Sydd~Big Dog


As a rule, I normally don't….dogs are not my kind of creature. They're fine—'man's best friend' and all that—but like most men I know, they're too high maintenance…. Give me a cat, any day—not that I have one—and let me spend the rest of that energy indulging myself….

I got the call late afternoon. It was an emergency of sorts. R had to make the long drive to his parents. He couldn't take Roscoe along….. "Roscoe!" "Roscoe!???" What the hell kind of name was that for a dog? And then he told me: Roscoe's a poodle. A poodle! A poodle!!!!.... not only do I not like dogs, but now I' saddled with some little snippy, bitch-boy dog, who'd probably piss himself the first sign of trouble—friendship….

R left his key with my doorman. The note assured me that Roscoe was extremely well behaved. Voice commands and all that…. It was an early spring evening not quite dusk; an hour or so to go before the sun decided to call it a day. Roscoe needed his walk. It would be our one and only shared experience…. I pulled a wrap over what was a probably a too, too short dress…way tight as usual. I didn't give a second thought to the stilettos. After all, I figured, "a poodle?...."

I turned the key in the lock, looked to the floor for something small and scurrying….instead it bounded towards me covering the distance of the huge, block-long loft, from back to front in three, maybe four leaps…. I froze, my back against the door as he rose on his hind legs and began to lick me…. 'goddamit!!!' My make-up! The brute was absolutely huge—and friendly as hell…not exactly what I expected…. 'Down, Roscoe,' I clipped. The response was immediate—the paws fell from my shoulders and Roscoe flounced to his haunches, head to the side, tongue lolling…. 'Good dog,' I demurred, and the stub of a tail pounded the floor in delight….

Damn, he was big! Here, I had counted on some miniature, inbred runt with a pom pom for a tail and R had left me with a pure-bred, bear hunter with a coat as thick and as nappy as my own short hair—only where I was a blond, his was jet black. The big, nappy-headed bruiser was beginning to grow on me….


I marched to the bath to repair my face….major triage with minimal tools—I wasn't at home and I hadn't packed with having my blush licked off in mind….but I'm resourceful…. I made it through, and all the while, Roscoe sat in the door and attended me dutifully….

I figured I needed a drink—juice preferably—before Roscoe and I made our rounds. I iced a glass, poured some cran and pulled myself up on a stool…. My leg swinging idly and Roscoe made his move….

He wrapped himself around my runner's calf and began to hump….that big pink thing slid out of its sheath and glossed my patent leather pump leaving a thin sheen….

'Goddamit, dog!!!!!' I bellowed! Roscoe flipped; skirted from me and ran for a corner….it appeared that this affair was short-lived. 'Time to get your ass out in the air,' I said to myself. I pulled his lead from the back of the door, dangled it and summoned him….true male, he slunk towards me….


Five-five, five-six on a good day…add four inches in my stilettos and I still couldn't get over what a big beast he was….neither could anyone else on the street. Lots of people seemed amazed by the sight of me and my charge—little lady and big, big dog—as we headed for the park. All in all, Roscoe was the perfect gentleman—on a leash….

I figured that all Roscoe needed was some air and exercise…. I had completely forgotten what kind of exercise that might be until we rounded a bend…. There she was….maybe fifty yards ahead of us…. If I had had Roscoe's nose I would have smelled her heat too…. She must have sensed him almost as immediately as he did her. She broke from the slack grip of her owner and took off downwind….Roscoe tore his lead from my hand and entered into truly hot pursuit…. 'Goddammit!' for the third time in less than an hour….

I tried to keep pace. 'Damn these heels! Damn this tight-assed skirt! Damn 36-C of silicone!' Off with the heels; up with the skirt and into a dead sprint. The athlete in me kept pace—barefoot for maybe three-quarters a mile or so—good conditioning; but the four-legged ones had the advantage….they broke for a clearing. As I fell against a tree I caught sight of the bitch's master hurtling downed limbs trying to keep up….

I rested against the tree, tried to catch my breath and pulled my stilettos back on as I took in the two in the clearing. The courtship ritual had begun. First they romped, shadowing each other. Over and again until they both decided that that was old…. Then Roscoe made his mac move…. I watch as he sniffed….she went stone still…. Then Roscoe did something I'd never seen a dog do—at least I don't recall…. He licked her coochie…. He laid that long pink tongue against her pussy and lapped…. She started to whine and back up…. The skin started to roll back on that doggie bone and pink peeked out….

She twisted back so that her head was beneath his hind legs as well, facing him. She too began to lick….the pink got bigger, and slid out its sheath….the big boy started to shiver….

I am not a farm girl. I hardly frequent zoos….animal sex holds no appeal for me….but girlfriend knew what she wanted and she wanted my boy….and his nose was literally up her pussy…. I felt my thong stretching….

I knew he was close by. My defenses are never down…. I felt him come up behind me…. 'Interesting, aren't they?'

'Yes….very….' I breathed shallowly….

He was too close when Roscoe mounted her, his forepaws on her haunches….she tried to pull away as her searched for her heat….

He couldn't pull away as I reached for his…. He was thick in his sweatpants…. 'If you're going to take advantage of the moment, you'd better do it now,' I said hoarsely. I pushed the waistband down and he pressed his thickness between the barely covered crack of my ass, my skirt short, and hardly down after all of my exertions…..

I moaned…. 'Ooooo, Daddi…. You are a big dog….'

He got closer…just like Roscoe was doing, and whispered in my ear, 'And you are a hot, pretty, little bitch……'

'Mmmmmmm…..,' I moaned again, and he found my nipples through the thin knit…..

I ground against him as we watched the dogs, his pre-cum leaking down the crack of my ass, lubricating the valley he rutted in…. my thong was truly straining….then it occurred to me….I'd better break the news….

'Babi…. I may not be exactly what you expected….' I glanced back over my shoulder as he ground my ass…. 'In fact, I may be a bit more than you expected….' I brought one of his hands round to my ever expanding thong…. His eyes grew wide, then a smile creased his big, pretty mouth…. His hand came up and over the band of my panties….

'Damn, babi…who's the big dog, here?'….

True to the metaphor: 'You like big bones, Boi?'…. His response was to grip my crotch tighter and stroke slowly while he ground that big slippery meat in the crease of my ass….

I think my asshole must have been steaming…. The head of his cock flicked against it….we both winced and he whispered, 'damn girl, you're hot….'

I slid my hand into my bag, pulled out a foil packet and tore it with my teeth….reached back with one hand and slid that hand down the crack of my ass collecting his slickness…. I circled his cock with the man-oil I collected and stroked two or three times to lube his piece….all my prettiness had worked free from my very expensive thong and was swinging and leaking in the breeze….

With my other hand I had brought the condom up to my mouth….spit in it, and blown it full—I didn't have time to waste. Reaching behind me again, I slid it over what felt like eight or nine inches of prime meat—solid and rock hard….And true to form as soon as he was 'coated' or 'hatted', or whatever the hell you want to call it, he tried to jab my dry ass….

'Ouch! Dammit!' I hissed…. 'I don't care if we're in the fucking woods or not—take a cue from the dog—my dog! Lick it before you stick it!' Damn….How dutiful can a lust-driven man become? Immediately he was on his knees and his tongue was so deep up my ass that I thought he would tickle my navel. It was sooooo good that I kept backing up on him. And he only made it worse but reaching round to stroke my perfect ten…. Now I reacted like his little bitch—that is the one Roscoe was pounding—I made his tongue-fuck my ass royally….Mmmmmmm, I would have gladly made him a knight for his service…. He had me so hot, and that hand on my cock was exquisite….so much so, that I couldn't take it anymore….

I turned on him while he was there on his knees, and I force-fed him—gently, mind you. O, he was a greedy little bastard….so greedy, you would have thought this was his first cock ever. But his technique made a lie of that. O, his technique….

He pulled me deep into his mouth, pulling my ass apart with both hands and sliding two digits up my asshole…. O, that hit home…. He made me pump that sweet mouth…. My vision started to go—I was blurring, but not so much that my glance between his thighs didn't show that this really turned him on…. Boi-friend loved sucking pretty, girl cock…. And I think this big, pretty black one held special qualities for him….

Mmmmmmm…. He sucked me too good…. We were both too hot…. I broke free, leaned down to him cupping his jaw…. 'What do you want, Babi,' I asked?

Breathless, he gasped, 'I think u should fuck me….' I stared at him for what must have been too long…. He made his meaning clear by turning still on his knees, dropping his head to the cradle of his forearms, and presenting his ass to me….

'Lick it before you stick it,' ran through my head, and I did…. From the back of his balls up the prostate and right into his delicious asshole (how lucky can a girl get—the man had bathed before coming out to walk the dog)…. I did for him what he had done for me, only better….

I pulled his cock back between his legs, holding it tightly til he began to whine from my tongue lashing of his asshole. Then I began to alternate between sucking that pretty, thick, brown cock and dipping into that asshole….when he was reduced to babbling, I took a page from Roscoe's book and mounted him….the thrust wasn't rough—just smooth and powerful—powerful and deep enough that when I hit home, he lost it…

His cum jetted up the front of his sweatshirt, splashed his chin and splattered a bit behind his ear….he moaned like he couldn't get enough, and I certainly hadn't gotten mine…. I rode him like Roscoe had his bitch; until he began to pleasure-whine again …. Mmmmmm….that made me whine too…..then just like a bitch—he knew and clamped his sphincter down on my cock just as all that hot cream was geysering into the nipple of the condom…. Then, like a bitch myself, I began to whine as he backed up on me and ground his ass into my crotch….

If I had been in that suite below the penthouse, I would have howled…. Already, as it was, here I was in the middle of the park, two dogs stuck together, in a too short, too tight dress, over my ass, in my stilettos, fucking a complete stranger…. It seemed that some type of decorum was in order….what, I simply couldn't say….

I couldn't just roll off of him…. I was dressed (rather exquisitely—but who on earth could tell now?) and the ground was dirty. I tottered to my feet; pushed my dress back down over my ass and smoothed it….

I searched round for a minute for my bearings and Roscoe…. Presently, he appeared out of nowhere, lead in his mouth, as if nothing had happened—followed by his new lady-friend (you had to like his style)…. She sauntered over to her master—he'd managed to get his sweats back up around his waist by now….

I took Roscoe's lead, gave the bitch's owner a wink and blew him a kiss….

'Will you be walking here, tomorrow?'

'Not likely….He's actually not my dog….'

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