tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersT-Girl Gets Sucked Before Date

T-Girl Gets Sucked Before Date


"C'mon, let's go!" I yelled down the hall from the living room... She always took forever getting ready for movie night.

Her heels click clacked down the hall way... "Why you always rushing me? What're you in such a hurry for?"

"I'm just saying... it's not like anyone will see you in the dark movie theatre. I don't see why you put so much effort into making yourself up..." I thoughtlessly blurted out...

"Hmm... You ever thought I make myself up for myself? It makes me feel good... But you know what? Since I can't do that apparently... I want you to make feel good... C'mere and get down on your knees."

"What, now? But I really want to catch this..." My sentence was interrupted.

"Now." She replied with a stern annoyed look. Her index finger pointing at the floor in front of her.

Not much more would be said after that... I plainly had offended her and the effort she put in at making herself beautiful. She was going to make use of her beauty and make me put forward some effort in making up for my disrespect.

She unstrapped her heels and pulled her jeans and panties off as I got into my place where she'd demanded me to be.

Positioned on my knees, I look up into this pair of beautiful almond shaped brown eyes... My large ebony goddess towering over me. Just past her large smooth stomach and voluptuous brown breasts with large pronounced black nipples jutting out... her mouth whispered, "kiss it".

My eyes wandered back down to what was in front of me. This mound of wrinkled black skin, emanating a warm musky scent mixed with delicious perfume.

With close examination I could make out the shape of an uncut phallus smushed against a large sack. All stuck together, clearly from having been squeezed between her legs for the day, tucked, hidden behind tight panties, underneath skin tight jeans.

I press my lips against it all and could feel the shape of her phallus push back. As I continued to kiss it, it began to protrude away from the wrinkled skin of her sack, standing up just a bit.

Taking a handful of my hair with her smooth lotioned fingers, her other hand moves down... I watch her movements closely as I breath heavily. Her nails with a fresh coat of black, oval tips, accenting beautiful off of her dark brown skin... a large colorful ring on her middle finger...

She took hold of her cock with her index and thumb fingers. Pulling the skin back just enough to show a third of the walnut shaped pink head encased within her foreskin.

I looked back up to her for further instruction. My heart racing, butterflies churning in my stomach. Her mouth moves although I can barely hear her words over my heart pounding. But I still see that her lips read "lick me."

With her one hand holding her cock in place, and her other with a fist full of my hair... I keep eye contact with her as my tongue reached out for the pink tip of her still very soft member.

She bit her lip in the sexiest fashion as we make contact. I lap at it like a dog. Strings of saliva ensure that we never lose contact. As I continue licking her, I can feel her cock becoming more intrusive. Without her moving forward or pulling my head in, the tip of her cock starts to grow pass my lips.

My sensitive licking becomes slurping. We continue to maintain eye contact as the drool starts to dribble from the sides of my mouth and down onto my shirt. I notice her fingers begin to move back and forth very slowly and for the first time I taste her fluids.

So salty and sweet, the precum from her tip mixes with my saliva. And after just a few more strokes, she moves her hand to her hip before beginning to slide her cock in and out of my mouth with gentle passion. She's so soft, plushie, and warm.

Now at its full size, her member is plump and dripping wet. It's smooth with a thick vein running down the top side. I look down to see the progress I've made, a line on her cock marked by my spit, the remaining bit still dry. At least another two inches to go before my lips reach her fuzzy mound. The amount of her cock currently in my mouth fitting perfectly.

She pulls my head back off of her cock by my hair, and holding her cock at the base, she throws her long braided hair off of her shoulder to her back before slapping her member against my tongue. The look in her eyes is passion, lust, and focus...

After stroking herself a few times and pondering over the warm mouth in front of her, she slides it back in and takes hold of my head with both hands...

For the first time my hands move from my lap to the sides of her knees as I prepare myself... as she begins slowly and passionately fucking me. I look up and see that she's watching me with a look of fervor and seriousness...

The tip of her cock begins hitting the back of my throat testing my gag reflex... Sticky throat saliva beginning to coat her cock and create bubbles as tears begin to swell up in my eyes. I feel her low hanging ball sack begin to tap against my chin with each stroke. Her panting becoming heavier...

My grip on her knees suddenly releases as she pulls out of my mouth unexpectedly after just a short time, and she steps back. I fall forward gasping, looking up at her. Few words have been spoken thus far, why start now? She says nothing and just grins.

This whole time, there was our couch about a foot or two behind her. As we were in the living room. She grabs me by the wrist and forcefully positions me sitting with my back against the couch and my head rested on the middle cushion. Placing one knee alongside my head, she looks down at me, my chin and cheeks glistening with spit and precum...

She climbs up, strattling my face, positioning her cock into mouth. With her hands on the back of the couch and the tops of her feet on my chest, she resumes fucking my mouth... My nostrils pressed into her pubic mound as she repeatedly pulls back and drops in deep... moaning, breasts swaying back and forth.

I feel her toes curl on my chest and can feel her pace quickening as her smooth spit saturatedsack slaps my chin over and over again...

"Fuuuuuuck!" She let's out as she finds her rhythm... slap, slap, slap, slap, slap!! All amongst sounds of my throat gurgling and the couch squeaking... Slap, slap, slap, slap!!

But suddenly she stops! "I'm cumming..." She whimpers...

After having come to a complete stop, she resumes... but... very slowly... and I feel it. I taste it. I smell it.

Her cock pulsates as it runs along the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. Gushing thick cum into me. Her body shivers and jerks as she releases her honey... much of it being forced down my open gullet, but much more being pressed into my tongue and running out the sides of my mouth.

Legs still trembling, she places one foot on the floor. Then the other... in doing so, removing herself from my lips... My red, swollen lips...

I look up at her as her chest heaves, her hand on her cock...

I shift my focus from her eyes down to her deflating member... I scramble up to my knees and take her in my hands for the first time. Pulling her foreskin back and squeezing, I pull one last big silver pearl of her thick honey to the tip and lick it off before giving one last hearty suck.

She takes a step back, and pushes her cock back in-between her legs before reaching for her panties and pulling them up... I stay there on my knees, still trying to take in the moment as she continues to dress.

Once finished, she leans down and kisses me. "Thank you baby."

"Looks like we're gonna have to catch a later showing of that movie. Oh, and you may want to change that shirt."

Looking down, I see my whole chest is saturated with spit and cum... I probably should change my shirt.

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