tagFetishSylvie Humiliates Me

Sylvie Humiliates Me


Sylvie's friend Maureen had joined us for dinner. I've never liked Maureen. She's one of those women who seem to think they are better than you. She always seemed to have a sarcastic smirk on her face when she looked at me. I sometimes wondered if she and Sylvie talked about me, and if so, what they said.

I didn't like Maureen, but I liked to look at her. She was a tall blond with big tits and long legs, which she showed off by wearing short skirts. After dinner the women went into the living room while I stayed in the kitchen to wash the dishes. After a while I began to listen in on their conversation.

"Bret seems to have lost his interest in sex with me," Maureen said. Bret was her husband. "I can't get him to go down on me," she said, "and he never has enough energy for anything else. I'm pretty sure he looks at nasty picture on the Internet and masturbates."

"Steven did that about a week ago," Sylvie answered, "but I am punishing him for that indiscretion."

Christ! Did she always talk about me like that? Did she reveal everything about what we did in the bedroom to her friend?

"For the past week," Sylvie went on, "I have tied his hands behind him when we go to bed. Then I spend 15 or 20 minutes playing with his cock, but not letting him come. If it doesn't spring to attention, I'll know he's been looking at dirty pictures and jerking off like a teenage boy."

I stormed into the living room before she could say anything else. Maureen looked at me with that superior look of hers. Sylvie glared at me. The look she gave me told me that I had better not say anything. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that tonight was the night she had promised to let me get my rocks off, if I was a "good boy." Like the wimp that I am, I slunk back into the kitchen without opening my mouth.

"A happy marriage," I heard Sylvie say to her friend, "is one where the husband is obedient. A horny husband is an obedient husband. I keep Steven obedient by rationing his orgasms. I make his suck my pussy three or four nights a week. I also make him lick my ass. Has Bret ever licked your ass?"

I didn't hear Maureen's response. I guess she just shook her head. "You should make him do it," Sylvie went on. "It's really nice, especially after Steven has licked my pussy to an orgasm. It's so relaxing that sometimes I have him lick my behind and nothing else before I go to sleep. Of course I tie his hands behind him beforehand so he can't play with his cock. Having him lick my ass is nice for me. It also puts him in his place. He's my ass licker."

I wondered what had happened with our marriage. Just a couple of months ago we had a pretty normal relationship. Our sex was a little kinky. Usually I jerked off while I went down on her. But otherwise we were equals in our relationship. Now she was controlling my cock, deciding when I would have an orgasm and how, or even if I would have one. I resent giving up all control to her. On the other hand, it was really exciting. I thought about sex all the time. Almost every day we had some kind of sex, even though it was often without an orgasm for me.

After Maureen left, Sylvie came upstairs. "I'm going to take pity on you," she said. "I'm going to let you jerk off while I watch."

She had me take all my clothes off and kneel in front of her while she sat on the bed. It excited me to play with my cock while she watched. Since I hadn't come in a week, I was really primed. I tried to keep it slow so it wouldn't be over too soon.

"You like that, don't you?" Sylvie said. "You like to play with your little wienie while women watch you. Maybe someday I'll let Maureen watch you masturbate. She knows you do it. You heard me telling her."

The ideas that Sylvie came up with drove me crazy. It was humiliating to hear that her friend knew I had jerked off while looking at naughty pictures on the Internet. At the same time it was really hot to think of that tall, sexy blond watching my on my knees, pumping my cock.

"Sometime I'm going to invite Maureen over to watch your little show. I'll have you take all your clothes off like now. Then I'll blindfold you so you won't even know who's watching you or if there really is someone looking at you playing with your little thing."

I closed my eyes and envisioned Maureen sitting beside Sylvie. The mental image was enough push me over the edge. I shot a week's worth of jism into my hand.

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