tagGay MaleSwitch Hitter Ch. 02

Switch Hitter Ch. 02


We pulled up in front of my apartment and waited for John and his roommate to park. Mandy twinkled over to their car as I quickly unlocked the door and we all made our way into my small one bedroom apartment.

Once inside I set up my camcorder on a tripod at Mandy's urging and pointed it at the couch where our new friends stood. I zoomed out to wide angle, pressed record and blew Mandy a kiss.

Mandy smiled and looked around at the room full of men. ''Oh, so many men,'' she said playfully. ''What's a girl to do.''

She pealed off her clothes and revealed her incredible sexy body to our new friends. Her big natural 36dd tits were firm and proud with a silver stud through each hard nipple. Her flat tummy and tiny waist accentuated her full hips and gorgeous round ass. She stepped up to me and kissed me deeply as she started to undress me. Our tongues slithered together like two mating snakes as my pants and underwear dropped to the floor and my stiff 7 inch cock sprung free.

Behind us, John and his roommate Rob undressed to reveal their muscular athletic 25 year old bodies. Mandy broke our kiss and whispered in my ear. "I love you baby. Thank you for this wonderful night.''

''I love you too baby. Tonight anything goes but no kissing. I know you are dying to feel that monster cock inside you and to be honest I am looking forward to watching it split your pussy as I lick your succulent juices.''

''Mmmm baby let's go fuck,'' she said as she walked over to our new friends.

Mandy dropped slowly to her knees and grabbed John's monster cock. It looked positively enormous in her tiny hands. She closed her eyes and rubbed the monster across her full perfect lips. Rob stepped behind my beautiful girlfriend and rubbed his hard 7 inch prick over her wet swollen pussy lips as Mandy tried to fit John's cock into her mouth. Rob entered her from behind and began fucking my girlfriend with long slow strokes as Mandy licked his roommates giant cock like a Popsicle. She was clearly enjoying playing with such a fantastic hunk of man meat. I stood back and watched the erotic sight as I stroked my dick until John motioned me over.

I fell to my knees beside Mandy and we kissed deeply as she continued to stroke John's dick. She broke off the kiss and pointed the hard throbbing cock at me and told me to keep him nice and hard so she could concentrate on fucking Rob first.

I looked up John's tight rippled abs as I leisurely sucked his magnificent cock. Rob had increased his pace and was fucking Mandy hard and fast from behind. Mandy's tight wet pussy proved to be too much for him and her quickly filled her pussy with thick warm cum. Rob pulled his soft cock from Mandy's pussy and I took my cue and lay down beside her. She straddled me in a nice 69 and lowered her cum filled sloppy cunt onto my face.

I sucked and slurped Rob's seed from my beautiful girlfriend's pussy as John took Rob's place behind her. His spit covered cock rubbed over her wet swollen pussy lips as I moved my mouth to her hard clit to grant him access.

''Holy fuck!'' Mandy exclaimed as John's giant dick penetrated her liquid core. "Jeremy baby, I love you and no one has ever made me cum like you have but this thing is filling my pussy like nothing I ever imagined. Add your amazing tongue and I have died and gone to heaven.''

John sank his entire monster cock into Mandy's cunt as Rob moved in front of her and offered his semi hard cock. She took it into her talented mouth as John eased his dick out slowly letting her get accustomed to his giant dick.

I licked Mandy's clit and John's glistening cock as he fell into a steady rhythm fucking my gorgeous girlfriend. He pulled his giant fuck stick from her dripping cunt, shoved it down my throat and fucked my mouth like a wanton slut before ramming the giant tool back inside Mandy's silky pussy.

John's cock began to piston faster and harder into Mandy's pussy and she came hard as my tongue flicked over her sensitive clit.

''I'm gonna cum soon Mandy, where do you want it?'' John asked.

''Fill my cunt stud so Jeremy can suck me clean.''

John grunted as he filled Mandy's pussy with buckets of warm delicious cum and then pulled his giant fuck stick from her sloppy pussy and shoved it back into my mouth. I lovingly suckled his dick clean as it softened in my mouth and slid out with a loud slurp. Mandy sat on my face with her sloppy well fucked pussy and rubbed their combined juices all over me. I felt like a cum loving whore and I loved it.

I gulped, sucked and slurped the copious amount of fuck juice from her until she came again and collapsed on the floor in front of the couch.

I crawled over her and pressed myself against her magnificent body as our lips met in a torrid hot kiss.

''Baby, I want to see one more thing,'' she said and then whispered her request to me.

''Okay baby,'' I replied as she went to the bedroom to fetch a box of condoms and some lube. I told my new friends what Mandy wanted and they were both more than willing.

Mandy returned and I rolled a condom over my hard cock as I lubed John's smooth ass. I greased up two fingers and finger fucked his tight asshole as I poured lube over my achingly hard cock. I eased my cock slowly up John's tight asshole until I was buried balls deep inside him and I waited for Rob to finish lubing my virgin asshole. Rob's long fingers slid deep inside my asshole and expertly massaged my prostate as he lubed his dick and prepared to deflower me.

Mandy had always enjoyed fingering and even fucking my ass with dildo but that didn't prepare me for the delicious combination of pleasure and pain as Rob eased his condom covered dick up my ass.

We all started moving in perfect unison as Mandy watched and furiously fingered her delectable pussy. He eyes glazed with lust as she watched the trio of men fuck each other hard.

Sweat poured from our bodies and they glistened in the light as we fucked hard and fast. Like a perfectly choreographed dance John, Rob and I fucked harder and harder until I filled my condom inside John's tight ass as I grunted and groaned from pleasure.

Rob's big dick pistoned into my asshole stroking my prostate and keeping my cock hard even after my powerful climax.

Mandy, seeing my still hard dick, tore the condom off it and climbed beneath me to take John's place.

Our lips met in a steamy kiss as Rob thrusts forced my cock into her soaking wet cunt.

''I love you baby,'' Mandy said breathlessly as her climax approached.

''I love you Mandy,'' I said emotionally as I came again.

Rob cried out and came as Mandy and I collapsed with our lips pressed together in a deep passionate kiss.

''I love you Mandy''

"I love you Jeremy,'' she replied exhaustedly. ''Thank you for making my fantasy come true.''

''It was my pleasure; believe me...pleasure being the operative world.'' I chuckled.

We lost ourselves in each others eyes as the world around us seemed to disappear.

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