tagBDSMSydney's Spiral Ch. 01

Sydney's Spiral Ch. 01


*This is my first submission and I hope that it pleases you. AS I am new to writing this, I am sure there are some mistakes, but I assure you, I am learning! If it ends a bit abruptly, that is because this is actually a *very* long story that I had to split into several sections. So, with that, happy reading!*


Our first meeting was unplanned. Neither You nor I searched each other out. A chance meeting in a small antique bookstore was all it took. I was looking for a first edition book for my father's birthday present. You were searching out books on older religions. We ran into each other, me dropping my book. Embarrassed I picked it up, murmuring a quick apology. I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings. You simply smiled and told me it was quite alright. You politely asked me about the book I was carrying. I looked up at You, my breath catching in my throat. You had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen and You seemed to look right through me, into my soul. I stammered. I am a shy person by nature, and seeing You, with Your eyes and air of confidence and control, it unnerved me. You reached down and touched my cheek. There was an intimacy in the touch, one that I would normally not allow. But, You, the feeling of your hand on my cheek. It felt soothing and I immediately relaxed, tilting my head and closing my eyes. A sigh escaped from between my lips and You chuckled. It was as if You knew what I wanted, what I secretly needed. Something that I had always been ashamed of.

You extended Your hand and I raised mine to meet it. You gently lifted me up and silently led me to the counter. You took the book from my hand and purchased it, along with the books that you had been carrying. While the clerk was putting the books into a bag, You put You hand on my shoulders, sliding it down to sit firmly at the small of my back. Immediately, a chill ran down my spine and I instinctively moved closer to You. You looked down at me and smiled. Your smile melted me, a warm feeling moving over me from my head to the tips of my toes. I smiled back and then looked away; Your eyes were too intense for me to hold the gaze. You chuckled again. Leading me away and out the door, we began our slow walk down the sidewalk towards a small café just down the street. While walking You began to speak.

"What is your name, little one?" Your voice was rich, smooth, like thick dark chocolate flowing over your vocal chords.

"Sydney." I responded. My voice was barely over a whisper. I was afraid that if I spoke much more, you would hear the tremor in my voice, betraying my nervousness and excitement.

"Sweet Sydney. My name is David. I am so very glad that I met you. Shall we have a cup of coffee and talk? I would love to know more about you." Again, Your voice was warm and inviting, and I glowed just from hearing it.

You never gave me a chance to answer, as You were leading me towards the café with Your hand firmly against the small of my back. We entered and You led me towards the back of the café. It was dark, with small candles set upon each table that gave the room a delightful glow. You pulled out my chair, and I sat down, placing my hands in my lap. I looked down at the table, breathing slowly, my heart racing. You sat across from me, and again You reached towards me. You placed Your hand on my cheek, and again I leaned into You. You slid your hand along my cheek down to my chin. You lifted my face to look at me. And then you began to speak.

"Sydney, there is a reason why you came with Me today. There is a reason why you sit there, so demure, so sweet, and so lovely. There is a reason why I look at you and something inside Me stirs. Tell Me, what is it that you want most, what you desire most."

As I began to speak, my voice faltered. "There is something that I have always wanted, something that I have always needed. I am ashamed to say it...I don't know if I can. You are a total stranger! This is something that no one else knows"

Your face told me that You understood. The server came over and You ordered for both of us. As she walked away, You began to speak again.

"Sydney, I understand what you are talking about. I already know what you need, what you want. I am telling you to tell me what you want. you need to release that to Me, and you will do so...now."

As You said that, Your voice began softly and as You went on, it became firm and stern, almost demanding.

I looked down and began to speak.

"No," You said, "you will look at ME when you tell Me."

Your hand went to my chin, lifting it and gripping it, firmly, not allowing me to move my face any way at all. I looked into Your eyes, saw the heat and I began to speak.

"I need to have someone teach me what it is to not have control, to let go of everything and just give all that I am to the one that teaches me." my voice trembled, tears forming in my eyes at the embarrassment of having to reveal something so intimate. You smiled.

"Good girl" You said, "you did well. I am pleased that you told Me."

Warmth rushed over me at Your praise. I smiled, a blush rising to my cheeks.

We finished our coffee and You paid, again taking my hand and having me stand next to You. You again put Your hand on my back and led me out the door.

"This is where we part, little one." You smiled down at me. "But, I will see you again, won't I?"

I nodded, my eyes blinking as I looked up into Yours, tears starting to form at the thought of not being near You.

"Don't cry, little one. Meet Me here tomorrow. Wear a gray blouse, unbuttoned until I see cleavage. Wear a black pencil skirt, black heels, and pearls in your ears and around your neck. I want you to wear a black bra...but little one, you will not wear any other undergarments, except for black silk stockings and garter belt. Your shoes should be black heels, with no less than a two-inch heel, although I prefer three-inches. This is what you will do for Me, correct?"

The way that You spoke was so nonchalant, yet there was an authority that was noticeable. You spoke softly, yet I knew that You meant everything that You said.

My breath caught in my throat. You were telling me how to dress. That was something that no one had ever done and I was shocked. I was also excited. The anticipation of seeing You again and being able to please You by doing as You said was thrilling. My heart began to race. I nodded my head in agreement, but again You took my chin in Your hand and looked into my eyes.

"I asked you a question, little one. I expect you to answer." Your look was stern and serious. The look You gave me was one of admonishment. My heart jumped in my chest. I suddenly felt like I had disappointed You. My chin trembled and my eyes began to tear up.

"Y-y-y-yes. I will do that for You." I whispered.

"Yes, what?" You asked. You looked deep into my eyes, searching to see if I knew the answer You sought.

"Y-y-yes...Sir" I said, my voice wavering. There was a sense of excitement saying that. There was a feeling of release. I didn't know how to take those feelings. You saw the emotions on my face and You smiled.

"You please me again, little one. Good girl."

You leaned in, tilting my chin up to Your face. As You looked into my eyes, Your lips met mine, softly at first, testing my soft lips, teasing me with Your touch. I sighed and my eyes fluttered closed, the tears that had been threatening to fall slipping from beneath my lashes and falling delicately on my warm, soft cheeks. I leaned into Your kiss, my hands reaching up to touch Your shoulders. You allowed this touch, gathering me into your arms, Your kiss deepened. Your tongue ravished my mouth, tasting me and allowing me to taste You. Coffee, sugar, and a hint of chocolate were the flavors that I tasted. I sighed again, my hands feeling Your shoulders, the strength in Your arms and your back as I slid them up and around into your hair. It was soft, silken, and the color was that of a deep chestnut brown. My fingers delighted in touching You. You withdrew, slowly and carefully. I melted against You, my head resting on Your shoulder, my hands lightly touching Your biceps. Keeping me close, You whispered to me.

"I know what you want. I know what you need. And only I can give that to you. If you will allow me, I can teach you, take you to where you want to be."

I nodded, feeling only a bit of the bliss that I knew you could give me. "Please...." That was all I could muster, all I could say.

You kissed the top of my head and repeated, "Tomorrow, dressed as I instructed, promptly at 7 pm. I will not tolerate tardiness, little one. Remember that."

You slipped Your arms from around me and walked away. I felt only the emptiness You left behind. I opened my eyes, looking down by my feet. There, in a bag, was the book that I had picked out at the bookstore. I picked it up and began the walk back to my apartment.

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