tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSwitched, Reversed, & Conquered

Switched, Reversed, & Conquered


"You know, Michael, you're a fucking liar!" she spat, sitting up in bed and staring at the blonde male. "You'll get yours one day!"

Mike grinned, his blue eyes glinting. "Sure."

"FUCK YOU!" she screamed and threw a heavy shoe at his head.

"FUCK OFF, BITCH!" he screamed and grabbed the girl by the throat. "Don't you EVER raise your voice to me or throw ANYTHING at me ever again. I'll snap you like a twig."

She nodded.


"Understood," she seethed. "But you will get yours."

"Whatever," Mike laughed.


"Is this even going to work?" she sighed, staring at the girl in the passenger seat of the car.

"If you're asking me if what we're about to do is physically, anatomically possible? I do not know. If you're asking me if we can pull off the plan and come damn close? Fuck yeah, woman!"

Starr shook her head. "I'm not sure it's worth it anymore, Megan. He's an asshole and I hate him, but I'm not sure if it's worth it."

Megan's hazel eyes pleaded with her friend. "Starr, he beat you! I saw the bruises! You're telling me you have pity for this guy?"

Starr shook her head slowly. "No, I just don't......I don't know that we can go through with this."

"Well, we're here," Megan smiled. "And Billy's waiting for us. I say we go forward with the plan."

Starr nodded hesitantly. "I'm in."

Megan grinned. "Can I get a 'whoa team'?"

Starr giggled and switched off the ignition. "Let's get this started."


"So?" Megan grinned. "You come here often?"

The blonde laughed at this. "Sure."

"What's your poison?" she smiled.

"Corona with lime, ice cold," he grinned. "Is this on the house?"

"Maybe," she winked.

He nodded and slammed back the beverage. "Always tastes best when it's free."

Megan smiled. "Is that so?"

"Yeah baby," he smirked. "It would taste even better if I was licking it off your pussy."

She cringed but continued to smile.

"Bartender," he mocked. "Another!"

She continued to ply him with alcohol for another hour, slipping some sleeping pills into the mix. When he eventually fell to floor, Megan giddily called over a bouncer and had Mike dragged to her car.

"He's my cousin," she smiled politely. "What a jackass alcoholic- it runs in the family!"

They placed Mike in her backseat, and Megan thanked them for lending a helping hand in her team of need.

Idiots, she scoffed.


"He's heavier than he looks," Billy laughed, dragging the blonde slowly towards the hotelroom door.

"Well, I certainly can't carry him," Megan laughed, eyeing her struggling boyfriend with amusement.

"He's heavy!" the black-haired male emphasized.

"Quit your bitching!" Megan giggled.

They managed to drag the unconscious male into the room, Billy placing him onto the middle of the bed. "Do your thing, girls. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Oh, we'll do our thing alright," Megan smirked.

Starr stared as her friend went to work.

The Gun

Starr watched as his pale blue eyes slowly opened, and stared with confusion across the room.

"Starr?" he groaned. "Starr, what the fuck have you done?"

He became paniced as he realized he was fastened to the headboard via a thick wire and handcuffs, his feet fastened to the bed in a similar manner. "Starr?" he screamed. "Starr, what the fuck?"

He glanced from the girl sitting at his bedside, down to his restrained feet. His body was naked.

He was tied down.

This was not good.

"Starr, what the fuck is going on here?"

"You beat me," she sighed.

He glared.

"You bruised me."

He stared at her and sneered.

"You raped me."

"So?" he spat.

"Now it's your turn," she grinned.

"OH WHAT THE FUCK EVER," he shouted and began to lurch off the bed and fight his restraints.

The wire cut into the flesh of his ankles, drawing blood that trickled down to the white sheet below. He cried out in pain, but continued to fight. The wire and handcuffs that held his hands above his head were tight, and he winced when he felt the cuffs slicing through the flesh of his wrists.

"Starr, you're going to fry in jail for this!"

He stared at the woman he once called a girlfriend, and fear filled his blue eyes.

She had a gun.

"Starr?" his voice wavered. "Starry, put down that gun."

"I don't think so, Mike," she smirked. "I don't think so."

"Starry, please," he begged. "You're scaring me."

"OH GOOD!" Megan shrieked as she entered the room.

"You're that chick.....that chick from the bar!" he blurted, confused.

"Why yes I am!" Megan grinned. "I'm so glad you remember me! I am truly honored. I mean, a guy like you fucks, what? Ten, fifteen girls a night? It's truly a miracle that you could remember someone so insignificant as myself."

Mike was utterly scared and confused. There was a gun pointed at him, and a psycho bartender rambling incessantly. Were they planning to kill him?

"Are you going to...." his voice trailed off in fear.

"Kill you?" Megan asked gingerly. "Oh no, baby, don't you worry about that. You might beg us to, but we won't kill you!"

Mike nodded.

"Now, Starr here's going to keep that gun pointed at your pretty little head and I'm going to do some work on your pretty little body. You won't fight us, will you?"

Mike whispered his reply timidly.

"Good boy!" Megan grinned.

She crawled over his body slowly, taking care to ensure that she rubbed her leg over his flaccid cock as she moved. There was no movement, and she grinned down into his scared blue eyes.

"Not too excited to be here, are ya?" she teased.

"No," he whispered.

"It's alright, baby," she grinned, running a hand over his cheek. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Mike nodded as he watched the strange brunette crawl down his body. She licked gently over his penis, bringing an uncontrollable shudder from his body.

"Hmm," she frowned. "Having a little trouble getting hard there, Mikey?"

He whimpered.

"I'd hate to think you're not enjoying yourself," she sighed, clutching his shaft in her fist and squeezing tightly.

He let out a gasp of pain.

"Does that hurt baby?"

He nodded.

"Poor baby," she grinned and let him fall back against abdomen. "So sad."

She reached out and took hold of the gun from Starr. Mike whimpered and tried, unsuccessfully, to back away from her.

"Where you going, Mikey?" she laughed. "The party's just starting!"

He watched, wide-eyed, as she caressed the long barrel of the revolver, and slowly pressed it into his temple.

"I'm going to tell you a secret," she whispered into his ear as she massaged the gun into his head. "This is what happens to little boys who beat up girls. This is what they get. Do you understand that, Michael?"

Mike nodded, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"We call this rape, Mike," she smiled and kissed his cheek. "You should know a lot about it since you make a habit of doing it to helpless girls."

She backed away from the restrained, sobbing blonde and grinned at her friend. "He's ready."

The Rape

"You might remember Billy," Megan grinned. "He's my boyfriend. Of course, you wouldn't know that, now would you?"

Mike stared wide-eyed at the familiar male. So pretty, so fragile. Mike had met him in a bar one night and taunted the young male endlessly, backing him into a corner and spitting slurs at him like "faggot," "queer," "homo," and anything else that had come to his drunken mind. He'd stuck his hand down the boy's pants, clasped his manhood, and threatened to destroy it.

"Anyhow," Megan shrugged. "You boys have met, I'm sure you remember?"

Mike didn't answer. He tried to turn his head, look away.

"MIKE?" Megan demanded, waving the gun around carelessly.

"Yeah," Mike whispered. "I know him."

"I'm just a fuckin faggot, right?" Billy grinned, straddling the blonde man. "Just a little faggot, nothing more."

Mike cringed at the words, at the other man's touch.

"Gee Mikey, seems strange to me that a faggot would have a girlfriend? Doesn't that strike you as odd?"

Mike nodded compliantly.

"Funny thing is," Billy continued to tease Mike with his words as he worked his hands slowly over the other man's naked flesh. "I'm bi, Mike."

He wiggled his eyebrows seductively. "And I think I'd like to try you on for size. See if you'd make a nice bitch."

Mike's eyes bulged from his head. "NO!" he screamed. "Please no! Oh god, no! Anything, but not that!"

"Are you a screamer?" Billy grinned as he removed his slacks and tossed them to Starr. "Cause I just love it when a hot boy screams my name. Mmm, that's so...."

"Delicious," Megan grinned.

"Yes!" Billy nodded, removing his boxers and tossing them, too, to Starr. "It's divine. Are you going to scream my name, Mikey? I'd like to hear that. That'd make me cum inside you so hard, baby."

Mike began to sob as he watched the dark-haired man stroke his erection slowly, teasingly. "Should I do you dry?" he grinned. "That'd probably really hurt you, huh? I don't think it'd hurt me much, though."

Billy paused and scratched his jaw in mock contemplation.

"Eh, let's try it and see."

Mike let out a scream that was quickly muffled by something shoved into his throat. Starr's hand fought to hold the object in place, and Mike watched, helplessly, as the other man crawled toward him.

"Oh baby, don't scream yet!" Billy smiled, running his hands over Mike's chest. "We didn't even start playing yet!"

Mike tried to fight his restraints, kicking and screaming. He simply succeeded in bloodying himself further, and earning an open-handed slap from Starr. His cheek stung where she'd made contact, and his heel was seering with the pain of the restraint.

"Please," he tried to sob helplessly. "Please stop!"

He shook his head to suggest that he wanted it to come to an end, but they either didn't see or didn't care. His body shook with fear as he felt the other man's body slowly press against his tender, virgin opening.

"I won't lie," Billy smiled. "This is going to hurt like a bitch and you'll probably bleed."

With no further warning, there was something hard and warm pressing inside his body, tearing him wide open. His entire back contorted in pain, and he felt himself splitting with the entry.

"Please, oh god, please stop," he cried softly. "No, stop!"

"Yeah, baby," Billy grinned, inching in deeper. "So tight. So hot. So beautiful."

Mike sobbed as Billy pushed deeper, deeper, til he thought he would split into two pieces. There was no time to recover from the shock and pain, as Billy had already started thrusting.

"Mmm, you're bleeding," he cooed. "So fuckin hot, Mike. So fuckin hot."

He pounded into the blonde feverishly, slowing his pace when he felt it would hurt Mike most. A scream from Mike brought a smile to Billy's face, and the pair worked perfectly against one another; Mike trying to escape, Billy bringing pain.

"Fuck, Mike," Billy moaned. "I'm going to cum now. It's going to sting. Oh fuck, so hot."

Mike let out a scream that was muffled by the gag, feeling his entire body cringe with the horrible painful sensation of Billy's releasing inside his bloodied anus.

Billy hissed as he withdrew, eyeing his bloodied erection and nodding approvingly. "That must of hurt there, Mikey. I'm so sorry," he smirked.

The Switchblade

He wanted to die.

Surely they would take pity on him and kill him.

Surely they would.....

He spotted the glistening object and gasped.

A knife.

A switchblade.

Oh god, he though, they're going to slice me.

"So pretty," Megan cooed. "So beautiful, Michael. I'll bet girls tell you all the time how beautiful you are?"

Mike did nothing to respond.

"Mmm, Mike," Megan grinned, running the blade slowly over his chest. "Beauty isn't everything."

She sliced his nipple.

"Why Mike," she winked, "you're bleeding!"

With this, she sliced a line down his chest. Blood rose to the surface of his skin, and the pain of the incision made him scream again the gag.

"Mike, Mike, Mike," she grinned. "Don't be such a baby!"

She ran the blade down his body, lower, lower, lower.

"Oh god, not there!" he screamed but to no avail. She'd sliced into his testicles.

"Oopsy!" she shrugged. "That's gotta hurt."

Blood poured from between his thighs, soaking through the bedsheets. Like a crimson river, it flowed down to his feet. There, his ankles had their own pools of ruby, the latice-work of pain creating a haunting image on the bedsheet.

"Poor, sweet Mike," Megan grinned. "Bleeding from every hole he's got."

Starr's eyes filled with tears. "He's had enough, Megan. He's had enough."

Megan shrugged. "I don't think so. He's still alive. We can still play."

Billy nodded. "I have an idea!"

The Whip

"Let him go," Starr pleaded. "He's going to die if you keep him."

"Where's he going to go?" Billy grinned, shaking the long whip in Starr's face. "Besides, I still want to play!"

Megan nodded. "They play nice together, let them play!"

Starr ran into the bathroom to vomit.

"Mike!" Billy grinned, prancing towards the bed and showing off the long black whip. "Looky what I got!"

Mike's body shook. He was losing consciousness as he slowly lost blood.

Was he dying? He hoped so.

Billy flicked his wrist and the whip smacked across Mike's chest. He flew up off the bed, then crashed back down mewing.

"Hurts, doesn't it?" Billy grinned. "Well, that one's for Starr."

Billy slammed the whip down over Mike's paralyzed body again, this time striking him in the thigh. Mike screamed.

"That one's for me," Billy winked.

He slammed the whip down again and contacted with Mike's severed genitals. Mike let out a scream that surprised even Megan.

"That one's for all the other girls and guys you've tortured, you slut!"

Billy tossed the whip away, and leaned over Mike's bruised, bloodied, and destroyed body. "You were so pretty, Michael, but not anymore!"

He kissed the tip of the blonde's nose and smirked. "Sorry, Mike, I'd love to stay and play, but apparently, Starr's a little....out of sorts with this whole thing."

He jumped off the bed and scooped up the sick girl. Megan nodded at Mike as she slowly shut the door behind them.

Mike screamed into the gag until his voice could take no more.

He felt his arms going numb, his body slipping into a black void. Whether it was sleep, unconsciousness or death, he no longer cared. He'd take anything- anything to make the pain go away.


"We did good," Megan grinned.

Billy nodded. "Starr?"

She nodded timidly and stared out the car window.

"Starr, honey, are you okay?" Megan sighed.

Starr began to sob.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Billy pleaded with the young girl, rubbing her shoulders gently.

"I....he....I," she stammered, searching for the words.

"What is it, baby?" Billy smiled reassuringly.

"I'm pregnant!" Starr sobbed.

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