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SWTOR: The Emperor's Wrath Ch. 06


A/N: Hi everyone! Its been quite some time since I wrote an author's note so I decided I shall do so this time round.

No sex in this chapter today so I greatly apologize for that! There's only so much I can cram into a chapter before I get tired and have to stop at an appropriate point in the story. Nevertheless, I hope you guys can see that I'm trying to write more content per chapter so you readers can enjoy.

I know this page is all about erotica, and I would like to thank those who read my stories and rate them as well. But I also want to know your thoughts on the story so far besides the sex scenes. Is my attempts at branching out and adding my own flair and twists to the story while keeping to the original content going good so far? Let me know!

The real encouragement I get is from those who comment and give their two cents about what they feel about it! (Besides saying 'its good!'. I appreciate it but I would love to see a little more detail as to what part of it you love.) It feels more personal and encourages me to write more so if you can, please comment if you have the time!

Enjoy this new chapter! Cheers!


Morning came quickly for the disciple of Ragnos. When he woke, Malora was already cleaned up and her belly had returned to normal. He laid there as she paced about her quarters in the nude, admiring her well-toned derriere and ample bosom as it bounced with each step she took. As her she turned her back to him, Aaric noticed what seemed to be the same symbol of Marka Ragnos etched under her skin on her right butt cheek.

Aaric concluded that it may be a mark of his dominance and control over her, so he would not need to worry about betrayal from his new cocksleeve. It didn't hurt anyone to be too careful, however. Having deemed enough rest, he got up stark naked as well and began putting on his clothes.

Malora noticed his actions and greeted him with a curtsey, jiggling her bounteous breasts and threatening Aaric's pole to stir once again. "Good morning, my lord. I trust you had a good rest?"

"Yes I have, my dear." Aaric replied as nonchalantly as he could. He would not show favoritism or thoughtfulness yet until he had more women under his thrall. It was best suited to play upon women's jealousies and fight over him, trying to outdo one another to please him. "I will need to return to the academy immediately. Is the brain ready?"

"Yes, my lord. Once The dark council sees it, it will definitely discredit Lord Renning and exile him. Execute him even, if we're lucky." Malora explained, she suddenly turned meek as a dusk of pink graced her cheeks "Ah... my lord? I hope you found my body enjoyable."

Aaric chuckled at how tame she was towards him now that he had asserted dominance over the woman. He stepped forward and pulled her body towards his. Smashing her chest onto his and grinding his bulge on her nether regions. "And what a wonderful body it is." He hissed enticingly. "I look forward to the next time we meet again. Then, your arse is mine."

Malora shivered at the thought and noted in the back of her mind to start training her anal passage for the day he returned. "I understand, master. Do you have any further instructions?"

"Continue with your original plans. Dispose of Lord Renning with the brain, then ensure you choose a new master who is someone as influential as possible within the Sith Sanctum or the Imperial High Command." Aaric ordered. "When the time comes and I have risen through the ranks, you will be called upon to stand at my side. Is that clear?"

"Crystal, my lord." She bowed again, "Master?"

"Yes, What is-" His sentence was cut-off by warm lips encompassing his. Overcoming the shock of the sudden action, Aaric took control of the situation and leaned onto Malora; forcing her invading tongue back into her mouth with his own. He could feel her dedication and devotion from the presence she was subconsciously emitting. Aaric smirked as he pulled away from the kiss. She would be useful later.

"I'll be ready next time we meet, my lord. Goodbye." She declared sultrily as possible.

Aaric merely nodded in response and made his way back to the academy.


Aaric strode down the hallway towards Overseer Tremel's office. But just as he was about to turn the corner, a familiar hulking dunce rounded it and blocked his path: Dolgis. Aaric's annoyance levels rose again. It seemed one lesson was not enough, so another was due to put him out of his misery.

"Well, look who's here. Remember me?"

"Of course! Dolgis: the slave who was vomiting all over the floor like a beggar. Are we here to play twenty questions? If not, you need to move out of my way." "I put myself in your way, buddy. On purpose." Dolgis sneered, visibly agitated from being reminded being beaten so swiftly. "Notice anything interesting? No witnesses. No witnesses means no rules."

Aaric's fingers twitched in annoyance. It seemed this fool was finally giving in to his temptation to get himself killed.

"No more shortcuts. No more special treatment. You're just gonna be another dead failure on Korriban!" The dim-witted hulk declared as he drew his blade and swung downwards in one swoop.

Aaric, snorting at such an awfully telegraphed move, side stepped the attack and delivered a mighty force-enhanced blow to Dolgis' gut followed by a kick to the back of his knee, forcing him to kneel. Finally, a swift smash to the back of his head with the pommel of his warblade.

In less than a span of five seconds, Dolgis was down on the ground once again nursing cracked ribs, traumatized solar plexus and a brutalized cervical spine which would impede his movement temporarily. The dunce groaned as he convulsed and heaved once again with his face stuck to the floor, covering it in vomitus.

"Cross my path again Dolgis, and that will be the last thing you ever do. Tell the rest of them. Hell, tell all the acolytes on Korriban: I'm coming for Vemrin, and he better not run away."

Leaving him to his own devices, he turned sharply and continued through the hallway. Entering the Overseer's office, Aaric noted a worried expression gracing Tremel's features. Upon the sound of the doors sliding open, Tremel immediately went up to him.

"Thank the force you have arrived! And not a moment too soon." He spoke worriedly, "We must speak quickly, acolyte. There isn't much time. I may have made a slight miscalculation."

"Miscalculation?" Aaric raised a brow, "Was I not supposed to kill the beast of Marka Ragnos?"

"Maybe. But it doesn't matter now." Tremel replied, "The beast of Marka Ragnos was a great source of dark energy here on Korriban. When it was slain, there was a tremor in the force. Darth Baras felt that tremor and has become aware of your presence. He demands an audience."

Aaric was taken aback, if only slightly. He paused in thought before continuing, "If that's what he wants, then who are we to not entertain him? Tell me what to expect, overseer."

"Good. You do not let the unexpected control your fears." The overseer praised, then furrowed his brows as he explained. "Baras is a serious man, but a master of deception. Everything he does and says is calculated. He will attempt to trip you up, test your nature, get to the heart of who you are. Always take him seriously, and I mean always."

Aaric nodded grimly. A war of words and minds were sometimes more dangerous than those dealt with swords. "Understood overseer. I shall tread carefully in his presence."

Unexpectedly, Tremel strode up to him and gave him a piercing glare as if to emphasize his point. "Be very careful, acolyte. One slight misstep, and he can destroy you or bend you to his will without you even knowing it. We might not speak again acolyte. You're the best chance of stopping Vemrin. If you fail, I doubt there will be another strong enough. Good luck. Meet Darth Baras in his chambers and hurry! He won't take kindly to waiting."

The acolyte nodded and bowed before leaving Tremel to be alone with his thoughts. For some reason, Tremel felt a sense of foreboding overcome him. Whether or not Aaric succeeded, it would be his eventual destruction.


The Sith Academy was humungous. However, with little effort and the help of a holomap, Aaric eventually found the hallway towards Darth Baras' chambers. Striding through, he groaned in irritation once again as a party of four acolytes turned to greet him as he rounded the corner. Three male and one female.

What is it between me and having mysterious meetings around corners? Aaric thought.

The demure looking woman had black hair and sported bangs with the sides tied up and dangling between her cheeks with the rest in a pony tail. Her light yellow-beige skin tone gave her an almost exotic appearance followed by her small and tight body frame with modest pert bust and bosom. The fact she was wearing a black Sith suit compared to normal robes placed her to be a cut above the other acolytes.

"There, Teeno. I believe he's the one." She muttered, turning to face the acolyte next to her.

Teeno, Aaric presumed, was almost as large as Dolgis but sported dark skin and equally dark hair. His all-red armor and large pauldrons on his shoulders also seemed to mark him as someone with at least some skill. Whereas Dolgis' demeanor was threatening, Teeno's seemed enthusiastic and naïve.

"Really? All right. Hey, you!" He called out.

"Careful Teeno!" The girl chided, "You don't want to get us all killed do you?"

Great... another dunce. Aaric mentally facepalmed. He braced himself for an attack, waiting for them to make the first move. However, they walked up to him calmly and stood at a distance.

"Come on, Phyne! I'm antsy for some action." He complained. "You there! Are you the big shot they're all talking about? The one who's been personally summoned by Darth Baras himself?"

Aaric scoffed amusedly. Him? A big shot? Hardly... but he would become one eventually. For now, his attention was focused solely on the petite woman in front of him. Another Sith pussy ripe for the taking, if he could survive Baras of course.

"News sure does travel fast it seems." Aaric replied dangerously, "If you know of me, then you should know that getting in my way is a very dangerous proposition indeed."

"Wait! We're not here to fight you!" Phyne placed her hands up in submission, "I'm Phyne, and this is Teeno. The twins behind us are the Malto twins, Carron and Morrow. Please pardon my overeager friend. It's just that we've heard so much about you."

"And we want to get in good with you." The lumbering man quipped.

"Teeno!" Phyne hissed. She sighed and continued to explain. "What my blunt partner here means is that if you need anything or anyone, say dealt with, we'd like you to consider us."

Aaric looked at them amusedly and crossed his arms. "Go on."

"She's talking about Vemrin. We'll kill him for you!" Teeno exclaimed.

Once again, the petite Acolyte palmed her face. "Sorry. I should have Teeno muzzled. So, what do you say? We know Vemrin tried to have you killed. Would you like him eliminated?"

"As much as I'd like to see him dead before my very eyes, I'd very much prefer not to stoop to his level of dirty tricks, thank you very much." Aaric sighed, "Besides, it would be a waste of resources to get yourselves all killed when all of you could be concentrating on your training and at least try to be of use to the empire."

"No, no of course you won't. You're too smart to be like that brute." Phyne pursed her luscious pink lips. "There are rules. Acolytes are not to openly kill one another. Everyone knows of your rivalry. If you kill him, the lords will presume your guilt."

"But if Vemrin croaks while you got an alibi, people might be suspicious, but they won't be able to pin it on you. See?" Teeno continued enthusiastically.

Aaric blinked in surprise. It seemed this hulking dunce wasn't as stupid as Dolgis as he first assumed. Still not as smart as Phyne, but it seemed he had enough common sense. So far, both Teeno and Phyne made solid points. Still, he found it completely unnecessary. It was obvious to him that they were simply trying to gain his favour.

"In all honesty, I understand what your plan is and what you're trying to do. However, I believe you have wasted your breath." Aaric declared. "Know this: I represent the greatest threat to him because I've been pushed ahead. I don't need to seek him out first. Eventually, he will realize that the only way of stopping me is to face me himself. And when the time comes, it will take place outside the academy and away from the eyes of the Lords, and only then will I kill him."

"Besides, I would be sorely disappointed if such a... fine woman as you died by his unworthy hands." Aaric laid his lusty gaze on the only female in the hall. Phyne tore her eyes away from his with a dust of pink on her cheeks. "One look and I can tell all four of you together would not stand a matchstick's chance on Hoth in defeating him."

Phyne snapped into a look of conviction. "Let us prove ourselves to you, then. Spar with us, then decide if we have the skills to benefit you in this endeavor."

"Fine then," Aaric exasperated, "at least this should provide me with some warmup."

"At your best, boys!" Phyne exclaimed, "Its time to audition for the big show!

The four drew their blades, but Aaric didn't draw his. He simply stood there and waited for them to attack. He wouldn't need to draw his own for something as trivial as a spar. Aaric noted, however, that throughout the conversation, the Malto twins did not say a word. It didn't matter though. The outcome was already decided.


The 'spar' was over in less than two minutes. While the four of them got up from the ground grunting and moaning in pain, Aaric stood tall and unwavering without having broken a sweat.

"You... still took all four of us apart." Phyne exclaimed, holding her bruised abdomen. "This changes everything. From what I hear, Vemrin's every bit your physical equal. If we can't even hold up sparring against you, we'll never be able to kill him!"

"Vemrin's nothing compared to me." Aaric scoffed, "But I agree, Phyne. You better steer your pretty little arse away from Vemrin. The rest of you however, go ahead and kill yourselves if you still want to try."

Ignoring the snark remark, Phyne continued. "Well, this has been quite the sobering experience. Thanks for setting us straight."

"I don't get it. Are we gonna kill somebody or not?" Teeno whined, looking genuinely disappointed even when he had gotten an ass kicking just moments before.

"No, Teeno." She replied sadly, "And I think we ought to rethink this whole Sith training thing, yeah?"

In his head, Aaric's mind was already churning out a plan to bring her under him, in more ways than one. Just before she turned to exit the hallway, he called out to her.

"Hold up there Phyne." Aaric called out. Phyne stopped in her tracks and gave him a quizzical look. "To tell you the truth, your performance during our spar was much better than the rest. Your nimble and flexible body seems very much suited to a style of fighting I've learnt in the past."

Phyne narrowed her eyes at the subtle hint. "Go on." She stated cautiously.

Taking a bold step forward, Aaric wrapped an arm around her petite waist and pulled her body towards him. Instinctively, she grabbed a hold of his shoulders so as not to fall over, which resulted in her smashing her pert breasts to his muscular pectorals.

"I would loath to see such a... fine specimen such as you go to waste." Aaric whispered seductively into her ear. "Furthermore, getting out of the Sith program is far harder than you think. Surely you're smarter than Teeno to realise that."

"I-I guess so..." Phyne stammered, blushes staining her cheeks once more.

Having gained her undivided attention, Aaric tilted her head up with his free hand. "Come find me in my chambers tonight, and I will teach you the path to be a stronger Sith than you are now."

Without letting her reply, he leant down and kissed her lips with full force, dominating her and controlling the rhythm. Phyne resisted at first, but her tired body could not keep up and the surprising pleasure she received from the kiss made her succumb to his ministrations.

Suddenly, she felt a trickle of energy emanate from the invading tongue and wash over her from within. Slowly, the pain in her entire body disappeared and her strength returned. Shocked by the seemingly inconceivable act, she finally found the strength to push herself away and break the kiss. Aaric simply smirked as she tried to figure out what happened.

When she could not find any, she rounded on Aaric. "What in the galaxy did you to do me?!"

"Simple, a token of good will." Aaric retorted. "Like I said, come find me in my chambers and I will show you the way to power and more of what you just felt if you'd like."

Turning around, he left Phyne to gather her thoughts, having planted a seed within her. With luck, he would have another Sith slut before the night was over.

The doors to Darth Baras' chambers slid open silently and Aaric stepped in to see that there was already a briefing being conducted. Scanning the room, he spotted Vemrin's bald figure on the left side just as he turned around slightly to see his arrival.

Calmly, he stood to the side at the back and leant against a pillar with folded arms while listening to the infamous Darth Baras himself. He wore a stylized mask which had only slits for the eyes. Large and sharp pauldrons adorned his already large, if not obese, figure. His chest guard and leggings were also armored in a similar style. This gave him an almost intimidating look for those who couldn't see his facial expressions.

"Most of you will not return from this endeavor. If you die, you will be forgotten. If you give up, you will be killed. Now, out of my sight." He exclaimed dangerously.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." One acolyte muttered as he walked side by side with Vemrin.

"You should." Vemrin growled. "This is the end of the line for you Klemral. Just make sure you stay out of my way."

Eventually, they neared the entrance and stopped to look at the patiently waiting Aaric, who was sporting a smug look as Vemrin gritted his teeth in annoyance. "Look here, Vemrin. I see the upstart but no sign of Dolgis." Klemrall exclaimed.

"Klemral, Vemrin. You have been dismissed." The dark lord words cut across the room.

"Yes, master." Klemrall bowed and left. Vemrin though, looked like he still had a few more words to say. He got into his face, which did nothing to intimidate his rival.

"I underestimated you by sending Dolgis." He hissed. "I promise you. It will not happen again."

"Of course it won't, Vemrin." Aaric replied patronizingly. "Because you'll be dead before then."

The fellow acolyte harrumphed and strode out of the room, leaving only Aaric to face Baras.

"Are you having trouble with acolyte Vemrin, supplicant?" Baras prodded.

Supplicant? Aaric thought. Fool... I beg to no one unless they serve my purposes.

"No trouble at all, Lord Baras." Aaric replied offhandedly. "He simply likes to pick off more than he can chew. He just hasn't realized it yet."

"That is because he has the strength to back it up." Baras stood from his chair, his large frame slowly closing the distance between them. "Vemrin has been hardened into a lethal machine. Vemrin has paid his dues. And unlike you, he's fought a deck stacked against him to get here."

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