tagBDSMSydney's Spiral Ch. 04

Sydney's Spiral Ch. 04


***I hope that all enjoy. But, then, this is not the end of Sydney...I hope to write more about her. Just let me know what you think***

"You have such a lovely ass, little one. I believe that will become one of My favorite things." My mind raced at what you meant by that. My thoughts were jarred by the feel of your hand reaching between my legs from behind, sliding your fingers along the length of my slit, feeling the heat and the wetness of my arousal. I moaned and pushed back on Your hand. You merely chuckled and pulled it away. I whimpered in protest. You slipped the black mask over my eyes, blocking my vision. I reached up to remove it and I felt a quick slap to my ass, your hand coming down swiftly and hard. I jumped and squeaked and then I felt another slap. You led me to your bed and pushed me down, face first into the mattress. I felt You pull away, heard the rustling of clothing, and then felt the nakedness of Your thigh against my own. Again, Your hand ran down my spine to my ass, making small circles on each cheek. Your hand withdrew and I knew what was going to happen next. Another swift smack, this time harder, then another on the other cheek. I cried out, trying to pull away, but You wrapped Your free hand in my hair and pulled my head back slightly.

"You will not move. You will lay still and take every spank. You may cry out, as I suspect that you will, but remember, you wanted this. And I am going to give you what you wanted."

Your voice was firm, husky, and thick. I could tell by how You spoke that this was arousing You. I simply nodded in response. You pulled back on my hair with a sharp tug and smacked my ass harder.

"Tell me...tell Me what you want."

"I want You to teach me, Sir. I want to feel Your hands on me, Sir, please!" I cried out, the tears beginning to fall.

I felt your grip relax in my hair and then the spanking began again. Hard, soft, alternating cheeks until I felt like they were on fire. I cried out, begged, and pleaded with you, my cries becoming ragged. You reached under me and placed a pillow, raising my ass higher. You spread my legs further apart and I felt something clasped around one ankle then another. I had never been bound before and I began to plead with You, beg You not to restrain me. You rubbed my back, and shushed me quietly. I continued and then I felt a hard smack on my ass, this time hearing a strong "Quiet!" coming from Your lips. My legs were spread as wide as they could go, my ass raised up in the air, my pussy exposed to You. You kept Your hand in my hair and walked to where my head was.

"Give me your hands, Sydney." You commanded quietly. I complied, knowing if I didn't I would receive another spanking.

You took my hands and slipped something about each wrist, binding them together and then pulling them forward until they were pointing straight ahead. I heard a click and tried moving my arms. I could move them a little side to side, but I couldn't pull them back down. I heard you chuckle.

"I want you to concentrate, little one. Concentrate on what you are feeling. Concentrate on the pleasure you are about to receive." You whispered softly into my ear.

I whimpered and I felt Your lips on my spine, tracing Your tongue down to my ass. Your hands were gently kneading my ass, and then they were gone. I knew what was next. And I braced myself for it, biting my lip.

This time, there was more rustling, doors opening and shutting. I turned my head to where I thought that You were. I heard your feet walk softly toward me. You stopped beside me, touching me with something cool, something soft. Then, I felt You unclasp one ankle, slipping something over it and then You restrained my ankle again. The same ting happened on the other side, but this time you brought my legs together slightly, pulling up whatever it was you had put on me up near my pussy. You restrained my ankle again and I felt You pull up on the loops that were around my thighs. A cold soft object started to touch my pussy, pressing into me until it entered me. Something firm nestled up against my clit. I squirmed and You slapped my ass again, warning me to be still without words. A low vibration started in my pussy and against my clit.

"Oooohhh..." I moaned, arching my back at the new sensations. The vibrations got stronger and I started to moan harder, louder. Your hands began to stroke my ass again and then I heard it, a swishing sound and then a sharp sting on my ass.

"Ah!" I cried out. The vibrations got stronger and another slap, then another, and another. Each time, the vibrations getting stronger until I was no longer crying out in pain, but in pleasure. Feeling the sting of the whip on my ass and the vibrations in my pussy and on my clit was overwhelming and I began to shake, my body wanting to climax.

"Please...please, I am about to cum!" I cried, the need for release taking over every sense that I had.

"No...not yet, little one. I have not finished with you yet." You growled. The lashing continued, as the vibrations reached its maximum level, buzzing wildly in my pussy and on my clit.

"Oh please, please, please...let me cum! I need to cum so bad, Sir, please..."

"Not" Smack Yet Smack,...you whipped my ass and reached forward, pulling my hair back and forcing my head back.

"Is this what you want? Is this what you need? Tell me! Tell me NOW!" You demanded, the arousal heavy in your voice, coming out little more than a growl.

"Yes, yes, oh GOD yes...spank my ass, Sir, spank me and make me cum, Sir. Please, I need to cum so badly, please...." I begged as you continued to lash me, alternating sides.

Then you stopped, and I felt your hand on my ass, rubbing it softly, the coolness of Your hand a strong contrast to the heat of my soundly thrashed ass. I felt You reached down and yank on the vibrator in my pussy, tearing the loops holding in place about my thighs. You threw it aside and I felt Your fingers delving into my pussy, its wetness running down my thigh, down Your hand. I head You growl deep in Your throat and then another sensation. I felt a slap on my pussy, Your hand pulling back and quickly smacking my pussy, reaching my clit. I arched my back, crying out at the pain/pleasure of Your touch. Again, You slapped my pussy, then dipping a finger into my hole, pulling out and moving up to my clit, rubbing in small deliberate circles.

"Oh please, please, Sir, Oh God" I was incoherent, half-sobbing with need for release.

You moved Your hand to reach around my waist, again reaching my clit. You pressed on my little button hard, then found it with two fingers, pinching and twisting.

Climax started to overwhelm me as I fought to keep control of my body. I felt You move directly behind me. Something hard and warm pressed against my pussy and I pushed back. You clapped my ass and laughed.

"You want this cock? You want me to fuck you with this cock?" You said, teasing me by slowly pressing until just the tip of You was in me, then withdrawing, pulling a frantic moan from me.

"Tell Me. Tell Me you want this cock. I will make you Mine, little one, I will claim you with My cock." Your voice was ragged, showing how badly You wanted to be inside of me.

"Oh God, Sir, I want Your cock Sir. Give me Your cock, please fuck me, make me Yours, make me cum, I want to cum so hard for You!" I cried as You began to press into me, deeper but still slowly.

I felt You slide inside my wet pussy until I felt Your thighs touching the back of my legs and ass. Slowly, You began to fuck me, long strokes, from tip to base. Your cock filled me, stretching me with its girth and length. You began to speed up, Slamming in and out of me with harder strokes, I felt You slap my ass with one hand and rub my clit with the other.

"Please...please Sir..." I sobbed.

"Cum for Me." You whispered, your own orgasm not too far behind.

I began to shake, my body convulsing with my orgasm, arching my back and pressing back into You. A low, long, guttural moan escaped from my lips. You felt my pussy clenching around Your cock, triggering Your own orgasm. You yanked on my hair, slamming into me faster and faster. You began to moan and You rammed Your hard cock into me one last time, filling me with Your hot cum. You continued to pull out and ram Yourself back into me, each time crying out, triggering a second orgasm in me, my pussy clenching around Your thrusting cock, tears streaming down my face. You slowed down and then were still, laying Your body on top of mine. You kissed my back, the back of my neck, and my cheek, kissing away the tears. I softly sobbed into the bed, releasing all of the emotion that had been stored up within me. You moved and released me from the restraints and gathered me into Your arms. Lifting me, you walked to the head of the bed, after turning back the covers, laid me down onto the soft cool sheets, and covered me. You walked to the other side and slid in next to me, pulling me to You, wrapping my in Your arms.

"Such a good girl. Such a beautiful, obedient girl. You were wonderful, My little one. I am so pleased with you. Let it out, dear one. Let Me help you let it all out."

Your voice was so soothing. I felt my body relax, my sobs fading into soft hiccups. You stroked my hair, whispering to me, soothing me into a deep sleep.

I sighed, sinking into the soft pillow and Your arms. A feeling of peace surrounded me like I had never felt before. My eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep, wondering what else You had in store for me next.

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