tagGroup SexSwingers Inn Ch. 01

Swingers Inn Ch. 01


Jack Ballard stared intently at the computer screen. No matter how long he looked at it, the information, and its implications did not change. With a resigned sigh he closed the QuickBooks and Excel windows and leaned back in his chair. Jack and his wife, Maryanne owned a Bed and Breakfast high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River near Red Wing, Minnesota. Four years ago they bailed out of their jobs as stock brokers with the intent of getting out of the high pressure rat race, cashing out and doing something they thought they would really like, becoming innkeepers. By and large, owning a B&B was all they thought it would be and they enjoyed it immensely. They acquired a stately Queen Anne style mansion along with 150 acres of land with a few outbuildings on the property. They had eight rooms for rent, two of them actually small suites. Maryanne and he lived in a very spacious apartment over a renovated carriage house.

Jack, 49, and Maryanne, 46, had done very well in their more than 25 years in the brokerage business. They took a sizeable amount of money and set it aside as "untouchable." It would be invested and maintained for their retirement, at some future time. The rest they invested in the B&B making several improvements required to create the guest rooms.

Since they opened four years ago, business had been OK, very strong from May to October but kind of thin during the winter months, which seemed to go on forever in Minnesota. The numbers Jack just reviewed revealed they were just barely making ends meet. If it wasn't for the income from rental of the acreage, they would be in a deficit position that threatened to only grow larger.

Maryanne entered the office and stood behind Jack's chair. Placing her hands on his shoulder she asked, "How does it look?"

Jack looked back at her and said, "About the same. We really need to increase our revenue about 20% if we want to actually make a profit. Right now we are just about breaking even, which means little or no income for us."

"And we really don't have that many open rooms during our peak months," Maryann said. "That means trying to figure out how to get guests during the winter and in early spring. We are too far out in the country to attract business travelers."

"Easier said than done," Jack grumbled.

"Well we have a full house this weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and the weather is supposed to be good, a beautiful Minnesota summer weekend," Maryann said. "Jillian is just finishing up with last-touch cleaning and I believe she is looking forward to a glass of wine with us."

"I expect you are looking forward to more than a glass of wine with Jillian, aren't you?" Jack said with a laugh.

"Maybe. You might get lucky too since she seems to like your ... personality."

"Is that a euphemism for cock?"

"Hah. Come on, she's waiting in the apartment."

Jillian Black attended a local community college and was happy to have a part time job with flexible hours and that paid reasonably well. She had been working with the Ballards for over a year and in that time had entered into, at first, a sexual arrangement with Maryanne and eventually with Jack. It became a tradition that at the end of the workday on Thursdays they would gather for a few drinks and a threesome.

Jillian was 5'1", 19 years old and weighed about 140, pleasantly plump as Jack described her. She had blond hair, green eyes, very large breasts and curves in all the right places. Jillian liked to say, to those with whom she was intimate, that she was born to suck and fuck. "And eat pussy too," she would add enthusiastically. When Jack and Maryanne entered the apartment main room, Jillian was perched on the sofa with a large glass of red wine.

"High guys. Whew this was a long day. Time for a break, wouldn't you say?" she said.

"I see you've got a head start on us," Jack said with a smile.

"Yeah, well Maryanne set some bottles out and said to help myself, so I did," Jillian answered with a giggle.

Jack thought to himself, Lord she's half loaded already. Jillian wore cutoff jeans, Daisy Duke style. You could see her ass cheeks protruding from the jeans and the hint of a camel toe. She wore a thin t-shirt through which you could see rather large hard nipples. Several tattoos and piercings were on display.

She bounced up from the sofa, setting her full breasts to jiggling. "I really worked up a sweat today. Mind if I take quick shower?"

"No. Go ahead. You know where things are," said Maryanne. Heading for the wine, she continued, "We'll try to catch up."

Watching Jillian head for the bathroom, pulling off her t-shirt as she walked, Jack felt a stirring in his groin. For about a year, Jack, Maryanne and Jillian had a weekly "play time" after work, usually on Thursdays. Jillian is bi, as is Maryanne and they started first. After a few trysts, Maryanne suggested Jack join them for a ménage a trois. Not surprisingly it was a hell of a lot of fun. Jillian seemed ready to try anything.

Ten minutes later Jillian emerged stark naked from the bathroom toweling her wet hair. "Be right with you," she said and returned to the bathroom to hang up the towel. Walking back into the main room she kissed Maryanne and then Jack, flopped down of the sofa, spread her legs and said, "OK, which one of you wants to do me first?"

Jack laughed and said, "Jilly, the problem with you is that you are too shy and retiring. You've got to be more outgoing."

They all laughed and Maryanne said, "Who says we have to take turns?"

As Jillian rubbed her nipples with one hand, making them harder and more extended, she teased her pussy with her other hand, becoming wet. Maryanne and Jack undressed. They both were in great shape for their ages and in fact looked 10 years younger. Maryanne was lithe and slender with firm proud breasts that showed no signs of sagging, a shaved pussy and a nicely rounded ass. She had auburn hair, green eyes and a fair complexion.

Jack was compact and muscular, still looking like the athlete he was in college. He had dark hair just starting to show some signs of gray around the temples. He already had an erection, his eight inch cock standing straight up. Jillian could not take her eyes off of it and licked her full lips in anticipation. "Bring that sweet thing over to me so I can have a taste," she said huskily.

Jack walked over to Jillian, who was propped in a reclining position, and pushed his prick toward her face. Jillian cupped his balls and began to slide her tongue up and down his shaft then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and circled her tongue around it. Saliva ran down her chin and glistened on the shaft of his dick.

Jack groaned, "Damn Jilly that feels so good."

"I'm not going to sit here and watch," said Maryanne, as she got on her knees by the sofa and spread Lillian's legs. Putting her head between Jillian's thighs she began to lick the outer lips of her pussy. Probing through Jillian's labia, Maryanne's tongue sought her clit, gently tonguing it.

Jillian removed her mouth from Jack's cock and squeaked, "Oh my god! Shit Maryanne if you keep that up I'm going to come right now!"

"Oh no. Way too soon," said Jack. "We need to 'edge' you. Let's move to the bedroom where we have more room."

The three of them walked to the bedroom and to the king sized bed, Jack's rock hard cock bobbing with ever step. "Let's make a triangle daisy chain," Maryanne said. Jillian reclined first, then Jack, presented his throbbing prick to Jillian, who resumed her sucking. Maryann laid down so Jack could eat her pussy and she could eat Jillian's. For the next several minutes all you could hear was slurping and moaning.

"Oh shit," Jillian gasped. "I'm coming." She squirmed and shook as Maryanne pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into her cunt, then lapped her clit. Jillian cried out and Maryanne could feel a warm gush and slippery liquid running down her chin. Her orgasm seemed to go on for minutes.

"Quick Jack, put your cock in me. I want to feel your cum," Jillian demanded.

"Just so you save some for me," said Maryanne.

"Don't worry; you'll get yours after I've gone home, Maryanne."

Jack rolled over on his back and Jillian straddled his torso, with her pussy poised over his cock. She was dripping wet and flushed from her recent orgasm. She grasped the shaft of his dick and rubbed its head along her slippery vagina lips. Carefully she inserted jack's cock just inside her outer lips. Fluid was running down his shaft and coating his balls. With a sharp intake of breath Jillian suddenly sat down on his cock. She was very tight and for a moment just sat on his prick without moving. He was buried in her up to the hilt.

After a moment she began to rock back and forth and then move her ass up and down in an ever increasing rhythm. Jack thrust up to meet her. While Jack was fucking Jillian, Maryanne moved up to kneel by her and began sucking first one large bouncing breast and then another.

Jillian moved faster and faster and started to tense up. "Fuck! Here comes another one," she cried as her second orgasm washed over her. She flopped forward on to jack's chest, squashing her ample breasts to him. He continued to slowly pump his cock in and out until her breathing slowed to normal. Jack took her by the waist and tipped her over on her back.

"My turn," he said and got between her legs. Jillian was so wet his cock was able to slide into her with ease. "C'mon up here Maryanne. Sit on my face while Jack fucks me and I'll get you off." Maryanne did what Jillian suggested and settle her pussy over her mouth. Jack, although in a slightly awkward position, was able to pump his cock in and out of Jillian and because she was so wet, made loud sucking and slurping sounds.

"Ahhhh. I'm going to cum," he groaned and spurted thick ropes of cum deep into Jillian, who never missed a beat, eating MaryAnne with enthusiasm. As Jack continued to slide his cock in and out of Jillian's now overflowing cunt, Maryanne arched her back and shuddered with her orgasm.

All three were quiet as their breathing returned to normal. Maryanne gracefully moved out of position over Jillian and Jack withdrew his cock with an audible pop, followed by a small river of cum flowing out of Jillian's pussy. "Talk about a wet spot," laughed Jillian. "This is huge."

Lying side by side in the large bed, Maryanne stroked Jack's cock, coaxing out the last few drops of semen. Jillian idly fingered her pussy, playing with cum oozing from her. She sighed, "As much as I would like to stay here and do this again, I've got to get going and meet my boyfriend for drinks."

"You can take another shower, if you'd like," said Maryanne.

"Nope. I'm good. With any luck my boyfriend is as horny as usual and he'll want to fuck before we go out. He likes it when I've got a load of someone else's cum in me and I tell him about all the fucking I did before I came home. He's kind of a pervert that way. Hey, maybe I should bring him along some time. He's fun and had a great cock. I think you'll like him, Maryanne."

"Maybe," said Maryanne somewhat skeptically. "He'd have to keep his mouth shut about this. We'll talk about it later."

Jillian quickly dressed. "Damn, I'm leaking into my blue jeans! Feels kind of good," she giggled. Heading for the door she yelled over her shoulder, "See ya Monday!"

"Wow what a whirlwind," Jack exclaimed.

"She is, and a great fuck too," Maryanne agreed. "Speaking of great fuck, how about my turn with that nice prick you've got."

"Hmmm, I think I can get it up one more time," Jack laughed. "With a little help, of course."

Maryanne leaned over and took his flaccid cock in her mouth, licked a few time and said, "I love licking your cum and Jillian's cunt juices from your cock."

Jack began hard faster than he thought he would. He turned Maryanne on her stomach and grasped her hips, raised her ass to level with his stiff cock and slid it into her wet pussy. Jack loved fucking Maryanne this way. He could see her luscious ass and his cock pistoning in and out of her wet pussy. He pounded her cunt with hard thrusts while reaching around her and teasing her hard little clit. As Jack slammed into her Maryanne reacted with a grunt each time his body slapped against her ass. Just as Jack was getting close, Maryanne spasmed with her orgasm, shaking and wiggling her ass and crying out. This was too much for Jack and he could feel cum rising and spurting out of his cock. He was amazed that he could cum so hard so soon after fucking Jillian.

Maryanne collapsed face forward with Jack still impaled in her cunt. She could feel cum oozing out around his shaft creating yet another wet spot. She twisted her head back so they could kiss. After a few minutes Jack pulled his cock out and rolled on his back. Maryanne lay by his side with one leg over his and her arm draped across his chest.

"Not bad for a Thursday night," Jack said. "Usually we save this for weekends."

"We can thank Jillian for that," said Maryanne. "She's a lot of fun and keeps me feeling young."

"Yeah, maybe if we had a few more like her around our guests might come back more often," Jack replied.

Little did he know that this remark formed the germ of an idea that would propel their little B&B business to prosperity.

Next: A guest suggestion leads to a new business opportunity and lots of sex!

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Ch. 2 ?

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Thanks - lots more fun to come

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Sounds like a great idea is forming

This could lead to so much fun, I'm looking forward to see where it leads.

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