T-Girl Rodeo


Howdy folks, we would like to welcome y'all to the finals for the 10th Annual T-girl Rodeo! Now this here being the tenth anniversary and all we're gonna put on one hellva show for ya! Commentating up here in the announcers box with me is the first ever T-girl Grand Champion, Lorna "Tail Buster" Johnson. Folks let's give the Tail Buster here a great big rodeo welcome! Say howdy to these good folks Lorna!

Howdy, good folks!

Hoo wee, Lorna those folks sure are glad to see you here with me!

I'd say they are! That's about the best applause I've gotten any where I've ever gone Slim!

Now Lorna, I would reckon that anyone who has made it into the grandstands here at the Hard Rider arena would know the ins and outs of this rodeo, but why don't you give them a quick run down on the history of the rodeo and how the scoring is awarded.

I'd love to Slim. This rodeo started, of course, ten years ago. Back then the field of contestants was quite a bit smaller than today. We had a turn out of about 14 riders so it only took one day to run the whole thing. The rules were simple. Whoever could stay in the saddle for more than 30 seconds received 30 points. If they couldn't make the 30 seconds then how many seconds they did stay in the saddle is how many points they received. Then the rider also received up to fifteen bonus points given out by the judges on how rough the ride was. So it is possible that a rider could get all the bonus points, not have a full ride, and still get more points that another rider that stayed on for the full 30 seconds. So that is why you always see a rider trying to infuriate their mount before the ride. The points are added up throughout the night and the girl with the most points after 10 rides wins. The only change from those rules was made 5 years ago to thin down the field. Now, if you don't earn at least 20 points per round you can't ride in the next round.

Well I'd say those rules are simple enough for everyone to follow along with and it looks like they're getting ready to start the last round Lorna so I reckon we better start payin attention and earn our pay as commentators.

Right Slim. We have three girls that have made it to ride in this last round and the points are very close so anyone of the girls could walk away with that big belt buckle and the prize money of $5000!

Lorna who's our first rider up this round?

That would be Mandy Johnson from Chicago, Illinois Slim. Mandy is a black haired beauty that stands a stately 5' 10" in her stocking feet. She's a big girl and I just don't mean height either. She has a whopping 40" DD chest so she wears a sports bra while she rides. It looks like the clowns have her up, hard, and ready to ride!

Great Balls of Fire! Would you look at that hunk o' horse meat she's got swingin tween her legs!

Don't too excited just yet Slim! While Mandy is well hung she's certainly not the biggest girl in the place tonight! She has walked around to the front of her mount making sure he sees just how big she is and now she's slapping him in the face with her cock really hard. That ought to get him good and pissed off! Now she's leaning down to whisper in his ear. I don't know what she's saying to him, but by the look on his face I'd say she is in for one hell of a ride!

This is one heckuva big guy she's fixin ta ride. What are his stats Lorna?

He's a taxis driver from New York City. Supposedly he is so homophobic that he refused to drive for a t-girl and her date because he noticed the bulge in her pants. He stands 6' 5" tall and has a very muscular build.

She's got the rope that's attached to the harness wrapped around her left hand and she is poised, ready for the first thrust.

WOW! Did you see that Lorna?! She shoved her fat cock so hard inta his rectum she lifted his legs clear offen the ground!

I sure did Slim! She's not only one of the toughest riders on the circuit but also the roughest! The gate is open and the ride has officially started! He's trying hard to stand up but the harness is holding him in check real well as Mandy pulls on the rope and keeps pounding her big cock into his unwilling ass. He's thrashing around like a wild man but it isn't doing him any good. He just can't shake her!

You can sure say that Lorna! This here is one of the best rides I've seen all weekend!

Yea she's sure to get a full ride and will probably get extra points for how rough this ride has been. There's the buzzer! She's got her full ride and the clowns are coming out to get a grip on her mount so she can safely disengage from him. She is safely away and parading around the ring with her still hard cock bouncing and leading the way! She is whooping it up, flashing her big tits, shaking that big cock at them and getting the crowd fired up while she waits to see her score.

She sure is a sight strutin round that ring in nuthin but her boots, hat, and a great big smile!

Why Slim! You aren't starting to excited are you?

Naw, I'm just sayin she's a sight, that's all. Here come the scores. Looks like she's gonna get a whoppin 42 points out of a possible 45.

That's a great score and it moves her into first place. Check out Mandy's reaction, she is obviously well pleased by how she is jumping around screaming and hollering.

Them clowns better watch out or she's gonna knock one of them out with that big dick! Before the next rider comes out we need to take a second to mention one of the major sponsors of this event.

That's right Slim. With all the big signs up around the arena I'm sure everyone knows Asstro Glide is the lubricant all the riders use in this event. Remember folks, use Asstro Glide and no matter what the size, it'll slide….right in!

You said it Lorna!

Looks like our next rider is in the ring and ready to go. This is Joanna from Brazil. This redhead is very firey. She stands 5' 9" tall, has a fabulous 36-24-36 inch figure with a long thick 8" cock to round things out.

Now this guy she's gettin ready to ride don't look so tough to me Lorna. He looks kinda scrawny!

Don't judge the ride by the mount Slim. I've seen some pretty small guys give a girl one hell of a good ride. She's walking around to her rides ass and not even trying to get him fired up. I wonder what her strategy could be and did you notice she's not wearing a condom! She's going to do him bareback!

Well lookie here, she didin even shove her cock inta him hard or nuthin!

Wait a second Slim. Looks like she is leaning up to whisper something in his ear. Check out the look on his face! The gate is open and he is going nuts! It looks like he is fighting for his life!

Golly, I don't know what she said to him but he is goin nuts and thrashin around the ring like his ass is on fire and his head is catchin!

She's a pretty big girl, his ass just might be on fire Slim. They selected this mount from down in Texas. It seems that he used to be a priest and he was on trial for molesting some alter boys when the selection committee acquired him.

So this here fella's getting a taste of his own medicine! Why if that isn't the best damn thing I've ever heard! Check out Joanna! She's haulin on that rope an poundin her thick cock into him like she's tryin to make it pop out of his mouth!

There's the buzzer! Wait a second, she isn't showing any signs of stopping! She just keeps pounding away at his defenseless ass.

He's slowin down though, and not strugglin too much anymore. OK he's colapsed inta the sand and Joanna looks like she's on the edge of an orgasm.

I'd say she is Slim! She's got her back arched, her head thrown back, and is grinding her cock hard into him! That is one powerful ending to her ride!

Well it sure looks like the judges think so too, cause their givin her 43 points which makes her our current leader! That sure was a great ride but I think there was somethin personal goin on there.

Yea, I think your right Slim. Just look at that guy. He's crying and blubbering like some little kid. I've heard about breaking someone this way but I've never seen it. Just as a side note, this guy won't be going back into society. He will be taken to Mistress Karla and placed in her slave harem for the enjoyment of her friends and customers. In time he may even be changed into a t-girl himself.

Well that is probably for the best seein as how he is a broken man now, but I think a lot of folks would say he's got no more than he diserves, and in truth has gotten off easy. Hell he should be castrated or something!

Slim, that's one of the things Mistress Karla does when she gets a slave.

Oh. Well…I…uh…guess that brings us to the last rider! Lorna will you please give us the bio on this here young lady.

I would love to Slim. This tall blond is Angel from the state of Florida. She is close to 6 feet tall with a shape like a Barbie doll. She has been on the front of many magazines, she has her own web site, and although it's not been confirmed yet it is rumored that she is going to run for Governor of Florida. Wouldn't that shake up the politicians because she is definitely a lady who can play "hard" ball!

Here she comes inta the ring now. WOW, she's gorgeous, I reckon it would be a bit intimidatin to some guy to sit down across from a beautiful woman like her to work out a deal and realize she's got a bigger cock under her business skirt than you've got in your pants! She is just down right sexy and she's the first rider we've seen that has come out here fully dressed.

Slim, the mounts for the finals are kept completely in the dark about what is going on around them. Unlike the mounts used in the rest of the rodeo that have to submit to multiple riders these guys get the full shock at the very last minute. The theory behind it is that they will give a much more spirited ride for the finals and that is usually just what happens.

She sure looks fine struttin over to the front of the chute in that tight white muscle shirt, blue jeans mini skirt, and black boots. She's startin to do a little striptease dance for her mount! She's rubbin her legs and swayin to some music that's only in her head. She's now runnin her hands over her body up to and over her breasts. The effect she is havin on her mount is quite obvious!

Hell Slim, the effect she is having on you is obvious! I didn't think you liked T-girls!

She's wrigglin her ass in his face so close that I'm sure he can smell the musky odor of her tight little ass hole. Now she is turin back around and startin to pull up the front of her skirt, I don't think she's got on any panties so any second he should be seein her cock, and by the look on his face I'd say he's seen somethin that's scarin the piss out of him cause he's pissin on the floor right now!

That would be Angel's large cock Slim! And he's in for an even bigger surprise, because once she's completely hard she'll be a little over 9 inches long and very fat! Look she is putting a jaw lock in his mouth so he can't bite down and now she's putting her still soft penis in his mouth. That will be extra humiliating for him knowing that she used his mouth to get up and hard for his ass. If you look closely you can see that even though he is trying to keep her out with his tounge that is only making her hard faster! As a matter of fact she is hard enough now that she is starting to thrust into his mouth earnestly.

Would you look at that! He had a pretty big hardon of his own while she was dancin around in front of him, but now the bigger she gets in his mouth the more his own cock shrinks.

Yea, that's one of the things that happens when a T-girl and a guy start to get it on. She just keeps getting bigger while her partner gets smaller. I think that's nature's way of telling guys who are with a T-girl just whose suppose to be the boss in their relationship! And speaking of getting bigger I've noticed that this ride is getting you quite excited Slim.

Well, she is one hot woman, and I've never seen anythin like this here before! Look, she's pullin outa his mouth real slow and that big cock just keeps comin and comin! I have to say it agin, with that skirt up around her waist, those hard nipples pokin out through that wife beater shirt, and that big cock stickin straight out in front of her she is one hot woman! Just check out the look in her eyes! She is in total control, and she knows she has everyone in the place turned on!

You can sure say that again! How about a little help for a lady here Slim!

Lorna! What the heck are you goin to do with that?

Well looking at how turned on Angel is getting you has got me all turned on too! You had to know I had what it took to back up that Tail Buster name didn't you?

I figured that you did, but I didin think you'd be wantin to bust my tail! Besides, Angel is gittin ready to ride and we're supposed to be commintating!

Heck that's no problem. You just lean over the railing here and I'll just slip in from behind with a little help from some Asstro Glide it shouldn't even hurt! Well not too much anyway, and we'll still be able to see to commentate.

Lorna quit pushin on me and tryin to undo my jeans! Lorna, now cut that out! Owwww, that hurt!

Well it'd hurt a lot less if you'd quit fighting it so much!

Owwww, my arm's not supposed to bend thata way! Damn, but your a strong one! My jeans! My jeans! How the hell did you get my jeans down!

It's all in the wrist Slim! Now, with my skirt up and your jeans down I'd say you are about to get a whole ass full of me!

Shit! That thing's a monster! I can't take it! Pull it out, pull it out!

Oh, would you quit bitchin. I've only got the head of my cock in you. Here let me push about half of it into you.


Don't be so dramatic! I've stretched out much tighter guys than you and they all lived to tell about it! Though there was that one guy that needed stitches. Here, let me push our shirts up and press my firm tits aginst your back. There doesn't that feel better?


Well it does to me. And it must have helped you as well because I now have another couple of inches of myself inside you and you didn't even notice! By the way you really do feel great on my cock! Are you seeing anyone?

Lorna, I'll make you a deal. As long as you don't shove any more of that monster inta me we can stay like this and finish the rodeo, because everyone is lookin at us and I think Angel is gittin tired of waitin on us and wants finish her ride.

Oh. Sorry about that Angel! She is going around to the back of her mount now to get ready to start the ride.

She's pealin off the rest of her clothes and now is wearin nuthin but her boots and hardon. Boy she looks fine standin there so proud and owwww…Lorna I thought we had a deal!

We do unless you start mooning over Angel again. Then you'll get the rest of me hard and fast! It's not nice to make eyes at another girl when you already have one over half buried in your ass!

No, I reckon it's not. Angel is ready to ride. She has refused the Asstro Glide and is goin in dry and wearin her condom. As she starts to push her huge cock inta his ass he starts to bellow like a mad bull! She is obviously havin to really work at it to get her cock inta him and it must be feelin to him like she is pushin a telephone pole up his ass. I know that is what it feels like for me right now and Lorna used some Glide on my achin hole!

That's right Slim, if I had gone into you dry you'd have passed out from the pain. This guy is a real tough one though! He is a construction worker from the Bronx who stumbled into a T-girl bar by accident and went wild trying to get out. He hurt several T-girls in the process and it took two tranquilizer darts to bring him down. When he came to in his cage he happen to see a T-girl and her date just walking into the room where he was being kept. He stayed quite thinking he was getting ready to see some action. Which he was, but not the kind he was thinking of. When her skirt went up and she started to push her cock into her dates ass this guy goes wild and tries to get out of his cage. He's a horny one but very homophobic. He should give Angel a real good ride.

Angel's got a hold of the rope, all her big cock is packed inta his ass, and she's noddin to the clowns to open the gate! She is off on the ride of her life! Look at him buck and thrash about, while the whole time Angel just keeps her cool and drives her cock home with each landin! This girl is a natural! Owww!! What you do that for? I wasn't mooning over Angel again!

I know. I just wanted to get in a little farther.

That wasn't part of the deal!

Sorry, I just got excited!

There's the buzzer and Angel has made a full ride! The clowns are rushin out to help her get away from her mount safely but she is wavin them back. She wants to break this one completely! He is already slowin down some and in a few more seconds he probably won't be able to go on any longer. Ok, he's collasped into the sand and Angel is still in him and thrustin hard! Her nipples look like they could put an eye out and she's breathin real hard so she will be comin soon. She's pullin out of him and pushin him over on his side while she strokes her big, fat cock. She's goin to come on his face! That's got to be the ultimate humiliation! Now she is shootin huge globs of come all over his face and the crowd is going wild! The judges are givin her a full 45 points which pushes her back into the lead and we have a new T-girl Rodeo champion!! She had a textbook ride and did everything right!!! Congratulations Angel!!! Owww,…owww Lorna!

I'm sorry Slim, but I can't wait any longer! I'm going to come and I just have to be all the way inside of you when I do! OH GOD!! That feels so good!!






Well folks,………(PANT) I hope you…….…..(PANT) Enjoyed……..(PANT) the 10th Annual…….(PANT) T-girl Rodeo……(PANT) as much as Slim and I did!

WHEW…..I'd say!! So Lorna, what are you doing the rest of the night?

You Slim.

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