Swinging Seniors

byDG Hear©

As her body convulsed with pleasure, I just held on to her large boobs and pressed my tongue against her clit. With my nose in her crotch, I inhaled her sex fragrances until she recovered. Then she lifted my head from her crotch and kissed my pussy nectar covered lips.

"Fuck me! I really want it now.

I climbed up between her legs. I did take the time to ask her about using a condom. She said, "I'm clean and I sure hope you are. I can't have kids and I like the feel of a cock coming in me."

I pushed my fat cock slowly into her very wet pussy. By her facial expression, I could tell she liked it. I felt her speeding up beneath me by pushing her hips up and down as her second orgasm crashed through her body. I pushed my cock all the way in as the first blast let go. I knew she felt it too by the smile on her face.

We lay next to each other until our breathing was back to normal. We cleaned up and rejoined the few that were still in the party room. Overall, it was a great night.

I had to wonder how it would be the next time I saw the group. It seemed funny but no one mentioned what happened at the party. It was as though it never happened. When I saw Madge, she seemed even sweeter than before. I asked her if I could talk to her for a minute.

"What is it Ben?" she asked.

"It's about what happened the other night. Didn't it mean anything to you? I for one loved it and would like to see you again sometime."

"Ben, that's why we don't talk about it. I loved it too. You're one of the best lovers I've been with but it was still just sex. You have to understand that or we can't be friends."

"I understand but it's all new to me. I like you a lot, remember I said like not love, but I do love having sex with you." I smiled until I got a smile out of her.

"Most members don't have sex with other members outside of the club for obvious reasons. Since we're both considered single we can probably make an exception but love is not an option for me. I'm very happy with my life and spending time with my family. Also, you have to remember that we're not monogamist. I will be enjoying sex with other people and hope you will be too."

I knew she was right and had to agree with her. She surprised me twice in the next month and showed up at my apartment and we had sex similar to what we did in the club. One night we even fell asleep and didn't wake up till morning. I actually felt funny waking up with her in my bed. As she had told me, "We have sex but don't make love."

I attended all the fairs I could during the month. Madge mentioned to me that she wouldn't be at the next party. Her granddaughter was graduating from high school and she wanted to be there. Her family always came first.

The party was much like the first one I attended. I danced with Mary, Linda, Sue, and a number of other women. Mary and I went to the private room this time. It was different from Madge but still felt good. Mary asked me to sit in a large chair and she gave me a lap dance with neither of us wearing clothes. I held her ass as she bounced up and down till she came.

We then moved to the bed where she gave me head and I fucked her till I came. It was fun but I felt a bit odd when we left the room and I ran into Ed.

He just smiled at me and said, "She's damn good isn't she?"

What could I say; I had to agree with him.

I really began to like my life. I met a lot of new friends and got laid on a regular basis with no strings attached. The women at the club were really fun. Each one was different from the previous one. One woman named Sue asked if her husband could watch. I guess he wasn't able to get hard but wanted his wife to still have a good time.

I will admit I was hesitant at first but once we got started, I enjoyed myself. Ray, her husband, came over to the bed and kissed her and rubbed her tits while I was busy shooting a load into her pussy. I have to admit it was different but still fun.

The club threw two huge family parties a year. One was in August. They brought in rock bands for the teenagers and inflatable jumping items for the smaller children. There were clowns, candied apples, snow cones, and even a few ponies for the kids to ride on.

The grandparents all loved to watch and talk about their grandchildren. They had music inside for the parents and all the food you could eat. Beverages were free but beer and mixed drinks were not. I watched Madge with her daughters and grandkids. She really was family oriented.

I asked my stepdaughter if she wanted to come but she didn't make it. I didn't think she would but I still wanted to invite her.

As I watched all the people I began to wonder if the families knew how horny their parents and grandparents were. They might be shocked at how they're enjoying their later years.


Life for me has been great since I moved to Winsor Wood. I don't have to exercise as often since I joined the dance group. I've been having the time of my life and making all the special trips. It's like a life of vacations.

I received a call from Madge and she asked me if I wanted to join her on the cruise in October. It would be for seven days and we would perform on the ship once a night. She said we would be sharing a cabin but as far as her family knew, she would be sharing a room with Mary.

How could I refuse? It's rather funny but most every time before we have sex she reminds me that she doesn't love me. I just say, "Yes, dear."


Hope you enjoyed my story

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear

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