tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSwinging in Suburbia Ch. 01

Swinging in Suburbia Ch. 01


My introduction to the swinging secrets of suburbia

Please note that the website in this story is fictitious the name has been changed to protect the innocent. The names of those involved has also been changed as this is a true story.


It all started in March 2011 when I was invited to join a stag do as a last minute replacement for someone who had dropped out, I only knew one of the guys going but since I had a free weekend I though why not? The stag weekend was taking place in one of those well-known holiday camps, which run theme weekends, and are exclusively for adults, but it wasn't at the camp where the adventure took place, but it was whether the seed of the idea was planted.

On the Saturday afternoon myself and the 3 guys I was sharing with were having a bit of a chill out after a particularly heavy first night, as the conversation flowed the subject of the coming evening frivolities arose, it was then that Jason dropped the bombshell that he wasn't joining us as he had other plans. The guys and myself were somewhat puzzled by this as partners, girlfriends and wives etc were banned, and as far as were we all aware Jason had not "got lucky" the night before. Jason was around six foot, good looking by anyone's standards with an easy smile and bucket loads of charm to go with his playboy attitude and single man status, so we were intrigued by his planned absence

Well I'm meeting a couple later for some fun

Jason replied to an enquiry

What do you mean?

I asked

I arranged to meet before I came down, they are staying on the other side of the site

It was obvious that the three of us were missing something and we pressed Jason further to explain how this rendezvous had come about in a middle of a stag weekend and how this couple had just happened to be at the event.

I joined a swingers web site a while back and I saw the opportunity to have a little fun while away, so I put out an advert saying that I was coming here and was anybody up for some fun, this couple replied as they had already booked to be here and the are up for a threesome

Explained Jason matter of factly. A brief but stunned silence descended over the lads until fits of laughter broke out and Marcus said

Dar, got to give it to you, you had us going there I almost believed it

Jason produced his iphone from his pocket and offered it to Marcus to look at the e-mail & text exchange he had been having with the couple that were only identified as Secret Squirrels. There was no joke Jason did indeed have an evening planned participating in a threesome with a couple he had not yet met and had opened a door to a world we all wanted to know more about. Over the next half an hour Jason explained all about the website, some of his experiences both good and bad, how he managed to fit in meets, how he arranged meets while away with work. We were astonished. We drifted away from the subject eventually and nothing more was said pretty much until Sunday morning when we boarded the bus for home, we had agreed not to spread the word of Jason's adventure with the wider group, so only discreet enquiries into Jason's evening we made and it's success, which it obviously was. With a two-hour journey home and after a heavy weekend with out much sleep the bus was a quiet place. Most of the guys were sleeping and those who weren't were either plugged into an ipod or starring out of the window nursing very large coffee cups, and as the miles ticked by I too stared out of the window, only a thought was running through my mind, it was time for me to give superswingers.com a go, I was single, footloose and fancy free and had nothing to lose. The amount of travelling I undertook with work provided me ample opportunity to meet, if anyone was interested and if things worked out I would be less exposed to the random encounters I had been having (all of which are published as stories on this site), my mind was made up.

That Sunday evening I took to the sofa in the beach house with my laptop and googled the website, after creating a login id and paying the small fee to join I began to set about building my profile which proved to quite tricky. I was faced with a list of options to select my preferences, which was easy, straight. Then came the list of who I was looking to meet with, this was a bit more difficult but I opted for one woman, two women looking for a man, couples looking for a man and these seemed to cover all the bases. Next came the list of activities I was prepared to participate in, there was endless choice, but I quickly ruled out areas such as water sports and extreme bondage/S&M and anything I judged to be just a little too weird. I was still left with quite a list and I surprised myself as to what I would try, light bondage giving & receiving, threesomes, voyeur, role play, video & photography, same and different room play and finding a regular fuck buddy to team up with in order to play as a couple, I just hoped that I wasn't casting my net too wide. Finally I found a recent picture of myself, blanked out the face and uploaded it before posting my profile as live. Feeling pleased with myself I began to enter some search criteria and find out what was out there, and it made for some very interesting viewing.

For the next week or so I resisted the temptation to make contact with anyone until I had found my feet on the site, several really interested me and I was of interest to others who had viewed my profile but those people had not contacted me. There were two profiles that I kept returning to and both were within sixty miles, one a single woman identified as vixen69 and a couple named dutifullydiscreet. I had studied both the profiles and tried to match the criteria they had listed as well as the contact rules. Clearly neither would welcome an "I'm free come and get me" message, so I took the plunge with the couple and answered their ad. I wrote in what I thought was an imaginative introduction based on their profile and not mine and after checking it for spelling mistakes I hit the send button.

The website showed the number of days since the couple had logged in and it stood at eleven so I no idea whether they were still active or just infrequent visitors but needless to say I wasn't really expecting a response. The following days brought the usual routine of work, dinner, meetings and travel and in the quieter times in between I checked my account, several times I had received contact requests but they turned out to be from gay or bisexual men, who obviously couldn't read, I am straight. Then out of the blue a mail pinged through advising me that I had gotten a new message, in the privacy of my office I opened my account and read it. It was from dutifullydiscreet, it read

Thank you for the contact mail, you obviously spent a great deal of time on it.

We will be online tonight at 7pm are you available to chat?

Excitedly I replied that I would be online in order to chat with them and thanked them for taking the time to reply. From then on the day seemed to pass with all the speed of glacial creep, if the truth be told I was excited by this new opening, so it was no surprise to me to be on the sofa by six forty-five, with a glass of red and logged in to the site. Dutifullydiscreet logged in right on time and we chatted on the instant messenger function for about half an hour, at which point they offered to open their profile to me as a friend, so I was able to view more information about them, I did the same although there was little extra for them to see. Then as the conversation was drawing to a close they asked if I were prepared to meet in person to see how we got on with a view to getting together a week on the Friday? I agreed that this was a good idea and we arranged to meet in a pub we all knew about twenty miles from my house on Sunday afternoon. I spent the next half an hour perusing some of their more private pictures, and I came to the conclusion that this lady was seriously sexy and if I were her other half I wouldn't have shared her with anyone, but hey whatever floats your boat!

Sunday soon rolled around and I hopped into the lotus a set off for the pub timing it so I would arrive about ten minutes before we were due to meet. They apparently had the same idea because as I approached the bar to order a drink a voice behind me said

I'll get that

I ordered a beer and thanked the man whom I recognised as one half of Dutifullydiscreet from the pictures, but as yet no names had been exchanged and I proceeded to follow him to a table where the woman sat on a leather sofa with a white wine. The man joined her wrapping an arm her shoulder and I sat on the opposite sofa. He like me was dressed in a casual shirt and jeans and the woman wore a modest blue summer dress.

Hello to you both

I started

As you know I am new to this, so should we start with names, even if you don't want to use real ones?

It's ok first names are fine, I am Christian and this is my wife Joanna

Said the man holding out his hand for me to shake, I took and replied

Nice to meet you I'm Luke

Christian was a good-looking man, in his mid thirties, athletically built with dark wiry neat hair, I estimated him to be around the five foot ten mark with dark eyes matching his hair colour. Joanna was about the same height with shoulder length blonde hair, her slim figure had defined curves and her breasts easily fitted the top of her dress without a bra. The dress she wore only afforded me a view of her legs from just above the knee to her ankles but they we slim and toned. All in all they looked to be an attractive couple.

We chatted politely for about half an hour until we were in need of more drinks, I offered and they accepted and I retuned a few minutes later with another round as I sat Christian spoke

Joanna and I have spoken and we would like you to come and play with us

I was slightly surprised but Christian continued

But there are rules

Okay, can I say that I would like very much to join you as well, what is it you have in mind?

We ask you to be respectful of Joanna at all times, before and especially after. Discretion is a must and you must not speak of what happens with us with anyone other than us

That is fine with me and I am more than happy to maintain our collective dignities and discretion

Christian will be present at all times, as we don't play separately

Interjected Joanna

And there will be no photographs

I nodded my understanding

And finally we do not do overnight hosting, when we are finished you will have to leave

That's fine too, since I don't know what you have in mind, may I bring some toiletries so I may shower if needed?

Of course, that is something I forgot to mention we have good personal hygiene and expect you to have the same

Now that is a no brianer

Both Christian and Joanna looked at each other and smiled before giving me their address and stating that if anything changed between now and Friday the would contact me through the site.

Is eight ok with you?

Asked Christian

It's a date

I nodded, The couple stood and made to leave, and Christian extended his hand and said

Until Friday Luke

As I shook it, then Joanna leaned forward as if to kiss my cheek, as we closed almost to touching she whispered

I'm going to fuck your brains out.

I was speechless as I watched them walk away but what struck me was Joanna's dress, it clung to her as if it were sprayed on accentuating her curves with virtually no back it was cut almost to her waist, in a second I had sprung a massive boner and I had absolutely no doubt that Joanna would be as good as her word.

The following week was hectic and included a trip to France to discuss changes to a component one of my companies supplied to a well know aircraft manufacturer, this was probably a good thing as otherwise the week would have dragged as I looked forward to the coming Friday. As it was Friday rolled around pretty quickly and at just after three I wrapped in work and went home. I programmed the address that Christian & Joanna had given me into the sat nav to give me an idea of how long it would take to get to them, I knew how to get to the town but not the address and I was pleasantly surprised which it confirmed my estimate of twenty five minutes. I had a bite to eat, showered and shaved and by seven twenty I was back in the car and on the way. The sat nav led me to a large house just on the outskirts of the town. I slipped the little lotus onto the drive at five minutes to eight. I had dressed casually but smartly in jeans open necked shirt and casual shoes and I hoped that this would meet with approval as I rang the bell.

Within seconds the door opened and Christian greeted me, he led me through to the lounge and offered me a drink, I opted for a coke and sat down, when he returned he handed me a drink and sat down, un remarkably dressed he explained that Joanna was getting ready. A few minutes passed in polite conversation when I heard footsteps on the stairs and Joanna appeared in the doorway. My eyes must have popped on stalks, she was wearing a skin tight black pvc mini dress with suspender straps which held up black lace topped stockings and high black heels, there were no shoulders in the dress but the top of her breasts were oozing tantalisingly over the top of the tight fitting material. She had clipped her hair up into a loose ponytail to accentuate her neck and expose maximum flesh. The hem of her the dress barely covered her arse and must only have been inches below her crotch, she adopted a pose in the doorway with her feet shoulder width apart and arms aloft and announced

Are we ready?

All I could do was nod as she walked in and stood in front of me, I could smell her perfume as she bent forwards from the waist she gave her husband a stunning view of her rear and me an eyeful of her cleavage. She instructed me to wait where I was until she came back for me, she then turned away, held out her hand which, Christian took and she led him from the room and up the stairs. I had a massive hard on already in anticipation of what was to come and as a result the few minutes she was gone seemed like hours.

Joanna returned a few minutes later, she walked around in front of me before taking my hand so I could stand, the nerves I had felt suddenly vanished, she undid my shirt running her nails gently across my chest and removed it, I had kicked off my shoes while she was upstairs and wasn't wearing socks so I was just left with jeans and boxers. Joanna looked straight into my eyes as she unzipped my fly and slipped her hand inside my jeans

Do you remember what I said I was going to do to you?

Fuck my brains out

Hmmm yes

She giggled as she effortlessly slipped my cock out of my fly

But with this maybe you could fuck my brains out

Joanna drooled as she weighed up my healthy seven and half inch tool. She turned away and took hold for my tool in her right hand and began to lead me out of the room by it. As we climbed the stairs she gently wanked me exposing my purple helmet, which was slick with pre cum before slipping my foreskin back over which each alternative step of the stairs. Joanna led me into the bedroom where a king size bed was waiting as we turned I saw Christian for the first time, he was naked and tied by both his ankles and wrists to a black dinner chair with a red ball gag in his mouth. The chair was placed at the foot of the bed in such a way that Christian could see his wife performing.

Joanna led me by the cock to the space between Christian and the bed, turning to face me she bent her knees and lowered herself down until she was level with my tool, then nimbly unfastened my belt and jeans, re-arranged my boxers to allow her to pull them down and in one slick movement they were both around my ankles. With my rod standing proud and her right hand around it's based she looked at her helpless husband and whispered

What a magnificent cock, would you like to see me suck it?

I heard a muffled mmmm and saw Christian nod just about the time that the tip of Joanna's tongue trailed along the underside of my cock, upon reaching the end, Joanna puckered her lips around me and with her mouth locked on she slid forward on me easily peeling back my foreskin as she drew me into her warm soft mouth. I felt strange at this point standing very nearly naked in front of, and watched by another helpless naked man who was tied to a chair while his beautiful wife sucked my cock. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his erection growing as Joanna went to work. It didn't take long for the feeling to fade however, with Joanna's tongue fluttering around my helmet and her slow bobbing motion coupled with her sucking my mind became concentrated, only once before had I received a blow job like this and if Joanna continued I was going to blow my load any second.

Finishing her backward stroke Joanna broke off her oral work for a second, she slipped her hand down between her open legs and ran her hand over her pussy

Sucking cock makes me so wet Christian. Do you want to see?

Joanna stood taking hold of my rod in her left hand and then gently wiped her hand over her husband's mouth leaving a glistening wet trail of her juices on her husbands face, Christian's eyes went wide with helpless delight at the residue now covering his mouth and cheeks. Leaning closer Joanna addressed her husband again,

Now it's time Luke licked my pussy, should I sixty nine him on the bed until he comes, swallow

It and then he can fuck me longer later?

Christian shook his head

Then how about I kneel over his face and make him lick me til I come?

Christian nodded excitedly

But you know the penalty for that don't you, Luke can fuck me anyway he wants and give me a lovely cream pie, is that what you want, to see another man spunk in me?

Christian nodded and with a muffled cry which sounded like yes and egged his wife on. Joanna released her grip on my tool as she stood up, she motioned for me to get rid of the garments around my ankles and asked me to lie in the bed on my back with my head nearest Christian, I did as asked before she stepped up onto the bed placing her feet either side of my shoulders giving me a view right up her dress to where her pussy peeped out, it was a magnificent sight. Looking down at me she said

I do hope you can lick pussy Luke, or I will be most disappointed

In tandem she opened a small zip in the front of her dress which allowed her to free her breasts form the confines of her dress, her orbs sprang free revealing an almost perfect pair of firm pale tits, her nipples were small, but bullet hard mounted on small aureoles of the same colour barely two shades form her skin tone. If my cock wasn't hard enough it seemed to find another notch in response. As Joanna began to unfasten her suspender straps she asked if I liked what I saw, but from the look on my face she already knew the answer. With the tension released from her dress she knelt down above my face the black pvc dress rode up revealing her pussy to me in all its glory. The splay of her legs opened her quim nicely, small thin pale pink lips guarded her entrance crowned by a delicate pale pink clit its surrounding area bare except for a tuft of blonde hair on her mound trimmed into a heart shape. My hands found their way up the front of her body to her breasts and as I extended my reach upwards my head rose bring my tongue in range of her pussy, simultaneously as my hands closed around her tits, I let my tongue run upwards the length of her slot tasting her honey pot and causing her to gasp.

Joanna's nipples felt like marbles in my grasp and her tits were firm but her pussy tasted so sweet. The situation had clearly gotten her excited as she was already very wet my tongue made several wide passes along the length of her quim as if I was licking an ice cream ensuring that her most sensitive area was treated to some attention. Leaving go of her breasts I slid my hands down her front until my hands were either side of pussy, using just my thumbs I spread her sex wider exposing the full splay of her inner lips, then pressed the tip of my tongue into her tunnel. Joanna gasped loudly as my tender oral examination continued, deliberately I used the tip of tongue to slowly run up one of her pussy lips, then the other before flicking her clit several times. The noises Joanna was making told me she was enjoying the sensations but the give away was that it made her knees buckle and she lowered herself fully onto my face and her hands taking hold my hair.

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