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My wife Glenda and I have been married for fifteen years and have a wonderful sex life. We extended our sexual activities with very close friends to make sex even more exciting. My bother was married to very sexy blond and I always admired her beauty. We visited each other often and one night about two years ago when we had quite a bit to drink, we were playing around with each other’s wives and finally made the swap. We continue to meet on a regular basis.

One night while Glenda and I were having sex, I said, “I think it would be exciting if we found another couple, complete strangers. What do you think?”

She thought about it, then responded, “I would insist we get a little acquainted first before I get in bed with a guy. I need to know what he looks like and a little about him. That way I could decided if I wanted to continue or not.”

I said, “That sounds reasonable. I would not want someone treating you badly and if you don’t like his looks, we’ll drop that couple and look for another. Why don’t we get on the internet to search?”

“I’m willing to look”, she reluctantly responded.

During the next few days we answered swingers ads and communicated with half dozen couples. We sent our picture to one particular couple and received three pictures from them. One picture showed Dave and Diane together very neatly dressed. One of the pictures was of Diane in a bikini. She was a beauty with a beautiful body. I practically drooled. The other picture showed Dave in swim trunks. His body was trim and handsome.

When we talked to them on the phone, we got the impression they were more experienced with swinging. They had been to parties with several couples at the same time. We had never done anything like that.

Glenda said, “I don’t think I’m ready for big parties. I would rather meet with them alone. What do you think?”

I had seen the picture of Diane in a bikini. My cock was now thinking instead of my head when I said, “Having an extra couple with us would be alright. We would have privacy and the right to say no. I’m willing to take the chance.”

She was still objecting, “Maybe we should meet them for cocktails first to get more acquainted.”

I continued to pressure her, “They have already invited us to their home Friday evening. Once we get there and we don’t like it, we can leave.”

“Alright, if you agree we can leave in the event I don’t like it, I’ll go.”

Diane dressed rather sexy. She was wearing a cocktail dress that had thin straps to hold it up over her braless breasts at the top and the skirt came down to just above her knees. I thought she looked very seductive. She looked as if she would attract men like honey attracts bees. . Friday evening we arrived a few minutes late. Dave met us at the front door.

Dave said, “Hello, come right in”, then he pointed to some mistletoe hanging over Glenda’s head.

Before Glenda knew what was happening, he held her for a kiss.

When he released her, she said, “Wow! Looks if you have prepared for a party.”

“Oh yes, you will find more mistletoe around in our play room downstairs. Come on downstairs.”

We walked down the stair to see a very large finished basement. There was a wet bar, a pool table, and very plush couches and lounging chairs. I noticed two king size beds at one end of the large room.

Glenda whispered to me, “What are we getting into. Looks like a place for a wild party.”

I whispered back, “Let’s stay for awhile and decide later if we should leave.”

I noticed Diane was talking to the one other couple in the room. She saw us and came over.

She cheerily welcomed us, “Now we get to meet in person. It’s so nice you could come.”

I looked at her trim shape filling out the long slithering dress she was wearing. It was slit up both side to just below her waist line. She was wearing high heels but she was not wearing hose. She could have been wearing thong panties, but since I couldn’t see any panty material at the top of the slit at the side of her dress, maybe she wasn’t wearing anything. I felt very horny thinking about exploring under her sexy looking dress. She was beautiful.

She took my hand and walked me a couple of steps under the mistletoe. We hugged as she gave me a very sexy kiss. Then she turned to Glenda to lightly kiss her.

I was thinking this could turn out to be a good party with three couples. About that time, I saw three girls and four guys being escorted down the stairs by Dave. Dave introduced them to us. One of the guys was not wearing a wedding ring. Evidently, Dave had invited a single guy.

Dave walked to the bar and started pouring drinks from a pitcher and handing them to the guests. I was wondering what concoction we were drinking, but decided to not ask. The guests seemed to know each other and begin conversing. Probably, Glenda and I were the only strangers there.

Dave had soft dance music filling the room. One of the guys asked Glenda to dance, so I decided to ask our hostess to dance. She blended in my arms as we danced to the slow music. I danced her under some mistletoe to kiss her. Our tongues meshed in a very sexy kiss. I let my hand roam down over her butt and could not feel any panty seams.

She said, “Are you trying to determine if I have underware?”

I was embarrassed but had to answer her, “You look so sexy in that dress, I just had to feel.”

That’s alright, I don’t mine the feel, and I’m not wearing anything under this dress.”

The song ended and she led me to the bar for another drink. Another guy walked up to dance with her. I looked around to see Glenda dancing with another guy. He danced her under the mistletoe and stopped dancing long enough to kiss her very deeply. She seemed to freely respond to him. I was glad she was enjoying herself.

I thought I could smell something. I sniffed a little and I believed it must be pot. Glenda and I had never used it before and I was wondering if my wife wanted to leave.

I looked around to see Dave pass a joint to one of the girls. I saw my Glenda standing at the bar with a guy’s arm around her. He handed her a fresh drink as she was laughing at some comment he made. I doubt she knew what pot smelled like. I was wondering if Glenda still wanted to stay now that pot was being passed around.

Before I could go over to her, our hostess passed a joint to me.

She said, “Leave your wife alone and have a drag on this.”

I looked at this beautiful creature and knew I wanted to stay. I took a drag on the joint, passed it back to her to take a deep drag. I thought her eyes were shining with sexual desire. I hugged her and gave her a sexy kiss. My hand reached down to feel through the slit of her dress at the side of her butt. I felt her bare butt cheek and squeeze. She melted into me with a sigh.

She pulled back to say, “It’s still a little early. The party is just getting started. Go ahead and dance with the other girls while I do my hostess duties.”

I walked over to my wife where two guys were talking to her. I said, “Would you dance with me.”

While we danced, I asked, “How are you getting along? Has anyone asked you to smoke?”

“Yes, I’ve taken several puffs. I haven’t had a cigarette in years. These are funny looking cigarettes, aren’t they.”

“Didn’t you know they are pot.”

“Did you say POT! No wonder I’m feeling so good and horny. You know I’ve never had pot before this. I’m having fun. I’ve danced with several guys and they all danced me underneath the mistletoe to kiss me.”

“Have they made any serious passes at you.”

“Oh yes, the guys have been feeling me up. I don’t mind, it just makes me more horny.”

I knew my wife would be very attractive for the guys to hit on her.

About that time, a guy cut in to dance with her. I walked over to ask another girl to dance.

We were dancing a slow seductive dance with my hand roaming over her butt. I stopped to kiss her. We continued to stand and kiss while one of my hands moved to a breast. I could feel she was not wearing a bra.

A couple of hours had gone by with drinks and smoke and I was wondering when the real party would start. I looked over at the beds and saw one couple lying down in each others arms. The girl had already removed her top so that he could nuzzle her breasts.

I looked around for my wife to see her on a plush couch with a our host lying mostly on top of her while their lips were locked in a wide open mouth kiss. His hands were feeling underneath her dress. I assumed he had sex with all the other girls on previous parties, now he wanted some new pussy.

I decided I should look for our sexy hostess. I wanted her, but then I saw her dancing with the single guy who had come to the party. He had danced her over near the beds. I saw a lone girl at the bar as she picked up a joint from the ash tray to take another drag.

I walked over to her and said, “I’ll share that with you.” I took a puff and handed it back to her for another drag. She laid the butt down in the ash tray.

She was a pretty red head I had seen around, but had not danced with her. We walked over to a plush love seat. Our lips meshed as we reclined. I pulled her blouse up out of her skirt and moved my hands up to her bare breasts. She unbuttoned the blouse to completely expose her breasts. My lips went directly to her nipples. She moaned a little as I sucked .

The pot had stripped away all inhibitions for everyone in the room it seemed. I was feeling very good and I assumed my wife was having fun.

The red head tugged at my trousers which I quickly removed along with my shorts. I tugged at her panties up under her dress to pull them down and off over her feet. Now her dress was pushed up around her waist.

I had noticed several boxes of tissues placed around in appropriate places. The host didn’t want her furniture to get soiled. Also, I had noticed a box of condoms on the bar if anyone wanted to use them. I decided I would go bare with this red head.

I glanced over to see the host with my wife’s dress up around her waist. The straps at the top of her dress were off her shoulders leaving her beasts exposed. He had moved his head down between her legs. She had one leg propped up on the back of the couch while the other leg was pulled up toward her head which gave him plenty of room to lick and slurp. I assumed she was enjoying it because she had her eyes closed and her hands were resting lightly on his head.

I was still disappointed that another man had the beautiful hostess who I thought I would be paired with. However, the girl I was with was lightly moaning as I sucked on her nipples. I decided to get on my knees to get to her crotch. I licked up and down her slit and sucked on her clit. Her body was beginning to tremble and I assumed she was about to have an orgasm. She started bucking into my face as her body shook and sexually surged. It didn’t take much for her to have an orgasm. I was wondering if she was multi orgasmic.

She was still breathing hard when she said, “Come up here and give it to me.”

I moved up on her body to probe for her pussy. She aimed my cock and I pushed all the way in causing her to softly groan. I made a couple of back and forth movements. She had her eyes closed and I could see her face all squinched up in the throes of another orgasm. Her pussy was pulsating on my cock. Her lungs were gasping for air, then she slowly relaxed and felt lifeless to me. Had she gone to sleep or was she deep in sexual afterglow? I tried to kiss her without any response. I was beginning to worry a little before she finally opened her eyes.

I made small movements and said, “I thought you had gone to sleep.”

“No, I was slightly out of my mind drifting with pleasure. Sometimes I feel I am not even in the room when I have a good orgasm.”

She began to pulsate on my cock. I really wanted to hold off until I could pair off with the hostess, but her pussy was so sexy I felt as if I wanted to cum right away.

I started fucking her again causing her moan. I could feel her body underneath me beginning to surge as she bucked up to me. I could hardly believe she was having another orgasm this soon

When she revived and opened her eyes again, she said, “I think I need another smoke.”

When she got up, her dress fell back down her legs.

I got up to look for my wife. She was still on the couch, but now Dave was on top of her. I could see his cock slowly thrusting back and forth in her pussy. Each time he drew back, her juices glistened on his cock. I also noticed his cock was bare without a condom. I then knew she was going to have a pussy full of cum. That is what I had hoped to give to the host’s beautiful sexy wife, but instead, the host was doing it to my wife.

I looked for Diane, our hostess. She was just getting up from the bed where she had been with the single guy. Her dress was up around her waist. I got a glimpse of her nakedness just before her long dress dropped down to cover her legs as she got up. Now was my chance to team up with her. I still had my shirt on, but I walked off and left my trousers and shorts on the floor. I had a very hard erection prominently pointing in the direction I was walking since I had not cum as yet. My inhibitions had all left me and I was not embarrassed.

I walked over to the hostess to say, “It’s nice to meet you again.”

“Yes, I remember you. I think I see my husband on top of your wife. Help me see if there is still some smoke available for my guests.”

I walked with her where she reached down behind the bar and laid some more up on the bar. She lighted one and took a deep drag, then passed it to me.

I didn’t really need anymore, but I didn’t want to disappoint her in any way by refusing.

She looked down to say, “Looks as if you are ready for action. Let’s find a comfy place.”

We walked by my wife and Dave to sit on another plush couch. Dave had finished fucking her, but now another guy was leaning down to feel her breasts. I saw Dave get up and walk away to leave my wife with the other man.

By now I had settled down on the couch with Diane. She said, “Let me pull my dress up so that you can eat me.”

I was hoping to see her naked and taste her pussy. She laid down on the couch, propped her head up and watched me move in position. My first lick at her crotch told me the guy had cum in her pussy. She had tricked me into eating the other guy’s cum. Probably, it was a turn on for her.

I gently licked, then sucked on her clit. She said, “lick my ass too.”

I did as requested as she laid still to enjoy.

I had done enough of that for her, now I wanted to bury my cock in her. She was practically naked because the straps of her dress were off her shoulders and down to her waist to expose her beautifully shaped breasts. Her breasts looked very perky. I kissed the nipples, then moved on up to kiss her mouth.

All at once I was wonder what my wife was doing. Was she still on the other couch with the second man. I looked over to see that she was going down on his cock while he was fingering her pussy.

As Diane and I were holding a long sexy kiss, she aimed my cock. I plunged all the way in her cum filled pussy. We broke the kiss and she groaned as I hit bottom.

She said, “Wow! You have a big one. I like it. Now fuck me good.”

I was willing to please her. She was so sexy the way her pussy clung on my cock as I pulled back for another plunge. I knew I couldn’t last long doing this and I wanted her to have an orgasm either before or when I did. I tried to get my mind off of the thrill I was having and decided to look toward my wife. My wife was still sucking the guy’s cock.

I thought I could feel Diane approaching a climax with her body straining and she began to loudly moan. I couldn’t hold back anymore and exploded in her pussy. We both were in the throes of sexual bliss.

When our bodies calmed down and our breathing came back to normal, she said, “I better get up to see if anyone needs anything. I’m still the hostess, you know.”

She used some of the handy tissues to clean up a little, then got up to let the long dress fall down over her legs again. I was sorry to see so much beauty being covered up.

I looked over to see my wife had finished sucking the guy off. As he got up to leave, I went over to sit by her.

I asked, “Honey, are you having a good time.”

“Yes, I seem to be doing alright. I’ve had sex with two guys already. No one else seems to be rushing over here for more sex.”

I hugged her and lightly kissed her lips, then said, “As long as I’m sitting here, no one else is going to hit on you. I just wanted to see if you were having a good time. I’ll leave you alone to attract another guy if you want it that way.”

She nodded in the affirmative and I left to talk to a nearly naked blond girl who was sitting on the bed by herself.

I approached and said, “I danced with you earlier. Have you been having a good time?”

“Yes, I always have a good time here. I haven’t seen you before tonight, have I?”

“No, my wife are new to this game. We seem to like it. The music is still on, shall we dance?”

I took her in my arms when she got up. We slowly shuffled around to the slow dreamy music while she laid her head on my shoulder. I danced by the couch where my wife had finished sex with two guys. Now another guy was sitting and kissing her. I noticed her dress was still up around her waist while her top was bare. The guy was playing with her breasts. She was popular enough to still attract someone after they had been with other girls.

I mentioned to the girl in my arms, “That guy is now flirting with my wife.”

She quickly said, “That’s my husband with her.” We both laughed.

I danced the girl near another soft looking couch and sat down with her. She had worn a skirt and blouse to the party. The blouse had been discarded long ago, now I pulled up her skirt. Probably she had cum in her pussy, so I decided to fuck her. I had only cum once tonight even though I had been with two girls.

My erection was ready, so I laid her back, propped one of her legs up on the side of the couch and pushed the other leg up toward her head. I rammed my cock in her pussy, then quickly realized I was getting sloppy seconds. Probably all the guys by now were getting sloppy seconds, or thirds. I fucked her for awhile until we both had orgasms.

After I had finished fucking this blond, the guy with my wife had just finished fucking her. I noticed she was cleaning up with tissues while he was looking for his pants.

My blond girl and I went over to talk to our spouses. We introduced ourselves again. Their names were Alice and Archie.

I said, “I’ve noticed some of the guests are leaving. Do you live near here?”

“No, we live about an hour’s drive from here. I’m not sure if it is safe for me to drive, so we may get a motel.”

My wife spoke up, “We live just a short distance. Our kids are at their grandparent’s house tonight, why don’t you come home with us?”

Alice spoke, “That’s very thoughtful of you, I’m all for it instead of a motel room.”

We all dressed and said our goodbyes to the host and hostess. I told her I had a wonderful time at the party and that my private time with her was special. She invited us to come back to next month’s party.

My wife went with Archie in his car to give directions to our house while Alice rode with me. Shortly we were home.

My wife said, “I need a shower, I have streaks of dried cum on my legs and a few other places.”

Alice responded, “I need one too.”

I chimed in to say, “You’re not going to leave us guys out of the fun, we’ll take showers with you. We have two bathrooms.”

My wife took Archie into the master bedroom while Alice accompanied me to the hall bathroom. Alice and I stripped off together and stepped in the shower. We soaped, kissed and rubbed our soapy bodies together. Even though I had cum twice this night, I was getting another erection while in the shower with this sexy girl I had just met for the first time.

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