tagFetishTabatha's Sandals

Tabatha's Sandals


Tabatha is a sexy 46 year old BBW twelve years older than me. She has huge 48 inch tits and an ass to match. She is exactly five feet tall and pushes the scales at around 250 beautiful pounds. Her thick full lips are made for cock sucking. Tabatha's thick body has been neglected for years. Her sexual energy has been frustrated by a sexless marriage. I met her on an Internet site. We arranged a meeting in a motel near her house. We meet at my motel room around six o'clock.

Tabatha wears a white sleeveless cotton dress that ends a few inches above her knees. Her blonde hangs down to the tops of her shoulders. On her ears are earrings that have large hoops the size of silver dollars. Her purse is white leather and matches her dress. The outfit Tabby wears is completed by open sandals that adorn her pretty feet. I am excited to see her beautiful feet totally exposed in my fetish sandals of choice. I try to avoid staring at her feet.

"You are early Tabatha. Make yourself comfortable come in." I command.

"Yes sir." She licks her lips as she slips her hand into my shorts to fondle my thick nine inch erection. She scratches my testicles with her other hand as she kisses me hard on the lips. Our tongues penetrate each other's mouths as we embrace. "I can't wait to suck you cock Steve."

I push her thong g-string to the side and finger her shaven cunt with two fingers as she strokes my cock. "You look ravishing in your dress and sandals. I am glad that the department store sent your package in time." I declare as I look over her body and feet.

Our hands leave our genitals as she stares into my eyes. I have seen that look in women it is love in the form of lust. "I want to sit down Steve." She says.

Tabatha sits down across from me in a padded chair. Her left leg is over her right as she sits down. Her feet are beautifully revealed in thin strapped high heel thongs that go between her toes and the ankle strap that ends on her heels. The thick heel cup is closed with a zipper at the back. "Thank you for the beautiful dress. I love the way it looks feels on my body." She says.

"These sandals are so new. Let me adjust them." Tabby says as she unzips both pair. She has a red pedicure and my cock is rock hard looking as her spread toes.

I pretend not to watch as she adjusts the ankle straps. After a few minutes she places her feet into the sandals and zips them back up.

"What do you think?" She asks.

"What do I think about what? I ask.

"Do you like my feet in these new sandals Steve?" She asks.

"Yes they are very sexy Tabby. I think your feet are very attractive." I respond.

"Good. I love my feet in thong sandals. I like the feel and the look." She explains.

"I think your feet look very nice in those sexy sandals." I say while looking at her amazing sexy red toes and feet.

"I am glad. Many people do not like sandals. I often can't wear sandals here due to the weather. I love the Spring and Summer weather." She explains.

"In my financial company female associates are allowed to wear dress sandals with hose." I reply while taking in her marvelous perfectly formed toes and feet.

I estimate the kitten heels on her thongs about three inches high. She spreads her toes apart and they separate in a wide splay. Her sculpted red toe nails are neatly trimmed and polished. Her second toes are both decorated by delicate gold rings.

"Would you like a glass of ice tea before we get naked Tabby?" I ask as my gaze returns to her pretty face.

"Yes I would love that Steve." She responds as she stands and walks toward me to share our bottles of tea.

I watch her toes as she prances toward me in her barely there thong sandals. The sound the heels make as they click is tantalizing. I can smell her heavy French perfume as she takes the tea from my hand. "Thank you for the tea Steve. You are very thoughtful." She says with a gravelly voice. She curls her lips in a smirk.

She turns her back to me and walks back toward her chair. Her calf muscles flex and her large full rear end globes move against each other as she walks on the balls of her sandaled feet. I can faintly see the outline of her thong g-string that she wears under her form fitting dress. She turns and sits down continuing to tease me with her sexy sandal shod feet.

"Steve I like you a lot. I enjoy your company. I have a confession to make." She says with a worried look.

"What is it Tabby?" I ask.

"I know a person that knows you. After we met on the internet I realized that we have a mutual friend. Your old girlfriend Rachel and I know each other. She told me about your sandal fetish. I know about your attraction to feet and sandals. Rachel told me you were a freak. "She says as she points her sandaled foot at me and spreads her toes.

"When did you talk to Rachel?" I ask as the color flushes from my face.

"We talked last week and I told her I thought you were a nice guy. I think Rachel is selfish and told her so. When I found out about your fetish I bought these sandals. Now we have a shared interest" Tabby explains.

"What do you mean a shared interest?" I ask.

"You love looking at feet in thong sandals. I love wearing thong sandals and having men look at my feet. You see I have a sandal fetish as well. I have several pair of thong sandals. Now I have found someone to show them off to." Tabby explains.

"You don't think I am weird Tabby?" I ask.

"No you are not weird. Show attention to the rest of me as well Steve and you can worship my feet. Is that OK with you?" She responds and asks.

" I have a pizza ordered that will arrive later. Is that OK with you Tabby?" I ask.

I move over on her love seat and pat the spot next to me. Tabatha slides next to me and slides her tongue down my throat as we embrace each other's bodies. We kiss deeply for about ten minutes and explore our bodies with our hands. She rubs my erection with her fingers. I massage her breasts with one hand and press a finger into her slick cunt.

"Get on the floor in front of me." Tabby commands.

"What do you want Tabatha?" I ask.

"I want you to do something that no one has ever done to me." She says while extending her sandaled feet toward me.

I took one of her feet in my hands as I looked up in her smiling face. She nodded her approval as my tongue moved toward her foot. She spread her toes and wiggled them in her sandals in anticipation. I pulled her foot to my face and swallowed and sucked her four smallest toes on her foot. I made eye contact with her and she gazed at me while biting her lip.

"That's it suck my toes. You mouth feels nice. I am getting wet." She says with her teeth clinched.

"I love your feet in these sandals. Can we keep them on you?" I ask while releasing her toes from my mouth.

"You can remove all my clothing, but the sandals stay on." Tabby says.

I resume my worship of her toes. I lick and swallow all of her toes. Her big toes are large and require individual attention. She spreads and wiggles her toes as I swallow and suck on them. She seems to enjoy me sucking on her baby toes the most. I notice a European size 37 marking on the bottom of the instep of her sandal. Next to it is 7W and an Italian name I don't recognize.

"Let's get naked Steve. I want to suck your cock while you suck my toes." Tabatha instructs.

"OK Tabatha that sounds amazing." I say with my mouth next to her sandal shod feet.

We stand and undress each other. Tabatha removes my shirt and khaki pants as I step out of my deck shoes. I am wearing a black thong that barely conceals my engorged erection. I slide Tabatha's dress over her head and remove her bra from her massive swollen tits. Her nipples are erect and her breasts are natural and firm. I massage her nipples and pinch their tips. Her breasts must weigh 15 pounds each and are a F or G cup. The largest tits I have ever seen and they belong to me. Her thong is white and of very thin fabric. Her pussy is visible and is smoothly shaven slit. I hold her thong as she steps out of it. Tabatha is completely naked except for her sandals.

"I am going to suck you cock for a few minutes. Look at my toes as I suck you." She says while moving my briefs down and off my feet.

I hold her head as she moves toward my thickly veined penis. I can feel her breath on the head of my thick nine inch cock. I watch as she slides about half of me into her smiling mouth. Tabatha is squatting on the balls of her sandaled feet as she swallows me deep into her throat. I feel the head of my cock at the entrance of her throat as she takes me slowly down to the base. My low hanging testicles are bumping her chin as she deep throats me.

"I wasn't sure I could deep throat you Steve. Your cock is the biggest I have ever sucked. I know men want deep throat. I am surprised I was able to swallow you. What do you think of my oral skills?"She asks with a mixture of saliva and semen dripping from her lip. She sucks the strand of pre cum into her mouth.

"I have only been deep throated once before. She was one of my mother's friends that had a fling with me. She loved sucking my cock. She didn't swallow my semen when I came she spit it out. You give great deep throat Tabatha. You are a sexy beautiful woman." I say.

"I bet you tell all women that suck your cock they are beautiful. By the way I swallow I don't spit out a load I work for." She says as she stands and reaches for my hand.

Tabatha walks me over to the bed holding me by my cock. We sit on the bed and kiss each sliding our tongues into our mouths. I finger her wet cunt as she jerks my thick erection in her hand.

"Lie back and let me swallow you." She says as she lets me slide up in the center of the bed.

Her sandaled feet rest on my chest. She points her toes hard in her sandals and holds her feet near my face. She takes my cock down her throat as I suck her toes. I finger fuck her moist pussy as I suck her toes. We stay in this position for about fifteen minutes.

"Eat my pussy now while I play with your cock." She says as she squats with her pussy over my mouth.

I lick her small clitoris as Tabatha scratches and tickles my cock and testicles. I tongue her clit vigorously and fuck her slippery cunt with four of my fingers. I find her G-spot and massage her pussy deeply as I flick her clit with my tongue.

Tabatha suddenly stops playing with my cock. "Damn Steve you are making me come. Don't stop. Suck my clit. UUUhhhhhh! UUUhhhhhh! UUUhhhhhh! UUUhhhhhh! UUUhhhhhh! I am cummminngggg Steve!"

I move her onto her back and place her legs over my shoulders. Without warning I plow my long thick erection balls deep into her slippery shaved cunt.

"Suck my toes baby. Suck my toes as you fuck my pussy." Tabatha grunts as she moves her sandaled feet up to my mouth.

I suck her pretty toes and watch my penis slide into her slick smooth cunt. She grips my cock with her pussy and milks me as I worship her toes.

"Don't cum in my pussy. I want you in my throat when you shoot." She says panting and grunting.

"AAAArrrrrrrgggggggg! AAAArrrrrrrgggggggg!AAAArrrrrrrgggggggg!" I grunt and holler as I slide my pulsing throbbing cock toward Tabatha's pretty face.

I slide my thick swollen cock into her open mouth and thrust balls deep into her throat. Her eyes are locked onto my gaze as I shoot seven or eight bolts of thick semen into her throat. Her eyes bulge out as she gags swallowing my thick salty load into her throat.

"Steve you almost drown me." She says while holding my erect cock in her hand. A huge strand of semen drips and hangs from the head of my penis as she licks it into her mouth and swallows.

We drift off to sleep in each other's arms.

I dream of this pretty BBW blonde woman in sexy thong sandals.

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