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Tables Turned


With delicate care she ran the feather along the center of his torso.

"You know you'll pay for this, Pet!" He spat menacingly through gritted teeth. While he was sleeping she had every so cautiously tied him to the posts of the bed, leaving him spread eagle and at her mercy. She had tired of him always being in control, and for once wanted to have her way with her lover.

"Oh, shush now, darling," she patted his cheek in a patronizing manner. "You know you'll be free soon, but first I want to have a little fun with you. You never let me take control of things, and though I do enjoy you trying to a fuck a hole through me, I'd rather like to have my wicked way with you." Pet grinned wickedly as she continued to lazily run the feather over her lover's torso.

"You better believe I'm going to fuck a hole through you after this, you bitch!" He spat venomously.

"Oh my, someone's feisty!" Pet giggled, her outer manner belying the inner turmoil she felt. She knew when she decided to do this that she would be punished horribly for it, but she had to take the chance, wanting to see how it felt to take the reigns of the situation.

Her lover was always in control of sex, and though he had allowed her to please him in certain ways, he never let her take any real control. The closest she got to control was waking up before him, and giving him a "wake-up call". She wanted to know what it was like to run her hands all over his body, to taste every inch of his skin. To feel him shudder under her hands, and know that she could turn him on and drive him as insane as he drove her.

Pet jumped up onto the bed and straddled his stomach, her wet core pressing down on him, revealing to him how turned on she was by the situation. Though he was determined not to respond to her, the manipulative bitch, his body responded, and to his dismay he felt himself hardening in response to her arousal. She felt his cock push against her ass as it slowly grew and she grinned cheekily down at him.

"Seems someone's happy with situation."

Her lover just glared at her, his eyes darkened with passion and anger. Pet leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, running her tongue along them seeking entrance, he parted his lips, though he leaned up and into her, deepening the kiss himself, trying to take control. She placed her hand under his neck, helping him keep his head up, her mind gone foggy with pleasure. She heard him chuckle into the kiss and she realized what he had done. She dropped his head, and he fell back onto the pillow.

"You will not control this. This time I'm in charge." She spat at him, as he grinned knowingly up at him. While involved in the heated kiss she had been rubbing her pussy along his stomach, and a light track of her dew was left, he had most assuredly heated her up.

Pet ran a finger along the outside of his ear, a place that she had not been allowed access to. He claimed that he did not like the sensation of her nibbling on it, the one time she tried. Her light brushings had produced a shiver down his spine. He had told her he didn't like the sensation because, truth be told, his skin was quite sensitive to touch. She smirked as she saw his reaction to her touch.

"I rather think you like this more than you're letting on, dearest."

He just glared at her; she leaned down to gently dip her tongue into his ear. His head whipped to the side, to try and prevent her entrance.

"Now, now, none of that." Pet gripped his head so that he could not move, and continued to tease his sensitive ear with her tongue. Dipping it inside ever so gently, running it along the outer rim, and nibbling and sucking on the sensitive ending till at last she had drawn an involuntary moan from him. Then she turned her attentions to the other, till she could feel him bucking against his restraints, knowing he wanted to run his hands all over her. The power she felt from coaxing this response out of him turned her on immensely.

She littered his face with butterfly-kisses; brushing his eyelids, and brows, cheeks and nose and finally his lips ever so gently with her lips. When she brushed his lips he leaned up wanting more from her but she pulled back, knowing if she gave him what she wanted this would end far too soon; there was still much she wanted to do to him.

She trailed kisses down his neck, stopping to suck, nip and lick in various spots. Her lover's breathing was ragged, she knew he desperately wanted to be inside her, but he would not give her the satisfaction of telling her so, yet. She would have him beg her first, but he would have to be made mad with lust before he would ever utter the word "please" to her, and she would pay even more dearly for that.

Working her way down his chest she nipped at his flesh, teasing the sides of his torso with her fingers, he moaned and bucked upwards, his cock seeking entrance to her now dripping pussy. She removed herself from his torso, knowing that if he managed to get what he was after she wouldn't last long. He roared with rage as her weight left him.

"Get back on me, and ride me, Pet."

"No, I'm not done with you, yet."

To punctuate her point, she leant down and took one of his nipples into her mouth, nipping at it gently and then soothing it with her tongue. She then did the same to the other, while running her fingernails down his abdomen, making sure to avoid contact with his throbbing member. Working her way down his chest she then nipped playfully at his side, causing him to cry out.

"Ticklish, love?"

He glared at her, refusing to answer her comment. She in response ran her fingers gently along his side, causing him to draw in a breath and expel it in a hiss at her. She giggled and then ran her nails along the inside of one of his thighs, teasingly. She then moved down the bed and positioned herself between his legs. He bucked his hips, trying to buck his aching cock towards her, trying to tell her wordlessly what he wanted. His mind was nearly gone from the pleasure she was giving him.

She ignored his body's pleas, and bent her head to nibble gently from the inside of his right knee, until her face was nearly at his sack, and then she moved her head so that she could pay the same attention to the other leg. Though this time when she reached his sack, she moved her head so that her cheek was brushing it, and she sucked hard right beside it. He bucked up off the bed, crying out. She hadn't laid a hand on his cock, but he was near to bursting now. She knew she would have to end her fun soon. She gently laved her tongue over his balls, sucking on first one and then the other gently. He moaned with pleasure, though desperately wanting to feel her tongue and sweet lips on his cock.

His thoughts were rewarded as she gripped his cock firmly with one hand, as she knelt on the bed over him. She flicked her tongue over the tip as she gazed at him hotly, tasting his pre-cum. She laved the head with her tongue, making sure to run it along the underside of the sensitive head. He hissed and bucked in her hand, wanting more stimulation. She ever so gently sucked on the tip, she then slid her mouth over his shaft, using her tongue to coat it with saliva, and then pumped down it again. She could feel his body tensing, and so she stopped what she was doing. She moved kneeling beside him on the bed so that she was not touching him.

"Tell me what you want, lover."

"Ride me."

The words combined with the heat of his gaze nearly made her cum, but she held her ground, wanting to hear him say the word.

"What's the magic word?"


With all that had been ingrained in her it was hard not to follow his command, no matter how bad she wanted her own release, she wanted to her him beg.

"No, not until you ask me nicely."

"Pet, do not make this harder on yourself then it already will be."

"It's just one little word, say it, Lover and I'll ease both our aches."

"Fuck....you know you'll pay for this, Sweet." "I know," she whispered almost sadly. She did not fully understand what drove her to this; she only knew she needed this.

"Please....for the love of god, please ride me, I need you badly."

She leaned over him, kissing him hard, then climbed across his stomach, and grasped his dick, sliding it easily into her velvet sheath. Her workings of him and his words combined, had pushed her near to the edge, and it was not long before she was crying out his name as she rode his cock hard, fucking him harshly, wanting to bring him with her. Her wish was granted, he had nearly cum when she wrapped her lips around him, her orgasm had pushed him over the edge, and he came roaring her name, has he filled her.

She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, then leaned up to discover her lover had passed out. She smiled softly to herself, knowing he would never forget his surrender to her, and she was certain that her bottom would not forget the punishment for her actions. She would hold this night dear to her heart, though, knowing that she could draw such responses from him, as he drew from her all the time. She carefully untied his bonds, so as not to remind him in the morning of what had occurred. She lay down beside him, her back to his side, and she felt him wrap his arms around her, and she stiffened for a moment afraid that he had awakened, and would be seeking his revenge, she then heard him snore. Realizing he was still asleep she snuggled back against him and drifted off to sleep with a satisfied smile on her face.

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