tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTabby Kat Ch. 01

Tabby Kat Ch. 01


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Author's note: One commenter declared that my stories were too long. It seems that they should only be 3 or 4 pages in length. However, I prefer to develop the characters and their story quite a bit more than that and tend to write much longer stories. Therefore, although this story has been completely written, I am splitting it up in chapters that are more easily handled. As such, since sex is present in the story for the story instead of the story being written for the sex, it is possible that not all chapters will contain a sexual encounter.

Disclaimer: All characters engaged in sexual activity are eighteen or older. This a work of fiction. While there is a city in Oregon named Albany, and it does have a mall called Heritage Mall, I have not been there and do not know if there is a wooded area along Kennel road. The city, its mall and other locations are just used to provide a reference to where the story takes place, although commercial properties mentioned do exist in the places they are placed.

Chapter 1

Mid-August Monday, early afternoon.

Tabitha Moore squirmed and tried to pull her arms inward as she woke. She tugged as she realized they weren't moving. Then she tried to move her feet. They moved only slightly before stopping. She was helpless to move and couldn't even see, a blindfold covering her eyes. She thought back to when she exited the Heritage Mall mid morning. She had been grabbed and something put over her face. Next thing she knew, she was waking up here, wherever here was. She tried to feel what was keeping her from moving. Then the voice started speaking.

"Do not struggle against the ropes," a woman's voice said. "You will only hurt the skin where they are secured around your legs and arms."

"Shit!" said Tabitha, then gasped as she realized she was not gagged. "Who the hell are you?" There was no reply. "Hey! Bitch! I'm talking to you. I need to go to the bathroom. Can I do that?"

"You will not be allowed to move from the bed," said the voice. Tabitha thought there was something not right about it. It seemed unsteady, stopping in between words, almost mechanical. "You may, however, relieve yourself at any time.

"You want me to piss myself?" Tabitha asked incredulously.

"The mattress is wrapped in plastic so only the sheets will be affected. I have water here to clean you up with." With that, there was the sound of water being wrung from a rag, and Tabitha tried to pull her legs together as much as possible to keep from wetting herself. A hand then reached over to her abdomen and began gently pushing. A decidedly male hand, from the size of it, she thought to herself. But that wasn't all. It was also exciting her. The hand was gentle, but she could also feel a roughness to its skin. She could also smell him. Not stinky, but nice and yet masculine. A pleasant aroma that she enjoyed having tickle her nostrils.

"Shit! You're... a guy!" Tabitha yelled after a pause. Then she gasped again as she realized there wasn't any clothing between her and the hand. "A-am I naked?" she stammered.

"Of course," said the voice as the hand was removed. "It will be easier to keep you clean this way. Think how uncomfortable it would be if you pissed in your clothes and had to wear wet jeans during the time you are here. Cute panties, by the way. I really liked the little heart." Tabitha felt her face get hot as he talked. She had bought the panties at the "Victoria's Secret" store on Lancaster Drive in Salem about half an hour from home on a whim a couple of years earlier, a very small pair of pink panties with a single red heart on the front panel with the heart left of center and slanted so that the point acted as an arrow seemingly pointing the way to her womb. To date, since she did her own laundry, no one else but her had seen them, and now this person who had her captive. When she bought them, she had hoped that her boyfriend, Simon, would be interested, but she stopped trying after that night she caught her brother fucking his girlfriend, too confused in her own thoughts, and started saying "no" when he started trying once she turned eighteen.

"The voice you hear is computer generated using a common program and a voice modulator that is used by most GPS devices," the voice continued. "This is done so that there will not be any way that you can identify me by hearing. Further, you have been blindfolded so that you cannot identify me by sight. This should tell you one thing. That I intend to release you at some future date." He wrung out the rag again, and Tabitha felt her bladder ache to expel the fluid inside it. "You might as well go ahead and piss the bed. You won't be getting off it." He wrung out the rag again.

"Fuck you," Tabitha said angrily not wanting to give him the satisfaction of watching her relieve herself.

"Not yet." came the reply. She heard a loud snapping sound, then both his hands were on her, one pushing on her abdomen again, and the other rubbing her just inside the slit of her pussy at the top. But they felt different, rubbery. Had he put on a pair of latex gloves?

"Shit," Tabitha cursed as she released a fountaining stream from her pussy that she could hear hit the bed, no longer able to hold her urine. His hands moved away the instant she started.

Once she was done, she could hear him move to the other side of the bed, and the snap of the fitted sheet being removed from the mattress. "Please lift your ass off the bed so that I can remove the sheet," said the voice. She complied, not wanting the wet sheet under her. She felt the softness of the sheet disappear, and when she lowered herself back down, she felt plastic under her ass. Then, his hands were on her again, cleaning her gently and slightly probing her pussy as they did so. Those hands, she thought, that were so strong feeling and yet so gentle as they moved against her skin. She felt her body start to respond to his touch like it had so many times to her own. Once she was clean, and all evidence of her having let herself go cleared away, the hands were removed. A new sheet was slid under her and snapped in to place.

"Why don't you just fuck me and get it over with?" Tabitha asked.

"Because it would be rape. This is not about rape," said the voice after she heard the snap of the gloves being removed. "True, I am horny. What guy wouldn't be with a beautiful naked woman laying on a bed? But, I will not rape you. Are you hungry? I will get you something to eat." His footsteps could be heard leaving the room and Tabitha concentrated on the sound, not heavy but not light. The sound betrayed that he was usually confident in his stride, but the situation had made him more nervous than usual. Then she heard the sound of the band at the bar in the original "Star Wars" movie knowing that it was the ring tone of a cell phone and her unseen eyebrows raised as the door shut.

"What I am is horny, thanks to you playing with my pussy while you were cleaning it," Tabitha muttered to herself. "You could have at least finished the job and let me cum."

Monday, mid-afternoon.

Mid-afternoon found Emily Moore sitting in the living room of her Albany Or. home reading a book and rubbing her pussy beneath her robe. The thirty-nine-year-old mother of two still retained the figure she had at twenty, her blond hair framing the smooth skin of her pretty face with the small nose that turned slightly upwards just at the tip. An alarm went off, and she put the book down. Her husband, Jim, was due home that night and she had set the alarm to remind herself to get ready for him. He liked her pussy to be devoid of hair and it had been a few weeks since she had shaved. She headed to the hallway and the bathroom, still rubbing her twat and determined to finish the job before her kids were due home.

Once there, she filled the sink with hot water and retrieved her favorite razor to use when shaving her nether regions. The handle was six inches long and two inches across. Then, dropping the robe to the floor, she soaped up her pussy and began scrapping the scant golden pubes from it. Shaving the mound above the slit was easy. It was only when she got further down that she had problems. As she pulled her skin tight around the lips of her pussy, she allowed her fingers to probe inside her. She was already horny from the book she had been reading, and this only increased her desire. She watched what she was doing with the razor carefully in the small, round mirror with a stand-up frame she had placed on the floor at just the right angle to properly see as she removed the hair. Once the hair was gone, she quickly rinsed the remaining soap from the area, and grabbed up the razor again. Turning it around, she slid the handle inside her, fucking herself with it like she was using a dildo. Damn, she thought to herself. 'I'm so fucking horny! There is no way I can wait till Jim gets home tonight to fuck me. I need to get my dildo.' With that thought, she left the bathroom with the razor still dangling from the folds of her cunt.

David Moore, Dave to his friends, drove his van south on Waverly Drive near Deerfield Park. He had customized the van himself. The van had been a white, paneled work van with no windows in the back when he bought it, but now, it was a high gloss, jet black with one small tear drop shaped window on each side near the back. The glass was as black as the van, making them hard to see and impossible to see through. The inside of the van was where he had done the most work. A small but comfortable bed sat along the left side behind the driver's seat, an equally small bar with built in refrigerator was on the right at the back, and a thirteen-inch T.V. with DVD player was in a cache mounted to the ceiling behind the passenger seat. Along the back where the back doors had been, was a three shelf bookcase with a lip and an elastic cord on each shelf to keep things from falling. This is where he kept the DVDs he played in the player, all of them porn films. Pictures adorned the walls, showing people fucking in a variety of positions. His favorite was of two girls, the one on her back squirting a stream of cum from her pussy into the other's mouth. The back of the seats had the name he had dubbed the van embroidered on them. "FUCK MOBILE," they declared boldly in black letters on the red leather of the seatback. From the front and from outside of the van, it appeared like any other. Only the fact that the back doors had been removed and replaced with a regular panel like the sides of the van said there was anything special about it. Dave wanted it that way. It kept him off the cops' radar and out of trouble.

He turned left on Forty Seventh street and followed it to Foxglove Loop, making a right turn on to it. He pulled into a driveway on the south side of the road and exited the van. He sighed as he walked towards the front door. It had been a long day, and he was looking forward to a hot shower and a chance to jack off. He hadn't had an opportunity to fuck since he broke up with his last girlfriend, Vanessa Peterson, more than a month and a half earlier. It was something he really missed since breaking it off with her. Of course, he was jerking off on a daily basis, often more than once a day, but wished for the feel of a pussy again.

When he jacked off now, he most often thought of his sister, Tabitha. Fortunately, it seemed that she had not found the camera he had hid in her room three weeks ago just after her eighteenth birthday, and he had been able to see her not only changing clothes, but also fingering her pussy till she came, her juices spilling out of her all over her bed. He had recorded it and played it back often before jacking off as he enjoyed the sight so much. Vanessa had always had dry orgasms, her cunt spasming but releasing no fluids, and he really liked it when there was a wet release. That was one of the reasons he broke up with her. At least, that was what he told himself. But, deep down, he knew there was another reason. The real reason.

The house was quiet as the nineteen-year-old went inside. Almost too quiet, he thought. The T.V. was off and no one was in the living room. His mother's car was outside, he had parked next to it, so she ought to be here. He could see into the kitchen from the door and saw that it, too, was empty. He moved to the coffee table by the couch and picked up the book that lay open, face down. His eyebrows raised in surprise as he looked at the cover. A girl wearing a school skirt, her naked back visible, was squatting in front of a man whose pelvic area was hidden only by her head, his pants gathered around his ankles. The title of the book declared that she was "Making the Grade." A slight moan came from the hallway, and Dave placed the book down before moving in that direction.

The first room he came to was the bathroom. He peered inside confusedly. The sink was full of water with hair floating in it and his mother's robe lay on the floor next to a small mirror. "What the hell is going on?" he thought to himself. The moaning came again and he moved on, passing the doors to his and his sister's rooms to the doorway of his parents' room.

Dave's jaw dropped in surprise at what he saw. His mother was laying on the bed naked sliding a strap on dildo in out of her bald cunt. Cautiously, he backed away where he could still see without being easily seen. As he peeked around the corner of the door frame, he opened his jeans and took his cock out, stroking it slowly almost in time with her thrusts of the fake cock in her pussy. It was almost like he was the one fucking her instead of the dildo.

The idea began to form in his mind. He shook his head to rid himself of it, but it didn't go away. As his dick grew hard in his hand, he wondered what his mother's cunt would feel like if it were wrapped around his dick instead of his hand. Would it be velvety smooth or have a slight coarseness to it that would bring about a climax more quickly? 'No,' he told himself. 'Think of something else. Football, the latest show of 'CSI,' Tabitha. Oh, Tabitha. Would her pussy look like their mother's if she shaved it?' He focused again on the fake dick going in and out of Emily's cunt. 'Could I make her cum? Would it be like Tabitha's pussy cumming?' The desire rushed forward again in his mind and in his cock. 'Shit', he thought to himself. 'I'm too fucking horny.' Finally, he decided to act on his desires. He twisted his body back behind the door so he was completely hidden and lowered his five-foot eleven-inch frame down with his back against the wall. Quietly, he removed his boots then pulled off his socks. His t-shirt was next and landed on the floor next to the boots and socks. Then he stood, dropped his jeans and underwear and once again peeked around the corner of the door as his eight-inch cock jutted out in front of him, begging for attention.

This time, as Dave stroked his rigid cock while looking at his mother's pussy, he noticed the head of a razor sticking out below the dildo. The handle must be pushed up her ass, he realized with a start. He slowly lowered himself to his hands and knees, then began quietly crawling into the room.

Emily's moans became quicker and she increased the speed of the thrusts from the plastic cock in her pussy. She was close to cumming, which she both wanted and yet wanted to hold off so she could enjoy it longer. She could feel the ribbed edges of the dildo as it made contact with the side walls of her fuck hole. The head pushed in deep, rubbing up against her cervix. Each time she shoved it in, she held it for a bit moving it up and down as if scratching an itch while rubbing her clit with her other hand. She wished it were real. She wished it would give off heat like the real thing. She wished it could spurt out cum into her womb. With that thought, she finally gave in to her body and shoved the dildo in her cunt hard and as deep as she could. She felt the beginning of her climax and quickly withdrew the toy from her pussy as she came heavily on the towel beneath her.

Dave saw his mother remove the dildo as she came, her juices quickly soaking the towel. She was like Tabitha. Although surprised at how much came out of her, he didn't dare wait any longer but quickly pounced, locking his mouth onto her pussy and began licking it.

"What the fuck?!" she exclaimed looking down to see the brown hair of her son's head positioned between her legs as his tongue furiously licked her twat. "Dave?! What the hell?" She grabbed his head and entangled her fingers in his hair. But instead of pulling him away, she pulled him tighter to her as she bucked up against him. "Oooh, shshshiiittt!" she groaned. The statement was drawn out and came as she once again felt herself cumming, this time onto her son's eager tongue. "Fuck," she said as his mouth wrapped around her clit and sucked it in. "Right there, baby. I'm fucking cumming again." Her back arched off the bed as she raised her hips up, while pushing Dave's head still tighter to her cumming twat.

Slowly, she lowered her back onto the bed again as her climax decreased and she regained control of her body. "You know," she said after her pussy stopped unloading and she came down from her ecstasy, "this is considered taboo by most people."

"I know, Mom," he raised his brown eyes to her hazel ones. "But I'm just so horny. Please don't make me stop. I really want to fuck you."

"Come up here, son" Emily said. Dave moved up the bed, taking in the view of his mother's naked body as he did so. The freshly shaved pussy settled between her slim legs and hips, the lean stomach, and large firm D cup tits heightened his desire to replace the toy she had so recently used with his cock in her juicy cunt. When he was finally near her face, he settled his hard dick against the slit of her pussy, sliding it up and down but not penetrating. She took his face in her hands making him look into her eyes.

"There will be many times when people will take a dislike to you for all kinds of reasons," she began. "When they do, they will call you names. Many will keep it clean stopping at 'idiot' or 'creep,'" she said as he rubbed her pussy with his cock and felt her juices lubricating his dick. "But some will go further and call you 'asshole' or 'bastard.' When they call you 'bastard', you tell them that your parents were married more than a year before you were born. But from now on," she said as she released his face and wrapped her arms around him so that he found himself once more staring at her tits, as she pulled him close."You will just have to smile and agree with them when they call you a 'mother fucker.' Now shove that cock of yours in my pussy and fuck me, boy." Dave complied.

He used the head of his cock to gently open up the fuck canal of his mother's cunt. Slowly, he pushed his way inside as she wrapped her legs around his back.

" Don't tease me, son. Push it in there," she ordered. He gave up trying to enter her slowly and rammed his rod deep into her, feeling his balls hit the razor still stuck up her ass. Then he began moving his dick in out of her pussy with measured strokes. "Shit!" she said as he began sliding in and out of her cunt. "Damn, you feel good. Oh, yes! Fuck me, son. Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Make me cum again, baby."

"I'll give it my best, Mom." Dave repositioned himself on his knees, raising her legs as he did so, so that he could better control his movements, getting deeper penetration into her hungry twat. "I won't last long, though. Your cunt feels too fucking good and it's been too damn long since I last had any pussy."

"That's okay, sweetie. Just fuck me as long as you can and when you have to cum, let it go." She could feel his cock on the sides of the walls of her pussy, rubbing her just the way she liked. She moaned as he pushed his cock right up to her cervix and knocked at the door.

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