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Swords & Daggers


"Put that sword down honey they're not toys." He said to his daughter not even looking toward her from the television.

"I'm not a child anymore Father." She grimaced as she slid the blade back into its sheath and placing it on the shelf with all the others. Connie was 18 now and totally obsessed with swords, daggers and other sharp objects. She loved her Fathers stash of daggers and swords from modern and ancient eras. It was some collection and her father let no one near it, not even her. Walking back to her room and closed turning up her Slipknot album up as loud as it would go, laying in bed staring at the many heavy metal music idol posters all over the roof and walls.

Connie had had sexual feelings towards other girls but had never seriously thought about exploring them and she never hit on other girls either. However the thoughts of sex with girls was increasing in her mind. She had many gothic friends and was referred to as gothic herself. Her numerous piercings were her children and she loved them to death, her nose, left eyebrow, labret, tongue, belly, clit and right nipple were all pierced including 2 in each ear.

Her Mother banged on her door, Connie opened it with a blank look on her face, her mother just handed her the phone and walked away disgusted. "Hello?"

"Hey Connie it's Lisa are you coming tonight or what?"

"Yeah, can you pick me up?"


"Ok see you in an hour,"

"Yep," They hung up and Connie got herself ready with the typical make up and black cloths. An hour later as she stared out her bedroom window she spotted Lisa's car and walked out of the house and left.

They got back at 3 the next morning and found the house empty, Connie invited her friend in and they sat in her room, talking. The talk was quite plan until Lisa asked "Hey, Connie..." she looked to the floor embarrassed. "Do you like... like the feelings of pain?" Connie was stunned by her question and quickly tried to think of a way around it. Extremely embarrassed she just looked at the floor and replied very unconvincingly,

"No". Lisa just smiled now feeling confident of where Connie's feelings lay. "Why do you ask anyway Lizzy?"

"Oh no reason really, it was just I saw all of those swords and daggers as I walked in and wondered if you had ever used them." Again Connie was stunned at what was coming out of her mouth, Lisa was supposed to be the normal one and she was supposed to be the self mutilating, blade obsessed freak. "Oh c'mon you can't honestly say you haven't ever used a knife on yourself or at least thought about it, Lisa said with a very cheeky smile. Connie went red and looked back at the floor, Lisa just kept smiling and left the room only to return with her favorite dagger.

"What are you doing?" she stuttered as the heat of her body rose a few degrees immediately getting wet at the sight.

The grin on Lisa's face just kept getting bigger knowing exactly what was happening to Connie because it was happening to her as well. Lisa laid down the blade on Connie's bed with care, taking up the dagger and slicing her own thumb. Connie watched as her body boiled and as her black panties were soaked. Lisa took the thumb to her mouth sucking on it, for Connie this was too much and without any thought at all her hand went between her legs. Lisa Smiled as she closed her eyes pretending not to see what her friend was doing to herself. Without opening her eyes Lisa said, "Give me your hand." Connie snapped out of her bliss at the question and removed her hand as quickly as she could and gave Lisa her other hand, without wet fingers. Lisa opened her eyes and looked deeply into Connie's eyes as she slit Connie's Thumb and gestured her to suck it. Lisa had already been wet for sometime and when Connie closed her eyes she massaged her clit through the skirt she was wearing. After a few presses against her clit she grabbed Connie's hand and sucked her thumb, immediately they both moaned and soon after broke into a kiss. They pashed until all the blood was gone out of their mouths and their hands started to roam.

Connie began to massage Lisa's breasts as Lisa put down the knife and started massaging Connie's. Lisa then started to remove all of Connie's clothes and when she was naked in front of her she took the blade of the bed and laid Connie down tying her hands to the bed head so she couldn't move. Her reasoning being that if Connie moved the bladed could slip, but Lisa just liked the look of her best friend tied down in front of her. Lisa picked up the dagger and then blind folded Connie, she put the knife to Connie's forehead and traced the point down her nose over, her lips, over her chin, down her neck and over each breast. She made tiny cuts in her nipples and let the blood trickle out down her breasts, then as she traced the dagger over her belly scratching but not cutting Connie began moaning loudly. With that Lisa pressed the flat part of the dagger against her clit, Connie's body arched as the cold steel sent shivers through her body.

Lisa took the blindfold of her and untied her hands, immediately Connie rose pashing Lisa and took off all of her cloths slowly and laying her on the bed she kissed her body with the dagger in one hand tracing her body with it. Connie pressed her pelvis into Lisa's grinding into hers as she pashed her and bit down her neck. Connie positioned herself between Lisa's legs put the blade against her clit and inserted too fingers deep inside her. Pressing the blade hard against her clit she fingered faster and faster, Lisa moaned louder and louder screaming to Connie to fuck her harder Connie kept finger fucking her and kissing her belly and fiddling with her belly button piecing. "FUCK ME!!!" she screamed as she came screaming out in pleasure as Connie bit her nipple increasing the pleasure of her orgasm. When Lisa came down she looked at Connie and said with a laugh and a huge grin. "HEHE now your gonna get it."

To Be Continued...

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