tagErotic CouplingsTabby at the Bus Stop

Tabby at the Bus Stop


The tall slim blond girl walked into the bus shelter. It was pouring with rain, but her shapely body was well protected by the large black coat. The shiny black heels raised her stockinged feet from the shallow pools of rainwater that filled the depressions of the concrete footpath.

Quietly she sat on the long bench in the old fashioned wooden shelter, her black shoulder bag slipping to the seat beside her, the transparent umbrella folded beside her. The rain made a loud tattoo on the tin roof and cascaded off the side of the flimsy structure.

A moment later a young dark man entered the small shelter. He glanced at the golden haired beauty then up at the timetable that hung above her head.

"Excuse me," his deep voice boomed above the rain as he lent across her to run a finger along the perspects covered timetable.

She glanced at him, his tight jeans stretched over a bulge in his crotch. Her tongue licked at the deep red lipstick. He seemed to be paused above her for an eternity, the bulge only a short arms link away.

He glanced down at her, seeing the small pink tongue moisten her deep red lips. The bulge in his jeans moved a little. She looked straight at his crotch and her face went red.

"What time is the next bus?" He asked, his voice full of frustration. "I can never work these damned timetables out."

"In about 20 minutes," she replied her soft voice barely audible above the rain.

"Thanks," he said, stepping back from the timetable. She looked as beautiful as the other times he'd watched her catch the bus from his house across the street. So young, a pretty angular face and long golden hair and those lips, always red and pouty.

She looked up at him as he stepped back. The tight shirt, wet from the rain clung to his shoulders and arms. What a hunk she thought. Then she snapped back to reality and cleared her throat but didn't speak.

He stood there. The bulge was bigger now, more rounded. The flap on the fly of the jeans was spreading open. Her eyes were fixed on the bulge, not moving. Again she began to blush.

"You can touch if you like," he said quietly. "I don't mind."

Her head bowed a little. The embarrassment was great. Again she cleared her throat, bringing her hand up to her mouth. But she didn't say anything.

"Go on honey, I know you want to," he coaxed.

Still she sat still, trying not to look at him. But she couldn't help sneaking a peak at the tall muscular body before her. A damp feeling spread between her legs as her eyes once more caught sight of the denim covered bulge.

"You know what you want, honey. Why don't you take it?" He whispered the words seductively. "It's there for you, just a grasp away."

The rain was even heavier now, but she didn't feel cold. A warm glow was radiating through her body. Her throat had become clammy; her hands were getting irritable.

"Go on, just touch, reach out and it will all be yours," he whispered again.

She looked up and saw the broad smile on his face, the white teeth showing. Slowly her hand reached over to touch his crotch. The long pale fingers, each nail painted red, rubbed across the bulge. She felt it move under the denim.

Again she looked up at him. The smile was still there.

"That's the way babe, you do what you want," he said. "You play with your toy."

Her fingers moved over the material, feeling the smoothness and the movement beneath the fabric. Then she felt the ridge of the jeans at the fly. Her fingers grasped the zipper and slowly pulled it down. Time seemed to stand still as it edged its way down.

Once it was open she could see the flash of white boxers through the opening. Her other hand stretched out. As she unbuttoned the top of the jeans the other hand snaked into the opening, finding the hard member hidden by soft white cotton.

The button flicked open and the denim peeled back. The white cotton expanded into the open as her hand once more passed across the bulge. She looked up as if a second thought had crossed her mind.

"Oh, yeah babe, go on," he answered her look. "Whatever you want you do it."

The little pink tongue darted across the red lips once more, moistening them again. She cleared her throat again. Then both hands found the waistband of the boxers. Slowly she rolled them back, down his torso, her eyes peaking into the darkness of his shorts.

Then suddenly it popped up; a purple engorged head, the helmet shining, and a dribble of pre-cum at the slit. As the boxers rolled further down more of the shaft was revealed, the hard purple veins sticking out like rivers along the stiff rod. Finally a large heavy scrotum popped out to hang over the bunched up white material. It hung like a heavy weight under the 45-degree pole that bounced slightly before her.

Quietly she touched the hard member for the first time. It recoiled a little from her gentle touch but settled back in the palm of her white hand. Again she licked her lips. Her red nails closed around the hard cock and she stroked it up and down a couple of times. It throbbed slightly as she manipulated it.

"Ohhhh..." he moaned as she touched it. "I knew you needed me babe, I just knew it."

Now the young girl positioned herself on the seat, sitting forward, her legs apart to brace herself as she reached for the cock. Leaning right forward her mouth slowly closed on the massive head. He felt her tongue caress the tip, running along the slit and over the shiny helmet.

"Ohhhhh...yeah," he moaned. His hand touched the soft sweet smelling hair for the first time.

Her mouth slipped easily over the head as she sucked lightly. Then she slipped the shaft deeper into her mouth, sucking as she went. Her hand came to rest under the huge swinging scrotum, balancing his balls gently.

Up and down her mouth sucked at the throbbing shaft. Her tongue worked its magic on his head, licking away the salty pre-cum, letting it stick to her tongue in a sticky string. Her hand massaged his balls softly.

Then his hand came down to her shoulder, brushing her hair back, away from her face. He could see her face bobbing up and down his slippery cock. It glistened with her spittle as it slipped in and out of her red lips, a red streak being evident on the hard shaft now. All the time her sucking was getting more intense, making his body tingle.

The hand wandered from her shoulder to touch her breast. He used the back of it to run over the damp coat. As soon as she felt the hand there she started to unbutton the heavy black coat as quickly as she could. There was a frantic haste about her actions as she continued to suck as well.

The coat opened revealing a white blouse. His hand found the top button, then the next and another. They met in the middle as she had untucked the blouse from her little black mini-skirt and started at the bottom. The cold had gone from the bus shelter even though the rain had strengthened.

His cock jumped from her lips with a pop as she gave a giggle of approval at his hands on her lace camisole. He felt her breast as her mouth returned to the pulsing cock. It was small and firm, well rounded and with a hard red nipple concealed by the lace of the camisole and bra. He squeezed it gently, tweaking at the nipple through the soft silk and lace. Then moving across to the other one.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm...." It was her turn to moan as she let the cock jump out again. "Ohhhhh....God yes."

His touch was firm but gentle as he felt each breast. Then he bent right down to kiss the wet lips. It was a long lingering kiss. Their tongues touched as he continued to grasp her breast.

"Do you want me?" He asked. "Want to feel me in you? In your juicy wet pussy?" The voice was intoxicating.

"Yes, I do," was her soft response. "Can you? Now?"

"If you really want me," he said. "If you want to feel the excitement, feel me deep in you, fucking you." The last words were quietly emphasised. "Turn around for me, honey."

"Please, yes, please," she was totally carried away. The coat was sinking from her shoulders, the blouse almost going with it. Once the coat had sunk to the wooden bench she stood, her hand still wrapped around his stiff manhood. One last stroke and she let it go.

Even with her standing he was big and muscular, his dark features enhanced by the trickle of water coming from his hair.

The white blouse fluttered slightly in the breeze as she turned away from him, bending her body for him. She braced herself against the bench, both hands on the black coat, her butt raised in the air.

He stepped froward, the huge cock waving from side to side as he drew close to her. She felt his huge hand against her back, caressing her arched back through the light cotton blouse. His other hand gently scooped up the hem of the black mini-skirt and pulled it up. He ducked his head to look at her firm young butt, covered in the black mesh of pantyhose. Beneath the black he could easily see the white silk panties that covered her delicate skin.

She felt the back of his hand rub across the nylon pantyhose. Then it flipped over to caress the top of her thigh. She moaned softly, glancing back over her shoulder and clasping her breast in one hand through the lace.

He drew closer, his hands taking up position on either side of her hips. He thrust himself forward so she could feel his cock between her spread legs. She looked down to see the enlarged head poke between her thighs. Again she moaned as the shaft rubbed across her crotch. He could feel the slight dampness in the nylon as he dragged his cock back and forward across her crotch.

A low moan came from her lips as she felt the hard cock running along her slit. The head of the cock darted in and out from between her legs as he rubbed it up against the flimsy fabric. Her pussy was wet and hot now. How she wanted it buried deep inside her.

His hand lowered over her tight butt to her crotch. A finger replaced the cock, which hit her thigh. He pushed the soft material into her, making her pussy lips grip the lace front of her panties. She pushed back against his touch, feeling the finger graze her clit.

"Ohhhhh...God, yes," she moaned. "Ohhhhh...please....yes....fuck me."

He hooked the finger inside her, pressing the nylon and lace up into her pussy. His thumb rubbed the hard clit making her shudder. She could feel the orgasm building. There was no way she was going to hold back. It came crashing over her, making her let go of her breast to steady herself against the bench.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh...........Yeah, God, ohhhhhhhhhhh....Yes, yes," she was moaning and squirming as the feeling flooded her body. An instant stickiness flowed through her panties and into the nylon pantyhose.

She didn't notice his hand moving from her crotch to the top of the pantyhose. At her waist it met his other hand. Together they hooked into the top of the pantyhose and in one movement pulled the black nylon away from her butt, tugging it down her legs.

The flimsy material stretched between her legs. He could only get it down to her mid thighs as she parted her legs more for him. A slight tearing noise indicated they had reached their maximum stretch.

He let go moving forward to rest his massive balls against the rounded hump of her butt. His hand came up between her legs, touching the crotch of her panties, his cock lying next to the finger across the pretty lace panties. Gently he rubbed her with both finger and cock at the same time, his other hand reaching forward to touch the soft skin of her cheek.

Her panties were wet with her juice now. The orgasm subsiding left her eager for more and she pushed her butt a little higher for him. Again she touched her hard nipples through the lace camisole and bra. The nipples were clearly visible, pressing back to meet her red nails.

Slowly he pulled aside the crotch of the panties to reveal her swollen pussy, the hair trimmed short and away from the entrance. First he inserted a finger, feeling her contract on it, squeezing it hard.

Then he was ready. She gasped in anticipation as the head of his cock bumped her inner thigh, then rested at her entrance. At first he just pushed lightly, letting the head push through her pussy lips, then a little further. Her breathing had become short and sharp, a moan escaped her lips. Now he was in and pressing the shaft through into her hot wet pussy.

"Ohhh...that feels good babe," he exclaimed. "Do you want to tell me how good it feels?"

She moaned. "Ohhhh..yeah...please fuck me with your cock....please," she replied, her soft voice quivering slightly.

The cock was so big in her; it filled her wet pussy completely. He began pushing further and further. Then he started pumping. Just a slow in and out rhythm.

"Feel me in your hot cunt, baby," he whispered, leaning across her back to smell her sweet perfume. "Feel that big dick in you, deep in you, making you want more."

"Ohhhh...God..yes," she replied. "Ohhh...please fuck me."

The rhythm gathered speed. She moaned louder. A second orgasm was on her. Again she wouldn’t be able to hold it back as he pumped into her harder and harder.

"Please, please, ohhhhhhhhhhh...yes, yes....fuck my pussy....fuck me hard," she cried out as her legs almost turned to jelly as wave after wave crashed through her body.

His balls were hitting her panties now as he held the crotch aside with one hand, his cock deeply buried in her pussy. In and out he pushed it, his shaft glistening with her juice.

She put her hand back to the bench to steady herself as he pushed in harder and deeper. Each stroke made her gasp as he began to pump harder and harder. A squelching sound was coming from the union as his cock slipped in and out of her.

"Shit you have a tight cunt," he said. "God I could fuck you all day."

"Ohhhh...please...ohhh," she called back.

In and out it plunged, his balls hitting her cute white butt. Her face was red now as she lent over. His powerful thrusts making her grunt.

"God baby, you are so good," he said. "So fucking good. Ohhhh...I think I'm going to cum."

"Yes, yes," she encouraged. "Do it. Cum in my pussy."

He thrust harder and faster. His balls crashing into her. His cock sliding in her wet juice. In and out. In and out. Then he pushed hard into her and reached around her to grab a breast as he pumped his hot cum deep inside her.

"Ohhhhhh...yeah," he called out, squeezing the breast hard in his hand.

Their bodies were locked together as he pumped stream after stream of hot cum deep into her. She could feel the sticky liquid dribble from her. His breathing increased as he emptied himself into her.

It seemed like an age before he relaxed and his deflated member slipped from her. Slowly she stood up. The blond hair was a mess of locks, her blouse fluttered in the wind. The short black mini-skirt fell back into place and she creased it out. The pantyhose were still at mid-thigh level.

He stepped forward again and reached for her. They embraced and kissed. Again searching each others mouths, then he relaxed. His cock had left a white dribble of cum staining her skirt.

It was now that she realised they weren't alone. Two young black teenagers had joined them in the bus stop. Their faces were grinning and the bulges in their pants showed they liked what they had witnessed.

Embarrassed she quickly pulled the pantyhose up and started to do up the blouse.

"Did you enjoy me babe?" He asked, touching her face gently. "Did you?"

Conscious of the two youths she didn't answer.

"You were really hot, so beautiful and hot," he continued. "You know how to make love. And you needed it didn't you? You wanted to feel a big cock in your tight pussy?"

A dribble of cum was oozing through the pantyhose. She wasn't sure if should run or what. The bus was still a good five minutes away.

"I could fuck you for ever," he smiled at her, touching her ear and running his hand through her hair. "I know you want more, want me again, don't you?"

She looked down. "Yes," she answered quietly, an intense feeling of horniness coming over her.

"Good, I knew you did," he smiled. "Come on."

He waited for her to pick up her bag and umbrella and they walked out into the rain toward his house. As they reached the edge of the road he turned and signaled to the two youths to follow.

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