"We've talked about this awhile ago and I've been thinking about whether I could do it justice. You are so good at control."

"Are you requesting to switch, my dear?" he casually replied.

"Yes, but only for an hour or so. It takes a lot of thought and effort to do it right. I don't know how you can do it so easily."

"I'll agree. I've been looking forward to some time off!" he laughed.

"What are your limits?"

"You know them. No permanent scars, no blood or feces. Otherwise I'll do whatever you command." He said matter-of-factly.

"Good! That's what I planned for!" She giggled.

"When do you want to do this, dear?" he asked.

"Would now be too soon?" She timidly inquired.

"I'm all yours." He offered.


"Go to the spare bedroom and take a shower. When you are done, come upstairs, naked. But make sure you take at least 30 minutes. I need to get ready. Before you go, take one of your blue pills. I want you good and hard for me." she orders.

He does as ordered. Thirty minutes later, he goes upstairs and tries the door. It is locked. He knocks.

" I will unlock the door. You will wait 20 seconds and then enter."

" OK" he answers.

"Do not speak unless I tell you to!"

He says nothing. He hears the door unlock. He counts to twenty and enters.

She stands across the room. Her hair is pulled back in a severe fashion. Her breasts are bare above a black leather corset. Her hands are gloved in black leather and she holds a black leather whip at her side. Her thighs are accentuated by black stiletto heels. She wears nothing else.

"Either the pill is working overtime, or you are pleased by my appearance. " she states.

"You are stunning" he replies.

She slinks over to him, as a big cat about to pounce, grabs his erection and pulls him to the middle of the room. She walks behind him and let's the whip fly on his exposed behind.

" I said don't speak!"

He contains himself and says nothing as a red welt raises where she struck.

She walks to the bed and picks up wrist and ankle cuffs.

"Put your hands out." He complies and she applies the cuffs. She then kneels before him, her face right in front of his hardon. She licks the head and he hardens further. She puts a cuff on each ankle, then fastens them together with a carabiner.

"Get on your knees and grab your ankles." He does and she fastens the wrist restraints to each other and then to the ankle cuffs. He is bent backwards awkwardly, but it causes him no harm. She takes a facemask from the bedside drawer and blindfolds him. She admires her handiwork. He is at her mercy, with his dick straining for attention.

She walks back over to him and straddles his face, which is perfectly positioned for her use.

"Eat me. Make me cum. The better you do it, the less you may suffer."

He tries to attack her with his mouth, but is limited by his position. His tongue licks her in all the places he knows she loves. She grabs his hair with one hand and grinds into him. She takes the whip and runs it down his stomach and onto his penis. She uses the whip like she would her finger and his penis jumps. She starts moaning, but controls her excitement by moving slightly away from his mouth. She knows he can make her come fast , but she wants to make him suffer.

"You're not satisfying me! I haven't come yet!" She giggles and then lightly swats his testicles with the whip. He jumps. " Control yourself" she demands, a wicked grin forming. Like all testicles, his tried to tighten to his body under stress. She knew this could happen, so she was ready.

"I want your balls easily accessible. I bought something for that!" she says as she climbs off of his face. She went back to the bed and pulled a hollow, cylindrical piece of formed, pliable PVC, about 2 inches long, from her pile of goodies.

She walked back to him and knelt down. He only knew of her presence when she quickly sucked his dick into her mouth for too short of a time. He practically stabbed at the air with it, searching for her mouth again. She grasped his penis and pulled on it.

"I control this! You move when I tell you" She then took his balls in one hand and wrapped the PVC around the base of his scrotum. This caused his testicles to push together and out from his body. They were now unable to contract. He moaned at the sensation.

"They call this a ballstretcher baby. Now I can play with them without them running away!"

She went back to his face, but turned her ass towards him, so she could better access his hardon.

"Stick your tongue in my ass!" He complied and she started to rub her clit. She was getting hot and wet and almost came. She took her gloves from her hands. She began to stroke him as he fucked her ass with his tongue. She took her whip and ran it along his vulnerable balls.

"Put your tongue back on my pussy. Make me cum! If I don't come in less than a minute, your balls aren't gonna like it!" She threatened.

He licked furiously. He sucked. He stuck his tongue deep into her. Her wetness covered his face. He went at her clit and she commenced to moan and shake. She let go of his dick and her whip and grabbed his head.

"Oh..fuck, I'm cumming!" She almost smothered him in her ecstacy. She pulled away, but only long enough to slightly recover. She took his head again, in the same manner and fucked his face.

"Use that tongue! Make me come again!" She allowed him no rest. He complied and soon she was shaking again. "U-oh baby, that was good. I guess I won't be too hard on your balls."

She stepped away from him and went between his legs. She grasped the ballstretcher and pulled slightly. He tried not to react, but the pressure was both scary and exciting. He moaned.

"Are you trying to speak? Do you like that? How about this?!" She picked up the whip and struck him on the inner thigh, just barely grazing his balls. He couldn't help but jump. He lost his balance and fell to his side.

"I did not tell you to do that! I'm gonna have to reposition you now." She undid the wrists from the ankles. " Get on your hands and knees" He did.

She sat on his back and took his right hand and attached the cuff to his right ankle. She did the same with his left. His ass was now up in the air, with his face on the floor. He still could not see because of the mask. She walked over to her goodies and then returned.

"You looked so exposed like this. I know what you like to do to me when I'm in this position. What do you think I'm gonna do?!"

She took a lot of lube and drizzled it on his anus. She then liberally rubbed some on a vibrator. She didn't bother to get him ready with her fingers.

"Oh... Your balls are just begging for attention from this angle!" She said as she slowly inserted the vibrator. He tried to pull away, but was securely bound. She grabbed the stretcher and pulled in rhythm to the vibrator penetrating his ass. He couldn't help but moan.


She got behind him and plunged the vibrator deeper.

"This toy is designed for men. Its specially made to work on the prostate." She said as she turned it on. The vibrations started to work their magic. He was moaning loudly now.

"Oh look!" She exclaimed. "It must be working. Your dick is dripping pre cum and I'm not even touching it!" She squeezed his balls a little tighter. " Don't cum yet baby! We are not done!"

She removed the vibe and unfastened this restraints.

"Stand up." She directed. She moved him over to the wall. "Stand here."

He did. He could feel her close and wanted to reach out. He felt her grab his dick and then she stuck it into her wetness. She bounced against him, using him as a fuck toy.

"Do not move and do not cum!" she ordered. She pummeled him with her body and he struggled to not orgasm. Luckily for him, after what seemed an eternity, she shuddered and called out as she came,"Oh..s.s sh.hit! Uh"

She pulled off of him.

"Good for you. You didn't cum. I suppose I should reward you for that. I could feel you straining!"

She led him over to the bed. She had arranged several large pillows on the center of the comforter. She restrained his wrists behind him. He stood there, naked, hard and still oozing pre cum. He felt her mouth on his nipples. She sucked each one and they hardened. He cried out in shock as she attached clamps to his hard nipples.

"Quiet. These are gonna intensify what is about to happen. I should know from how often you have used them on me!"

She got on her knees and sucked out the pre cum. "Tasty as usual!" She pushed him down onto the bed.

"Lay on your back and put your ass up on these pillows." He struggled, blind, to move with his hands behind him. She helped position him. He was now about a 25 degree angle to the bed. She took one ankle and pulled the leg up. She fastened the restraint to the bedpost at the head of the bed. She did the same with the other leg to the opposite post. She rearranged the pillows below his back. She took her position between his legs and stroked his dick.

"You look even more defenseless like this!" She said with a bit too much glee. She took the vibrator and shoved it back into his ass. He could do nothing but feel. She turned it on and slowly stroked him with her other hand. She would sometimes pull on the stretcher, squeeze his balls, and then return to stroking. She pulled on his clamps. His breathing was ragged. She knew he was close. She took of his mask.

In this position, his dick was pointed directly at his face. Some pre cum had already landed on his neck.

" Do you wanna come baby? You may answer."

"Oh god, please let me down and let me cum! I'm in agony!"

"I worked so hard to position you like this. I can't undo you yet." She continued to stroke, slowly and with a lot of pressure. She pushed the vibrator in deep. She played with the nipple clamps.

"Please make me cum baby. I'm desperate!" He could barely spit out the words; he was so excited and so frustrated.

"But if I let you come like this, you'll come all over your face!"

"Ohh.. Babe please untie me! Ohhh"

"I told you no! Don't you listen?! I may just stop and leave you here."

"Please let me come! Please!" He was now pleading for release.

"You're begging. But I can't let you come on your face. Do you want that?" She asked as she continued to torment his cock, balls, nipples and ass.

"Anything! I don't care! Please make me come!" He implored.

"I can't have you looking a mess like that. I won't make you come on your own face." She stroked.

She paused, seemingly in thought.

"Open your mouth." She commanded.

He thought to protest, but he was too far gone. He needed to cum. His balls felt like they were boiling. His dick was ready to explode.

He opened his mouth.

She started to stroke faster. And harder.

"Keep that mouth open!" she demanded.

He panted. He gasped for breath. He started to shake. He kept his mouth open.

She aimed well. He came hard. He came a lot. Most of it went in his mouth. She put one hand on his lower jaw and forced it closed.

"Now swallow! Swallow it all!"

He swallowed.


He was spent. She removed the vibrator,the stretcher, and clamps. She released his cuffs. She timidly backed away.

"Just you wait til I recover." was all that he said.

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