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Syracuse is Waiting


This story is in the BDSM category for very good reasons. It deals with strong themes of female domination and non consensual sexual acts. If such material is likely to offend you then please find yourself another story.


Chapter 1

I lay on the bed, completely naked, with the most fierce erection of my life and for the third time in as many minutes I tried to move. The sweat stood out on my brow as I strained every sinew but my muscles would simply not obey; it was as though I was bound with straps.

She watched with quiet amusement as she continued to undress and carefully folded her clothes over the back of the chair. If the effort of trying to move was great then the effort of trying to place her face was greater still. She exuded class and was a woman that I would have generally considered to have been out of my league but I definitely knew her from somewhere.

As her body was slowly revealed it did nothing to quell my obvious arousal; if I had to design my fantasy female she might well be the one. She had long, well toned legs, and stood about five foot eight. She obviously kept in shape but not at the expense of her desirable curves and my eyes were drawn to her impressive breasts with their dark upturned nipples.

Judging by her dusky complexion I guessed that she had some Mediterranean blood flowing in her veins and her large dark eyes and blue-black hair would seem to confirm this. As I watched she released her barrette and allowed her thick tresses to cascade down her back.

As soon as she was completely undressed she moved slowly towards me.

"An impressive cock, but then I knew you would have."

Again, that cut glass English accent. The crude word sounded incongruous coming from her but I knew that voice and I dredged, in vain, my normally impeccable memory.

She stood beside me and looked down into my eyes sending an irrational tremor of fright through my body. In physical terms I was so much bigger, at least six inches taller and probably half as heavy again. Add to that the fact that I was fitter than most gym enthusiasts and had been well trained in unarmed combat techniques and I should have had nothing to fear but I had never felt so helpless.

"Are you afraid? You should be."

There was a hint of amusement in her voice as she said this and then she slinked up onto the bed with an unhurried feline grace. She knelt, straddling my thighs, and the coolness of her skin made me realize just how clammy my own flesh had become.

Under any other circumstances having a woman as beautiful as this take hold of my cock would have been a dream come true but I tried to resist. I tensed my muscles, readying myself to throw her off, but the effort dissipated itself in a series of pitiful spasms. She could not quite close her hand around my erection but her grip was firm and assured as she slowly began to rub me.

I closed my eyes and tried to will my erection away but she had knowing fingers and, as she rubbed, she rippled them in a delicious kneading motion. We remained locked like that for a minute or two engaged in an unspoken battle of wills but it was clear that there could only be one winner. I felt my balls begin to swell slightly and knew that it would now be only a matter of seconds but she could read my body.

"Don't come. Not until I tell you to."

With those few words I was like a pan taken off the boil; something in me relaxed and she was free to continue.

I stared helplessly at her immaculate fingernails. They were coated with a clear varnish, obviously high maintenance, and she was now scratching gently at my shaft as she rubbed. The sensation was poised between pain and pleasure and it quickly brought me back to the edge but my torment now entered a new phase.

She raised herself over me so that her sex hovered above my erection and she used the sensitized head to stimulate herself. Everything about this woman was immaculate but her pubis seemed to have staged a rebellion. It was defined by a sharp triangle of black curls which had been allowed to flourish within their confines and, as she moved, they grazed maddeningly against my nerve endings. My body gave a series of tiny jerks as I sought to escape the irritating sensation but her smile told me that she was enjoying my discomfort.

My only relief came when, every now and again, she would permit a firmer contact between us letting me know that she was slowly becoming more aroused. Finally, she held my shaft still and allowed the head to slip through her labia where the heat was almost painful. My instincts made me want to sink deeper within but she held me at the portal as she used the tip to massage her clitoris.

She gave an almost inaudible groan which suggested, for the very first time, that she might be relinquishing the total control that she had demonstrated from the outset and it seemed like an involuntary surrender when she finally relaxed her leg muscles and allowed gravity to do its work.

She slid down onto me, accommodating my not inconsiderable length with ease, until my thighs were bearing her bodyweight. For a second or two her eyes remained closed and I quickly looked at my watch but I could not remember what time I had arrived. It seemed as though I had been erect for hours but there was no sign of flagging.

She opened her eyes again, placed the flat of her hands on my chest to brace herself, and then she slowly eased herself up. It seemed to take an age until she reached the pinnacle and then held herself there with just the tip of my cock holding me in place. She remained where she was, without strain, for a count of three and then she allowed herself to be gently impaled once more.

After that she set up an easy rhythm rising each time until I was almost in danger of slipping out and then a more determined descent as she ground her clitoris against my pubic bone. It went on for minute after minute, seemingly with no effort on her part, and I was brought to the brink more than once but each time I got there I felt something in me relax and I was back where I started. The problem was that my erection remained undiminished and what started out as a nagging cramp became more painful each time I was denied.

I searched for clues in her face, hoping to see some sign of an impending climax, but she smiled at me as though she could read all my thoughts. The only comfort I could take was from the faint sheen of perspiration that had formed in the valley of her breasts which suggested that there was, at last, some exertion on her part.

When the end came it was sudden and unexpected. There was no speeding up, no cries of exultation, she simply came to rest on my thighs and worked her pelvis in a lazy circular motion. I felt the heat and moisture and a tightening around my shaft which developed into a series of irregular spasms which slowly faded away.

Afterwards, she looked at me contemplatively as though making up her mind and then, adopting a 'why not?' expression, she slowly lifted herself free of my still needy erection.

I expected her to get up from the bed but, instead, she eased her way forwards until her knees were pinning my shoulders and her sex was poised just inches above my face. Her labia were swollen and still distended allowing me a gynecological view of her opening which still glistened with juices. I was unable to look away and, as I watched, she began to tease her clitoris with a single finger.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

In another time and another place I might have agreed with her but now, as I watched her coax her clitoris back to an excited plumpness I felt nothing but revulsion.

"Smell me."

She set her wet finger under my nose and I could not help myself. I breathed in the heady scent.

"Now taste..."

She slipped the tip of her finger past my lips and I found myself suckling it, my mouth slowly filling with the ripe flavour of her.

"I bet none of your women have ever tasted as good...now lick me."

Her self confidence was frightening as she withdrew her finger from my mouth and then parted herself before allowing her weight to settle. My nostrils were pressed closed beneath her as she clenched my head firmly with her thighs and I opened my mouth instinctively only to have it filled with the damp hair of her pubis.

I wanted to throw her off, to bite her, to do anything except what she wanted but my tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as it eased its way through the thicket to where a tiny rivulet had already begun to flow. The taste was fresher, more palatable, and I gave thanks that I had not been able to come inside her; I had never tasted semen, mine or anyone else's, and I had no wish to start.

Now that my tongue was inside her she demonstrated less self control. She writhed over me enticing my tongue to go deeper and it was only these indiscriminate movements that allowed me to take fleeting, but shallow, breaths from time to time. It became suffocatingly hot as she squeezed her thighs more tightly in an effort to bring on her second climax and I was little more than a passenger.

At some point it became clear that my straining tongue was not, by itself, going to be enough to bring her off and she started to grind herself against my face in an effort to provide her clitoris with the required stimulation. For a full minute my head was wrenched from side to side as she selfishly worked out her own pleasure but then a spurt of moisture straight into my mouth heralded the onset of her orgasm. That first gush was followed by others that I was forced to swallow but I was glad to have it over with.

At the very peak she had cried out, though I only perceived it as a muffled nonsense as her thighs cut off my hearing, but now, as she relaxed a little, I could hear that her breathing had become ragged. She was in no hurry to dismount and her juices continued to fill my mouth until, finally, and with not a little effort, she got up from the bed on to her distinctly unsteady legs.

It took a second or two for her to compose herself and than, without another word, she walked from the room leaving me to try and produce enough saliva to clear the persistent taste of her from my mouth. The distinctive sound of a wine cork being pulled simply added to my torment.

Now that she was gone I tried to get my muscles working again but the only ones that seemed fully functional were those in the area of my groin. Even now I was still at full erection and I began to wonder if she had somehow slipped me a drug. Following that train of thought I tried to piece together the sequence of events that had brought me to this place.

It had started that morning. The phone had rung just before the alarm was scheduled to go off at seven a.m.; before I could speak a female voice, her voice I now realized, had used just three words.

"Syracuse is waiting."

After that the line went dead. Given the nature of my profession I instinctively felt that something was not quite right but when I tried to call back I found that the number had been withheld.

I was still pondering it on my way into the office but nothing would come to mind. The day passed quickly but, by mid afternoon, I found myself looking up at the clock at ever more frequent intervals. It was irrational behaviour. I was self employed and chose my own hours and I had nothing planned for that evening but nevertheless I kept checking the time.

At five p.m., unusually early by my normal standards, I decided to call it a day. As soon as I got into the car I knew it was a mistake. The rush hour traffic was almost at a standstill and I was soon caught in it. I took to the side streets but others had had the same idea and I was slowly drifting further out of my way. Soon I was in unfamiliar streets but I knew that my mental compass was leading me in vaguely the right direction.

Then I saw the hotel and, in spite of my self-assurance, I suddenly felt a need to check my directions. I parked up outside and walked into the foyer and was immediately approached by the concierge.

"You are a little late, but you are expected. Suite five on the tenth floor."

For a second or two I was bemused and I was about to put him right when it crossed my mind that I might have had an engagement that I had forgotten about. It was not unusual for my clients to want to meet in out of the way places and I might have arrived here on auto pilot; after all, my subconscious had been trained to cover lapses in my conscious mind.

"You were expecting me?"

"At five-thirty, driving an Aston Martin DB6."

My 1968 car was distinctive enough and to his mind he had the right man which only served to intrigue me further. I left him standing as I made my way to the lifts and then along the plush corridor to Suite 5 anxious now to get to the bottom of it.

I rang at the bell and, a few seconds later she had opened the door. My immediate thoughts were contradictory. I was convinced that I knew her from somewhere but a name would not come to mind and surely I would not forget someone so stunningly beautiful. My eyes quickly took in the desirability of her body, sheathed in a blue dress of raw silk, before she stepped aside and ushered me in.

I followed her into the living area but, with her back still to me, she motioned towards the bedroom.

"Don't speak. Get undressed, lie on the bed, and don't move" and then, almost as an afterthought, "I want to see a little more life in your cock."

I felt embarrassed that my burgeoning erection should have been so obvious but she was clearly mistaken about me. She obviously believed that I was some sort of gigolo and some mischievous part of me was almost tempted to play along.

That seed, once planted, seemed to take root of its own accord and I found myself in the bedroom taking off my clothes. Less than two minutes after entering the suite I was lying down naked with my cock fully erect. It was outrageous, irrational, behaviour even by the standards of my chequered past, but there was no stopping myself.

I lay and waited until she appeared at the door and, at that moment, I stopped being led by my cock. My instincts screamed at me that something was wrong and I tried to sit up but I found that I no longer could. She could see the turmoil in my face and the tiniest hint of nervousness that hovered about her immediately evaporated. She moved into the room and examined my prone body as she walked around the bed.

I wanted to ask so many questions but my brain would not form the words and then she started to undress...

I examined every detail again and again but I could still draw no firm conclusions. The only way I could account for my present state was the use of drugs but how had they been administered and when?

I had just turned my mind back to the question of where I had met her before when she came back into the room. She was still naked and she had completely regained her poise.

"Are you ready for round two? Now what shall it be?"

As she said it she took hold of my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze, reassuring herself of its firmness.

"Impressive...but I think we'll save it until later."

With that she mounted the bed in a single lithe movement to straddle my face once more but this time facing down my body. From inches away I could smell the slightly stale scent of her earlier arousal and I could see that her sex had still not fully recovered from her previous exertions. Her labia were an angry pink and stood a little proud of the sodden mess of her pubic hair.

Again, I tried to gain some control over my treacherous limbs but, strain as I might, my body refused to co-operate.

"I want you to concentrate on my clit. Let's see how good you are."

My head was tremoring with effort but I was brought to stillness as her tight globes descended plunging me into darkness. She let most of her weight rest on my forehead which had the effect of tipping my head back slightly and bringing my mouth to bear exactly where she wanted it.

Her pubis was cool and damp but as she slowly spread herself, opening herself over my mouth, I could immediately feel the heat of her renewed excitement. I wanted to resist with every fibre of my being but a voice deep inside was telling me that the sooner I started the sooner it would be over.

I put out my tongue but, from my awkward position, it was a long stretch to reach her clitoris and I could only lick fleetingly like a snake seeking prey.

"Very good...just like that."

She relaxed a little, settling even more heavily, and my nose was driven deeper into her cleft where it was immediately pinched closed.

Whilst every move seemed natural I sensed that it was all premeditated and I felt a cold chill. At a guess I would say that she was a little younger than me, about twenty-five perhaps, but she was displaying a frightening maturity. Even the angle of my tongue seemed carefully contrived so as to catch her juices and to channel them down my throat.

She kept still, allowing me to do all the work, but it was growing hotter by the moment. Her buttocks seemed to radiate heat and sweat was stinging my eyes.

"That's nice...stretch your tongue a little more...come on! Try harder!"

I did as she asked but my whole mouth was aching and my lungs were screaming out for air untainted by her ever deeper scent.

"Don't stop! Oh Yes!"

Her composure was gone. She began to move her hips as she rode out her climax on my battered features and still her juices flowed. I had never known a woman to be so wet and now my face was liberally smeared.

As before she remained where she was, whilst she recovered, knowing full well that I was struggling for breath.

"Your technique could do with a little work but I see no reason why we shouldn't begin to make use of you straight away."

With those cryptic remarks she lifted herself from me and then, as though it were the most natural thing in the world, she moved down the bed, turned herself around, and eased herself down onto my erection.

The pain was almost immediate. I had been kept aroused beyond all normal limits and I grimaced as she started to take her pleasure for a fourth time. Fortunately, her physical strength was not the equal of her sexual greed and, after a few minutes, she lifted herself free.

She gave a sigh which suggested that she would be happy to wait for another occasion and then she disappeared into the bathroom taking her clothes with her.

I lay there listening to the shower run and then, finally, she reappeared fully dressed and made up.

"Give me ten minutes start."

And then she was gone.

Exactly ten minutes later my erection wilted and I was able to get up from the bed. My instinct was to chase after her but somehow I knew she would be long gone. Instead, I took a shower and tried to clean myself of the stench of her.

Back in the lobby a reasonable bribe for the concierge elicited the information that the suite had been taken on a long term booking and paid for using a corporate credit card. A second more sizable bribe provided me with a copy of the transaction slip.

Chapter 2

The following morning I was in the office early. I subscribed to several company search agencies and it did not take long to discover that the company which had paid for the room was a brass plate in Luxembourg. It was frustrating having to wait until the Grand Duchy's civil service came to life but by mid-morning I had established that the company was one hundred percent owned by a trust based in the Bahamas . This was good news. I had a regular contact at the Bahamian registry who was not beyond taking a bribe but, once again, I had to allow for the time difference.

I was satisfied with my mornings work and I turned my attention to the mail but I had no sooner opened the first envelope than the phone rang.

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