was her living Barbie Doll and said, "Well, I hate to be critical sugar, but being married doesn't mean you quit working hard on your relationship. If you don't dress feminine and if you don't feel sexy, then your man will quit trying to."

"I suppose," I whispered, as she buttoned up the slightly see through blouse on me.

"No, I suppose. I am not saying the swinger's group is right for you, but even if it isn't you need to do more work on your side to rekindle the fire in your marriage."

Suddenly guilt overwhelmed me. I had been blaming Matt for our lackluster passion, but in just a few words of wisdom from a colleague I realized I was just as much to blame. I replied, "You are right, Jessica. I have gotten lazy."

"It is easy to do," she replied, supporting my realization, "But it is just as easy to fix."

I joked, "I may need a whole new wardrobe."

"Well one thing that always relaxes me is shopping for clothes," she smiled, "let's go, the malls are open for a couple of more hours."

"Now?" I asked.

"No time like the present," Jessica pointed out and added, "plus I need a new outfit for next weekend's Halloween party."

"Are they always themed?" I repeated, curiously.

"Yep, every party has a theme. Last month was a superhero theme to celebrate the opening of the Avengers movie and the month before was a BDSM party."

"Oh," I replied, too nervous to ask what a BDSM party was. We were heading to the parking lot before I asked, "So next is a Halloween party?"

"Yes, actually, it will be a perfect time to join as you can kind of create a slut persona and still hide behind a mask if you are nervous," Jessica revealed as we reached her car. "We'll take my car."

The mall was only a few minutes' drive, but enough time with traffic to allow her to tell me about how she joined this exclusive club.

"So first thing you should know is Eddie and I had been involved in a couple of threesomes before we became actual swingers. We had tried two guys and one girl and two girls and a guy, but we both had the fantasies of a foursome or moresomes. Anyways, as you know Eddie works for the city in economic development and at last Year's Christmas party, not this past Christmas but the one before that, we were quite drunk and ended up in a free for all sexual extravaganza with two other couples at the office Christmas party."

Jessica paused to look at me while at a red light. She could tell I was enthralled by her every word. She smiled, adding, "It was fucking amazing. It was my first double penetration and I became addicted."

"You took it in the butt?" I asked, astonished.

"Fuck yeah," she replied like it was what everyone was doing, adding, "Don't knock it till you try it."

The light changed and she turned her eyes back to the road as she continued the story. "Anyway, once all the men were all spent I recall saying how I still wanted more, but none were capable of fulfilling my need. As we were leaving, one of the wives' handed me a card and suggested I give her a call and the rest is history."

"Wow," I said, the whole story so unbelievable, yet clearly the truth.

"Wow, indeed," she echoed as we arrived at the mall.

Silence lingered between us as we exited the car and made our way into the mall. I followed her into a store called Lace and Grace, a store I had walked past a trillion times, but never entered.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the store (because of its intimate products, it is a closed door shop) was a wall of toys. The only toy I had was a vibrator I had bought in college at a sex party and it really wasn't big enough to properly satisfy me.

Jessica noticed my bug-eyed look and guessed. "Let me guess. You have one vibrator that you have had since before you were married."

"Is it that obvious?"

"You scream sexually repressed, my dear," she dead panned.

I winced at her accurate assessment, and trying to shed this image asked, "And what would you suggest my guru of pleasure."

She smiled at me and said, "Be careful what you ask for, honey. I'd have you wearing a butt plug to work to prepare you for the party, if I had my way."

"Oh my God," I gasped at her frank response.

"That is exactly what you will be screaming over and over at the party," she quipped, grabbing my hand and leading me to the wall of self-pleasure.

I remained silent to avoid digging a deeper hole than I was already in, as I stared at so many inconceivable sex toys I didn't even know where to start.

Jessica teased, "We are not here for these, but clearly you are thinking of upgrading your meager toy collection."

I again stammered, "No-I-um just can't fathom the purpose for some of these toys." I pointed to one that actually had a drill handle, "Like what is this one for."

Jessica quipped without hesitation, "To literally drill you."

"Apparently," I replied.

Jessica reached for a smaller toy. She handed me the box and said, "This is a must have for any sexually needy woman."

"A we-vibe?" I asked, looking at the rather small contraption.

"It may be small but it gives the best sensations," Jessica smiled, "while one part teases your pussy the other pulses on your clit."

"Wow," I mindlessly replied thinking about how awesome that would potentially feel.

"Wow, indeed," Jessica said, "plus with a pair of tight panties you can wear it while you are out and about."

"I would never...."

"Never say never, sweetie," Jessica recommended, reaching for a much bigger toy, "because if I have my way I will be using this on you next Saturday."

She handed me a long dildo that had heads at both ends. At first I couldn't fathom what it could be used for until Jessica explained, "It's a double-ended dildo so we can fuck each other, pussy to pussy."

My face must have been ruby red as she added, taking back the long toy, "Just kidding...probably." She shrugged and dragged me to the bras and shocked me again when she cupped my breasts and asked, "34b?"

My facial expression a mixture of shock at being felt up and her very accurate appraisal, I nodded, "How did you know?"

She shrugged, "It's a gift."

She scanned the many different bras all of which were sexier than any I currently owned before grabbing three and ordering, "Go try these on."

I took the bras tentatively and went into the small changing room. I put on a lacy white push-up bra that definitely enhanced my small breasts. It was like the breast fairy had waved her magic wand and given me the breasts I had always dreamed of having.

As I admired my new breasts, I was startled when Jessica walked in unannounced. "Nice. Isn't it amazing what one tiny piece of lingerie can do for you?"

Although suddenly feeling vulnerable in only a bra, I feigned confidence. "It makes me look like I have breasts."

"Nice, firm, appetizing breasts," Jessica complimented.

"I suppose," I replied, feeling awkward from the compliment.

"Turn around," she instructed.

I did and felt her unhook the bra and toss it on the bench. She reached and grabbed a second bra and dressed me like I was again a full-sized Barbie doll.

Her hands on me was awkward, yet sensual, causing an undeniable stirring down below.

Once the light blue bra was on, she spun me around to face the mirror and said, "Cute, very cute."

I looked in the mirror and had to agree; it was cute and somehow made me look younger.

I felt Jessica's hands expertly unclasped the bra and felt her hot breathe on the back of my neck which caused more tingling down below and made my nipples go as stiff as diamonds.

Her hand never leaving my back, she reached and grabbed the third black bra and put it on me. I wondered if she saw my erect nipples and flushed face. Did she know the impact she was having on me?

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