tagGroup SexSwingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball

Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball


I dedicate this story to Gina, my wonder woman. It was fun while it lasted and I will never forget you. We will always share a special bond.


Bright lights, big city, Gina discovers romance, sex, love, and life after marriage. She discovers the Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball.

The Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball is the best of the swingers' social dances because the average person will do things that they never dreamt they would ever do once they are in costume, once they have a mask concealing their true identity, and once they have consumed a couple glasses of wine.

You would be surprised what a vixen that second grade teacher from Boston is when she is dressed as Snow White. Suddenly, she is in a circle jerk with seven men and they are not dwarfs. You did not know that Samantha fantasized every day for months about servicing several men at once. Now, surrounded by men with their hard cocks out and at the ready, this is her fantasy come true and she is insatiable in her desire to get each one of them off with a hand job and/or a blow job. She wants to see their desire for her on their faces and in their eyes. She wants to see them cum. She wants to control their lust with her body. She wants them to cum in her mouth.

"You have a nice cock," she said stroking him to hardness. "It is so big. I can't wait to suck it," she said, looking up at the man standing in front of her with his pants down around his ankles, while jerking off the man next to him. The other five men watched and eagerly waited their turn with Snow White.

"Hi ho, hi ho, we will cum with Snow, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho."

Soon she will return home with the memory of this evening until the next dance when she will come as herself and not in costume. Perhaps, then, she will not be as sexually adventurous, outrageous, and true to her fantasy, that is, until she is in the privacy of her hotel room.

"Hi ho, hi ho, we will cum with Snow, 'cause there is no one here to know, hi ho, hi ho."

You would be surprised to know that the woman who is licking the pussy of that buxom blonde is your sweet librarian, Mary, from your home town. She is dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" The blonde asked her.

"Oh, I'm not a witch at all! I'm Dorothy, from Kansas," said Mary.

Yeah, we bet you are...Mary, the librarian.

"Well, close your eyes, Dorothy," said the blonde, "and tap your ruby shoes together three times, and think to yourself that there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home because I am about to cum and we are both going home to Kansas."

You did not know that Mary was bi-sexual. You did not know that she had the hots for blondie all night while watching her sitting there sipping her wine dressed as Marilyn Monroe with her husband wearing Joe DiMaggio's old baseball uniform. You did not know that after they go at one another for an hour or so that she and her husband, the Tin Man, will retire to blondie's room where they and their respective husbands will have a wild foursome and we are not talking about golf or bridge but sex.

"Batter up, Joe."

That sexy Milk Maiden kneeling in the corner giving that man dressed as a Hells Angel biker a blow job is really your sweet and personable school crossing guard, Kathy. Yeah, picture her in her orange crossing vest, police cap, whistle, and holding a big stop sign instead of her wearing those knee socks, short skirt, low cut top, and with those long, blonde braids.

"Got milk?" Or in the case of the Hells Angel dude, do you want to be milked?

She is here alone tonight. Her husband, home alone watching the football game while drinking beer and falling fast asleep in his recliner, thinks that she is at a Tupperware party.

"Good night, Honey. Don't wait up for me. You know me with Tupperware."

"Okay, Doll, I'm just going to watch a little football before I do all those little things you have been nagging me about for the past five years like fixing the light socket."

You would be surprised if I told you that Kathy will do this, giving a blow job to several men before the evening is over and before she must return to her husband and to her uneventful and unfulfilling life as a bored housewife and school crossing guard, that is, until the next swingers' dance at New Year's Eve when she is invited to, yet, another Tupperware party.

There in the corner dressed as Sonny and Cher is Kevin and Julie. Oh, you remember them. They are at church every Sunday. She conducts Bible study class and he collects money for the homeless.

"And the beat goes on...I got you, Babe."

You would not have recognized them had I not pointed them out and you would have walked by them. I bet you did not know that they were swingers. I bet you did not know that Julie loves having another man, a much younger man, join them during their most intimate of moments. I bet you never would have guess that Julie is a screamer when she cums and that Kevin loves seeing his wife tied up to the bed posts and blindfolded while watching a young man ravish her sexy, naked body.

Here you are at your first swingers dance and it is the best dance of the year. It's exciting, isn't it? How do you like it so far? Are you having fun? This is the Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball. Go ahead and look around the huge room and admire the creative and erotic costumes of the swingers. Do you see him? There on the dance floor is your mechanic from the Shell Station dressed as a pirate, the perfect outfit for him remembering how much he gouged you the last time he fixed your car.


What about him? There in the middle of the floor is the real estate agent you commissioned to buy your home wearing the costume of a bank robber, another appropriate outfit remembering how much you overpaid for that new house.

"Stick 'em up!"

Look, next to him is the lawyer who helped your son when he was arrested for drunk driving, wearing a judge's costume.

"Here cums the judge! Here cums the judge!"

Oh, and there is the emergency room nurse, the one who patched up your son after his accident, wearing of all things, a nurse's costume.

"Nurse, there's something wrong with my penis. Can you blow on it and make it bigger?"

People like you, swingers, and you never would have guessed had you not seen them here with your own eyes. Yet, relax. Don't worry. Even if they recognize you dressed as Papa Smurf covered from head to toe in blue food coloring and your wife dressed as Betty from the Flintstones, you are safe with their secret, too. So, go ahead, enjoy yourself. Get down, get hot, and get sexual because you are among friends, very, very close friends.

The Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball is the dance that draws the most couples. Last year, 300 couples attended, and 50 single men and 100 single women were allowed to participate. Preferably, the activity is geared for couples but there are some who are looking for a third person for a threesome. Too many single men in attendance are discouraged, as they tend to get out of hand after having a few drinks and the organizers first priority is to maintain the safety of their guests.

A requirement of the city and enforced by the hotel, there is a policeman at the door and plenty of extra hotel security on duty, so that partygoers do not get too rowdy. It is held at a hotel, after all, and the hotel's management does not want naked people fornicating in the public areas, lobbies, corridors, restrooms, and the stairwells of the hotel. Further, swingers are requested that they cover their scantily clad costumed bodies with a coat while walking to and from the function. The hotel does not want their open sexuality imposed on the other patrons of the hotel, who do not share their opinions about sex.

The Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball is a fun way to relax and spend an erotic evening. The donation at the door is $75 a couple, $60 for single men, and single women are admitted free, for obvious reasons. There are a couple of bars at either end of the large function room that serve wine, beer, and mixed drinks with a huge buffet table that serves cold and hot food. The food is included in your admission price and the prices of the drinks are very reasonable. Generally, men attending a swingers' dance do not drink as much as they would if they were attending a sporting event, again for obvious reasons. They do not want the alcohol to interfere with their performance later in the evening. They do not want to be embarrassed and shunned should they appear, be recognized, and remembered at the next social event.

"Oh, don't go with Joe. He drinks too much and can't maintain an erection."

Some couples attend just to watch and join in the fun of a masquerade ball but chose not to participate in any of the swinging parties that happen after the dance. Some couples attend just to get inspired for their own sexual adventure in the privacy of their hotel room later. They get to dress up in costume and let their hair down without fear of someone casting judgment on them because they are dressed too sexy. This yearly event had been happening a dozen years without G.

Her name was Gina but they called her G because that was the reaction that men had when they saw her for the first time, "Gee, she's beautiful. Gee, she's so hot. Gee, did you see her?"

Stuck in a 20-year marriage, G was bored and wanted more. With the inattentiveness and verbal abuse of her husband, he had brainwashed her into thinking that she was unattractive and that no one else would want her but him. She did not know that she was beautiful. She did not know that she was hot. She did not know that she was desired by men and by women. She longed for attention, affection, romance, and love. She felt trapped. She was miserably unhappy and sexually unfulfilled as a wife and as a woman. She and her husband no longer had sex because he was getting it elsewhere.

"How nice—to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive." Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five. The soap operas burned a desire in her that burnt like an eternal flame, a guiding light; so to speak of what else was out there and, certainly, there was another world. She tired of watching the days of her life drift away so much like sand falling through an hour glass. She was still young and definitely restless. With only one life to live, she wanted to live it as one of the bold and beautiful. So much like a character on one of her soap operas on day time television, she wanted to be romanced, lusted after, wanted, and loved. Her life filled with a man who ignored her was a stark contrast to the lives of those who lived in her television set between 1pm to 4pm every weekday. As her little world turned to the edge of night, she could not wait to search for tomorrow to find out what happens to her favorite characters on General Hospital and to see if they finally come together with the men they secretly love.

Then, with the advent of the Internet, the promise of a more exciting life was there hiding in her monitor before her and was waiting for her to take a step forward and grab hold of it. Suddenly, there before her eyes were real people and not actors. Further, she could actually write to these people and they would respond. Moreover, many of these people wanted the same things that she yearned to have, romance, sex, and love. It was not like the life that existed only in the soap operas; this was more of a three dimensional, interactive life. This was something tangible that she could actually participate in and make her own. This was real and this was her opportunity for happiness and fulfillment.

She emerged like a tulip in the Spring. Much like Jay McInerney's character, Michael, in Bright Lights, Big city, who discovers that there is life without his supermodel wife, Amanda, she was suddenly awakened by the aroma of freshly baked bread. Yes, tulips and bread are the best analogies to describe an image of her, something new and something familiar combined in the makeup of her persona. Suddenly, she is alive again after being forsaken, dead, buried, and forgotten in a 20-year failed marriage.

G started writing to men on line. It was all so innocent conversation, at first, that past her time and made her life not only more tolerable but, also, more interesting. All the men, a dozen or so were scattered throughout the United States. Some sent her photos of themselves, some were nice and others obscene. All were lonely like her. G sent them one of her, a photo of a pretty girl in a plain dress. "Gee, you are pretty, they all wrote back." Weeks turned into months and G became more risqué. She started responding to the new men who answered her with semi-nude and nude photos of herself. An adventure with a web cam followed. G was hooked.

Her life with her husband was now a postscript that she mentioned when someone asked if she was married, single or divorced. Suddenly, G started telling everyone that she was divorced because the gap in their relationship was now too wide to bridge with any pretense of reconciliation. Her husband was already gone from her mind replaced with Tom from Connecticut, Gary from Rhode Island, Steve from New Hampshire, Jim from Maine, and Freddie.

She didn't know where Freddie was from. Although she asked, he did not tell her. He did not tell her much of anything that was personal to him or about him but oh, how she loved receiving his hot e-mails. He wrote her such passionate e-mails filled with humor that she wondered if he was real. She wondered if she would ever meet him. She wondered how different and how better her life would be with Freddie instead of with her husband, who no longer loved her.

Then, she saw it, his latest e-mail hidden among all the others but standing out like a beacon was the only one that she saw and the one that she opened. It was an invitation to the annual Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball. He's a swinger. She didn't know how she felt about that. He's been with other women. How many other women? Does he think of me as just another one of those women?

She responded to his e-mail asking him question after question. What do they do? Who attends? What should I wear? I am so nervous. Really, no means no and, if I do not want to do anything, I just have to say, "No."

He sent her his photo and he was a dreamboat, tall and handsome. Now, she understood why he did not reveal his identity to her, he lived the next city over from her; all this time with all these dreams and he was living in the next city over from where she lived in misery with her husband. Oh, how cruel life is sometimes.

They met for lunch at a Chinese food restaurant and hit it off so well that she accompanied him home to his house where they had hot sex, sex that she had not had in years. If there was love at first sight, then she was in love with this man. Yet, he was intent of having her escort him to the Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball and she questioned how he could love her and share her sexually with another. Yet, he did love her.

"A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved." Kurt Vonnegut, Siren of Titan.

She was a married woman after all and already she was cheating on her husband with this man she had just met on the Internet and now he wanted to introduce her to the swinging lifestyle. Suddenly, her life as a bored and unsatisfied housewife had gone full circle with a dozen men who wanted to experience the pleasure of her sexual favors.

She dressed as a wood nymph fairy with green glitter wings and he dressed as the boxer that he once was. They made a handsome couple and were both in demand by the other attendees at the dance. Couples came over to their table and introduced themselves. Men asked G to dance and women asked Freddie to dance. They had a wonderful time at the Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball.

Only, Freddie and G were not to be. He was her conduit to freedom. He was her escape. He made it all possible for her to consider the possibilities and to believe that she was no longer stuck, "Tweet, tweet...and so it goes." Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five.

Better to love someone than not to be loved and to feel love. She had gone so long feeling nothing and feeling empty that this Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball had opened her up and made her live her life, again. Her green glitter wings were symbolic after all.

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