tagLesbian SexT and Tammy Visit The Lady's Room

T and Tammy Visit The Lady's Room


Hi, my name is T and this story is another present for my husband and hopefully you the reader. As I noted in my first story (T LEARNS TO CUM, which you should read first), he had begged me to write a story about my college lesbian relationship and I ended that story by saying I might write about other adventures in the future. The huge response to that story seems to indicate that you enjoyed reading about my lesbian adventures as much as he enjoys hearing about them so here's another.

My last story detailed how I was seduced in college by a beautiful blond named Tammy. Very briefly, for about a year in college I was a full-fledged lesbian and I couldn't get enough of Tammy. Anytime, anyplace, I was her's to do with what she wanted. I craved her pussy and I craved what she could do to mine. This story begins with a Friday night event that seems similar to the recent national story about the pro cheerleaders (except for their fight) in the restroom.

One Friday night we went out with several friends to one of the local college bars. This was about a month after the events of my last story and by that time I had forgotten what a cock felt like because all I needed was Tammy's tongue. While we couldn't keep our hands off each other, we continued to try to be somewhat discrete. Everyone thought we were just friends and no one seemed to realize that we'd become lovers.

I still felt guilty about being in a lesbian relationship. My perception of normal sex still involved a man and a woman but frankly I couldn't help myself, I just enjoyed sex too much with Tammy to think about guys seriously during that period. She had taught me to cum and I was at the beginning of my life long addiction to cumming.

We were both wearing denim overalls that night which at the time were very popular and probably flannel shirts since it was the beginning of Fall. The great thing about overalls is that they're really comfortable because they're so baggy and you can usually wear just your overalls and a top with underwear being very optional.

One problem I have when I drink is that the more I drink, the hornier I get. Ironically I've never been drunk around my husband. As horny as he makes me, I can't even imagine what it would be like if I was drunk.

There were 5 girls in our group and we were in a booth near the back of the bar. As the night wore on, several guys came by to hit on us. For various reasons, I don't think anyone was interested but this led to talk about guys and sex. Some of the girls went into great detail about their sex lives and I could feel a wave of horniness coming over my body. Tammy and I were sitting on the same side of the booth and at some point; she ran her hand up my thigh close to my pussy and squeezed as she made some point about men.

I loved it whenever she touched me but the drinking must have magnified my usual response to her because that touch was like electricity pulsing toward my pussy. I immediately felt my pussy getting moist and my nipples had hardened. I started squirming in the seat and turned toward her. She casually scooted against me and just looked back at me and smiled. She loved seeing how far she could go in front of other people without getting caught.

As the evening wore on, she took every opportunity she could to reach across me or around me. It seemed like every time she did, she would brush against my tits and she knew how I craved her touch on my tits. Tammy had learned what my husband knows, that the fastest way to my pussy is through my tits. She also repeated the leg rub periodically and would go a little higher each time and my pussy was aching to feel her touch.

By now the combination of liquor and her touches up the inside of my thigh had my pussy soaked. I could feel how swollen my pussy was and the warm feeling ran up into my belly. My pussy felt so wet that I imagined there would be a wet stain on the crotch of my overalls if I got up. The liquor was working on my inhibitions and it's a wonder I didn't just turn and grab her. God I needed to feel her tongue so bad!

At some point in the evening, our friends were all away from our booth leaving just the two of us. Tammy slowly rubbed her hand up my leg toward my pussy. I stared at her as her hand reached my pussy and without even thinking the thought, my legs spread wide apart to give her what we both wanted. My pussy was quivering in anticipation of her touch and as she ran her fingers over the denim covering my pussy, my whole body shuddered.

Still rubbing my pussy, she leaned over and licked my ear with her tongue. I was overwhelmed with lust and slumped against her moaning her name. Then she took her other hand and reached into the side of my overalls and slowly started caressing my tit through my shirt.

I started feeling an even hotter glow coming up from my pussy into my belly. I think Tammy enjoyed seeing how hot she could get me and seeing what I was willing to let her do in public. The drinks had done their job and I didn't care who saw us or what they saw, I just wanted to cum!! As I continued to moan, she suddenly pinched and twisted my nipple.

The feeling that coursed through my body was indescribable. I opened my mouth to scream but she quickly covered it with her lips as she ran her tongue, swirling into my mouth. God I loved to cum!!!. She continued to kiss me and play with me as my orgasm ran on.

As I described in my earlier story, I'd couldn't cum prior to Tammy, guy's cocks just couldn't get me off. In the month we had been lovers, I had cum at least once every time we made love. Sometimes my orgasms are huge and we were both just finding that out. She finally stopped kissing me but continued to play with me as she smiled and asked if I were ok?

Was I ok? God yes I was! I guess the bar was dark and loud enough and there was enough other things going on that no one had noticed us. I was playing with one of her big tits when our friends drifted back to the table to resume the earlier conversations but I wanted no part of that. I wanted her fingers IN my pussy and her mouth ON my tits; I wanted to taste her sweet juice and feel her cum with my tongue.

Tammy announced that she needed to go to the restroom and no one blinked an eye when I got up to go with her. Guys believe me, when two ladies get up to go to the restroom together, it's usually just to powder their nose and talk about you but once in awhile, it's more make-out than make-up!

To this day, I don't know if there was a wet stain on the crotch of my overalls but I could feel my juice squeezing from my swollen lips as I walked. God I was SO horny!! I felt so alive and confident, like I could have any man or woman at the bar or for that matter, would have let them all have me.

As I followed Tammy toward the restroom, I couldn't take my eyes off her ass as she walked in front of me. God she had such s beautiful ass and I could barely wait to taste her. When she walked through the door of the small one-stall restroom, she swung me around against the wall and reached over and locked the door.

She pressed her full body against mine as we kissed. It was such a wild passionate kiss with our tongues wrapped around each other in a sensuous dance. She quickly slipped the overall straps off my shoulders and pulled my shirt above my tits. My nipples were as hard as little bullets and my tits were so sensitive that her hands seemed to burn into my flesh. She squeezed my tits outward toward my nipples and they got even harder as the aureoles turned dark red and hardened.

My body seemed to drift away as I looked down on her curly blond hair and felt her suck as much of my tit into her mouth as she could manage. God could that woman suck tit!! I wrapped both of my hands behind her head and tried to squeeze more of my tit into her mouth. She started to quickly alternate between my tits, squeezing, sucking and biting my nipples as she did.

We were by ourselves of course but it wouldn't have mattered if 5 women had been watching us, I was lost in this moment of pure lust. She could have spread me on the bar with everyone watching and as long as her hands and mouth were on me, I would have been happy.

I was moaning her name and telling her to bite harder. She paused and slipped my overalls further down so she could reach my pussy. I spread my legs apart for her and since I wasn't wearing any underwear, she was able to immediately slide 3 fingers into my sloppy wet pussy. As she did that, she whispered into my ear, "Damn baby you're wet, does my little slut want to cum again?"

I begged her for more, cumming again was the only thing my brain was registering. I grabbed her head and kissed her as hard as I could. She started fingering me faster and faster. My pussy felt like it was dripping and my tits were on fire. My ass was rubbing against the cold wall as I slid up and down trying to fuck her fingers.

She dropped to her knees and started lapping at my pussy. Her fingers were still fucking my pussy and she was lapping my slit up to my clit. I started to pull on my tits and pinch my nipples with one hand as my other hand pushed against the back of her head, forcing her face further into my pussy. I was moaning louder as my orgasm built and then she sucked my clit into her mouth and I went over the edge.

I know I must have screamed as another mind-blowing orgasm exploded from my pussy into the rest of my body. It was even bigger than the first one. It was wave after wave of glorious sensations pulsing from my pussy into every region of my body.

My body froze in place against the wall as my hand subconsciously left my tits to reach for the back of her head. Both my hands were trying desperately to pull Tammy's face into my pussy. I wanted our bodies to melt together somehow with her face buried in my pussy. I wanted to cum forever!!

When I finally started to come back down, I realized that Tammy was still gently sucking my clit. I reached down and pulled her up to kiss her. We kissed tenderly as I whispered "thank you baby".

My legs were so wobbly that I could barely stand and we finally noticed someone had started knocking urgently on the door. Tammy yelled, "just a minute" as we both realized we really did need to pee.

I squatted first on the cold commode seat and watched as Tammy dropped her overalls down around her ankles. She knelt between my legs and watched my warm stream spray into the bowl. As I finished, she quickly pulled my pussy forward toward her face and slowly sucked the remaining droplets of piss from my swollen lips.

It was the most erotic thing that anyone had ever done to me and I know the girl knocking must have heard my loud moan. Tammy gave my pussy one last little lick as I got up for her turn.

She sat on the commode and a bright yellow stream immediately hissed from between her legs. I was mesmerized as I kelt and watched as this beautiful blond pussy produced this natural human function.

As her stream slowed to a final trickle, I couldn't stop the overwhelming urge to taste it. I quickly followed her example and buried my face and tongue into her pussy. The tart tangy taste and odor of her piss were so different from her pussy juice and I eagerly licked and sucked it off her tight little blond curls until she pulled me up to kiss me.

We slowly pulled our overalls back up as Tammy continued to kiss me. The girl outside was pounding as I unlocked the door and we both stumbled out together. The girl took one look at us and said, "Looks like you've been having fun." I was dazed but chuckled and said, "It was sure more fun than just peeing!"

Tammy cracked up laughing and pulled me toward the door of the bar. As we got outside, she put her arm around me and said, "So do you want some juice baby?" I grabbed one of her big tits and squeezed it as I replied, "I always want your juice." She just smiled and said, "Lets go for a drive" and we slowly walked to her car playing with each other as we went.

Unfortunately, being 20 we both still lived at home and commuted to college so Tammy drove to a local park that we'd visited before. I couldn't keep my hands off her big tits and pussy and it's a wonder we didn't get pulled over because I know she was weaving on the road. By the time we got to the park her big nipples were sticking out begging to be sucked and I could feel the heat of her pussy through her overalls.

We'd barely parked and she'd already tilted her seat back and started slipping off her top. The moon was shinning enough so that I could see her big tits and I couldn't help stopping to stare at them with lust. Before Tammy, I'd never thought about sucking another woman's tits (or licking off their piss) but lately that was all I seemed to think about.

She knew how much I craved her tits and smiled at my expression as she reached up and squeezed them together. She moaned as she said, "Do you want to suck them baby?" Hell yes I did!! I went after them like a newborn, licking and sucking as much as I could into my mouth. She moaned louder as she begged me to bite her nipples.

I was happy to follow instructions and she gasped as I bit down. She lifted her ass off the seat to slide her overalls off as I continued to suck and play with her tits. Then she pulled my face up towards hers and kissed me as she whispered, "Do you still want my sweet juice baby?"

As much as I loved her tits, I loved her pussy juice even more and I moaned as I replied, "God yes Tammy, you know I want it baby." Her pussy was so hot and wet as I playfully slid my index finger in and out of her. I finally pulled my juice-covered finger out and brought it up to our lips so we could both lick it clean. I started sucking her tits again as I slid another finger into her. She moaned her encouragement as I bit her nipples and moved my fingers faster.

She moved her seat back and spread her legs so I could kneel between her legs. God I needed to taste her pussy. I think all men and women reading this will agree, a woman's pussy has to be one of God's most beautiful creations. Little blond curls surrounded Tammy's and her lips always protruded proudly from the blond hair.

Of course it was too dark that night to see this but I knew exactly where my tongue was heading. Her pussy was so sweet and 20 years later I can still close my eyes and taste it. I love my husband's cock and his cum but I still miss her pussy juice!!

She moaned, "Yeah baby" as I slowly started licking her slit up and down but not quite touching her clit. She scooted forward on the seat and put one leg up on the dash and the other up on the door, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. I knew my baby wanted to cum really bad but I was going to make her wait as punishment for teasing me at the bar.

I spread her lips apart with my fingers as I kept slowly licking her slit and occasionally gently sucking one of her swollen lips into my mouth. As bad as I wanted to, I was still being very careful not to touch her clit or to bury my tongue into her pussy. Even without giving her what she wanted, I was getting all the juice that I could suck down because her pussy was flooding.

Finally she couldn't stand it anymore and started begging. I smiled as I said, "Do you want to cum baby?" She hissed, "YES." I barely flicked her clit as I said, "Were you a bad girl at the bar?" Her scream drowned out most of my question so I repeated it, "Baby were you a bad girl at the bar?" She moaned, "Yes" as I gently sucked all of her clit into my mouth.

She'd been pulling at her tits and pinching her nipples but now she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her pussy. She started screaming my name as I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked at it with my tongue. God I loved to make her cum!!

I kept gently sucking at her clit as her orgasm ran on. When she finally started to come back down, I buried my tongue deep into her pussy and used one hand to gently rub her clit as I used the other hand to rub against her asshole. She lifted her ass off the seat to meet my tongue and started screaming incoherently.

I could feel her pussy convulsing around my tongue as her legs clamped around my head and I thought I was going to drown in her pussy juice. My ears were ringing from her screams and the pressure of her legs squeezing against my head. I felt so powerful knowing that this was an orgasm that she was going to remember for a long time.

Finally her legs relaxed around my head and she whispered, "Come here baby." I reluctantly moved my mouth from her pussy and started licking my way up her body. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around my waist as I reached her tits and started gently sucking them again. She grabbed one of her tits and started squeezing it into my mouth as if she were the mother breast-feeding me. I was in heaven, I loved her tits and I could have licked and sucked them forever.

She finally pulled me up and we started kissing. Hot wet kisses that seemed to go on and on. We were both still hot and hungry for each other. Between kisses she said, "baby I need to taste you again and my pussy wants more." I nibbled at her ear and whispered, "let's get out."

We each kept a sleeping bag and a blanket in our vehicles for such emergencies. Since I was still dressed, I got out and took the sleeping bag and blanket from her trunk and spread them out behind some nearby trees. There weren't many bugs out since it was the beginning of Fall and it wasn't cold yet so it was a perfect night under the half moon and stars.

I guess we were young and stupid but remember this was 20 years ago. There weren't rapists and murderers around every corner in those days so we really didn't worry about that kind of thing. Also the thrill of making love out where we might get caught was an obvious rush and guaranteed to make our pussy's wet.

When I was ready she ran over from the car and slid under the blanket onto the sleeping bag. She stared up at me as I slowly took my clothes off. The beautiful half-moon gave plenty of light for me to put on a show for her. When my clothes were off, I stood over her slowly pulling on my tits and pinching the nipples out toward her. I ran one hand down and slid 2 fingers into my pussy.

We both moaned together as I fingered myself faster and she could hear the wetness of my pussy against my fingers. Her eyes were locked on mine as she threw back the blanket and started playing with herself. She was mirroring my movements, pulling on her big tits with one hand as I would pull mine and pinching her nipples as hard as she could. Her knees were up and her legs were spread wide with her fingers burying into her pussy, flying in and out to match my fingers and giving me an unforgettable sight .

It was so hot, watching my lover pleasure herself because of me and of course the thrill of her watching me as I did the same. Between moans we were whispering back and forth to each other, "fuck it baby, fuck that hot pussy" "do you like that baby" "hear that wet pussy slut" "want some of this juice baby" "cum for me for me slut." As we whispered we were staring into each other eyes, God it was hot!

We both reached the point where we couldn't talk; all we could do was moan louder and louder. Our hands were a blur; we were both in a frenzy heading as fast as we could toward the cliff of orgasm. I couldn't stand any longer and fell to my knees straddling her belly but that didn't cause me to slow down.

My hand rubbed her arm as we each fingered our pussys. Our minds were in sync as she moved her hand and buried 3 fingers into my pussy and I arched my back to meet her as I reached behind me to bury 3 fingers into her. Now we were fingering each other and within seconds we both went over the edge.

My orgasm was so intense that I couldn't make any sound; I was screaming a silent scream. Tammy was screaming, "OH GOD" over and over. If anyone was within hearing distance, I'm sure we would have been caught but no one came running. My silent scream became a loud moan as I collapsed onto her.

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