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Switching Tracks


Standing at the tracks, Lenore told herself to be patient, but she was hot and already wet. The train wasn't even due for another 30 minutes, but that didn't matter. She'd been picturing this in her head for days. She could taste it, the taste of Derrick's power. She straightened her collar with one of the most satisfied grins.

"I'm your hot, dirty girl, Derrick." she said aloud.

It was a slow train ride and the destination was unknown, but she didn't care. Derrick was going to let her control the scene, order the little playmate to do to what she wanted to his body. That bit of control had Lenore shaking in her new boots.

The train pulled up and she watched it finally halt to a stop, and then people started to file out. Couples embraced each other, as if they'd been separated for months. How would I find that strong voice? Lenore thought, as Derrick walk down the steps with the playmate in tow.

Derrick clutched the playmate's wrist and turned his head to see Lenore standing in an outfit that she'd never worn. Thigh-high black boots, a leather short skirt, and a tight corset which laced up in the front. It was an added surprise for him which he rewarded her greatly for with his approving grin.

They casually walked toward her, the playmates blonde, stick-straight hair glowing from the sun. Her ivory skin looked untouched, as her knees peeked from below the one piece, red cotton-stretch dress. She glided smoothly behind Derrick, her shoulders and breasts were a blushing pink, like she'd been sun burnt, but Lenore was betting it was from the excitement of what was to come.

"This is Kitten," Derrick flashed a wolfish grin at Lenore, knowing she was turned on. "Kitten this is, Lenore." In that moment Kitten didn't speak, only nodded.

"Nice to meet you, Kitten." Lenore spoke. Her hazel colored eyes sparkled, as she fluttered her lashes innocently, "Lovely meeting you as well, Miss Lenore." Her voice was like a drop of honey, Lenore thought.


Lenore sat across from Kitten in their private car, as Derrick took the ripped half of his train ticket from the gentleman, and then took a seat next to Lenore. Derrick had placed a black bag on the table earlier when they'd entered the private room. It was the toy's that Lenore had asked for.

"Pull up your dress, Kitten." Lenore ordered, and without hesitation she did so. No panties covering a smoothly shaved pussy; another thing she'd asked for.

Lenore stood from her seat and proceeded to open the bag. She cleared the zipper with tweezer-type nipple clamps, connected by a fancy chain. She knelt down between Kitten's open knees, her swollen clit already exposed. "I see you're ready for us." Lenore purred at the sight.

"Yes, Miss Lenore." Kitten softly spoke, which reminding Lenore of how she sounded when Derrick had control.

Derrick's view was in the perfect line of sight when Lenore leaned down and whisked her tongue over the taut, pink bud. His growl was one of a simmering boil. Lenore could feel the need behind her, as she took another taste and listened to the soft whimper of Kitten's exhale.

"Take off the dress, Kitten." Lenore continued.

"Yes, Miss Lenore." Kitten tugged it up and over her head, laying it down on the seat beside her.

Lenore leaned in between her parted legs with the fancy chain and clamps still coiled in her fingers. She licked and sucked at the tips of Kitten's erect nipples, pulling them roughly into her mouth. When she stopped and took her lips away, Kitten was panting and sliding her hips forward.

"Oh yes, you want something to rub against that pussy, don't you?" Lenore said with a wicked tone. "I have just the thing for you, Kitten." Lenore set a clamp against the first nipple, holding it tightly in place, as Kitten gave a shiver from the pressure. And then the second one, placed at the other nipple, the fancy chain dangling between her small, shapely breasts. The cold chain laid against Kitten's quivering stomach as Lenore brought the chain to the end, and then opened the last clamp.

"Are you ready Kitten?" Lenore teased; she had always wanted to be the one who teased, just as Derrick had done to her.

"Oh yes, please Miss Lenore, please!" Kitten begged, the clamp only inches away from touching the swollen bud. Lenore leaned in toward her, giving her one last lick over the stem of her sex and then pinched it with her fingers, setting the clamp in place.

"Ohh!" Kitten whimpered. Lenore backed away to look at her and then turned to look at Derrick. His approving grinned was filled with need, as he lick his lower lip, looking at the beauty before him.

"Kitten, get on your knees before my Master." Lenore paused, "You are going to lick, suck and stroke his cock. If you do an exceptional job, I will lick that pretty pussy of yours until you cum." Kitten went to her knees, her eyes staring into Lenore's, listening to her demands.

"If you don't and I see that he isn't pleased, I will spank you with my open hand. Is that understood?" Lenore asked, as Kitten proceeded to undo the top button to his pants, opening the zipper, as Derrick lifted his hips and then she slid his pants down to his ankles.

"Yes, Miss Lenore." she purred softly, watching Derrick's cock spring up in front of her chin.

Lenore almost moaned from the site, as she moved to the seat behind Kitten, while Kitten removed Derrick's shoes, discarding his pants to the seat next to him.

Kitten wrapped her small hand around Derrick's length. Her tiny, soft fingers began to move while Lenore looked down to see Kitten's sweet wetness. Shining against her swollen and parted lips, the clamp held her clit in perfect sight.

Derrick shut his eyes enjoying the first touch of her lips, her hand steadily moving against him. Lenore became impatient looking for the first rough growl to leave Derricks lips, but he hadn't let out even so much as a sigh or a pleasing smile. He was holding back, pushing Lenore to take action.

"Not good enough!" Lenore's hand came down and made contact with her pale cheek, vibrating her soft skin. "Make him moan, Kitten."

"Oh!" Kitten gasped, her mouth just above his cock. "Yes, Miss Lenore." she whimpered.

Kitten began to drag her tongue from the base to the crest of his crown, encircling her tongue around the tip and then sucked him deep into her mouth. She repeated that several times and Lenore could see that Derrick no longer remain still.

"Good girl, Kitten." And with that Lenore leaned down and began to lick the sweet cream from her lips, butting up against the clamp that held her clit tightly in place.

Kitten moan against Derrick's cock and then released him to take a breath. Derrick's hips fell down into the seat, wanting for the return pleasure.

"I don't hear him moaning yet, Kitten." Another loud smack and Lenore's hand printed the opposite cheek.

Kitten moved her lips around his crown, sucking and whimpering against his hardened flesh, as she began to take him deeper and deeper each time.

Derrick's breath was rough now. A growl vibrated his throat and then he hissed from each pass she took. His hands sank into her scalp, coiling his fingers into her blonde hair, as he began to grip and pulling it.

The sounds of wetness and the popping of Kitten's lips filled the small private car. Kitten's moans became louder against Derrick's cock while Lenore greedily flicked at Kitten's pussy, as she squeezed Lenore's tongue while it entered and exited her heated channel.

"Make him cum, right now, Kitten." Lenore ordered, her breath against Kitten's wet lips.

Lenore reached forward under her knelt body and removed the clamps from her nipples, sending the rush of pleasure and pain to the tips of them. Lenore then reached in between Kitten's thighs, as she wiggled and whimpered, trying to keep the pace of her hungry mouth.

"I love you Master, this is all for you, for us." Lenore removed the last clamp, releasing the pressure to Kitten's clit.

Kitten squeezed a little tighter, sliding her wet fingers along his cock, as her lips chased them to the base.

Lenore flicked her tongue across Kitten's pulsing flesh, thrashing her tongue against it.

Derrick groaned when he heard Kitten start to cum, releasing his essence into her mouth. Kitten drank from him, taking what he spilled against her tongue. His mouth gaped open, sucking air into his lungs, holding Kitten tightly in his grasp. Lenore smiled as he looked up into her eyes with a glimmer of satisfaction.

"We will be switching tracks on the train ride home." He spoke with a promising tone.

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