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Satisfied for the moment, Jake pulled down on her hips and guided her down onto his stiff prick. They let out simultaneous groans as she began to slowly bounce up and down. A wry grin took over his lips as she leaned down and supported herself with one hand on his chest while her other hand caressed her tits.

"That's it baby, give me a show." He encouraged as he watched. "Show me how much you like fucking another man."

Not needing to be asked twice, both her hands squeezed her breasts and pulled on her nipples as she swivelled atop him. She moaned and ran one hand up through her tussled curly mane while the other one moved down to rub her clit as she rode his cock.

"Is it bigger than your husbands?" He groaned from beneath her. "Does it fill you up more than his?"

She squeezed her eyes shut at his questions. Though the answer was clearly yes to both, she was hesitant to feed his ego at the expense and humiliation of her husband. She proceeded apprehensively.

"Yes, it's so big." She replied. "It feels so fucking good."

Once again she felt the familiar sting of his hand smacking down on her ass cheek. Obviously she was not answering him as thoroughly as he had wanted.

"Say it, bitch." He commanded, his voice raising with his demand. "Tell me how much better it feels. How much you love it."

Megan had never submitted in such a way sexually. This man's personality repulsed her, but she could not deny that physically, he was getting her off in extraordinary ways. As much as she knew it was wrong in so many ways, she knew that she wanted to push her boundaries that night.

"Fuck yes!" She cried out, giving in to his demands and her desires. "It's so much bigger. It feels so fucking good! I love riding it."

He spanked her ass again for good measure and she found herself grinding ever harder onto his dick as her own words reverberated in her head.

"That's it baby!" He pushed, taking hold of her hips as she fucked him. "Fuck me like the slut you are."

"Fuck me!" She wailed, starting to fully give into the submissive dialogue. "It feels so fucking good! I love it! I fucking love it!"

"Are you going to imagine fucking me when your husband's little cock is in that pussy?" He asked, wanting her to further humiliate herself and her husband.

"Oh, God!" She gasped, the thought turning her on more than she thought possible. "Fuck yes! I'll picture your big cock every time we fuck!"

Jake's hand crashed down once again on her ass and her pace atop his quicken to a frenzied pace as he continued to spank her as she fucked him and admitted her willingness to submit to him.

"You love being a little slut wife don't you?" He bellowed, loving her enthusiasm. "You love being a little slut for another man."

"Fuck me! Yes!" She screamed out. "I fucking love it!"

He could tell from her new found fervour that he had her. Anything he wanted her to say or do at this point was there for the taking as she sought another orgasm. His own release was rapidly building and he wanted to take full advantage of enjoying her submission while he could.

"Show me that wedding ring you dirty slut wife." He ordered her.

Megan's hand shot out without hesitation. Being reminded of her marriage should have made her regret her words and actions, but at this point it was just adding to her sexual frenzy. She looked down at her wedding band and engagement diamond and swivel her hips faster, grinding her pussy down onto her new lover's dick even harder.

"You love giving that married cunt to another man don't you?" He asked, his breath getting short as he strained to delay his explosion. "You love fucking me."

"Fuck me yes!" She admitted at the top of her lungs. "I fucking love being a slutty wife and giving you my married pussy."

"Is it my pussy now Megan?" He pushed, wanting that final piece of domination. "Do I own that pussy?"

"It's yours, it's fucking yours." She readily offered, her orgasm building quickly. "It's your fucking pussy."

"Now tell me you love me." He demanded, trying to force her ultimate submission to him. "Say it."

She felt a huge pang of guilt. Not for the humiliation of Paul, but for that fact that she new she was going to come as soon as she said it. But it was too late.

"I love you." She whimpered, fully submitting. "Oh, God I fucking love you."

As she predicted, a giant orgasm exploded within her. Jake took hold of her hips and forced her to continue riding him as she came, adding to the mind-blowing release and almost causing her to pass out. She was completely at the mercy of his will.

"Again! Say it again!" She heard him command through the haze.

"I love you." She moaned. "I love you."

He could feel his imminent release and knew he had to take full advantage of his dominance and her orgasmic state. Pulling himself up, he gave her a quick, deep kiss and then flopped back down onto his back.

"You want my come don't you baby?" He groaned. "You want it deep inside you."

"Yes, God yes." She whispered, likely not even understanding the question.

"Say it!" He growled, slapping her ass for emphasis. "Beg for my come!"

Whether she knew what she was saying or not, she was completely willing to say whatever he wanted at that point.

"Fuck yes." She whimpered. "Give me your come baby. I want it. I want it so bad baby."

Finally, he took hold of her swaying hips and pulled her hard down onto his cock. His eyes rolled back as he erupted deep inside her pussy and she initially quivered in pleasure at the feeling of his hot load shooting into her.

As he pulled her down on top of him for a post orgasm kiss, the realization of what she had just allowed to happen rapidly donned on her.

To be continued...

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