tagMatureSylvia's Mother Ch. 03

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 03


Author's Note: Once again, thanks to those who caught the reference to the 70's song, "Sylvia's Mother" and commented. In Part 1 we learned of a budding romance between George Sawyer (a parody on two of the Dr. Hook band members, George Cummings and Ray Sawyer) and his former college girlfriend's mother, Jackie Avery. In Part 2, the romance continues, complicated by his former girlfriend, Sylvia, leaving her husband and heading for her mother's house. Sylvia arrives just in time to see George and Jackie in bed together. Part 3 picks up at that bedroom scene.

Both Jackie and I were shocked to see Sylvia in the doorway, Jackie of course more than me. Sylvia stormed off down the hallway from the bedroom, her suitcase banging against the wall as it bounced to and fro. Jackie, who a second ago had her mouth wrapped around my cock, wiped the cum from her face and chased her daughter down the hallway. I could hear bits and pieces of them arguing, including, "Mother, how could you!" and "Sylvia, let me explain" and "Mother, really, his cock was in your mouth."

Perhaps a better man would intervene in the ongoing argument but at that point I guessed that the better part of valor was discretion. Dressing quickly I ducked out a side door, made my way to the driveway, and drove my car to my hotel as fast as Galveston law would allow. I tried to sleep but visions of Sylvia Avery coming after me with a knife or gun killed any chance of sleep.

The next day I immersed myself in the hotel bankruptcy and, to my surprise, made some progress. I finished the Chapter 11 filing document at about 3 P.M. and emailed it to the office for partner review. Expecting some sort of call all day long, my phone had been strangely silent. No calls from Jackie, none from Sylvia. I couldn't simply leave town with this question mark open. I called my office and asked for and received several days vacation time. My next call was to the Avery residence.

The third ring was answered. "Hello?" The voice was familiar, Sylvia's.

"Sylvia, it's me, George. Don't hang up on me," I said

"George, you and I have nothing to talk about," she abruptly said.

"That may be," I replied, "But let me talk to your mother. Ask her to pick up the phone."

"Leave her alone, George, she doesn't want to talk to you," was the reply.

"At least let her make that decision, Sylvia. Please put her on the phone," I begged.

Click. The connection was broken. I was dumbfounded. Less than a day ago I was in bed with a beautiful, older, sexy woman who fulfilled all my sexual needs. Today I was being told by her daughter, my former girlfriend, to get lost. That was the second time Sylvia had done that to me. And I wasn't going to take it, not by a long shot.

Just then the display on my phone announced a text message. It was brief and to the point, "Your hotel room at 8 P.M., ....J.

My reply was simple. "Text me when you're in the lobby".

Eight P.M. came and went. Then 8:30 and 9:00. Jackie was not coming, I thought. Just then a single word appeared in a message. "Lobby."

I rushed to the lobby wondering what to expect. There was Jackie, alone, dressed in slacks and a loose top. It was apparent that she had been crying. "Sylvia left this afternoon to return to her husband," she cried, "She never wants to see me again."

I took her in my arms and kissed her, my hands going automatically to her D cup breasts; that was when I realized, no bra tonight. We had to restrain ourselves during the ride up in the elevator but once we got inside my room our clothes started hitting the floor. First my shirt, then my pants. Her slacks and top followed quickly behind. I watched as her beautiful body shed every piece of clothing. Her large full breasts were still her best asset and I marveled at the brown aureole and erect nipples. She slid her thong down her legs and off as I stroked my naked hard cock. She shook her head from side to side and said "George, that is my job."

Her hands quickly pushed mine out of the way as she dropped to her knees in front of me, wasting no time taking me between her lips. I watched as my cock disappeared in her mouth. Inch by inch it quickly vanished until all of it was now inside her warm wet mouth. I could feel the back of her throat; at this rate I would not last long. Then her head began to move up and down my shaft. Saliva was beginning to drip down her chin as she moved faster and faster. Her hand was stroking what was not in her mouth, twisting and turning over my cock as she stroked it in unison with her lips. Ever so often she teased me by letting my cock pop out of her mouth so she could admire the large head she had devoured. I couldn't take it much longer so I pulled her off me.

I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. I cupped her breasts in my hands and she moaned lightly as I caressed her large nipples. I moved between her legs and buried my head into her pussy. With my tongue I explored every inch of this sexy woman. Her hands caressed my hair and pushed me into her farther. It was not long before her legs began to shake and her moans got louder. Finally she convulsed in a major orgasm, her body trembling uncontrollably.

"Fuck me, George," she exclaimed. I pulled her to the end of the bed and put her on all fours, lined myself up behind her and slowly pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy. She threw her head back as I entered her. I reached up and got a hand full of her long brown hair. I pulled on it as my pace picked up. I loved being able to see my hard dick pounding into her pussy. She was beginning to moan really loud. There was no doubt that if there were people next door they could hear us.

"You like the way my cock feels in your pussy baby?" I said loudly.

All she could do is moan louder. Then I felt her body tighten up again. So I pounded my hard cock into her harder and harder. "Cum baby! Cum on my cock! That's it Jackie, CUM FOR ME!!" She moaned and her body shook, my cock shooting gallons of sperm into her until finally we both collapsed onto the bed.

We both lay on the bed, breathing heavily. Just then her cell phone rang. The display identified the caller as Sylvia.

"Hello, Sylvia," I said. "Jackie doesn't want to talk to you right now."

"George, please, just let me say goodbye to her. I'm at the Denver airport waiting for my husband to pick me up. I said some awful things to her before I left. My cell phone is dead. I'm using a pay phone and only have a few minutes on my phone card. "

Just then the operator came on line, "That will be another forty cents for three minutes, please." I could hear Sylvia say she had no change and couldn't the operator just give her another minute.

Click. I broke the connection. Jackie had recovered and was pulling me on to her, cock first. I had better things to do than talk to Sylvia Avery.

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