tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersT-Girl Meets T-Girl

T-Girl Meets T-Girl


It was a silent car ride home. He looked at her, she looked out the window. She looked at him, his eyes were on the road. Neither of them broke the silence.

It stayed that way until he parked in her mom's driveway. The soft-spoken young man told his girlfriend, "Goodnight Ashley. I'll call you tomorrow or something."

She turned to him, her eyes searching his, "Will you tell me what's wrong?"

He took a deep breath and turned his head away from her. "Nothing's wrong. All I said was goodnight."

Ashley didn't get out of the car, instead she clicked a switch on the car door which locked them "You don't mean that. Tell me the truth Jeff."

"The truth? Steven was telling me at the club about this girl he met the other night." Jeff sighed.

They'd gone out to dinner and then a local club afterwards. Some of Jeff's friends arrived later. They ordered drinks together and did some mingling. Ashley had seen Jeff and Steven talking about something which appeared very interesting to Jeff.

"I hope she figures out what an ass he is before they do it." Ashley replied, half-chuckling to herself but remaining extremely concerned.

"Too late. Steven's knee deep in pussy. Fuck." Each word he spoke seemed to come out more depressed than the last.

"Honey you know once we get out of school that we're going to look into the options for surgery." She said as soothingly as she could.

Jeff gave her a sad look, "I'm young now Ashley. We're young now. This is supposed to be the best time of our lives."

"Hey," Ashley chimed in. "Don't give me some soap opera bull shit. It sounds like you're trying to break up with me."

"I didn't say that. Jeez Ashley. This is tough." Jeff's sad expression spoke volumes.

She reached out and caressed his cheek. "We'll talk more tomorrow. You need a night of sleep, okay?"

His expression changed, became a little more desperate, "I think we need to spend some time apart."

Ashley's eyes welled up with tears. Her heart raced. It felt like he'd given her a sliver of hope that something Steven had said just got to him, but they'd talk it out tomorrow and come out alright. Those hopes were dashed now.

"Oh. . . so that's what you've been trying to get at. . ." She tried unsuccessfully to stifle the burning hot tears rolling down her pretty face.

The car was silent again until Jeff thought better about leaving it like this, "That's not what I meant." Let's just say that sentence wasn't exactly dripping with conviction.

Ashley was suddenly in a hurry as she slipped her hood on. She popped open the car door and got out, her eyes dwelling on Jeff's face for an extra second longer than they had to. As she slammed the door shut she could hear a faint whisper asking her to wait, she ignored it.

She got in the house and ran up the stairs to her room and did what most young girls do after a break up; blasted music and cut up anything with Jeff's name or image on it. It was nearing midnight before Ashley finished those tasks.

Warm shower water felt good on her face. Ashley washed berry-scented shampoo through her long blond hair. Traces of the tears she had shed washed down the drain. Ashley soaped her body, her hands roaming her pleasant curves.

Ashley had beautiful, pert breasts and rubbery nipples which were presently stiff. She felt a rush of hot excitement when her hand found the tube of girly meat between her legs. Ashley squirted a dollop of body wash into the palm of her hand and spread it over the length of her cock.

Her body was covered in soap suds. Ashley let the shower head similarly cover her with sprinkles of water. Her hand pumped her member. All the terror that tonight had brought went down the drain in a mixture of soap of water. This allowed Ashley to enjoy the moment, enjoy the sensation of her pumping fist.

One hand worked her shaft and the other rested lower, fondling her balls. She could feel an imminent orgasm coming on. Ashley could feel her knees shake, her eyes closed and she let go. Hot shots of cum joined the soapy water on the long journey down the drain.

Ashley moaned to herself while draining her balls. She spent a couple more minutes in the shower before getting out and toweling off. Ashley slipped under her covers in the nude and nodded off to sleep.

Knock! Knock!

"Dear?" A familiar voice said from the other side of Ashley's door. Ashley gradually opened her eyes, adjusting to the light of morning. "Honey, are you awake?"

"I'm up Mom." Ashley dropped the cover from her naked physique and slipped her robe on.


"No thanks. I've got an early class." Ashley replied. She groaned, the details of last night filling her mind again. Ashley went to a small university in town. She was majoring in Elementary Education. Jeff was a Finance major. They shared a class last year and started dating.

Ashley rummaged through her purse and realized one thing was missing. Her school ID was gone. Then it dawned on her. Ashley tore through her trash and pulled out the items she'd cut up last night. Sure enough, her school ID had been mixed in. It wouldn't do her any good in two pieces.

She attended her morning and afternoon classes. Ashley finished a paper in her study time. By the time the last bell had rung, she was feeling a bit better. Ashley walked through West Hall until coming to a door marked Student Office.

Inside was one desk with a girl sitting at it. The girl had headphones on and didn't seem to notice Ashley. She looked a little familiar. Ashley thought they might have shared a class together in the past.

The girl was tall with medium cut brown hair in a ponytail. Her blouse had a couple buttons casually undone. Inside that blouse she caught a glimpse of the girl's tits. She wasn't wearing a bra. Ashley could make out the song "Call Me Maybe" playing through her headphones.

"Excuse me?" Ashley walked up closer to the desk.

The girl pulled her headphones off and spit a wad of gum into the wastebasket. She licked her lips and looked up at Ashley, "What's up?"

"I lost my school ID. Can I get a new one please?"

"Sure thing cutie. Name?"

"Ashley Mitchell." She replied.

The girl looked back at the monitor. She typed Ashley's name in then clicked around for a minute. "Huh. . ." The girl said, reconciling what she saw on her computer screen with the girl in front of her.

"If there's a fee that'll be fine." Ashley rapped her fingernails down on the desk nervously.

"All the information you submitted when applying here was computerized over the summer." The girl took her glasses off and nibbled on the end as she clicked around on the computer screen. "There are some discrepancies between your birth certificate and, well everything."

Ashley slunk down in the chair behind her. She fiddled with the zipper on her hoodie and thought about that statement.

"This isn't like high school where you derive some perverse pleasure from ruining my life, is it?" Ashley said in a somber, hopeless tone.

The girl abruptly started laughing. She smiled at Ashley, "While I can't deny a penchant for perverse pleasure, outing you is the furthest thing from my mind cutie."

"Oh. . ." Ashley said with a weight lifted. "With the week I've had, it wouldn't have surprised me."

The girl clicked around on the computer until it made a little noise, "I set the machine to make your ID. This'll take a few minutes. Say, don't I usually see you around campus with some beau on your arm?" She stuck her glasses back on and gave Ashley a grin, "My name's Charlene by the way."

"Yeah, you won't see that anymore." Ashley's face got darker, "We broke it off. Well, he broke it off with me."

"What a dick!" Charlene blurted out and Ashley giggled. "Don't you worry cutie. You won't be alone for long."

"We'll see if that's a good thing." She giggled again.

"Listen," Charlene handed Ashley her new ID, "You've got support here. You aren't the only one."

Charlene's headphones were back on before Ashley could process what she said. She hopped into her old Ford and drove home, thinking about the conversation she had with Charlene. Ashley wasn't the only one. What did that mean? Probably nothing, she reasoned. The girl was just being nice and you know, it did help.

The rest of the night passed easily enough. Ashley occupied her time with school work and avoiding her mom. The next day was Friday and she'd just finished her last class before lunch when a voice called out to her in the auditorium.

"Ashley!" The voice called.

Ashley turned around and saw the girl shouting for her was Charlene. They chatted for a minute and Charlene asked her to coffee at this place a block or two from school that a lot of students went to.

They sat down at a round table and ordered their coffees. Charlene ordered something that looked like a Frappuccino.

"How you holding up?" Charlene asked as she popped the end of the straw into her mouth.

"I'm fine. Well nothing coffee can't fix." Ashley chuckled, taking a sip of her drink.

"Found some rebound ass yet?"

Ashley almost choked on her drink. She set it down and wiped her lips with a napkin, "Charlene! You're bad."

"Now don't tell me that old beau of yours, whatever his name was, was your only squeeze?" Charlene beamed. "No, you're too beautiful for that."

"There wasn't anyone else. Just Jeff." Ashley lamented.

"You poor girl. I could never limit myself to just one." Charlene's face sparkled. "But I guess as long as you're getting your dick wet -"

Ashley's eyes shot up to Charlene's in surprise. Charlene seemed quite comfortable with these terms, didn't she?

"I didn't do that. I'm a t-girl. He was the guy. . ."

Charlene's brow furrowed, as though she couldn't understand. "You mean he was the top?"

"Yeah, well I'm the girl, aren't I? I thought I was lucky enough to find a guy who would accept me even knowing what I am." Ashley's eyes started getting red. "I was going to, to have the surgery one day. Maybe not the best solution but -"

Charlene nearly spilled her drink. "WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT!?"

The waitress gave both of them a perplexed look. The two girls sat quietly for a couple minutes before Ashley whispered across the table, "We made the decision together. It was a step toward building a future together and me becoming a real girl for him."

Charlene popped the lid off her coffee drink and lifted the cup to her lips. She offered, somewhat perturbed, "Sounds like a funny definition of a real girl to me." Charlene tipped the cup up and drank what was left. "But whatever floats your boat, I guess."

"What would you suggest I do with my condition then?" Ashley diverted her eyes, looking at the coffee ring her drink had left on her napkin.

"Condition," Charlene spat out the word. "Having a dick isn't some condition. I wouldn't get rid of it just to fit Jeff's definition of a real girl or anyone else's. Me? I say they can fuck themselves." She pulled a piece of gum out of her purse. "Or better yet, you fuck them."

Ashley giggled. "You know you're crazy Charlene?"

Charlene leaned across the table and gave Ashley a silly grin before whispering, "All us t-girls are."

Ashley's eyes bugged out. The new girl she'd befriended was a t-girl? Charlene sat back down in her chair with a satisfied grin.

"Really? I mean really really?" Ashley burst out.

Charlene lifted her arm and pointed one manicured fingernail down to her crotch. Ashley gulped, taking a peek around the coffee shop, the waitress must have been in the back. Ashley dipped her head down under the table.

Charlene's pants were tented. Tented with the unmistakable bulge of cock meat. Ashley's penis, almost seven inches in length, was no pinky, but Charlene's tent looked even bigger.

"So you see I know what I'm talking about."

Her words cut through the air and snapped Ashley out of her trance. She jumped and hit her head under the table.

"Watch yourself. You alright?" Charlene asked in a concerned, but amused tone.

Ashley could feel blush coloring her cheeks. She smirked at Charlene and then starting laughing. Charlene laughed too.

"It's good to laugh Charlene. I hate being in a funk."

"Me too cutie." Charlene replied.

Ashley checked the time on her phone. "My next class is in ten minutes."

The two girls got up and threw away their cups. Charlene ran her hand through Ashley's blonde locks and remarked how pretty her hair was. "Hey, so let's combat your funk. I know this great club by campus. It's Friday and that means they'll be plenty of hot guys. How about it?"

Ashley did have a paper to write. All of the sudden that wasn't all that appealing compared to spending a night on the town with her new friend. "Sounds great."

The girls exchanged numbers and Charlene vowed to pick her up that night. The rest of the day was a blur for Ashley. Barely any time seemed to pass at all before she was back at home keeping her nosy mother at bay and looking through her closet for an outfit to wear tonight.

Her phone buzzed, "Hello?" Ashley said.

"Hey cutie. I just got in the car. I'll be there in a few minutes." Charlene was on the other end.

"See you then." Each girl hung up.

Ashley pulled a pair of pink panties up her smooth legs. She didn't want to get too dressed up. A pair of slacks and a halter top would do. Ashley applied a soft, glimmery lip gloss over her lush lips.

The two met up and Charlene drove them to the club. Charlene looked great. Her long legs were encased in stockings; she was wearing a strapless top which gave more than a hint of the big tits hidden beneath. The girl must have been in four-inch heels!

They got to the club and a group of horny guys circled. Ashley hadn't felt this hot in a while. The leering eyes were turning her on. She sat down at a stool by the bar and watched her new friend get chatted up by a couple guys.

Charlene had a big smile on her full lips. To Ashley's surprise, she was much more aggressive than the guys. Ashley couldn't believe it when she saw Charlene's hand snake down one of the man's pants.

Charlene wrapped an arm around each guy's back and strolled over to where Ashley was sitting. "Meet my friend Amy. She just broke up with her boyfriend." Charlene made a puppy dog pout face.

That started a conversation between Ashley and one of the guys. Pretty soon the four of them were dancing. Ashley watched her friend grind herself into one of them. Charlene was sporting a boner. She looked worriedly at both of the guys but realized neither of them noticed. They were just happy to have a couple wild college girls shaking their titties.

Throughout the night their dancing partners and drinking partners changed, but the smiles on their faces didn't. It wasn't until late into the night that they had a moment alone without some horndog feeling up one or the other. Ashley lost track of how many hands had tried to cop a feel.

Charlene pulled Ashley into the bathroom so that they could do their lady business and have a minute to talk. Charlene applied a new layer of lipstick on her full lips in the mirror while Ashley relieved her bladder of all the drinks.

"So who do you want to take home?" Charlene asked her friend.

"My mom would freak out if I brought some random dude home. What are you talking about?" Ashley laughed.

"You've gotta crash at my apartment tonight. I thought that one bartender was cute. Did you like him?"

Instead of answering, Ashley asked, "Why were we using fake names all night? Did you finally lose it Charlene?" Ashley popped out of the bathroom stall and turned the water on at the sink next to her friend.

"I don't give out our real names cutie. Fuck em then duck em. That's what I always say." She grinned, putting her makeup away.

"How crude." Ashley poked her friend in the ribs, "I bet you've broken a few hearts."

"Ain't my fault they think the sex means something. It doesn't! It's just sex. I can't help it if I'm using some dude's butt and he thinks we're in a relationship because of it. We're in a relationship until a fresh asshole catches my fancy, and that happens a lot!" Charlene opened the door for them, "Booty makes me weak."

The two girls drifted about the dance floor for a while longer. Ashley couldn't remember a time she'd had so much fun, nor a time she'd spent so little time thinking about Jeff. Charlene didn't bring anyone home with her, but insisted that Ashley crash at her place.

Ashley fell asleep on Charlene's couch and began dreaming. . .

She was in a field. She felt her cock start to swell. It grew bigger and bigger. Strangely she wasn't alarmed. Then there were men. Hundreds of them; running through the field. They were naked, their cocks and tight asses bouncing as they ran. Charlene was there. She pointed at one of the guys and they stopped in their tracks, then she did the exact same thing with another.

"Stop some before they all get away." She shouted at Ashley with a pleasant expression on her face.

Then all of the sudden Ashley heard her own voice answer, "I'm trying!"

Ashley pointed at a man as he whizzed past her. He stopped instantly, nearly frozen. Ashley stroked her stiff cock; she brought it the man's ass and pushed the big tip against his supple butt cheeks. Her cock slid between them and was soon met by the warm, soft opening of his asshole. Without a second thought, she plunged her entire length into her half-frozen captive.

"I've got him Charlene! I got him!" She called out to her friend.

She experienced this overwhelming feeling of a long-held thirst being quenched. It was like she'd had this itch her entire life, and as her cock penetrated the man's narrow anal walls, she was finally scratching it.

"I can see. Tell me it's wonderful. How does it feel?" Ashley could just barely hear Charlene's voice. She turned her head and saw her new friend buried under a pile of frozen guys. Then she got out and arranged them into a pyramid. Their asses were lifted high in the air with Charlene squeezing and feeling the flesh of each.

"It. . ." Ashley drove her cock into the man and felt his tiny orifice contract around her shaft, "It's unbelievable. I can't believe I've missed out on this for so long!" She punctuated the sentence with another drive of her cock into the man's buttocks.

"It's time to cum cutie. Let your load go! His asshole will keep it warm, keep it safe."

As Charlene spoke, Ashley could feel the cum rising from her balls. Her engorged shaft swelled with the weight of her load as it traveled through there and finally out the tip. Great big spurts shot out. Ashley's legs were weak, but she didn't stop until every drop of burning hot liquid had been released from her cock and into him, her cum bucket. . .

Ashley was a little dazed when she opened her eyes. She knew it was still night because no light was coming in from the window. She stood up from the couch and felt a warm trickle down her leg. She'd cum during the dream. Ashley looked around the unfamiliar room she'd just woken up in. It slowly came back to her that she'd gone home with Charlene.

She heard something from another room. A cryptic, rhythmic thumping. In her groggy state, Ashley walked unsteadily down the hall to where the noise was originating from.

As Ashley walked through the hallway, the sound got louder. She could hear heavy, rasping breathing now too. Ashley came to a door where the noise was the loudest. The door was opened just a crack. Her hand reached out and pressed it open.

She gasped, making her presence known. Inside the room, Charlene had a guy hunched over the bed. His face contorted with each powerful thrust of Charlene's cock inside him. Charlene's expression was of pure pleasure and complete dominance. She spotted her friend in the doorway, but never gave the guy under her an inch, continuing to anally penetrate him.

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