tagBDSMTA Riding Sub Missy

TA Riding Sub Missy


Missy is just getting off work. All she wants to do is go home, get a kiss from her significant other, take a hot bubble bath and relax before going to bed. On her way home she dreams of her honey, TA. TA is funny, good-looking, great lover, great kisser, and fun to be around and makes her feel safe. Even when they fight she still loves him and is in love with him. She thinks about just being in his loving arms and sitting at his feet.

She pulls into the apartment complex. As she approaches the door, she hears nothing inside. She opens the door and sees candles burning and the television on. She sees a note telling her to go into the bathroom. Missy opens the door to the bathroom and she is stunned. There are candles all over and a hot bubble bath ran. There is another note in the bathroom telling her to take a bath then when she gets out of the tub to dry off but stay nude.

Missy undresses and climbs into the tub. OH Boy does this feel good. She can now relax or so she thinks she can. The night is just beginning and she does not even realize it. After a nice relaxing bath, she gets out and lets TA know. He tells her to close her eyes. She feels the blindfold go on then her hands are cuffed. He hooks the cuffs together in front of her. Slowly he leads her to the living room. She helps her sit down. TA tells her she is not allowed to open her mouth unless it is an emergency or a bathroom break. He leaves her for a few minutes. As he approaches her, she can smell something good. He begins to feed her, her dinner. She lets him know when she is full. TA takes the dishes into the kitchen.

Missy hears TA coming back towards her. As he approaches she hears wrestling of something but not sure what it is. He lifts her head and places the pony bit into her mouth. He takes a pair of nipple clamps and places them on her nipple through the ring where the rein is attached. He helps her up and leads her down the hall. He backs her up to the edge of the bed. He takes off the nipple clamps and the bit. Missy lets out a moan a sense of release from the pressure of the clamps. Thinking she is just going to get fucked she relaxes. TA tells her that he is going to put on her the new garment he bought her. She panicked at the sound of that. What could it be? She felt his presence in front of her. She felt his hands coming close to her neck. Slowly he puts on a new collar but this collar is very stiff so she cannot move her neck. He gives out a devilish laugh.

TA helps her onto the bed. He tells her to push her ass in the air while he slides pillows under her ass. Missy feels very vulnerable and submissive in this position. Her ass and pussy are completely exposed. He takes each leg and ties it to the edge of the bed. Her arms are then attached above her head. He tells her what a perfect little slut slave she is. TA whispers to her how she is never going to forget this night; because this is the night he intends to make her is white whore who wants a very domineering man. He starts to run his hands up and down her body. At first she jumps from the unexpected touch. He grabs her pussy lips and begins to pull then finger her pussy. He laughs and says what a slut she is because she is already soaking wet. He grabs her pussy lips and begins to clamp them and taping them apart. Missy moans from the excitement and the tightness of her pussy lips.

TA asks Missy is she is ready for this experience. She begs him please, Master, Please, Master, take me and make me what you have always wanted from me. Make me your white whore slave that you use well and make me feel the pain that turns to pleasure. He said well lets begin with some pleasure first to get you into the mood. He takes her new vibrator, some ice and inserts it into her pussy. AAAAHHHHH, she lets out. She hears some wrestling but not sure what it is. OHHHH, she now knows what it was, as she feels the dildo/vibrator going into her ass. She tries to squirm but is unable. He just laughs and said, you are my little white bitch tonight and you will just have to take what I give you. Missy hears him leaving the room but within seconds later he is back. He plays with her nipples to get them erected. He takes one nipple and pulls it up and then sticks a cold glass object on it. It is a suction cup. She gasps for the pressure of the suctioning and the coldness of the glass and the small ice chips inside the suction cups.

Not sure where exactly he is she relaxes as much as she can in this position. He is actually just staring at her. He said he is going to make sure she does not forget this night by giving her a souvenir. Now she is nervous. What can this mean? He begins to take pictures of her in this position. But then he thinks to himself, something is missing. Oh yes, a gag in the mouth. He helps her lift her head up as he inserts a gag. Now it is complete for now. He takes a picture, he tells her this particular souvenir, he will label, my property immobilized and waiting to my use.

TA leaves her to her thoughts. Missy then hears the water running. He figures he is going to go and take a shower. The water stopped and she begins to wonder what does he have in store for me? Missy hears his footsteps as they leave the room. He decides that he wants a cigarette before he begins his fun with her. She hears shuffling back into the room. He tells her, that he is going to have so much fun with her and that she will feel it in the morning. He leans over her and she can smell his breath. He takes out the gag and kisses her. He tells her he hopes she did not have an orgasm because she knows the rules, only if Master's cock is in her mouth, She answers no Master, and I was able to control the orgasm. He pulls off the suction cups from her tits. OOOOHHHHH, she cries. She can feel the release but yet the blood rushing to the tip of the nipples. TA rubs them and then bites each one. He is happy because they are so big.

Missy jumps as TA drips and ice cube on her tits. He laughs. She smells candles and her mind begins to wonder what he is up to. First the coldness then the heat from the candle. He tells her that she is going to see what white slaves are for. He writes in wax white whore. He laughs and said now that is good artwork. He gets out his camera and takes another picture.

TA, says, lets see how wet you really are. He pulls out the vibrator from her pussy the shoves his hand up her pussy. OH, now that is the way a slave should react to being used. (Wet, hot, horny, and in a state that she can not move) He moves up towards her face and shoves the vibe into her mouth and tells her to clean it. MMMMM, I love the way I taste, Missy says when Master removes it from her mouth. Master, am I being a good slave for you she asks? TA answers, well right now you are, but there is much more that will be happening to you. He takes his cock and rams it into her pussy. You are so wet he says. Thank you Sir!

He pulls out and the straddles her. She is unable to move even an inch so she has to take what ever he gives her. He fucks her mouth, first slowly then faster. He pulls away from her. She gasps for air, but he only allows that for a minute. She felt his leg lift up towards her next. What is he doing? He takes his toes and tells her to suck them like she would his cock. If he is satisfies with her actions then he would praise her otherwise he will inflict more pain. Knowing what would happen if she does not do what she is told, she sucks them like she worships them. Once he has enough from both feet, he gives her some water. Once she is finished, he straddles her again and tells her now she must worship his cock.

Missy tastes her Master's cock. She lives for it and enjoys the many ways it is used in her. As her master is fucking her, she gets a taste of his precum. She savors every drop of it.

TA unties and unclamps Missy. He grabs the reins and leads her to the end of the bed. He positions her at the end of the bed. She laid from the waist down on the bed. Her feet are dangling off the bed. TA puts a pillow under her stomach to help her ass become higher. Master takes Missy's arms and ties them to the side of the bed. He attaches a spreader bar behind her knees to make her less mobile. Now he laughs and tells her that his little white cunt cannot move even if she wanted too.

TA shoves more ice into her ass and pussy along with the vibrators. Missy is still blindfolded. Her senses are heightened to a state of ecstasy. She hears her Master wrestling around, but unsure as to what he is up to. Wild thoughts go through her mind as to what he is going to do next to her. Master writes what a whore she is and then takes a picture of it.

Just as Missy is beginning to relax, she feels her back invaded by the soft suede strips of a flogger. Master begins with a sensual flogging on the back then slowly moving down to the ass. He notices Missy getting more and more turned on from the flogging that he increases the intensity of striking her. Through the gag, he can hear her moans and see her ass trying to move more and more. TA switches floggers and remains at the same level of intensity till he sees her trying to move more and her groans grow louder. He can see she is beginning to have an orgasm, so he increases the beating.

Once he is satisfied with the flogging, he pulls out the vibrator in the pussy and begins to fuck her more and more. He grabs the reins and rides her like his own little white whoring pony. He tells her that he owns her and is going to fuck her and use her till she can barely walk. He pulls out of her pussy and without any warning, shoves his cock into her ass. This is Master's ass, body, soul and mind to use as he sees fit. Missy lets out a loud moan of enjoyment and agreement. Just as he is ready to have an orgasm, he pulls out of her ass. He kneels in front of her on the bed, lifts her head with the reins and rams his cock into her mouth. "This is how a my slave will take her Master's cum tonight." Missy hears a loud groaning sound and words come from her Master's mouth as he cums in her mouth.

Master is very satisfied. He unties Missy and tells her to make herself cum while he watches. He takes a picture of her while she is playing with herself. After she cums, he takes his hand and smears the cum all over her face and tells her that she is going to sleep with it all over her face and tits.

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