tagBDSMT/heir First Scene

T/heir First Scene


They are to meet each other for the first time and she's nervous. She wonders if she will be able to please him as he wishes. She dreams about how to serve him, how to please him.

They are face to face for the first time...she stands before him dressed in a short skirt, thigh highs, heels and a skimpy shirt that partially reveals the creamy fullness of her breast. He commands her to remove her clothes slowly as he watches and examines his new sub. She reaches around and unzips her skirt feeling the heat in her body start to rise as she thinks of what this is going to lead up to. Her body starting to tremble as the zipper moves it's way down and she slides it off and steps out of it.

She places her hands on the bottom of the shirt and raises it up over her breast, he watches as he sees them starting to come into view...her nipples already getting hard from the combination of the air against her breast and the passions and desires that are welling up inside her. He reaches out and touches her breast, her body jumps a bit at the anticipation of his touch and how the contact of his hand on her breast feels. Her nipples get even harder and it seems to pass straight down to her pussy that is already getting moist and wet with the thoughts going through her mind. She lets the shirt slide down to the floor and she looks up at her Master the passions that are starting to form showing in her blue eyes. Her lips part slightly and she runs her tongue across them to wet them in preparation for what she knows will eventually come. He looks down at her and lets his hand slide down her belly to her pussy, brushing against her clit as it goes. He wants to check if she is prepared for his attentions.

He slides his finger into her cunt and hears her let out a quiet gasp as she feels his finger enter her hole adding to the excitement she is already feeling. He feels that the moisture is already starting to flow and he is pleased that she's excited about what's to happen. As he removes his finger sliding it out of her hole, she lets out a quiet moan whether out of enjoyment or disappointment, he's not sure but he's pleased. He walks over and picks up a pillow and drops it onto the floor at the bottom of the bed just a little away from it so that he can stand in front of the bed. She lowers her eyes standing there with just her garter belt and thigh highs and heels, her legs separated a little so that he may see her pussy and her hands behind her...he tells her to kneel in front of him...she does.

As she does she opens her mouth further to show him that this too is his for his enjoyment. He stands in front of her with his cock just inches away from her mouth and tells her to worship it for him. She kisses his cock gently then sticking her tongue out she licks his cock tasting his skin on her tongue it brings hunger to her already rising passions. She licks his cock from the head of his dick to his balls and licks his balls taking in the smell of his body it causes her to even get more excited at the closeness of her Master. She takes one of his balls into her mouth and sucks on it hungrily for she wants him badly and wants to show him pleasure. She then moves over to his other ball and takes that into her moist hot mouth and sucks on it. She takes her mouth off his balls and runs her tongue up the length of his cock and slowly as she reaches the top she starts to slide her wet mouth over his cock tasting a drop of cum on her tongue as its sliding in it encourages her to do more.

As she's sliding her mouth down the length of his cock she lets her tongue continue to lick him and to reach the head of his dick. Getting more of his taste in her mouth. She feels the head of his dick reaching the back of her throat and she starts to contract her throat muscles to suck on his dick...she hears him start to moan a little and is encouraged that he is pleased with her actions. Taking her hand she reaches up and starts to massage his balls taking them into her hand and gently squeezing them, feeling them between her hands. She moves her mouth and her hands together, which are on the base of his cock now so that they meet each time she takes him into her mouth as far as she can feeling the fullness of his cock in her mouth. Enjoying the taste.

She starts to feel his cock become harder as she can feel his juices build up inside his balls and start to flow through his cock. She massages his balls more feeling them become swollen even more with each stroke of her hands on his balls and her mouth sliding down the length of his cock. The juices start to overflow through the head of his cock and she tastes the sweet saltiness of his juices starting to flow down her tongue to the back of her throat. She sucks harder now as she wishes to drain his swollen cock and get every bit of his juices...not wanting to miss a drop or to waste any of it. She wants all of her Master, all of his juices that he has permitted her the pleasure of having. She continues to massage his balls and to taste his cock in her mouth and she can feel her own pussy wet big time.

Her body is trembling as she is getting so turned on by pleasing her Master and knowing he is enjoying his cock inside her hot mouth that hungrily sucking. He sees her pussy is getting swollen as is also pleased that this is causing her to be excited but he only wants her to please him at the moment. Her wet pussy can wait while she sucks his swollen cock of every drop of cum he has to give her. He feels his cock harden against the wet moistness of her tongue and how smooth it feels against his cock...it's bringing him great pleasure. He glances down and sees the juices of her pussy starting to flow out of her cunt and starting to flow down her thighs as she's got her mouth hungrily around his cock.

Her Master is so large that she can't take him all into her mouth so she takes in what she can and places her hands on the rest of his cock and slides her hands up and down massaging the length of his cock that is wet now from the moistness that is coming out of her mouth. She's so hungry for him now that she's having trouble concentrating, she just wants all of him...she feels his balls swelling up with his juices and she moves her mouth up and down his cock faster wanting to get him to the point where it will give her the gift that she's trying to receive from it...the gift of his juices down her throat filling that hunger that is building up in her. She tastes his juices she feels his passions it all fills her senses and brings her to a new level of desire...one that she can't get enough of her Master. She wants more and more each time she takes him into her mouth feeling each inch of him as he slides into her wet mouth across her tongue.

he tells her to stop and she removes her mouth from his hard swollen cock. He tells her to rise and to stand there before him again...and she does, rising slowly keeping her eyes lowered, standing with her legs parted giving him free access to what is his to own. He comes over to her with some nipple clamps in his hands and he leans down and takes her right breast into his warm mouth. She feels his breath on her skin and closes her eyes...her breathing becoming a bit quicker.

He takes his tongue and circles her nipple feeling it turn harder with the feel of his tongue going across it. She gasps quietly and moans a little as his slips the clamp onto her nipple. He then moves to the left nipple taking that into his mouth and slowly circling the nipple with his tongue pulling his mouth away he slips the clamp on. He then tightens them. She feels the pressure on her nipples and it sends a sensation right down through her body to her already wet pussy. He then goes and gets some rope and tell her to place her wrists together. She puts her hands behind her back, her wrists together and he ties them securely. He tells her to lie down on the bed on her back.

She does so quietly, sliding back on the bed. As she does so he spreads her legs and attaches the left leg to a spreader bar and then the right one. She's lying there with her arms tied, with nipple clamps on and her legs spread so far apart that the wetness of her pussy is in full view for him to see and enjoy. He takes his hands and slides them up her left leg and down her right one, causing her to body to feel shivers running through her at the gentleness of his touch on her legs. She wants more, she begs for him to touch her some more. He kneels down by the bottom of the bed and using his tongue now instead of his hands he runs his tongue up her legs to between her thighs leaving a trail of wetness. She moans again as his tongue flicks across her clit and she breaths heavier wanting to feel his wet tongue more. He circles her clit again with his tongue tasting her he slides his tongue from her clit to her hole and sticks it inside as though he's going to fuck her with his tongue. Her body jumps slightly and she moves her hips trying to get more of his tongue inside her hungry pussy.

He takes a vibrator and slides it inside her slowly turning it on and her body is getting so excited she trembling now begging for release...but he's not ready to give it to her yet. He leaves the vibrator in her wet cunt and reaches up and removes the nipple clamps hearing her gasp as they come off her sensitive nipples he takes them into his mouth again, sucking on the sensitive, hard nipples. She feels it reaches to her very soul and she wants to scream from the pleasure he's giving her. He stops, she moans in disappointment but waits. With the vibrator still inside her, her passions are building up and her pussy is becoming soaked her pussy juices just oozing out from around the vibrator. He moves down kissing her body and licking it along the way until he reaches her clit again and licks around her clit one more time. He hears her moan louder this time and feels her body move again as though trying to fuck his tongue.

He's pleased with her reaction. He rises and goes to get his flogger, comes back and gently, lightly touching her body with just the tips of the flogger he makes sweeping motions along her body with the flogger, every once in a while flicking it so that it stings her body. Between the gentleness of the flogger as it sweeps along her skin and the quite flick and sting of it, she doesn't know which to expect nor when. It heightens her sensitivity and makes her pussy start to jump a little wanting more and more. He reaches out and massages her clit with his fingers, gently and slowly going in circled motions as he's still running the flogger along her body...showing her how to blend all the feelings together and to heighten her senses. She is really starting to move around by now, her body so excited and trembling that she screams, begging him to fuck her, lick her, please do something to let her cum. he removes the vibrator from her soaking wet pussy and listens as she moans in disappointment and he feels her pussy muscles contracting like they don't want to let the vibrator go...they're trying to keep it inside her. He rolls her over on her stomach and tells her to get on her knees.

She does so and he slides his finger into her hot, exited pussy, feeling the wetness of her juices flowing. He removes his finger and slides the length of his hard swollen cock into her pussy. She moans loudly at feeling such fullness in her pussy touching every inch of her and setting off such a shockwave to her senses. He rests there just for a second their hips start moving in rhythm with each other as he moves his cock in and out of her pussy. She is so excited by now that he can feel her juices oozing around his cock and as she feels the urges inside her pussy and through her whole body to release the pressure within...to reach that ecstasy that she's craving. He feels her pussy muscles twitching with each slide in as she wraps her muscles around the length and wide of his cock.

He slides it out slowly until she thinks he going to pull out and she begs him no please give her more...he slides it back in slowly as each pussy muscle swallows his cock and holds on to him trying to pull him inside of her, to fill her hole up with his cock. She has never felt so much fullness before inside her pussy and her senses are alive every nerve ending is begging, pleading for more. He continues to slide his cock in her and he starts to feel his balls harden and fill up with his own juices and his passion is matching hers as their hips meet in such pleasure.

He too must find release as he hears her begging to be allowed to cum. he grants her, her wish as he shoots his hot cum inside her sensitive pussy it triggers her own juices to flow, to blend with his, they feel the warm, sticky cum ooze out of her pussy and start to make its way down her thighs and form a puddle on the bed.

They collapse there one on top of the other getting their breaths back. He caresses her hair and kisses her neck and her ears wrapping his arms around her as though he wishes to take her inside of his body, his soul, to make her a part of him. She reaches around and caresses him too for she wants her Master so much and wants only to please him.

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