tagLoving WivesSwinging with Anna

Swinging with Anna


Although Cyprus was pretty mind blowing Anna and I both agreed we had gotten a little carried away. We had done more than we had planned and wanted our next experience to be a little more controlled.

Anna had found a hotel that catered for swingers new and experienced. I was shocked at first as she had been reading up on these hotels for a few weeks before telling me.

When we looked into it together we were both very excited about visiting one of these hotels? I was even more shocked to find that Anna was happy for me to sleep with another woman. This was something we had discussed throughout all our fantasies and although I was happy to do it, I was also satisfied with just sharing my wife.

We found a nice hotel that sounded very welcoming to new swingers and Anna phoned to inquire about vacancies. The following month we were heading up north full of excitement and nerves of what was going to happen.

The hotel was very nice but it was more of a large guest house than a hotel. The place was kept very clean and tidy and the rooms were nice too. The main bar was for guests only and there was a large hall with another bar which was used for functions. We checked in around four o'clock in the afternoon and the manageress showed us to our room.

Once in the room the manageress Susan explained how things worked. She was very polite and made us feel at home. She told us that this weekend was very quiet due to the school holidays and that about seven couples including us were expected. We were free to just meet and chat with people and that no pressure would be put on us.

At 8pm we made our way down to the main bar and we could hear the music playing. Upon entering the bar we noticed a few more numbers than we had expected but everybody seemed to be couples. This reassured us both as I'm sure we looked nervous. I ordered our drinks as Susan approached us and introduced us to her husband John. He was just as polite as his wife but immediately I could tell he had eyes for Anna.

We sat with Susan and John and chatted about allsorts and I felt my nerves disappear as the vodka red bull started to take effect. The women went off to toilet leaving John and I alone to talk. He told me how beautiful he thought Anna was and how he hoped we would to take things further tonight.

When the wives returned Susan quickly sat next to me in Anna's seat and Anna at next to John. Susan placed her hand on my leg and began to ask me how she looked. I must admit she looked gorgeous even if a bit slutty.

Susan was 48 yrs old and must have been about 5"6 with short brown hair and brown eyes. She had a curvy figure with all the curves in the right places. Her breasts were a lot bigger than Anna's and her bra was struggling to contain them underneath her tight white blouse. The top two buttons of her blouse were undone revealing a very deep cleavage. I also noticed her short black skirt with black stockings that ended with a very slutty pair of black heels.

Whilst admiring Susan's cleavage I failed to notice John and my wife leaving for the dance floor.

I looked at my wife and smiled as I watched John lusting after her. It was times like these I wondered why I wanted to share her. She is more beautiful than any other woman I have met. But there is a devil inside me that wants to share that beauty.

Anna also looked very hot in her dress. She was wearing a black strapless dress which ended mid-thigh. The dress also clung tight to her body showing her firm breasts and curves. Her silver heels topped off a very sexy look which didn't go unnoticed by John.

Suddenly Susan's hand was unzipping my pants as she turned my head to face her and leaned in to kiss me. I accepted without hesitation her hand entered my pants and began massaging my growing cock. We never broke the kiss as she eventually had my cock out wanking me. I moved my hand up her smooth legs not stopping as I reached the hem of her dress. Instead I kept it sliding upwards then moving it over slightly until I reached her panty cover pussy. Still locked inside our embrace I managed to move her panties aside and slide a finger up and down her lips. She squeezed my cock hard as she stopped wanking and broke the kiss. Her head fell back onto the sofa as I plunged a finger deep into her pussy. I began to kiss her neck as she started to stroke my cock again and I scooped my finger upwards sliding it back and forth on the roof of her womb. Very quickly Susan was bucking on my finger as she opened her eyes smiling.

"Oh I can't wait to fuck you." She said smiling.

I removed my hand and took a gulp of my drink. Looking at the dance floor I noticed John and my wife had disappeared? Susan must have noticed the look of panic on my face as she told me John had taken her to the special guest room.

Susan rearranged herself and zipped my pants back up telling me to follow her. As we got up to leave the bar I noticed several couples pairing off and leaving for their rooms.

Susan led me into a small room almost like a store room. It was dimly lit with a sofa facing a mirror. The mirror was two way but Susan told me that the people inside the room couldn't see us. The room was nothing special just a king size bed with a chest of drawers either side. But sat on the bed was my wife holding a glass of wine.

John soon entered and began chatting to my wife as Susan pulled down my pants and boxers. I took off my shirt and unbuttoned Susan's blouse before unhooking her bra. I forgot about my wife for a second as I tried to take Susan's ample breasts in my hands. She had to be an F cup at least. Susan quickly sunk her head into my lap and swallowed my cock as I sat watching groping her breasts and watching my wife.

I didn't know whether or not Anna knew I would be watching? Unless John had told her about the mirror she wouldn't have guessed. This brought back memories of when I caught her cheating. But it's hard to describe how you feel about it when you have your cock in another woman's mouth. It felt like we were both cheating but only I knew about it and I loved it. Of course Anna would have known what I and Susan were up to.

John took the glass from my wife and handed her a cigarette. He stood between her legs as she sat on the bed. I was puzzled by what was happening as he offered a light to Anna. Anna placed the cigarette into the flame and exhaled the smoke at John. Susan sat up and took my cock into her hand.

"I forgot to mention John has a thing for women smoking. Since I quit it drives him crazy when he gets a very hot wife who smokes."

Although I don't understand the smoking fetish I must admit Anna looked very sexy with the way she was smoking.

As Anna took drags from the cigarette John unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor sporting an impressive cock. From where I was sitting he looked about the same size as me but definitely thicker. Anna blew smoke at his cock as he ran his fingers through her blonde locks. She kept smiling as his cock twitched with every exhale of smoke. He obviously couldn't take any more though as he pulled her head towards his cock and forced it into her mouth. Anna took his cock in one hand cigarette in the other and began to work his cock in and out of her mouth.

Meanwhile I sat fingering Susan to orgasm as she wanked my cock. I quickly pulled her body onto the sofa, led her down and spread her legs. As my wife sucked some married cock I would taste some married pussy.

Once I finished bringing Susan off with my tongue I quickly positioned myself between her legs and began rubbing my cock up and down her pussy. From this angle I could see Anna was no longer smoking and that John was now sat on the bed naked while my wife stripped off for him. I was so close to cumming that I lost my head and didn't think about the condom in my pants. I just sunk my cock deep into Susan as I watched my wife's dress fall from her body and land around her ankles on the floor. She now stood in just silver heels. As she made her way to John he led her on the bed and spread her legs. She cupped her breasts as John began eating her pussy.

Susan was soon cumming on my cock and I couldn't believe how wet and slack she had become. She quickly got up and sat me down. John was still going down on Anna when Susan grabbed my cock and shoved her breasts in my face. I grabbed them in both hands and forgot about my wife as she sat down on my cock. Susan was awesome she sat with me deep inside her and grinded her hips into my groin with long slow circular motions. I just let her fuck me as I sucked on her nipples.

After several minutes Susan sensed I was going to blow and began to ride me hard and fast. I squeezed her breasts hard as my whole body tensed up and I filled her pussy with my cum. It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

Susan got off me and began getting dressed as I sat with my shrinking cock watching my wife. I felt a tinge of jealousy as I sat watching John, now kissing my wife. This was the first time I had watched my wife after I had just cum. It was like the fantasy wasn't a turn on anymore. I wanted to stop it but knew I couldn't.

Susan kissed me and said she had to attend to her guests and I was left watching John and Anna. Anna lit up another cigarette, much to Johns delight as he knelt between her legs. Anna passed him a condom which he put on not looking too impressed. This made me think about going bareback with Susan and already I had regret.

John quickly drove his cock into her as Anna moaned exhaling smoke. I could see from her body language she was close to cumming as John quickly placed her legs onto his shoulders and began ramming into her with much more force. That sent her over the edge and Anna was soon cumming which could be heard through the mirror.

Crushing out her cigarette John then flipped my wife onto all fours. My heart skipped a few beats and my cock started growing hard again as he slipped off the condom and slammed into my wife from behind. Anna was cumming again as his cock tore through her body. This is one of her favourite positions as she prefers it deep.

Anna was screaming in obvious joy as she came once more with her head buried deep in the pillows and Johns cock buried deep in her womb. John then tuned her onto her side and she looked like she had been gang banged. Her hair was a mess, eye-liner was smeared and you could see the sweat on her body as she panted for breath. But John was giving her no rest as he knelt between her legs with her body on her side driving his cock home. He roughly grabbed hold of one her breasts and began fucking her hard again. Anna was clawing at the bed covers as she came and John began groaning loudly as he filled my wife with cum that she thought was filling a condom.

As John collapsed on top of my wife I got dressed and left the room. I made my way to the bar and got a drink. Susan was chatting to another couple as I gulped down my drink. A few minutes later John and my wife entered the bar and joined me. We chatted for a while and Anna knew something was up so we went to bed.

As time passes we want to experience new fantasies but watching Anna just after I had shot my load was something I wasn't prepared for. Anyone who has been in this situation will know what I'm talking about. But give it a few months and we are back on this road again.

It was to be our next experience before we really questioned whether or not we were in control of this lifestyle.

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