tagGroup SexTabby's Toothing Adventure

Tabby's Toothing Adventure


Tabby was late for her usual Friday night appointment with her friend Lana. She would be waiting patiently in the Athenian Bar. Tabby was walking along staring at her new purchase, a brand new cell phone. It was the latest in phone technology and had cost her a fortune. It had been two weeks since her old phone had died. She had actually purchased the phone the day before but the new bluetooth technology was too much for her. The technicians had programmed it for her. She was late because they had to explain it all to her, but still she was not sure about all it's new features. Lana had a bluetooth phone, in fact it was Lana who had persuaded her to get it, she would help her.

As she walked along past some shops and a bar her phone rang. The first call. It must be the guys from the shop checking that she could answer ok. She flicked open the little silver object to see a message flashing on the luminous green screen.

"Toothing, Barry?" it read. Tabby looked at it. What did it mean? Why was it on her phone? Who was Barry? She couldn't work it out. She wasn't even sure that it was a text message. The awful thought that she had just purchased a lemon went through her head. For a split second she considered returning to the store. But it was getting late and she was meeting Lana for a drink at the Oaks Hotel shortly. Lana might be able to explain.

At the bar Lana was waiting with their usual white wines ready. It was quite busy, after work on a Friday. Tabby pushed her tall, slim 20-year-old body through the crowd to the bar. She could see Lana sitting on a barstool.

"Hi girl," Lana greeted her friend. "You're late tonight."

"Yeah, sorry, I had to pick up my new phone," Tabby replied.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. What do you think of it? Is it the same as mine?" Lana asked.

"It's cool, I think it's better than yours. I'm going to take forever to learn how to use it properly," Tabby said, searching her purse for the little silver phone.

"No way you will soon learn all the bits," Lana smiled.

Tabby found the phone and passed it to her friend. "But I think I'm going to have to take it back. I think it has a fault."

"Oh?" Lana asked.

"Yeah, as I was walking over hear it went off and I got this weird text message. I don't know how it could have happened."

"What did the message say?" Lana asked.

"It was real strange, like make sense of it if you can. Toothing, Barry. That's all." Tabby shrugged.

"Oh," Lana said again, a smirk appearing on her face.

"So what do you think it means?" Tabby asked, noting the smirk, but not sure what Lana was meaning.

"Where were you when this happened?" The blonde asked.

"I was just passing Ace's Bar," Tabby replied.

"Oh," Lana said again, the smirk flashed across her face.

"So, tell me, what was it? You look like you know."

"I can guess. These phones can give out their address if the settings are right. Someone in Ace's obviously hooked onto your address." Lana was smiling broadly now.

"So should I reply. I think the message is still there," Tabby asked, holding out her hand.

"No, it's too late now. They only have a limited range for this sort of thing. Basically someone in Ace's has just asked you if you want to participate in some quick, anonymous sex."

Tabby's jaw dropped. She looked at the phone and its new power. "You're joking. You mean someone was watching me and..."

"Oh no, they probably didn't even know who they were ringing."

"Shit Lana! That is scary," Tabby reached for the little phone.

"Yep, sure is," Lana said and took a sip of her wine. "It's called toothing – using the bluetooth technology."

"Hey Lana, how come you know so much about this?" Tabby smiled at her friend.

"Well, I...I mean," the comment had caught the blonde off guard.

"Have you...toothed before? Is that why Lana?" Tabby teased her friend.

"Well, actually, yes," Lana admitted.

"Was it any good?" Tabby pressed. "Or shouldn't I ask?"

"That's ok, we've always been able to share these things," Lana said, finishing her glass of wine. "It was great, quite exciting really. I mean I wouldn't have gone out with the guy but it was fun to do it once"

"Where did it happen?" Tabby asked, motioning to the barman at the same time for a refill.

"Actually," Lana blushed faintly. "Right here"

"You're joking! No way!" Tabby exclaimed. "So where...I mean how..."

"Where did we do the evil act?" Lana smiled. "In the ladies."

"Wow! Incredible...and no one caught you?"

"No, we tried to be discrete. Maybe someone guessed at all the moans, but hey, it was fun.," Lana's eyes lit up.

"Sounds like it. Maybe I should go back to Ace's and see if Barry is still looking," Tabby smiled as the barman put down the two new drinks.

"Too late now I think," Lana laughed. "But keep your phone on, you never know who might call. Let me see what username they gave you at the phone shop"

"Username?" Tabby looked puzzled.

"Yeah, you need a username to communicate. Obviously Barry uses his own name." Lana flicked open the new mobile and punched a few keys. "Oh...no wonder." A broad smile appeared on her face."

"What, what is it?" Tabby lent over to try and see.

"Sexybabe. Cool name," Lana laughed. "Should draw a lot of attention, if you're up o it."

"Oh yeah right," Tabby protested at her friends joke. "Like I can't get a guy if I want."

The girls laughed and joked. Every now and then Tabby looked nervously at the phone as it lay on the counter. That night it didn't ring. Over the following week all her calls came from friends and family. As the following Friday approached Tabby was convinced that her friend had been joking. There was no such thing as toothing.

The Friday rolled around again. To test her theory that toothing was a figment of Lana's imagination Tabby deliberately passed Ace's Bar, this time watching the tiny glowing green screen for any messages. Nothing happened. Maybe Barry didn't even exist. That was it she was going to have her friend on, making up stories like that.

Tabby walked toward the bar, Athenians, ready to battle her friend. She was still some distance from the bar when the mobile buzzed her. Quickly she flicked the mobile open, the green screen flashing a message at her.

"Hi sexybabe, want some fun?" It was accompanied by a text address.

Tabby stopped in her tracks. What had Lana said? The message would come from nearby, that they had a limited range. Instinctively Tabby looked around. There was no one there. A young couple were walking into the bar Tabby was about to enter, but neither had a cell phone in their hands.

Then she felt herself blush a little, was this true? Maybe Lana was playing a trick. She straightened her knee length skirt and gave a sigh, should she? What might happen? A tingle of excitement went through her body.

Quickly she typed a message and sent it. "Why not Kathunter." Kathunter was the nickname that had sent the original message.

She waited, staring at the screen and forgetting her friend waiting inside. Nothing was happening. Maybe she was out of range. He might have been passing in a car or bus. He might be gay and not be looking for her kind of action. He might also be Lana and she was being set up.

Then it flashed up for her. "Cool, how old r u?"

Tabby wasn't sure if she should answer. Again she hesitated. Then: "20, dark hair, tall, slim. U?"

"38 dark hair, strong build."

She was impressed. Her big dark stranger had arrived at last.

"Still want to meet?" Tabby asked.

" Sure, where and when?"

The answer was easy. "I'm new at this, u say."

Back came the answer straight away. "Meet me at the fountain in the town square in half an hour."

The fountain was just a short walk away. It was in the middle of a large paved plaza which was floodlit and full of people on these warm summers nights.

"U sure? Lots of ppl?" Tabby texted back.

"Don't panic babe. How will I know u?"

Tabby had to think fast. Her grey knee length skirt and plain white blouse were non-descript. "I am very tall. I will have a red ribbon in my hair."

"Cool, half an hour, bye."

Tabby clicked the phone shut. This better not be some trick she thought. The idea of meeting this total stranger was exciting her a lot. Her imagination started to run wild about meeting a big bronzed beauty who would make the most wonderful love to her, making her cum and cum. She entered the bar, her panties damp at the very thought.

"Hi Tabby," Lana greeted her. "How are things?"

"Good thanks Lana," she smiled.

"Judging by that look a little too good eh?" Lana winked at her. "Have you just met the man of your dreams or something?"

"I wish, no not yet, but I can't stay long tonight," she was still grinning.

"So you have met someone. Come on Tabby tell me all about him," Lana egged her friend on.

"No I haven't, I just promised someone that I would meet them in half an hour."

"Hang on. You haven't? You have just got a toothing message haven't you?"

Tabby blushed. She wouldn't lie to her friend, she couldn't. This was going to be embarrassing, even more so if it turns out to be a joke.

"I might have," Tabby taunted.

"You have, you lucky bitch," Lana retorted with a smile. "And you are going to go through with it."

"Well, why not. It's probably all your doing anyway. You have probably set me up."

"No way, not like that," Lana was taken back. "No, you go for it girl. Only wish I could share the experience."

"What are you suggesting a threesome?" Tabby laughed.

"When did you get this message?" Lana probed.

"Just before, when I was coming in here," Tabby answered honestly.

"Shit! Why did I miss out, my phone was on." Lana looked genuinely disappointed.

"Hey, don't blame me dear," Tabby joked. "Anyway I better get going. I will tell you all about it later."

"Lucky bitch," Lana smiled at her friend. "I'll be waiting...and I want to know everything."

"Sure, sure," Tabby stood, picking up her black shoulder bag.

The town square was about a five minute walk. Tabby arrived early. This was the major meeting place for young people. It was busy with teenage skateboarders, young couples and groups of friends sitting about waiting for something to happen.

As she entered the square Tabby stopped in a doorway and searched in her bag. The red ribbon she used as a hair-tie when she went jogging at lunchtime was floating around in the bottom. Pulling her long dark hair back into a rough ponytail she tied the ribbon around it.

Her heart was racing as she entered the square. She glanced around everywhere trying to spot her 'date'. There was no one who quite fitted the description, but then again there were lots. Her eyes focused on one, then another man, none seemed to show any interest in her as she approached the fountain.

She stood at the edge of the decorative concrete fountain and looked around. It must have been so obvious that she was waiting for someone. Time seemed to stand still. Her throat grew dry and her heart raced.

"Looking for a cat to hunt," the male voice came from behind her. "Don't turn around."

Tabby stopped herself. It had been a natural reaction to turn, but a firm hand had grasped her shoulder as he spoke.

"Yes," she whispered, her voice husky from her dry throat. "I was."

"Meet me at the bus terminal outside Fishers. Now count to one hundred, don't turn or move until you have reached that figure." His voice had a slightly German accent.

"Sure," Tabby answered. "One, two, three..." Her voice trailed off as he released the grip and stepped away.

Somehow she managed to concentrate on the counting. Her pussy was aching, her panties quite damp now. As soon as she breathed the words one hundred she set off at a brisk pace towards Fishers, the big jewelry and gift shop that was situated on one corner of the square. The main bus terminal was just outside the brightly lit shop.

This time there was no concealment, no attempt at hiding. In the bright lights of the store window a man in dark clothing stepped forward to meet her.

"Hi there sexybabe," the man said in the same German accent. He was shorter than her, a little over weight and very round. Not the tall dark handsome knight she had imagined. Her hormones were beating at her body, her desires were pulsing through her delicate frame, so his looks did not count anymore. All that mattered now was how good he could fuck her.

"Hi," she smiled at him.

"Come with me," he held out a hand to her. She took it. He half tugged her along through the last of the night shoppers and the odd youth who wandered through this part of the square. Then he pulled her off the square into a short alley. The light of the city faded a little as the shadows of the buildings closed around them.

About half way along the narrow corridor he stopped.

"Here will do," he announced. "Turn around."

Tabby held her breath, they were only a few yards from the square. She knew exactly what he wanted her to do and by now the excitement was almost making her cum without his help. She turned to face the wall, braced her body against it with outstretched hands, letting her bag slip down her shoulder to the path and thrust her butt toward him.

He came up behind her, running his hand over her nice round butt. His other hand found the hem of the skirt and started to tug it up, until her pink lace panties were fully exposed.

"I thought you would have taken them off," he said with the sound of surprise in his voice.

"Sorry," Tabby said, her breathing quite heavy now, making her sound sultry.

He rolled them down her legs, down below her knees. Tabby brought her legs together to let the panties drop to the ground. It was easy then for her to step out of them, the sensible black shoes slipping through the pretty lace garment.

His hand slid across her smooth bare butt, feeling the warmth of her skin. He touched her inner thigh making her part her legs a little further. Then his finger slipped down, under her crotch, running along the valley formed by her now swollen pussy lips, rubbing against her sensitive clit.

"Ohhh...ohhh," Tabby moaned loudly as he felt the warm moist pussy entrance.

"You are wanting this aren't you?" He whispered in her ear, leaning over her bent body. His hot breath against her ear made her tingle. "You are so hot for me."

She wished he would get on with it, the tension was driving her mad. She didn't have to wait long. He slowly unzipped his pants, his cock springing out. It was about 7 inches long and quite thick. Tabby glanced down, between her legs to watch him rubbing it through her pussy lips, getting it lubed on her juice. The big purple head glistened in the light from the square.

Then he positioned his cock at her entrance. Slowly, methodically he slid it in, up into her pulsing hot pussy. Tabby moaned as she felt it rubbing past her clit. The big head stretched her wide open.

"Ohhh...ohhh...yes," the dark haired beauty exclaimed as she shuddered with an instant orgasm. "God, this is good." She said as he started to pump into her. Each stroke took him deeper into her hot pussy. She could feel him penetrating up into her, pushing in, filling her.

He kept his body low over her, leaning in toward her, so he could kiss her neck every now and then. His plump belly rocked against her butt as he pushed in and out of her. His breathing became faster and faster.

She looked back again and could see his hairy balls suspended outside his pants and below them, waving in the breeze. They were enormous, too enormous for such a small cock. But still he was banging away at her. Every stroke made a squelching noise as he puled back.

After a few minutes he reached up to cup one of her breasts through the blouse. A moment after that he grabbed her hip with his other hand and pulled her back onto his cock as he thrust forward. He let out a low soft moan and she could feel his cock pulsing, releasing its load of sticky cum up into her soaking wet pussy.

The stranger fell forward, resting against her back as his cock continued to pulse inside her. Then he lifted his body a little and kissed her neck again, his tongue sensually tracing her neck up to the little gold dolphin earring hanging from her earlobe. Tabby moaned. He kissed her a second time.

"Do you have any tissues in that bag of yours?" He asked her. Always practical those Germans Tabby thought. "We better get cleaned up."

"Yeah, I suppose so," Tabby said trying to reach down to her bag.

Somehow she managed to retrieve the small packet of tissues. He held one to his cock as he pulled back, encasing the sticky, long rod in the flimsy white paper. Tabby felt a sticky glob slide down her inner thigh. As he stepped back she was able to take a tissue and wipe herself, the grey skirt still tucked up into its own waistband.

It was now that Tabby noticed the audience of three teenage youths watching them from a discrete distance at the end of the lane. Tabby grinned to herself as she pulled the little pink panties up. Somehow being watched added to the excitement.

Once they had straightened their clothes he led Tabby back out to the square. The three youths watched and stared at the tall girl with the brilliant white grin as she passed them. As they approached the fountain again he dropped her hand.

"Thanks," he said.

"Thank you, this is my first experience of toothing," Tabby enthused.

"Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we will do it again," he smiled.

"Yeah, do you want my number?" Tabby asked.

"No, we will find each other." With that he simply turned and slipped back into the crowd.

Tabby couldn't wait to tell Lana what had happened. When she did Lana hung off every word. Tabby found it hard to explain what a buzz she had got from the fast, almost rough, casual way it all happened.

Over the next week Tabby found herself wishing for another message. None were forthcoming. Then the following Monday she was out for her lunch time jog and the little silver phone hanging at her waist buzzed. She cursed her run being interrupted but stopped.

"Hey sexybabe, want to meet?"

She looked around. This was the block next to the city park, there were people all around. Across the road was a sandwich bar next to the bank on the corner. A big insurance office took up most of the rest of that side of the road. She was stopped outside a woman's hairdressers, next to this was the electronics shop where she had bought the phone. Next to this was a sports goods store and then there was Ace's Bar on the far corner.

The heat of the day combined with her hot sweating body to conspire against her instinct. The thought of another sudden encounter made her feel sexy beyond belief. To be fucked at lunchtime by a stranger, someone she just met. It was so exciting. Her thighs clamped together involuntarily to rub her horny pussy. A certain dampness began to flow within her hot body.

"Where?" Was the simple answer.

"Go to the perking lot on the corner."

Tabby looked at the message with a puzzled look. What parking lot? She looked up the street, then back the other way. All she could see was the big buildings. Then she spotted it on the other side of the road. A non-descript gap between the bank and the sandwich bar. A white sign on the side of the bank stated simply: 'Public Parking.' Tabby had never noticed it before.

"Ok." Tabby gulped. She wondered what this encounter would bring.

"Go into the parking lot and find the red panel van. The back door is open. Go in and make yourself comfortable – u know what I mean."

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