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"8 million channels and nothing on..." I sigh. I'm home alone for the weekend. Sir has a business trip- and not one of the fun ones I can go on with Him.

"Now sessa, I'm giving you a chance here. Please Princess don't fuck this up." He looks sternly at me.

"What could go wrong Sir?" I giggled.

I'm home alone- as long as I don't burn the house down what's He gonna know. I smile. He gives me a list of rules.

"No playing, I don't care how horny you get if you touch that pussy you will be sorry. No cumming unless I text you. Do not contact me unless it's an emergency- like the house has been robbed and you've been taken hostage." He paused. "Do not let ANYONE in to this house. If you must leave then email me all the normal information you would have given me. I am already approving you to go- I just want to know where you are." He tapped His foot as I smirked. "I locked the toys up so you can't play with them. Make sure you keep up with your protocols- don't just wait until the last day to do everything. That means your mantras too sessa." I nod softly. Sir has been very relaxed the past few weeks since He collard me again. I haven't been as bratty as normal but I still keep Sir on His toes. I feel a sting across my face.

"I asked you a question." I look up at Him.

"I'm sorry Sir I didn't hear you."

"Are you going to miss me?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Of course I am!" I forget who I am for a moment and stand up wrapping my arms around His neck and kissing Him deeply. Sir wraps His arms around me and lifts me up.

"Did you pack everything like I told you too?" He says in between soft kisses.

"Yes Sir- your bags are already in the car too." I smiled. He didn't tell me to do that part.

"Good Girl." Sir strokes the back of my head.

"Well I don't leave for a little while, how about you show Daddy how much you're going to miss Him." Sir sets me back down and I smile. I kiss all the way down His chest and breathe in deeply. I love the way He smells. I reach over to unzip His pants and Sir smacks my hand.

"No." He says- commanding but still soft. I reach with the other hand and He smacks that one too. "I said No." He slaps my face.

"You are making me think twice about leaving you here unattended." He growls.

I lean in with my mouth and undo Sir zipper with my teeth. He groans. I use my tongue to guide His cock from its hiding place. I take the whole of it in my mouth while it's still soft to feel it grow. When my lips close around the base Sir strokes the side of my face softly.

"That's my Good Girl- just how Daddy likes it." He whispers. I flick my tongue around and around wrapping His cock in a coat of my spit. I so badly want to be smacked; as much as I love sucking Daddy's cock- when Daddy turns to Sir it's like a whole new excitement for me. I know how to get what i want. If I bite a little bit one of 2 things could happen Daddy could know what I want and smack me for it; or Daddy could take His cock away and I could end up locked up at Miss Joanna's house this weekend. I decide to take the chance. At lease if I end up at Miss Joanna's I won't be alone. I curve my tongue and let my top teeth graze ever so softly about an inch from the base. I have learned over the last few months that Sir doesn't like teeth, but if I do it just right in the right spot Sir knows what I'm looking for. I hit the spot and His hand comes flying.

"Did I just feel teeth you little cunt?" Sir pulls His cock out of my mouth and slaps me one time hard.

"Place" He points to the arm of the couch. This is not what I expected. I crawl to the arm and lean over it. Sir returns shortly.

"You think just because I'm leaving for a few days you're in charge of how I treat you all of a sudden? You want to bite and nibble on things that you know better not to? I was letting you slide Baby Girl because you just got out of treatment and I was very proud of you and now you're acting out. I'm going to have to teach you that you don't get what you want by being bad."

Sir drops my panties to the floor and I step out of them automatically.

"You do not get panties for a week do you hear me?" He kicks my legs apart.

"Yes Sir." I answer. That does upset me a little; Sir just bought me beautiful red lace panties with black butterflies on them. I tried them on the other day and decided they were to pretty to wear for just any day so I was saving them. The way the lace hugged the curves of my ass and rested just high enough were Sir could see them from the top of my jeans or skirt was perfect.

"You need to learn to ask for what you want and to do it right Baby Girl." Sir leans down and whispers in my ear.

"You understand why you are being punished and that I am doing this because I love you and want you to learn right Princess?" He says softly.

"Yes Sir, I understand Sir. I love you too and Thank You for teaching me Sir." I sniffle. I didn't want the last bit of time we had together to be like this. Sir uses a large paddle for my punishment spankings. Sir let me look at it once. I flipped it over and over. It was heavy for me but in His amazing hands it was light as a feather. I feel the paddle push into my ass and leave it. I prepare for the first connect. It was a good one. Sir has never spanked me this hard. He must really be upset about having to punish me right now. By the third smack I am crying.

Sir stops at 5 and sets the paddle down.

I'm a little confused. Sir said that it's always 10- no matter the crime. I want to glance back to see if He is getting a different tool, but I don't because that would mean which ever tool He was getting would hit my face.

"Turn and kneel in front of me." He orders. I do as I'm told still very confused.

"I bought this after the first time you bit me, I had a feeling it would come in handy." I look in Sir's hands and see a form of a gag. It's almost like a ring gag but has 2 soft pieces coming from the ring.

"Open." He kneels down to me. I open my mouth wide and He slides the bit into it. The bottom piece pushes my tongue down and has a very bitter taste to it. The top piece only comes out to about a 1/4 inch past my teeth. I look up at Sir and He takes a picture with His phone. He always takes a picture of me when we get new things.

"Now sit on that what better be a very grateful ass for only getting half the swats it had coming and push your head against the couch." I push my ass as far back as it will go and my head is flush with the arm of the couch. Sir twists both of His hands into my hair on either side of my head and pushes His cock into my mouth. He moans and groans and then pulls back out.

"Look up at me." He snaps. I quickly look up.

"I can't believe that I have to do this on my last day here, you can't even please me before a business trip." He looks disappointed. He spits in my mouth twice.

"A Sir as kind as me and I have to use my own spit on a blow job." He sighs as He pushes His cock back into the device. He thrashes harder and harder in my mouth. Trapped between Sir and the couch- I just sit there. I can't move to partake in the pleasure, to make it better or show Sir I am sorry.

"No better than a lot lizard." Sir grumbles. He pulls His cock out and takes a cup from the table. He finishes in the cup and sets it down. Sir then unsnaps what I am now calling the glory hole gag. I thought of it when He said lot lizard. My brother once told me that I was never going to be more than lot lizard and when I asked what that was he told me it was the girls behind the glory holes.

"Stand" Sir commands. I lift myself up- a little too fast. I had been sitting on my ass and the combination of the swell from the spanking and the pressure from sitting was horrible. I wince.

"Not so glad you only got 5 swats now are you?" Sir whispers.

"No Sir." I mutter. I face Him. Sir grabs my shoulders and pushes me against the wall hard.

"Now, I'm going to test your understanding of this punishment Baby Girl. If you get it right- that cup of Daddy's cum is all yours. If you get it wrong YOU will be pouring it down the sink do you understand?" Sir looks into my eyes.

"Yes Sir." I answer.

"What do you want Princess." Sir asks softly. I freeze. What does He mean? What do I want? I want a lot of things. I want to go back in time and stop myself from biting Him.

"What Do You Want." Sir states a little more aggressively. I still don't know what He wants to hear. I don't know how to play this new game.

"Sessa- this is the last time I am going to ask you nicely; what do you want?" He pushes Himself closer to me. I still don't know what He means.

"Sir I want you to explain this new test to me more- I am still confused." I spit out hoping it works

Sir kisses my cheek. "Good Girl." He whispers.

"This isn't a trick Baby Girl. This is a lesson. Tell me what you want. Not what you think I want, not what you think I need to hear. Tell me exactly what you want." Sir kisses from my ear to my neck.

"I...I...I want you to bite me." I moan. It was the first thing I could think of. Sir starts to bite my neck. It's soft at first then He finds a good spot and starts to clamp down a little bit harder. I figure out real quick how this new game works.

"I want you to stop." I call out. Sir releases my neck and kisses my lips.

"Good Girl; What do you want?" Sir asks again. My mind runs wild. I have my Sir standing in front of me, asking like a sub! I giggle. I can have fun with this.

"I want you to bend over the arm of the couch." I whisper. Hoping that there aren't unknown limits to this game. Sir raises an eyebrow.

"Ok." He walks over and bends over the arm of the couch. I giggle.

"Ok Sir no stand up please that's too silly!" I laugh. Sir doesn't move. I walk over to Him and look at His face.

"Sir I said you could stand up." I whisper. Then I remember He's still playing the game.

"I want you to stand up." I say a little attitude in my voice. Sir stands and looks at me. I'm starting to like this game.

"I want you to kiss me." I put my hands on my hips. Sir leans in a gives me a soft peck on the lips.

"No. I want you to KISS ME." I attempt at what I think is a "Sir" like tone. Sir takes a hand and wraps it in my hair pulling me into Him and kisses me deeply and passionately. I break the kiss. It's not the one I wanted. I think about how to word my next sentence.

"I want you to rape my mouth with your tongue." I snap. Sir pushes me back against the wall and jams His tongue into my mouth. Rolling it around and rubbing my teeth. One hand is groping my breast, and the other around my neck.

"I want you to choke me." I mutter threw the kiss. Sir puts weight on His hand. We've never done this before. I've always wanted to bring it up and didn't know how.

"I want you to call me names." I manage to gasp.

"Nasty little cum slut." Sir bellows. His tone is stronger than mine. I push Sirs hand way from my neck. He releases. Until we discuss how that will work for the two of us He knows if I tap His hand twice to back off. I start to walk to the kitchen. I call back to Sir.

"I want you to rape me like a nasty little cum slut." I say loud. It echoes through the house. I hear Sir chuckle and mutter "Good Girl." I open the fridge to get a can of pop and I feel Sirs arms around my waist. I smile. "I love you Sir." I whisper.

"Shut the fuck up you little whore." Sir now has the control. Sir slams the door shut and pushes me against it. He grabs the dish towel off the handle and ties it around my mouth. Sir opens the junk drawer and pulls out a bag of zip ties and drags me to the floor by my hair.

"Don't fucking move." Sir voices it rougher than normal. Sir opens the dishwasher and pulls out a knife and a few other things. He again grabs me by my hair and throws me onto the table. I want to moan. My pussy juice is dripping down my leg. I try to wipe it off with my other foot.

"I already fucking told you not to move, don't start fucking crying and bitching at me if you get hurt." Sir looks into my eyes.

It's almost as if I have awoken something in Him. He zip ties my hands together and smiles.

"Now what am I going to do with you? Hummm? Little tease walking away shaking that pantie-less ass of yours like you own the place. I'll show you a thing or two about trying to walk away from me with that smart ass smirk on your face like you've won something."

Sir... this new rough and ragged Sir who was a million miles past the Sir who was fucking my mouth in the glory hole gag and even further past the Daddy I was giving head to just moments ago; Slapped me. It echoed in my head I felt it ring threw my entire body- and I came.

"Oh lookie there, look at what the nasty cum slut did! She came all over her pretty little dress. Here sweets let me get that off of you." My sweater dress was one that you pull over the head. Sir reached under the bottom of it and I heard a rip. Then I felt the cold blade travel slowly past my clit and up my belly. The tip is pushing into my skin while the blade cuts the fabric. Damn now this weekend I will have to add a zipper I think to myself. Sir cuts the dress completely open and stands back to admire. I wasn't wearing a bra today so my large breasts are freely moving around as I shift on the table. I now feel uncomfortable exposed in front of this man. I start to tremble. The fight or flight feeling kicks in. I know I can't fight him, I'm bound and he has a knife. So I decide to run. The man turns to do something and I take the moment to flee. I slide off the table and head to the laundry room. It's the only door that has a lock on the inside. I make it around the corner and up 3 stairs before the man grabs my ankle.

"Oh No you don't!" He chuckles. The man picks me up and zip ties the make shift cuffs to the rail.

I get angry. "Let me go!" I scream. He laughs. I start to kick at him. "I've watched you for weeks now; Sitting there playing with your pussy when you think no one can see you. Licking your fingers when you cum. Dancing around the house naked as you clean. Teasing me, shaking that ass of yours in the windows just begging me to come in here and take you." I spit at him. "I don't want you- leave me alone." I say my voice is shaking.

"Your pussy says otherwise." The man pushes 3 fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. There's no denying that I am turned on more than I have be in my entire life. He pushes deeper in me and leans into my ear. "Cum you nasty whore, cum for me." I start to cum and there's no stopping it. He pushes another finger inside of me. I moan and cum again. "That's right you slut keep it coming." He thrusts his hand violently in and out of my pussy stretching it open farther than it's ever been.

He cuts the zip tie off the rail and smiles.

"My little cum slut's not going to take off on me again is she?" He pushes his face closer to mine.

"IS SHE?" He demands.

"No." I give up I can't fight this.

"No What?" He pushes the blade of the knife to my neck and starts to mouth something.

"Mmmmaaa?" He pushes.

"No Master." My body is limp and feels heavy but my spirit is soaring high. He takes me by the hair and drags me into the room yanking a key from his neck. He stands me in front of the footboard and opens the closet. That's where all of Sir's toys are. He pulls out my Dollar Store Whore leash from my treatment days. Smiling he clips the end to the zip tie cuffs and reaches up to loop the end to the same hook. Master stripes naked, taking time to fold his dress shirt and laying his clothes on the chase lounge. I can stand flat on my feet but being on the balls make my shoulder hurt less. Master walks over and slaps me. No words, just a hard smack. Sir stands on the footboard and grabs my head.

"You will suck this cock and if I feel teeth I will knock them out do you understand me?" He squeezes my mouth open. I nod. He slaps the side of my head. "I CAN'T HEAR YOUR FUCKING HEAD RATTLE. I KNOW YOU DON'T HAVE MANY BRAINS BUT CAN YOU SPEAK?"

"Yes Master." I choke out. "YES MASTER WHAT?" He responds. "Yes Master I can speak; yes Master I will suck your cock." I already feel wrong. He grabs my head and mercilessly fucks my mouth. Slamming his cock deep into my throat. I try to pull back a little and he yanks a hand full of my hair. "IF I DIDN'T WANT TO BE IN YOUR THROAT I WOULDN'T BE SO STOP FUCKING PULLING BACK." He slaps the back of my head. "Master I'm going to puke" I manage to get out in between thrust.


"CLEARLY YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I WANT OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH." Master takes His hand and pulls my mouth open as far as it will go. He jams His cock deeper into my throat and then adds His balls. I am gagging, and want to pull away but He has the back of my head pinned. He reaches over with the other hand and pinches my nose closed. I can't breathe. I suck in threw my mouth.

"Ohhhh that feels good." Master moans. I swallow the saliva that is building up and He pulls out.

"SEE YOU DO KNOW HOW TO SUCK A COCK." He backhands my face. "THAT'S FOR NOT DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME." He climbs off the bed.

"Still need to puke?" He asks not in a softer tone just not yelling. I nod franticly. Master grabs the trash can from by the bed and holds it under my face. "Go ahead." I open my mouth and let it out. Master puts the can by the door and smiles at me.

"See I can be nice I could have just had you puke on your feet and made you clean the carpets while I was gone." He grins evilly. I take a deep breath as Master walks around me. "So you fucking whore where should I stick this cock first?" He runs His tongue over my face licking up my tears. "Awe don't cry, that's not pretty- you're a pretty little princess remember- got your Daddy wrapped around your finger." I spit at Him. "SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE." Master backhands me again. He grabs the crop from the pile of toys.

"Is THAT anyway to talk to your MASTER?" He looks me in the eye. "You should have better manners." "YOU SHOULD LEARN TO RESPECT PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE POWER TO UNTIE YOU." He looks at my hands. I spit at him again. I feel the crop connect with my face. That one hurt. I start to cry again.

"I wish your cock was in my mouth again I'd bite it off." I snap. I'm somewhere between pissed off and fucking finished. Yet I'm still so turned on.

"You'd bite it off huh?" He smiles. "You know- I think I'm going to show you the difference between a nice Master like me and a true asshole."

He circles my asshole with His finger. I freeze. He pushes just one cold dry finger into my ass. I wince from the pain.

"Does that hurt you?" He asks. I gasp as He pushes further in. I bite clinch my teeth together and shutter.

"How do you think it feels when a cum guzzling gutter slut like you uses teeth on my cock?" He squeezes my mouth again. I don't know if it's to stop me from talking or screaming but it does both. Master pushes another cold dry finger into me. I want to die. It burns, and even though He is going slowly it hurts so badly.

"Hummm I expected you to be a little more worn in for being a cock whore." He spins me to face away from Him but doesn't remove His fingers.

"I guess I'm going to have to fix that right now." He pulls his fingers from me and presses the head of his cock against me.

"I'd let you get my cock wet but you said you'd bite it off so I'm going in dry and just maybe you'll learn to keep that mouth of yours shut."

"Master please don't- please I beg you even just a little spit- I won't bite I promise. Just don't do it dry." I try to pleased

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