tagLoving WivesSwinging, The First Step

Swinging, The First Step


Jim and Ella were finishing up their early morning sex. It was a little cozy and a lot perfunctory. Jim held her tight, went into the short rows, grunted and let it happen. Ella hugged him, gave him a sweet (but not passionate) kiss, and waited for him to roll off. They had been married a little over twenty years.

"I wish it meant more to you darling," Jim said, "I feel guilty at being the only one who gets off."

"Don't worry about it love. No woman has a wild orgasm every time."

"Yeah, but you're supposed to be at your sexual peak right now, and it's been a long time since you had a screamer."

"Any suggestions?"

"Yeah, but let me ask you a question first."

Ella said, "Shoot, and I mean that metaphorically. You already shot once this morning."

"Smart ass, but pretty ass!" He slapped her derriere smartly, then asked his question, "What is your very favorite food?"

"Oh God! You're keeping me from starting a day's drudgery with that inane question?" She paused and continued, "Favorite food? You know what? It's scalloped potatoes."

"Hmmm interesting. Why?"

"I never had them at home. Our potatoes were always fried, boiled, or baked, but Mom never scalloped them. Then we went to Aunt Nellie's house and she had them. God I'd have eaten them all if they hadn't stopped me. Perhaps I always loved them because they were different, and special."

Jim smiled, "I think you answered my question about sex. You really liked it with me. We had some wild times. And so spontaneous!. Anything went -- standing, lying down, dog fashioned, in the car. Now it's in bed, in the same position and pretty much the same from one time to the other."

"Want us do it standing, or on the couch, or in the car, or something?"

"That would help of course, but we're both past forty now, and I think something a bit more outré ought suit our style."

Ella paused a good couple minutes, then asked, "You're going to talk about swinging again aren't you?"

"You know, you waited a long time and finally you didn't automatically veto the idea."

She paused a long time and said, Well. . . . "

"Let me guess. It intrigues you doesn't it."

"I suppose, a little. So many of our friends do it and I know that Sandy and Jackie really like it. But I don't think I'd be able to do it with their husbands."

Jim said, "I know a guy who has been active, he and his wife both. Both are about our age and an attractive couple. We don't know them so well that if something goes wrong we can't back out gracefully without embarrassment. Why don't we give them a call?"

Ella said, "Oh damn Jim. I don't know. . . .I suppose that as long as I have the unequivocal right to back out, I'll try it. And I promise to give it a fair trial but I won't do something if I feel I'm going to detest it. Fair enough?"

That did it. That night they called Charlie and Grace. Both were home and both were available to chat on the phone. Charlie remembered Jim and their conversations about swinging. Grace was amenable to the idea. Ella explained her misgivings and her requirement for a loophole if things didn't work. They ended up making a date for that coming Friday evening.

On Friday Charlie called. When he said who he was Jim signaled for Ella to get on the other line.

Hellos all around and Charlie said, "I'm afraid I have some bad news. Grace's mom is dying and she had to fly back to New York to be with her. Looks like we'll have to call off the party."

Ella answered, "Oh god I'm sorry about her mom. She has our sympathies."

"Thanks and I really feel bad about the party, but . . . "

Jim said, "So do I for both reasons Charlie. It took a long time for us to get up the nerve to try this, and I'm not sure I can do it again."

Charlie said, "I know how you feel. We had much the same problem getting started. In fact our first was a threesome, not a straight swing."

Ella wondered, "Was Grace okay with that?"

"Well, it was a bit iffy. We were with an old Navy buddy. She decided to they would just 'make out' like high school kids. Then if she wanted to go further they would."

Ella, "and how did that work?"

"When he got his hand up under her dress and his fingers inside her panties, I could see her ready to do it. She fucked him while I watched. God it was hot."

Jim asked, "How hot?

"You ever heard of 'cream pie?' I did that afterwards."

Ella blurted, "Cream Pie? What on earth is that?"

Both guys chuckled. Her husband said, "It's jargon for a wet pussy after she's been fucked. Imagine what it looks like."

Charlie added, "In swinging circles it's practically an initiation rite. After a woman does it with another man the first time, her husband goes down on her. Look Grace is still awake back in New York. Let me call her. If she says it's okay and you two still want, you can come over. 'll call you back in about half an hour."

They hung up. Jim made two very dry Martinis and handed one to Ella, "Here sweetheart. You may need this."

She took the drank, then another before the phone rang, "I was sure Grace would concur folks. Our relationship is very open but we love each more than I can describe. If you like you can come over."

Jim looked at Ella. She was a bit flushed from the drinks but she still hesitated. Finally, she smiled and nodded. Jim spoke into the phone, "You got a deal my friend. We'll be there in half an hour."

"I'm looking forward to it."

Ella asked her husband, "This is new to me. What on earth should I wear?

"I think something revealing would be appropriate. And don't worry, you will not look like a cheap woman. You simply have too much class and it shows. Keep that thought and you'll be okay."

"Even if I chicken out?"

"Even if you chicken out. More than anything else I want you to enjoy this. I mean it. If you can't, say so and I'll bring you home and we won't say anything further about it."

Ella said, "Make me one more Martini love. I'll change into that outfit you said looks like a cheer leader's outfit. It turns you on, perhaps it'll do the same for our new friend."

On the short trip, Ella fell silent. "Penny for you thoughts honey." asked her husband.

"Oh god darling I think I want to do this, really, but how should I act?"

"You must have gone out with guys who you knew you were going to do it with. Well, treat this the same way. When you talk to him, look at him as if he's the only man in the world. Reach over and touch him to make a point. Don't be afraid to let your skirt slide up, not that there is much to slide up in that short skirt.

"Oh and one more thing."

Ella asked, "What?"

"I think you should you take off your panties, I bet he will have an excuse to pat your ass even before you've committed yourself. Remember how you did that for me one night, the night I brought lobster home and we sent Mandy (their daughter ) to her grandparents?"

"Oh god yes, you were so hot. We both had a bit too much to drink and we ended up fucking on the floor."

"Yep, the surest way to fire up a guy is to let him know you're not wearing your skivvies. Whether you go through with it or not you'll have one hot guy on your hands."

Ella raised her hips and slipped off her panties. Then she smiled and rubbed them on Jim's face. He kissed the crotch. Then he said, "Hey I knew it. You were getting wet."

Ella had the last question, "Think you might do the crème pie thing?"

A long silence, then Jim answered, "Yes, if you want. If this thing works out the way I'm hoping it will, I'll be so hot I'll do almost anything,"

One final question went unasked "Give me an example?" Ella wasn't sure how far she wanted her husband to go.

All the way to Charlie's house Jim had a high school sized boner.

The host shook Jim's hand then turned to Ella. "And you are the very honored guest." He then gave her what he thought would be the perfunctory welcome peck on the lips. But she put her arms around him and laid a real kiss on his lips. Before he could even respond she opened her mouth and it became a Frenchie. Then she dropped her hands to his ass and pulled him tight. He did the same and was rewarded with the feel of a bare ass beneath her skirt.

Jim heard him murmur, "Oh god." Things were looking up.

He led them to the bar. "Have a seat folks and relax. What would you like to drink?"

Ella felt that one more Martini would chase away the last of her reservations. JIm also had one. Again both were strong with gin and short on vermouth. It was their fourth, and last, of the evening.

The usual pleasantries all around, then Charlie got to the point. "So you are interested in swinging?"

Jim replied for both, "Yes we have discussed it for a long time. As I think is common with most couples I'm more excited about it than my wife, but we have discussed it. My fascination is to watch her with another man. No idea why but it excites me just to think about it."

Charlie replied, "You know, I have heard almost exactly the same story from every couple in swinging. And it certainly isn't for everybody. In some cases the woman ends up liking it so much her husband gets jealous. In some neither like it. But for a few it works out fine. You don't know how many folks say it is the best thing to happen to their marriage."

Ella liked the explanation. She asked, "How did Grace like it the first time, and how does she like it now."

"As I said on the phone, and it gives me the warmies just talking about it, she decided to just try "making out" like in high school with the option of quitting if she found it was too much for her. That didn't happen. She is a terrific and passionate lover. When her would-be lover got her bra off he became her factual lover. They ended up in bed while I was an observer, a naked observer I might say. Jesus, she got off big time, a rarity on the first time I understand. And she loves it, but we try to keep from overdoing it. We have a small guest list of four couples, and have a party about once every month or so."

The conversation excited Jim. His boner returned. Ella was also turned on by it, but she still was nervous despite her show of bravado in taking off her panties and practically inviting a stranger to pat her ass. This was not just flirting. If things continued she was going to get fucked by this guy. Her hands were shaking so much that when she picked up her Martini glass the drink slopped over the sides.

"Nervous?" asked Charlie.

Ella giggled and said, "I'm afraid so."

"I have just the thing. You smoke?"

Gloria giggled again, "Uh, not tobacco."

Her grin was answered by a guffaw, "I think we understand each other then. Here take one hit on this and hold it. It'll chase away the bugaboos."

He produced a small clay pipe, loaded it with enough for one good hit, lit it, and handed it to her. One would think Ella had done it before, the way she toked that pipe. She inhaled a gallon and held it until she was dizzy. Then she let it go and smiled. And smiled. And Smiled. She didn't really care if she ever stopped smiling. Chuck had some good stuff there.

Chuck asked, "How you feel Ella?"


She was sitting on a tall bar stool. Chuck came close and put his lips on hers. She immediately rewarded him with a Frenchie, a hot one.

Jim was fascinated in finally watching his wife be seduced, or so he hoped.

The kiss continued, then Charlie tried to put his hands between his wife's knees but she kept them tight. Jim wondered if she was still going to back out.

Then she put her arms around Charlie's neck while slowly spreading her legs wide. As they kissed Jim could see her responding. He knew the moment when his new friend's hands reached her labia. When the fingers reached her clitoris she moved her ass forward and hissed a "Oh god" into Chuck's mouth. The game was afoot. The fuse was lit. Jim knew he was soon to see a magnificent explosion, one he'd been hoping for years to see.

Ella slid off the chair and gyrated her hips to the rhythm of Charlie's fingers. Soon she held him tight hand and said, "I'm cumming. Oh god Jim, I'm cumming. OOOOOOH god." It was the first of many that night for her. She didn't even realize she'd called her current active lover by the wrong name. If Charlie noticed, he said nothing. Probably it meant nothing anyhow. It was a threesome after all.

Then he laid her glasses aside, and pulled her sweater over her head. She unfastened her bra and Chuck was treated to a view of the best set of titties to come from the office of Dr. Marcus Jacoby, the renowned cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He had transformed Ella from a lovely 34 C to a voluptuous 36 D conversation stopper.

As he held her she reached over and pulled down his shorts and underwear. She was treated to a view of the biggest penis she ever saw. She gasped. Oh what had she got herself into?

Chuck saw the look on her face, "Believe me Ella it'll be fine. We are going to get along fine."

He led her to the bed room. The bed was turned down. He stood her by the bed and they continued hugging and kissing. She felt his cock rubbing against her. She moved against it. "Easy lover. We don't want to get it off yet. I have wonderful plans for it." Then he nudged her back on the bed and moved on top. His only thought for the time being was to be a good lover to such a goddess. He buried his face between her tits. She held them tight against his face. He probed with his fingers. She responded by moving as he probed. He sucked on each tittie in turn. She held his head and murmured as he did so.

He moved down her body, kissing as he went. When he got to the triangle she opened her legs again. He proved wonderful at cunnilingus. His tongue worked its magic on the outside and inside of her nether regions.

Watching it all was Jim, by now naked himself. He could not remember being so excited. No porn movie ever had such an effect as watching his wife with her legs around the neck of a man.

Then, she got off yet again. She moved against his face, pushed her cunt into his mouth, moaned, cried and shuddered as she made those noises.

It was now time. He moved on top, his cock pressing against her. She stopped him. Everybody held their breath. Oh god was this an eleventh hour change of mind.

Not at all. She said, "Jim would you put it in for us? It is a threesome you know."

He had been thinking something like that. Where did he fit in exactly. He crawled in bed with his wife and their lover. He reached over and for the first time in his life, touched another man's erect cock. And what a cock it was. He hoped she wouldn't be dissatisfied with his own after that.

He guided it to her labia, then rubbed it up and down and over her clit. Ella raise her ass. "Oh god yes darling. you know how I like it."

He then put it at the vaginal opening and whispered "both push, gently."

It slipped in, just a little. Jim hung on and felt it slide through his fingers, into his wife. She was a talker. Once they had called a couple friends and made love with the phone line open. She described exactly what she wanted and what was happening. Four people got off on it.

As Charlie's cock slid in she said, "Oh that is so big. Slow darling (to whom it didn't matter) Slow. Ahhhh yes that's so god. More, yes more." Then, "how much more is there?"

Jim answered, "Just about four inches my love." He was still holding Charlie's cock, or what was left of it.

Ella raised her ass, grabbed Charlie's ass and lunged, burying it. "Oh Christ that is wonderful. oh yes it feels so good in there. Hold it for a second or so."

Then she looked up into her lover's eyes and started slowly moving. He backed away. They came together again. Then faster.

All the while she was talking. "I can't believe how big it is. Oh my god every inch feels wonderful in my cunt. Yes, ohh yes Charlie, do it Fuck me you wonderful man.

And fuck her he did! The strokes got longer and harder. Then Ella broke rhythm and commenced bucking and threshing while begging for MORE MORE MORE. OOOH GOD MORE . "OH MTY GOD OOOH GOD IT'S HAPPENING.: She held him tight and bucked and squealed as he pounded her time after time. Then with a visceral scream it happened. It had been a long time since Jim heard that scream from his wife. The climax ended with her holding him tight and repeating words in pure jibberish. It took a magnificent fucking to reduce her to jibberish, and Charlie did it.

Charlie kept plunging away as she lay there trembling. Jim moved so he could see the penetration. He saw see her juices seeping out and down the crack of her ass. She was having her best orgasm of the last several years.

Then Charlie bent over, kissed her and asked, "Now me? Want me to cum in you?"

"Oh god yes, put your leg outside mine. It'll make it even tighter. And let me know when it's going to happen. I want to feel it."

Again they moved together, this time no slowing down for effect. He was pounding her all the way. And she was loving it all. Then faster, and harder, Then he held it tight inside her. She reached down and grabbed his nuts and squeezed. He gave one final plunge and it happened. When Ella felt it, she had yet another screamer.


Then they lay still. All three breathing hard, one still with a boner.

Finally Charlie asked, "Well how was it?"

"It was even better than scalloped potatoes."

(to be continued)

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