tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSylvia's Little Secret

Sylvia's Little Secret


Chapter One

Damn, I forgot. Sylvia still had my wallet.

I handed it to her when I started driving because it was uncomfortable to sit on and she had dropped it into her purse. We walked through the busy crowds in the mall and I forgot to get it back when I left her in front of SuzieCreamCheeze, the trendy new shop that just opened. She said she wanted to check it out, hopefully to find a new blouse. I bussed her cheek goodbye and wandered down the busy hallway, window shopping and admiring all the attractive women bustling around. We had agreed to meet in an hour at Starbucks but I was ready for a drink already.

I turned around and walked back to the shop she had just disappeared into. There were several women and a young couple sorting aimlessly through the colorful fashions, every aisle overflowing with the latest styles. I couldn't see Sylvia anywhere so I headed toward the back of the store looking for her. I passed a changing booth as I walked, seeing with pleasure a shapely pair of legs below the skimpy curtain as a woman tried on a pair of tight black pants. Her boyfriend stood holding her purse and coat, looking uncomfortable and embarrassed in such highly feminine surroundings.

As I walked further back I noticed two young men unsuccessfully trying to look nonchalant. As I got closer one nudged the other and shuffled away, grinning guiltily. It was obvious he'd been peeking into a changing booth and was afraid of being caught. I stopped and watched as the other quickly returned to his vantage place after glancing at me to see my reaction. I felt my own pulse increase slightly and shrugged my shoulders and nodded to let him know I was aware of what he was doing and was okay with it.

At first glance the curtain looked fully closed, but a gap of 2 to 3 inches remained open at one edge. From where I was standing I couldn't see anything except a woman's bare feet, but it was obvious the man could look directly into the booth from his viewpoint. He peered inside intently for a moment then glanced back at me and grinned. He flashed me a 'thumbs-up' and motioned me to move closer, to share the view he was obviously enjoying so much.

Feeling my own excitement start to grow, I moved closer and strained to see into the booth. The wall inside was mirrored and I could see more of the woman reflected in it. She was standing with her back to us and looked naked except for a pair of tiny thong panties. She appeared to be intently studying the price tag on a blouse and by straining my neck I could just see the side of her bare breast. I felt my cock stirring in my pants and as she turned slightly I jerked back, but not before her breasts came fully into my view.

He motioned me closer again, whispering, "Don't worry." His hand was holding a bulge in his pants as he continued, "This chick's really been hanging it out and she knows I can see her. Great tits, eh?"

Yeh, I thought, great tits, indeed.

The only thing wrong was that they were my wife's!

I couldn't believe it. Sylvia was standing there practically naked and it did seem obvious that she was aware of him. I was surprised at myself as I realized my cock was now fully engorged as I watched her. She continued to pretend interest in the blouse's tag, ignoring him but at the same time shifting to more fully expose herself in the mirror. I could see that her fingers were trembling lightly and her nipples were hard and protruding. Her mouth was open slightly and her breath was coming in short bursts. The signs of her arousal, so familiar to me from the last few years, were now obvious.

There was no question about it, she was definitely turned on. And even more shocking to me—I was too.

The man reached out and gently slid the curtain open another inch. She turned slowly toward him, all pretense of innocence now gone. She dropped her hands to her hips and looked directly into his face, seemingly mesmerized. As I moved closer she suddenly looked up and saw me standing behind him. The look of shock on her face was instant and terrified. My sweet Sylvia jerked back from the curtain, her arms involuntarily crossing in front of her breasts as if to protect her modesty.

How ironic, I thought. Here she was getting off by flashing her breasts to a stranger and then recoiling from the man who sees them naked every day. I put my hand on the man's shoulder and drew him away from the curtain.

"That's my wife," I told him. I chuckled a little and added, "Looks like I'd better have a little talk with her . . . whadda ya think?"

He looked even more shocked than she had and quickly stammered, "Hey, sorry man. I didn't know."

I grinned. "Relax. I'm glad you enjoyed her."

He looked at me with disbelief. I nodded encouragingly and as subtly as I could, adjusted my crotch. He glanced down at the bulge in my slacks and grinned nervously.

"How 'bout you meet us down at the Starbucks in a half-hour or so?" I asked him. "You might enjoy getting to know her even more."

He glanced over my shoulder just as Sylvia stepped out of the booth. Looking even more uncomfortable and confused he mumbled, "Uhh, maybe I'll do that," and hurried toward the exit before she saw us talking.

Sylvia was carrying the new blouse and looking extremely uncomfortable as she walked up next to me. Without saying a word I took the hanger out of her hand and hung it on the nearest rack. She tried to brush past me in the narrow aisle but I blocked her way, grabbing her arm and pulling her roughly to me. I leaned down and whispered menacingly into her ear.

"You little slut."

Her eyes immediately filled with tears.

"You loved that, didn't you?"

Unable to meet my gaze or answer, she tried to pull away but I held her firmly and marched her out of the store.

"How long have you been playing this little game?" I demanded.

When she failed to answer me, I walked her to the center of the mall and pushed her onto a bench. Dropping beside her without easing my grip on her arm, we sat silently for a few minutes. I watched as she tried to regain her composure, dabbing at her eyes and taking a series of deep, ragged breaths until she seemed to relax a little.

Raising my voice slightly I repeated, "How long?"

When she finally answered her voice was very soft and low.

"I've only done it a couple of times," she whimpered. "Honest. The first time was an accident when I was trying on swimsuits last summer." She glanced up at me trying to gauge my reaction.

"Go on."

She could see I wasn't going to let her off without more information. She took a deep breath and continued.

"Some guy glanced into my booth and saw me as I was taking off my bra. I was so shocked guess I just kind of froze. He grinned at me and I was so embarrassed I smiled back without even thinking. I reached up to close the curtain and he winked at me and mouthed 'thanks'. I got dressed as quickly as I could and rushed out of the store, praying I wouldn't run into him."

"And?" I prodded again, still acting like I was pissed off.

"When I got home and felt safe, I realized that at some level I enjoyed what had happened. It had been really obvious he liked looking at me and I knew it must have been pretty sexy for him. During the next few days I found myself flashing back on it more and more. Even though I felt kind of cheap and embarrassed every time, I realized it had really turned me on."

"So, what happened next?" I asked.

"I seemed to become more aware of how other men looked at me and how I appeared to them." She took a deep breath and continued. "I was trying on shoes a couple of months later and suddenly realized the salesman had been looking up my skirt. I pretended I hadn't noticed and 'accidently' let my hem slide up until I was almost sure he could see my panties. I wasn't really flirting with him but I knew I was doing it deliberately, hoping to turn him on."

"Did he say anything?"

"No, but he began to touch my calf, holding it each time he slipped on a shoe. I'd never had a salesman touch me like that before and I smiled when he did it, letting my knees fall open slightly each time. I could tell he was really enjoying it and I realized that I wanted him to see more of me.

"I'm getting a hardon just listening to you," I whispered. "What happened then?"

For the first time she looked directly at me, surprised at my confession.

"I even fantasized that I wasn't wearing panties," she whispered.

"Christ, go on. What happened then?"

"His boss came by just then and started hovering near us. So of course we stopped and I stood up and told him, 'Thanks, but no thanks,' and left the store." Sylvia took a deep breath and looked me right in the eye. "Christ, Honey, I couldn't believe how turned on I was."

I glanced at my watch. It had been 20 minutes since we left the store and I was thinking about the guy, wondering if he would show up at Starbucks. "Tell me about your next experience," I said.

Sylvia could obviously tell by now that I wasn't as pissed off as she thought and was actually captivated by her story. She seemed to relax a little more and her voice grew stronger, as if sharing her secrets was taking a huge load off her mind.

"There was only one more time until today," she continued. "I went into a Victoria 's Secret outlet last week and picked out a couple of bras. I honestly hadn't thought about doing anything naughty but as I went toward the back of the store I saw a really cute guy handing something over the door to his girlfriend's changing booth. He looked over the door and made some comment and I heard her giggle. He looked up and saw me and realized I'd caught him peeking. He grinned playfully and shrugged his shoulders innocently at me and I smiled back at him as I went into the next booth. The doors were fairly low and louvered instead of having curtains and I could actually look down through the louvers and see him right outside. It was kind of exciting knowing that if the louvers were reversed he'd be able to look right in at me."

Sylvia's leg was pressing against mine and I continued to hold her arm tightly as we sat on the bench, oblivious to the crowds passing by.. She dropped her hand on my thigh and squeezed and I could tell she was excited again as she continued.

"I took off my blouse and bra and stood facing the door. I could see him shifting back and forth slightly, hoping he would move closer. Sure enough, the next time he handed her something he glanced down into my booth and saw me looking back at him, my breasts totally exposed. He looked surprised but quickly realized I was exposing myself for him. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity as he studied my breasts. I couldn't help myself and started to touch myself softly; pulling my nipples the way I love and his eyes were glued to me. I was getting so turned on I thought I was going to cum on the spot. Unfortunately, his girlfriend came out of her booth and they walked away."

I had trouble finding my voice. "So you haven't done anything more until today?" I finally asked her. She shook her head slowly, suddenly looking embarrassed again.

"Can you forgive me?" she whimpered.

"Hmm. I'll have to think about that, I guess." I stood up and pulled her close to me, holding her tight enough that she couldn't help but feel my erection pressing against her. I kissed her softly a couple of times then leaned back and looked deep into her eyes.

I grinned and said, "Let's head down to Starbucks and have that cup of coffee. Who knows what might come of all this."

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