tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSydney's Adventures Ch. 5

Sydney's Adventures Ch. 5


"This must be what Heaven feels like," I remarked to Cindy as tropical rays beat down on my nearly naked body. It felt like we were in Jimmy Buffett's song Margaritaville; the sun was definitely baking us, and my long, tan, tourist body was certainly covered in oil. Cindy, with her red hair and fair skin was covered in SPF30 lotion. Not quite as sexy, but a whole lot sexier than some of the lobster red sunburns on the beach around us!

"Yeah. Well, almost at least. There's the whole van thing…"

I had almost forgotten about that. A bunch of girls from the sorority decided we should head to Key West for spring break. So on the night of March 15th ten of us piled into a rented van and headed south. Everything was going smoothly until, somewhere in South Carolina, we got into a little accident. Not much happened to the other car (plus, what guy could hold a little ding against ten cute, slightly panicked, sorority girls?) but our rental van got a pretty big dent right in front. We all had thought that the credit card we had used to rent the van would cover the damage, but for some reason it didn't and now we were stuck trying to come up with $1000 to repair the van. After pooling our money together we were about $500 short. Jessica, the girl who was driving at the time, was practically in tears.

As the sun beat down on us I replied "Oh don't sweat it Cindy. We'll figure something out, I'm sure. This is our first day in the sun, let's just relax and enjoy it!" Looking down my glistening body, I adjusted the tiny blue flowered string bikini I was sunning in and then looked around at the spring breakers near us. There were college students of all shapes and sizes, and all scantily clad. Most of the girls were sunning while the boys were walking around, checking out the girls and throwing footballs and Frisbees. As I rolled over onto my stomach I noticed that there were a couple of cute guys playing right next to us, but since I wasn't actively looking for a guy I didn't really pay much attention to them. Cindy offered to oil up my back and I gladly accepted. The feeling of her soft hands working coconut oil into my warm body was truly otherworldly, and I felt like I was melting into the warm sand beneath my towel. Cindy untied my top so that I wouldn't get tan lines on my back and began caressing and teasing the sides of my breasts, ostensibly rubbing oil into them.

Then she began moving down, massaging the small of my back and waist. She slipped her hands underneath me, teasing my stomach and sliding her hands down the front of my bikini before returning her attention to my back. Then she moved all the way down to the bottoms of my feet where she dribbled some of the oil, warm from lying out in the sun, onto my soles and between my toes before rubbing it in. Moving up she squirted a trail of oil up each of my calves and began caressing and kneading the lean muscles there, then working up to the backs of my knees. She knelt between my legs, spreading them apart, and I felt oil splashing on the backs of my thighs and dribbling down them.

Then her hands began rubbing me just above my knees, and slowly working their way up. Soon she was brushing my lycra-covered pussy and a small groan escaped my lips. I was glad that my swimsuit had a light and dark pattern to it, because, between the hot sun and Cindy's even hotter hands, my pussy was getting soaking wet! Taking her hands off me for a minute, Cindy dribbled some of the tanning oil on my butt and quickly returned her hands, kneading my firm cheeks. She slipped my rio-cut bottoms into my butt crack, leaving my tan cheeks completely exposed to the glare of the sun. Then she slid her thumbs underneath my bottoms and down my crack to my pussy where she slipped one and then both thumbs into me, wiggling them around and probing my depths. I pressed my hips against her thumbs, urging her to go deeper, when she suddenly stopped and lay down next to me.

"You're all done!" she said, flopping down on her stomach beside me.

"What do you mean I'm all done? I was just getting started!"

"You're completely covered in oil so you won't burn."

"That's not what I meant!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. When I offered to put suntan oil on your back what did you think I meant?" She grinned widely.

"Argh. I hate you!"

"You don't really mean tha…" Cindy stopped abruptly and ducked her head, just as I felt a shower of sand spray across me. Flipping my head to the other side I saw a football lying in the sand a foot away from my butt. Pushing my unruly blond hair out of my face I looked up to see the owner of the football approaching.

"Oh man, I'm really sorry about that." The guy was blushing and really did look sorry.

Completely forgetting that my top was untied I raised myself on one elbow to get a better look at him. As I watched his eyes get as big as saucers I realized my blunder. Maybe it was all the nearly naked college kids around us or maybe it was Cindy's teasing, but I was feeling pretty horny and didn't even try to cover up. When he finally managed to wrench his eyes away from my ample, tanned breast and pointy nipple, he was blushing even harder.

"Cat got your tongue?" I asked playfully, rolling onto my side and exposing both of my breasts.


I took a moment to check him out while he was fumbling for words. He was fairly average looking, average body (not totally chiseled or anything) average face. The one thing that wasn't average at all though, were his eyes. They were brilliant and clear, an almost glacial blue, but somehow still filled with warmth.

"Tell you what." I was really enjoying his discomfort. "Let's start out easy. What's your name?"

"Um…it's Chris." When the words finally started coming they flew out in a nervous rush. "Chris. What's your name?"

"I'm Sydney and this," I flicked my head back towards Cindy, "is my roommate Cindy. It's nice to meet you Chris. Who's your friend with the lousy aim?"

"Oh, his name is Brian. Are you girls here on spring break? Duh, of course you are! Where are you staying?"

"We're staying down at the Atlantic Shores. How about you guys?"

"The cousin of one of the guys I'm here with actually owns a house that we're staying in."


"Yeah, it's pretty sweet. He has a pool and everything!"

"Come on Chris! Just get the damn ball!" I guess Brian couldn't quite see the show that Chris was getting.

Ignoring his friend completely, Chris continued. "Hey, the guy's cousin is in a band here and they're playing tonight around 11:30. We're all gonna go, maybe we'll see you there?"

"Maybe." Chris grabbed the football and began walking away. "Hey Chris," I called out to him, "if I'm going to meet you there, I need to know where it is!"

"Oh, oops. It's a place called the Schooner Bar down on William Street. You can't miss it."

The rest of the day seemed to flow by very quickly and soon it was time for Cindy and I to pack up and head back to our hotel. On the short walk from South Beach to our room I spotted a piece of paper stapled to a telephone pole. It was advertising a wet t-shirt contest at a bar called Rumrunners. There were daily prizes, but what caught my attention was that, at the end of the week, the daily winners competed for a $500 grand prize.

"Cindy!" I directed her attention to the sign. "This could solve our problem with the van! If we win we're set!"

"Are you sure that you want to enter a wet t-shirt contest?"

"No, but it could be easy cash. Can you think of a better way?"

"I guess not. And you did seem to enjoy being on-stage for the auction!" (You can read all about my adventures at the auction and the aftermath in Chapter 4!)

Hurrying back to our hotel room we met with our friends and presented our idea. Only two of the other girls were up for it, but I hoped that we might stand a chance between the four of us. We all had decent sized breasts, ranging from a 34b to my 38d's and finally to Cindy's 38dd's, and nice bodies as well.

For now, though, the sun was setting and it was time for dinner. I took a quick peak at the street outside our hotel and saw that most people were still wearing almost nothing in the warm evening air, so I decided I wasn't going to bother changing and just went to dinner in my bikini, as did most of the other girls we were with. I was equal parts nervous and excited about the upcoming wet t-shirt contest and so I didn't really eat very much and, after what seemed an eternity of small talk and stories about the day's events, we had finished and were walking over to Rumrunner's. We had about an hour to kill before the contest so I ordered a margarita on the rocks as soon as we got in the bar. Three margaritas later they announced that anyone interested in the wet t-shirt contest should come to the manager's office to sign up. With some trepidation (not to mention the beginning of an excellent buzz) I headed back with Cindy and the two others (Jessica, the van driver, and her friend Sarah). After another fifteen minutes or so the manager's office was full of about twenty girls in white Rumrunner's t-shirts and a bunch of bikini tops and bras were sitting on the manager's desk.

The manager stepped forward and addressed us. "Hi everyone, my name's Andy. I'm the manager of this place and I'll be mc'ing the contest. The rules are pretty simple—there are no rules. I'll call your name, you'll step forward, get watered down and have a few minutes to do whatever you want. There are two rounds. Five people from the first round go onto the second round and the top two girls in that round are eligible to compete for the grand prize on Friday night. We have a decibel meter on stage, and the winners are determined based on how loud the crowd is. The prizes for tonight are $100 and a $75 gift certificate to one of the bikini shops on Duval Street for first place, $75 for second place and another $50 gift certificate for third. I think that's about it. Any questions?"

Looking around at the other contestants, I saw that most of them were college girls like myself, and they looked about as nervous as I felt. Then there were a couple of girls who looked like professionals with obviously dyed hair and huge fake boobs that barely wiggled when they walked.

"Alright, if there aren't any questions lets get this contest going then! Follow me." Andy walked out of his office and we all followed him through a back corridor and out onto the stage. Standing on stage in my bikini bottoms and a surprisingly baggy t-shirt, all I could see were screaming college guys of all shapes and sizes. I'm sure there were some girls in the audience but they weren't making nearly as much noise and weren't nearly as prominent as the guys were. My third and fourth margaritas were beginning to hit me pretty hard and, between them and the rush of the crowd, I was feeling just a touch overwhelmed. We didn't have much time to think about it though because Andy had the first girl stepping forward. She was really cute, and looked about as overwhelmed as I felt. As she moved to center stage one of the Andy's assistants held up a huge pitcher of water to the crowd, which went wild. Turning to the girl he slowly poured it down her front. I could hear her gasp of shock from clear across the stage as the water hit her. I didn't think it was possible, but the crowd roared even louder as the wet girl began dancing around. As she spun around I figured out why the t-shirts were so baggy—when they got wet they looked like they were painted on, they clung so snugly! I was just thankful that I wasn't going first. The poor girl looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and before she really had a chance to get into it her turn was up.

A few more girls went and suddenly Andy was pulling me out to center stage. When his assistant held the pitcher up before pouring it on me I saw why the first girl had let out a gasp—I could see ice cubes floating in the water! Then the pitcher was tilting towards my chest and the icy cold water was splashing over me. My nipples hardened instantly in the cold water and the wet t-shirt clung to my tits like a second skin. The fabric of the shirt was so lightweight that it became nearly transparent when wet, and now hundreds of guys could see my melon-sized breasts and hard, erect nipples. The crowd went wild and now, much like the auction a month before in the student union, I could feel myself getting turned on and I decided to give the boys a show! I cupped my hands underneath my tits and pressed them together, showing off my cleavage. Then I brought one of my nipples up to my mouth and began sucking on it through the t-shirt, bringing a delighted roar from the crowd. The thin cotton layer over my nipple was enough to deaden the sensation of me nibbling on it, and, deciding that that just wouldn't do, I reached up to the collar of the t-shirt and ripped. The flimsy fabric gave way easily and I freed one of my boobs and resumed nibbling on it. The margaritas I had had earlier were really hitting me now and before I realized what I was doing, I plunged a hand down the front of my bikini and slipped a finger up my pussy. All the crowd could see was the outline of my hand moving beneath my bikini, but they could tell what I was doing, and they loved it! Their screams of encouragement echoed in my ears and I slipped my other hand into my bikini bottoms, in the process squeezing my boobs together with my arms. I widened my stance for easier access and began simultaneously tweaking my clit with one hand while pumping my pussy with the other. I could feel my orgasm quickly approaching and I screamed along with the crowd as I came long and hard. Luckily my clothes and my entire body were soaked with water and sweat so the crowd couldn't see my juices soaking my bottoms and running down my legs. Pulling my hands out of my bikini I strutted to the front of the stage where I spotted two cute guys screaming for me. Lowering my hands to them, I let them lick off my cum before I turned and headed back to Andy. My turn was over.

The other girls took their turns showing off for the crowd. Some of them completely ripped the shirts off their bodies, eliciting huge shouts of approval from the audience. Others even flashed their pussies. When they had finished Andy called all the girls up one-by-one for the crowd to vote for, and the top five advancing to the second round were announced. Cindy and I both made it, as did the two professional girls and one other really cute college girl. The girls who hadn't advanced were ushered of the stage, though not before the crowd gave them a huge ovation. After the crowd quieted down Andy announced the beginning of the second round.

The college girl was the first contestant in the second round and she put on a great show, completely ripping her t-shirt off her body and flinging it into the crowd before giving them some teasing shots of her pussy. Cindy was next and the screams when she ripped the t-shirt away from her 38dd boobs were deafening. I thought for sure she would be going to the final round. Until the two professional girls went that is. They both put on routines that looked like they came right out of a strip club. They practically gave the guys in the front row lap dances, wiggling bare pussies and asses in their faces. The crowd clearly loved it and roared their approval; I knew that Cindy had been beaten and that the stakes had been raised.

"And now, last, but certainly not least," Andy announced my turn as I looked over to Jessica and thought about our van and the money we needed to fix it, "Sydney!"

Remembering my earlier show, the crowd screamed and surged forward, wondering how I was going to top my last performance and excited at the prospect. I, too, was wondering what I could do as another pitcher of ice water was poured over my chest. I began playing with my breasts and dancing around the stage. Grabbing my already ripped t-shirt I tore it completely down the front, allowing my big boobs to spring free. The crowd screamed their approval, but I knew I wasn't coming close to beating the two pros. They had upped the ante by taking off their bottoms, and I had to follow suit. With fumbling fingers I reached for the bows on my hips and began tugging on them, slowly undoing the knots. I had never shown my naked body to this many people before, and the thought that I was about to was both terrifying and exhilarating. With the roar of the crowd in my ears and the buzz of four margaritas in my head, I undid the strings and was about to yank them off when my teasing instincts took over. I grabbed the front and back of my bikini and turned around so that my butt was facing the crowd. Still holding my bikini up I spread my legs and bent over so that I could see the crowd between them. Then, looking at the guys in the front row, I began sliding my bikini back and forth across my pussy. The bottoms were gooey and wet from my earlier orgasm, and the pressure of them sliding back and forth over my clit was fantastically sinful. But I knew the crowd wanted more and, if we were ever going to raise enough money for the van, I knew I had to give it to them. I straightened up and spun around so that I was again facing the crowd. I let go of the swimsuit, but pressed my legs together so the crotch of the suit stayed in place even though the sides and string hung down. Then I reached for the back of the suit and began slowly sliding it through my legs. A hush fell over the audience as the front of my suit slid further and further down. There was an excited murmur when it had slid far enough down so they could tell I kept my pussy bare. And when the last bit of my suit slid over my bald pussy, exposing it to the crowd, they erupted! Caught up in the moment, I pulled my bottoms completely off and started spinning them over my head and then flung them several rows deep into the crowd, giving one guy a souvenir he wouldn't likely forget! I didn't think it was possible, but the roar of the crowd got even louder. Winning the contest slipped from my mind and the only thing I was thinking about was putting on the best show I could. And that's when I really got in trouble. From the front row I heard "I want another taste!" Strutting forward I spotted the two guys who had licked my fingers clean earlier. I walked right to the edge of the stage in front of them and spread my legs. My bald pussy lips were sopping wet and swollen with lust.

"You want another taste of this?" I asked, spreading my pussy apart with my fingers. "Do you think they deserve another taste?" I shouted to the crowd. "What about somebody else, like this guy?" I strutted over to another relatively cute guy in the front row. The screaming chorus of "yes!" answered my question. I squatted down in front of him, spread my lips with one hand, grabbed the back of his head with the other and shoved his face into my pussy. He definitely must have wanted a taste, because he didn't hesitate to lick up and down my slit. I ground his face into me and rubbed myself all over him, covering him in my sticky juices. I couldn't believe I was making some random guy eat me out in front of a hundred screaming people, but I loved the feeling. This guy was pretty good with his tongue and I wasn't about to move on, but the guys on either side of him were beginning to get jealous and wanted in on some of the action. They began running their hands up and down my legs, advancing ever higher when they saw I wasn't protesting. Soon their fingers were brushing my bald pussy lips until one of them got the courage to slip his finger up inside me. My groan of pleasure encouraged the other to join his friend in my pussy, and together they began exploring, sliding their fingers in and out, probing my depths one moment then stretching me open the next. The guy whose face I was smothering concentrated his tongue on my clit and reached up with one of his hands to join his friends. I was in heaven! I had a tongue twirling around my clit and three fingers from three different guys poking, prodding and pulling my pussy in three different directions. My pussy was being stretched open from the snake-like fingers writhing around in it and my juices were flowing out of me in a steady stream. I could feel a powerful orgasm beginning in my pussy.

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