tagIncest/TabooSwinging with her Parents

Swinging with her Parents


What happens when Dad accidentally books a winter vacation for his wife and daughter at a swinger's resort? Originally conceived as my Winter Holidays 2016 Contest entry, I missed the deadline. I hope you enjoy!


They had listened to Margo's whining from the moment George announced the great deal he gotten on a full week's stay at a Caribbean resort. The catch? They wouldn't know which resort until they got there. "But what if it's horrible?" Margo fretted. "What if it's a dive filled with roaches and rats. They have rats in the Caribbean, don't they?"

"They promised a four-star resort," George insisted, rolling his eyes at their daughter. Jena couldn't resist smirking. She had grown up witnessing Mom finding reasons to worry while Dad maintained a level head. "If it's horrible, I'll book the next flight out and we'll leave the same day."

Margo made his swear to keep his word and repeat his promise every day, including at least three times on the flight to the island. It wasn't until the bus from the airport pulled up to the resort that Margo finally relaxed. "Oh-my-God, it's paradise!" she said as a bellhop led them to their suite. George couldn't help flashing their daughter a knowing "I told you so" smirk.

After her first semester in college, Jena needed a break from the constant studying. Sure, it felt lame going on a family vacation as a fully grown, eighteen-year-old college student, but at least she would return to school with a tan!

Jena thrilled at the bellhop's accent as he earned his tip by running through a long list of amenities. He pointed out the need for proper attire while visiting the lobby or restaurants but quickly added, "Of course, attire is not required to enjoy our saunas, whirlpools, or while visiting our fully private beaches." He went on to explain, "While we are an adults-only resort, we request guests limit their more adult activities to the privacy of their rooms, the specially designated area of the beach or the enclosed swimming pool."

After the bellhop left, Jena asked her Dad, "Does adults-only mean I'm going to be surrounded by old farts all week?"

"I'm sure it means adults-only, as in, no kids," Dad assured her.

Mom looked skeptical. "What do you think he meant by limiting our more adult activities to our room? Are we going to see people having sex on the beach?"

"I want to go to the beach!" Jena chimed in with a big smile as she headed to the balcony.

"George? Are you sure they didn't mean adults-only like movies that are for adults only?"

Dad shifted his weight nervously. "It was a really good deal."

"The two might want to see this," Jena called. Their balcony overlooked one of the outdoor pools and the only people wearing clothes were the dark-skinned employees serving drinks.

"George? Did you book us for a week at a swinger's resort?" Mom asked with a big smile growing on her face.

"I knew Jena wouldn't come if it was a Disney resort," George tried explaining. "That's what I thought they meant by adults only."

"Baby? Would you give your Mom and Dad a few minutes of privacy?" Mom asked their daughter.

Reluctantly, Jena stepped back inside their suite but not before complaining, "Am I being sent to my room?" In a huff, she sat cross-legged and with crossed arms on the sofa while doing her best to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"You and your discount vacations," Mom said, though she sounded amused instead of angry.

Dad's apologetic sounding reply surprised Jena. "You did say you always wanted to come to someplace like this."

"I do," Mom snorted. "It would serve you right if I said I wanted to stay."

"We could see about buying just one plane ticket and send Jena home," Dad suggested.

"No," Mom flatly stated, once more leaving the eavesdropping Jena stunned. "Either all of us stay or all of us go home together."

"Are you suggesting we put it to a vote?" Dad sounded as incredulous as Jena felt at Mom's suggestion. "That doesn't sound like much fun."

"Oh, I think it's going to be lots of fun seeing you on a nude beach with your daughter," Mom laughed.

"What if I get hard?"

"Yeah, what if?" Mom asked, sounding absolutely delighted. "Shall we ask her?"

Jena bit back a happy smirk as her parents stepped back into the suite. She already knew her answer.

"Your Mom thinks we should put staying or going to a vote," George told their daughter, knowing he had to spin it. "But, if we do, she also thinks we should take full advantage of the resort as a family."

"Okay," Jena said with an easy-going shrug.

George looked to his wife for help. Margo waved him on. "You're doing fine. Keep going."

"I guess that means, um, doing everything together includes visiting the beach as a family." He studying his daughter, trying to read her expression to make sure he understood what he meant. She sat all crossed up and as closed off to him as Margo could get when she was being belligerent. "Nude," he added. "All of us." Still no change. "Me in front of you and you in front of me."

"I'm okay with that," she said. Her eyes flickered towards her Mom and the smallest of smirks cracked the facade of her otherwise blank expression. Eyes back on him, she lost the hint of a smirk. "For the record, I've seen naked men before."

Margo made matters worse by chuckling.

"I'm serious," George insisted. "And I can't promise that seeing your Mom naked won't have an effect on me."

"What about seeing me naked?" Jena asked, lowering her arms enough to show off her breasts.

"If I get that way, does it really matter who made it happen?" George asked, bewildered and confused. How could both women be okay with this? Not only was he outnumbered, they were both enjoying his discomfort, too. He realized he had to try a different approach. "And you're okay with everyone else at this resort seeing you naked?"

"Are you okay with everyone seeing you and Mom naked?" she asked, eyeing him up and down as if he was a piece of meat. "What if they like it?" George rolled his eyes. Before he could say more, she made it worse, "What if I like it?" When he heard Margo's snicker, he realized Jena was still playing to her audience of one.

"Fine," he said through clenched teeth, clearly unhappy with their decision.

"I have an idea," Margo said, feeling bad with how they were ganging up on her poor husband. "Let's give the beach a try and if it feels too awkward, we can still see about getting a flight home." She gave her husband a quick peck on the cheek before heading to their bedroom. He followed right on her heels.

"Are you crazy?" he asked, shutting the door behind him.

"Not at all," she said, getting undressed. "This was your idea, so let's do it."

"I didn't know I was booking a week at a swinger's resort."

"I know, but you did, now deal with it."

"I don't want to get hard in front of our daughter."

"Then don't," Margo said, pressing her naked body against him. She grabbed the front of his shorts and gave him a playful squeeze. "Get hard for me."

"And her," he said, still stymied by her attitude.

"And she's seen it all before," Margo insisted without going into all the details she already knew about their daughter's sex life. "I realize you still think of her as your little girl, but she's my daughter, too, and she maybe more like me than you want to admit."

"Oh God," George groaned, picking up on her hint. He knew Margo's free-spirited past. When they had started dating, she had made it clear she didn't value monogamy. That had suited George just fine. Marriage and the eventual birth of their only child hadn't changed her opinion or his. In fact, the hassle of being off birth control long enough to conceive was one of the reasons why Jena was an only child. George swapped his clothes for a bathing suit.

Carrying large beach towels provided by the resort, they wore bathing suits as they left their room, walked through the resort, and exited the building for the beach. Behind oversized sunglasses, Jena scanned the naked bodies scattered about the beach. She felt like the youngest person there and she did her best to ignore how many eyes tracked the three of them.

Alongside his daughter, George was doing the same thing. Behind his sunglasses, he noticed the wide variety of different body types sprawled out. Many of the people were his age or older. Some were in great shape, though most were very average looking. He and Margo had fantasized about visiting someplace like this, but never with his daughter in tow. He couldn't believe Margo was okay with staying.

Margo led the party of three towards a more secluded section of the beach. The least she could do was give them a bit of privacy. She missed noticing the sign warning the area they were approaching might include public displays of affection. Instead, she was happy to be away from the larger crowds scattered about the beach. No reason to torture George with the extra eye candy of so many other naked people.

Once they had reached an area separated by dunes, she laid out the beach blanket, faced the water, and untied her bikini top. Feeling the sun on her bare breasts felt good. She wondered if George would notice her hard nipples. Hooking her thumbs inside the elastic of her bottoms, she shucked them off before sitting down. It felt strange being naked in the open like this, but strange in a very good way.

George saw how quickly and easily his wife got naked and sighed. Of course she would. In college, she had earned extra money modeling nude for art students. He often wondered how many drawings and paintings existed of her naked body. Surely, this wasn't as of a big deal for her as it was for him. He did his best to ignore how fine she still looked nearly twenty-five years later. Her breasts were bigger than back then, but her ass was still tight with very little wiggle. Sucking in a deep breath, he eased off his swim trunks and quickly sat down.

"Mom? Are you sure this is where you want to be?" Jena asked. She had noticed the sign they had passed and caught glimpses of the couples scattered around the nearby dunes. She might be new the idea of an adults-only resort, but she was quick enough to realize what the sign had meant. The couples scattered around them were doing a lot more than just sunbathing.

"Oh, don't be such a prude," Mom replied, mostly looking at the ocean and looking no further than checking out her husband and glancing at her daughter. "If you're afraid of your Dad seeing you naked, then we should let him buy new plane tickets."

"I'm fine," Jena said, distracted by the couple sitting closest to them. They were in their thirties and seemed very fascinated by the odd trio of Jena with a clearly older couple. The man sat with his legs parted while his wife (Jena assumed the woman was his wife) openly stroked his hard cock. The man flashed Jena smile. His wife offered a friendly wave with her free hand. Though she successfully choked back the urge to laugh uncontrollably, she couldn't hide the big smile on her face as she realized Mom and Dad had no idea where they were. "I'm not shy."

"Then why don't you step over here," Mom suggested, pointing in front of her and her husband. "Let your Dad see you."

And me see him, Jena thought, stepping in front of her naked parents before taking off her two-piece bathing suit. She started with her top, undoing the tie around her neck and letting it fall down to expose her tits. She wasn't as busty as her Mom, but most of the guys she had known seemed to like her smaller tits. She saw her Dad watching her and smiled. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," he said from between clenched teeth. Did Jena have any idea how much her youthful body reminded him of Margo from back in the day? Margo used to have smaller tits like his daughter and sometimes he missed that. His palms still remembered the thrill of Margo's breasts when they were barely a handful and nothing more. He glanced at his wife and saw her big smile. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Why not?" Margo said, rubbing her husband's thigh. "She's beautiful, isn't she?"

"Just like her Mom," he said, meaning exactly what he said. If Margo looked a few years younger and their daughter a couple years older, they could pass as sisters. It felt uncomfortable staring at his daughter and feeling the same excited rush he had reserved for his wife. He felt his cock roll over between his legs and willed himself to stay as soft as possible.

As Jena wiggled out of her bottoms, she looked passed her parents at the couple watching her with great interest. From the way they studied her, they clearly approved of seeing her naked. Distracted by the amorous couple sitting less than ten yards away, she missed her Mom's question. "Excuse me?"

"Do you shave or wax?" Mom asked, staring directly at Jena's crotch.

"Oh, I wax," Jena said, still distracted. That other couple might be older, but they were attractive. The way they stared at her so openly made her heart flutter. It fascinated her that the woman would continue to stroke her husband as they watched her, nearly as much as seeing a man naked and hard in the open. She shivered when the woman raked a hand across her chest and Jena realized the man had his hand between his wife's legs, too.

"This isn't so bad, is it?" Mom asked Dad.

George grunted, too busy trying to hold his body in check. This wasn't bad, it was worse. His daughter looked gorgeous and he couldn't stop staring at her innocent looking beauty. His eyes ran up and down her body, studying and memorizing every curve, freckle, and the placement of a tiny mole just to the left of a spot that should be covered by pubic hair. As annoying as anything else was his wife's hand rubbing his thigh. "Are you trying to get a rise out of me?"

"I don't think that matters," Jena said, still distracted.

Margo followed Jena's gaze, looking behind them for the first time and seeing the other couple staring at them. "Oh-my-God," she gasped, unable to stop staring for a long moment. The man was clearly hard and receiving a handjob. She didn't miss what he was doing to his girlfriend, either or the way they stared back with a happy look on their face. "George? You should look."

George turned around, scanning the beach and first saw another couple in the distance who were clearly fucking. Finally, he spied the couple sitting behind them. "Well okay," he said, unsure how else to react.

"I think that's what the sign meant," Jena said, explaining the sign her parents had missed. "We could move to the other area," George suggested.

"No," Margo said. This was perfect payback for her cheap husband and his discount vacations. If Jena felt could handle it, Margo could, too.

"I'm fine," Jena said with a whimsical smirk as she sat down next to her Dad on the blanket. She stared at the pretty blue water for a few minutes before sprawling out on her stomach, facing the couple sitting behind them and watching. If they were going to stare at her, why shouldn't she watch them, too? She smiled and they smiled back, confirming her suspicion that it was okay for her to watch.

"This is crazy," George muttered, feeling another stirring between legs and knew he was soon to have a problem.

While staring at the long, hard cock the woman stroked, Jena realized she had been so distracted by them, she had never checked out what her Dad was packing. She looked over her shoulder and only saw his back. Dad was sitting with his knees bent. If only he would lay down on his back. Deciding she couldn't wait for that happen, she moved and knelt. "Hey Mom, did you bring any lotion?" As she knelt in front of her parents, Jena made it a point to look between her Dad's knees.

"Hey!" Dad cried out, catching her gaze and hiding his cock behind his hands.

"What?" Jena asked as if it was nothing.

"Yes, George, what's your problem?" Margo asked, laughing and pulling at her husband's arm, trying to get him to uncover.

"Come on, Dad, are you shy?" Jena laughed and joined the game by pulling on his other arm.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" George asked, caught between the pulling of the two women in his life. He easily fought against them for a moment before giving up. "Fine, you want to see it?" He relaxed his arms, allowing them to pull his hands away from half-hard prick resting against his balls.

"Damn Dad, you're hung!" Jena squealed in delight at seeing her father's full nudity. Seeing him completely naked sent an unexpected surge through her body. Seeing Dad naked felt wrong, very wrong and remarkably exciting, too. She couldn't stop staring at his beautiful prick as she fought against a sudden urge to touch it.

"It gets better," Mom said without hesitating to do exactly what Jena wanted to do. Mom caressed Dad's cock, giving him a playful squeeze.

"Seriously?" Dad said, looking at his wife with dismay. "You're going to do that in front of our daughter?"

"Sorry," Margo said, pulling her hand way and tried behaving herself. "But if she wasn't here. . ."

"Except she is," George grumbled, frustrated and unhappy with how his world had spun out of control. Being naked on the beach with his wife would have felt strange without their daughter, but seeing her kneeling next to him made it feel stranger. "Are you going to keep staring?" he asked Jena.

"Why not?" she asked with the flicker of a playful smirk on her full lips. "Isn't that the point?"

"Then I guess it's okay if I stare at you, too." He planted his eyes on her chest.

Jena shrugged. While it felt odd being naked in front of her Dad, she didn't care if he stared at her. Why should she? Regardless of their age, it's what guys did. She had grown very accustomed to men of every age raking their lecherous eyes across her body so why should it matter if it Dad did it, too?

"You're okay with this?" George asked, turning to his wife and noticing how she was still staring between his legs. He also noticed how her nipples looked very stiff.

"I'm fine," she cooed, slowly dragging her eyes up his body until she was looking in his slate blue eyes, the same color eyes of their daughter. She saw how red-faced he looked. Was he angry? Embarrassed? She gave him a hesitant smile, ready to drop it if he reacted poorly. "I really am okay with this."

"Including the people fucking behind us?"

"They aren't fucking," she said, glancing over her shoulder at the couple groping each other before she looked past her husband and saw the couple she had missed. "Oh, okay. Yeah, they are."

"And you want to stay?"

Margo heard the disbelief in his voice. "Why not?" she asked, dropping her smile and truly challenging him. "We've talked about doing someplace like this and now we're here."

"With our daughter," George grumbled as if Jena couldn't hear them.

"I'm fine," Jena chimed catching her mother's eye and nodding her head, too. "Really."

Margo saw their daughter's expression and could tell she wasn't lying. She wasn't surprised. Jena might have her father's eyes, but she had her mother's lust for life. Her husband had no idea how hard Margo had worked helping Jena control her lustful tendencies until she turned eighteen. After insisting Jena hold back until she was legally an adult, how could Margo ask her to hold back now?

"Just relax and enjoy yourself."

George struggled to keep his eyes locked on his wife's eyes instead of drifting back over her body again. He loved his wife and loved seeing her naked. Instead of dimming the fires of their lustfulness, the last twenty-five years had seen their playfulness grow into a blazing inferno. Those years had been filled with confessions of secret fantasies followed by acting them out. No one knew the depths of his perversions as well as Margo and he carried her secrets, too. With a single look, a whispered suggestion, and an innocent caress, George could make his wife's knees go weak with desire. She could do the same to him.

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