tagGroup SexSwingers Hotel Ch. 01

Swingers Hotel Ch. 01


I think it must have taken me at least 20 seconds to realise that I had been sat there with my mouth open, then another few seconds after that to realise I was still staring. On the opposite side of the pool was a fellow holiday-maker, his shorts now cast somewhere under his sun lounger. This in itself was not overly shocking as we had noticed that there was a fair amount of nudism around this resort. Even in the first few hours of being here, that had been plain to see. When his wife had cuddled up next to him on the lounger and indiscreetly played with his cock as they spooned together, I was already glancing across but not open mouthed at the sight. However, when another woman came across, spoke for a few seconds to the couple before proceeding to kneel at the side of the lounger and started to suck his cock, well, a casual glace soon turned into an all-out stare.

I must have been watching for a good minute before I thought about my wife next to me. She was still reading a novel on her Kindle and had not noticed the scene playing out opposite us. Because of the excess nudity about the pool, Elizabeth had been fairly comfortable with going topless. She had been topless before in her younger days, and we were far from being prudes, but going completely bare was a little too much, despite the amount of other women who were top-to-tail naked. I myself decided that discretion would be the better part of valour. I was not overly shy, but taking my shorts off would have been, let's say ... tricky. While I'm passionately in love with my wife, I am still a man, and the amount of nudity about the place had caused me to become stiff from the point of entering the building. Like I said, I'm not shy, but neither did I wish to cause anyone alarm by walking around with a tent-pole stuck out in front of me 24/7.

Becoming self-aware that I was gawping at the activities in front of me, I suddenly felt like I should not be watching, but then I noticed that everyone else seemed to be keeping some kind of eye on the action; and if they did not want people to look then they should have kept it behind closed doors. Thankfully it was a resort that only catered for over 18's so there was no chance of this being seen by minors, but I was still concern about what my wife would think. By this point a few couples were touching each other and watching the display -- A gentle caress of a breast here, a tweak of a nipple there.

The man was soon climaxing, the attention must have been more than he could take. His wife, still stroking his cock, made sure that he emptied himself into the other woman's mouth before rolling him over to kiss him deeply. The other woman simply wiped her lips, stood up and was on her way.

I felt like I needed take a cold shower before my wife saw my cock bulging at my shorts. I stood up and dove into the pool. Not long afterwards my wife joined me we cuddled and kissed, but no more than any other couple would.

'Hey guys!' said a voice behind us, 'if you are going for a repeat performance keep it on dry land, we all like a bit of fun, but let's keep the pool water clean.'

My wife turned round. Next to us was another couple; the man had a big smile on his face, while his partner was playfully slapping him for embarrassing us. 'Sorry about Troy he's always been a bit of a loud mouth.'

'That's ok replied Lis, 'we were just being friendly. What did he mean a repeat performance?'

'Where have you been for the last 5 minutes? Surely you did not miss the show?'

I had to fess up to my wife. 'There were a few people being a little bit more than friendly over there.' I pointed to the couple on the lounger.

'Yeh a bit early in the day for me', replied Troy. 'But hey, each to their own. We prefer to let the day build up on us before we get all hot and horny in the open. Mind you it's a good job we leave it till later in the day or the hotel would get complaints from all the people still asleep getting woken up by Jenny here. There is no way she can cum that quietly.'

My wife chimed in. 'You mean to say his wife jacked him off, out in the open, in front of everyone?'

'Well his wife and that sexy piece of ass over there' replied Jenny, pointing out the woman now returning from the bar with a drink. 'You sound a little overly shocked if I'm honest' said Jenny 'While very early in the morning, it's hardly a novelty' Both I and my wife must have looked puzzled at this point. 'Oh my God Troy I don't think they have any idea.

'Any idea of what? said Lis.

'Well I'm sure you must have noticed the nudity around the place? Surely you read up about this place before coming here? You must have read the rules before you signed them. It's a swingers' resort!'

'A what? Lis replied. 'A swingers' resort?

We'd booked this as a last minute deal so we never really read the brochure. The pool looked nice, as did the hotel. It was all inclusive and not a deal we could pass up for our 10th Anniversary. 'We thought what the hell and booked a few days away without the kids. As for the rules, well we had signed so much paper work it was a bit like everything else, we just signed without reading. The 'rules', so to speak, were not exactly rules, but more protection from the resort against any local law enforcement. The rules stated no open nudity or sexual activity, but this was more a case of sign it and ignore it. It protected the hotel from getting sued by the locals for promoting this kind of thing whilst practically allow the guests to do as they pleased once they had signed up to it.

'Oh Troy, they have not a clue, the poor things they must feel like they have got on the wrong plane. It is a really nice hotel guys, but probably not the kind of place most couples come to for a romantic getaway on their tenth wedding anniversary. Mind you we do get all sorts of people coming here. Swingers, cheaters, singles, couples, black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, lesbian, other...' she said giggling. 'It's a regular sexual cosmopolitan. But vanilla couples must be few and far between. The action tends to heat up more as the day goes on. Most people are too tired to be bothered in the morning. It's a chance to sooth those aches away from the night before. This is our 2nd time here; we came a few years ago and could not wait to come back. Come on we'll get you a drink to calm you're nerves after dropping that bombshell on you!'

Troy and Jenny climbed out, funnily enough up to this point I had not realised that they were totally naked. But when you have a pair of arses straight in front of you it's hard not to notice.

'4 shots please.' Troy was already ordering as we joined them at the bar. 'You two look white; hope we have not given you the news that is going to ruin your holiday. I'm sure it's quite a shock for those who have never been involved in swinging.'

I was about to agree, when my wife said, 'Well I would not say we have never been involved in swinging. 'We had no idea it was a swingers resort, and yes I'm a little surprised, but we have dabbled a little before.'

'Dabbled hey? Well maybe this will open up a few new ideas for you. Although I think the romantic dance at the end of the night may have to wait as it's a foam party here tonight. What kind of dabbling have you two done before?' asked Troy.

I decided to join in the conversation, 'Well we have been to a few swingers' clubs and I've watched Lis play a few times with other girls, sorry women'

'That's ok I was little more than a girl when we first came here, said Jenny. I think it was my 19th birthday gift from Troy. To be honest I had more or less dragged him here that first time. We had always talked about experimenting since we started dating so somewhere away from friends and family seemed perfect to me. Since then we have never really looked back have we. We must have been some of the youngest here, that first time.'

Troy interrupted, 'And she knew it and used it to her advantage. Talk about a kid in a candy store, she was like a box of Pringles after our first night here. There were hours sometimes where she would disappear!'

Jenny piped up, 'I'm sorry honey, but I was very young and you told me to have fun, no-one knew me, so what if I went a little slutty?'

'A little?'

'Ok a lot, I did regret disappearing on you, but I think the alcohol was a little to blame for some of that and you did not mind hearing about what I had done, if I recall correctly and it was not like you were entirely celibate. But listen honey,' Jenny said turning to my wife, 'just because other people are, let's say, being a bit wilder than you were expecting, it does not mean it should ruin your holiday. You may get a few more approaches and offers than on a regular holiday, but no still means no, here as much as it does back home and I'm sure people will get the idea. Just invest in some earplugs at night.'

'Oh I'm sure it won't be a total loss of a holiday,' said Lis. 'And I'm sure Marcus here enjoyed watching. He's something of a voyeur, he certainly enjoyed watching me.'

Troy stood behind Jenny and, reaching round her arm, started to squeeze her breast in plain view of us both. 'Well if you are not new to this scene, maybe Marcus can sit back and watch Elizabeth play with Jenny? As you are really novices though, maybe we should start behind closed doors? If you want come up to room 134 in five minutes. We'd be happy to initiate the two of you to the resort.'

With that Troy and Jenny left us at the bar. I had still not touched my drink. My throat was dry and my mind was in something of a spin. I turned to Elizabeth. 'What do you think?'

'If I was a suspicious woman I would say you planned this trip all along, to try and entrap me here. But seeing as I picked the resort I can't pin that one on you. From the look of your shorts, I can see you are already warm to the idea. We'll we are only here for a few days so we had best make the most of it. Come on I know you are dying to watch.'

With that she downed her shot, and mine, and took me by the hand to the elevator. On the way up, my heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, and I'll be honest, I was nervous as hell. Previously we had discussed and planned our swinging escapades in advance always discussing what we would and would not do. This was spur of the moment with complete strangers. No rules about how far we would go or what we would do. Before I knew it Lis was knocking on the door. Troy answered and let us in.

Jenny then took me by the hand and sat me down in chair. 'As you are something of a voyeur we've decided that maybe to start with you should get the best seat in the house, but let's not spoil it by having you wank yourself too soon, you must be ready to burst already with what you have seen and what you have imagined seeing on the way up here.'

With that she took the tie from her bathrobe and used it to tie my hands behind my back. Troy was lying across the pillow end of the bed; my wife stood at the other end of the bed, looking a little unsure what to do next. Jenny walked up to her, put her arms on Elizabeth's waist and kissed her. Lis kissed back her arms wrapping around Jenny. My cock was already straining against my shorts and I was somewhat uncomfortable and wishing my hands where free to release my cock. Jenny was about five foot compared to my wife's five foot six, and so, as they kissed, Elizabeth started to take control, moving Jenny backwards towards the bed. Jenny was a little blonde piece; she had a cute butt and very prominent tits. For someone so demure, they looked incredibly big. Bigger than my wife's but I could not tell whether they were real or enhanced. Although at this point it was a thought far from my mind.

As Jenny backed onto the bed, she took a seated position, sucking my wife's nipple into her mouth. Lis moaned, her eyes closed, enjoying the warm wet sensation of Jenny's tongue, flicking her nipple and then her mouth sucking it deep until she could fit no more of her breast in her mouth. Jenny was looking at me as she sucked Lis's tit, her eyes telling me to enjoy the show. Lis was reaching out to squeeze Jenny's breasts, her hands roaming over her cleavage, then down underneath each breast feeling the weight and shape of them before tracing a finger over each nipple. Jenny let go of Lis' breast, causing Lis to moan all the more from the loss. Jenny lay on her back and told Lis to climb up onto her face. Lis did as she was told, her bikini covered ass hovering above Jenny's mouth. Jenny hooked her thumb underneath the crotch of the bikini and pulled it to one side, exposing the hole of Lis' cunt. Elizabeth again closed her eyes anticipating the dart of Jenny's tongue into her pussy. Instead Jenny used both hands to open the folds of Lis' Vagina, exposing her clit to the air between Jenny's mouth and her pussy. She kept Elizabeth open like this not touching the inner folds, not licking not probing for a good 30 seconds.

Lis started to squat down pushing her pussy towards Jenny's mouth. 'Please,' she gasped, 'lick me.'

Jenny lightly breathed over Lis's exposed clitoris. This caused Elizabeth to squat down hard on Jenny's face for relief. Then Lis let out a large, 'Oh yes.'

As she raised herself from Jenny's mouth a large trail of fluid hung between Jenny's lips and Lis's clit. Jenny's tongue flicked out, sucking in the trail of saliva and pussy juice, and then lightly feathered Lis's clit. My wife bucked at the knees, going onto all fours. She could not take the gentle teasing, instead grinding her hips into Jenny's mouth. Moaning for more, harder. Jenny had let go of Lis's cunt with her hands as she was more or less being enveloped by the whole of my wife's cunt on her face. Besides, she was busy, holding open her own pussy. She seemed to enjoy the slow build up, whereas my wife needed it hard and fast right now. My wife hips where grinding away on Jenny's face finding any purchase they could to grind away that frustration built up in her pussy. Jenny, holding her pussy wide open, even though she could not see me for my wife was sat across her face, seemed to be aware that my eye were directed at her clit, so she paid attention to every part of her own pussy apart from her clit. My wife was bucking so hard on her face, that it caused Jenny's big tits to wobble and made it difficult for her to keep her hands steady holding open her cunt.

As my eyes where focused on Jenny completely shaven cunt. I missed Troy moving across the bed. He was now kneeling in front of my wife's bucking body and as she reached out to steady herself her hands fell onto his chest. He did not take advantage of her. But just knelt there, his dick protruding out in front of him, my wife's hands on his chest trying to steady herself. She pulled herself back up to kneeling and then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. I was somewhat taken aback by her forwardness. When we had been swinging before she had played with other women, but show little interest in guys. Now she was in a deep kiss, her tongue deep inside Troy's mouth. Then, 'Oh, God. Oh God, I'm Cumming!' was her cry as she ground down even harder onto Jenny's face. With this Jenny plunged her own fingers deep into her cunt, simulating a cock pushing in deep and cumming inside of her.

Lis was Cumming but needed something inside her; she loved foreplay but needed that hard edge to really bring her back down from her high. Her body gave way and she collapsed onto all fours again, her face coming directly into contact with Troy's cock. She quickly flicked out a tongue to lick the very swollen head. This was something else I had not seen before. I had seen my wife sucking cock before, but never the colour contrast. His black cock started to disappear into my wife's mouth.

My own throat was parched. Troy's hands grasped Lis's hair and he pulled her deeper onto his cock. As Lis pushed herself forwards, this released her cunt from Jenny's face. Jenny's rolled out from underneath her cunt and sat up on the end of the bed. Her lipstick was smeared and she had my wife's cunt juices and saliva all over her nose and mouth. Jenny walked over to the towel, dried her face off and then came over and stood behind me. She placed her arms around my neck and stroked my chest.

'My my, you certainly are enjoying the show aren't you? I would imagine right now your cock is causing quite a mess in those shorts, although to be fair your wife's pussy was making quite a mess of my face. She was very wet. I think our little tale down stairs at the bar must have got her very hot.'

Jenny continued to stroke my chest occasionally flicking my nipples with her fingers as I watched my wife taking Troy's black cock in and out of her mouth. Then Troy started to buck and thrust with his hips. He was right on the edge and my wife was not stopping, not pulling back. Troy started to verbalise his orgasm. Telling Lis to, 'Suck it. SUCK IT.'

She had no intention of stopping, but it was just the heat of the moment driving him to shout out what he needed from her. As he started to cum, Elizabeth gagged a little with the force of the eruption inside of her mouth. But she kept to her task, taking as much of him inside her as she could. As he finished in her mouth. Jenny's hand dropped to my own cock, but rather than holding it, she gently stroked it through the material. 'I think your wife needs this inside her cunt.' Me and Troy decided on the way up though that we should not push to too far too fast. So enjoy the bedroom and when you're done, bring us the key. We'll be back down by the pool.'

With that Jenny let go of my body, went over to Troy and kissed him. She picked up a tiny bikini to cover her wet cunt quickly slipped it on as Troy put on some shorts and they were gone, leaving me still tied in the chair and my wife gasping on the bed, her cunt open wet and swollen. Her face was buried in the bed gasping for air after sucking on Troy's cock and taking his full load inside of her.

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