tagBDSMTables Turned at the Mall

Tables Turned at the Mall


This story involves characters who are over 18.


Whenever I am out of town, I make it a point to go the local mall. I especially look forward to going when I'm in a college town. The female coeds have that combination of beauty and confidence that is irresistible. I love watching young, hot girls; I don't know exactly why. Well maybe I do— I am very submissive and have always wondered what it would be like to be dominated by them. This story could also be called "watch what you ask for!"

I typically follow a group of girls around and listen in on their conversations. My goal is to blend in, but I always got the feeling they know I'm around. I try not to come off as the "dirty old perv" but frankly, that's probably exactly how I appear. Nothing had ever really happened except for when I would get back to my hotel and masturbate. Until this time that is.

it was in the middle of the day when I entered the mall. I spotted a group of four absolutely smoking hot girls walking toward the food court. I quickly walked ahead of them and got in line at one of the restaurants. To my amazement they got in line behind me. After I ordered I heard a voice behind me and a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and saw this amazingly beautiful young woman standing there.

She was tall (a little taller than me) and a very athletic build. She had short black hair and a very cute face. She reminded me of a young Angelina Jolie. She smiled and said. "Excuse me. This is totally embarrassing but my friends and I don't have any cash. Would you mind paying for our lunch? If you do, you can join us."

I was stunned; as much as I had always wanted this I couldn't believe it was happening. I wondered why they wouldn't use plastic but decided not to bother for an explanation.

"Sure" I stammered.

She smiled and said "Thanks!"

As we went through the line we made small talk and I paid for their meals. We sat down and started eating and talking.

It started with introductions. There was Nadia, the one who had approached me in line. Then there was Ann, who also had short black hair but was shorter than Nadia but very athletic. Lisa was next; she was blonde with an angelic face and a thin build. Finally, there was Sarah; who was tall and stunningly beautiful. I introduced myself; I made up my name as "Barry."

As we finished lunch, I explained I was from out of town and had a meeting cancel on me. I just stopped by the mall for lunch and was about to leave.

"Well why don't we show you around?" asked Ann. How much of a tour guide do I need at a mall? I thought but this was a fantasy come true. I felt a little stirring in my dick.

"Sure" I replied.

We started walking down the main walkway and came to a Victoria's Secret store. They walked in without asking me. Of course, I followed them in. The whole store screamed "pink" and there were a bunch of girls in the store.

"Spring break" explained Sarah, smiling.

They went right to the panties table and started going through them. "Hey Barry, which kind do you like?" asked Nadia.

"Oh, I don't know, the boyshorts I suppose- those pink ones." I replied.

They giggled and held up a pair. "Like this?" and I nodded.

"Hey just for fun, hold them up in front of you." I held them out straight in front of me. "No sweetie, like you are wearing them." I noticed the tone shifted towards more of a bossy one. I moved my hands down towards my waist and they laughed. "Okay they're cute but the size is wrong. You're more like a XXL right? Find one in your size."

I went right to work, digging through panties until I found one my size. Meanwhile they were doing their shopping and got a bunch more. They kept looking at me and giggled. We went to the counter and I paid for the purchase. It was over $350 worth of lingerie. They instructed me to carry the bag.

We then went to a Forever 21 store. "Hey, they have a section for big girls. Barry what kind of skirts do you like?"

I told them I like jean skirts and they picked out one; I thought they meant for them. But they handed it to me. Meanwhile a sales clerk came over.

"Can I help you girls?" she asked. I kind of blushed at the comment but deep down felt excited. This was really a fantasy come true!

Sarah then took over. "Yes, hi. We are looking for some spring clothes- maybe a jean skirt and a matching blouse."

The salesclerk looked at the rest of the group and said, "We need to go to a different section; this is the section for big girls."

Sarah, laughed and replied, "Oh it's not for us, it's for our new friend here. Her name is Sherry."

I gulped and blushed again; I tried to jump in but stammered something about how it wasn't for me. The salesclerk looked me up and down and smiled. "OK, well what do you think, Sherry?"

I knew this was the moment of truth. "OK" I said.

They all smiled and said "great!" They told me to pick out a blouse and I tried to get one that wasn't so obviously girly. But Sarah jumped in and picked out something a lot more feminine. They had me hold it in front of me to give their opinion.

"Hmmmm" said the clerk. Hard to say- why don't you try them on?" They all thought that was a great idea. "Give me your wallet and keys for safe keeping" said the clerk. I complied.

Nadia then handed me the panties from Victoria Secret, along with a bra which I hadn't realized they had gotten for me. She said, "here put this bra on too. And use the bra extender we got you so it will fit." I went into the changing room and took off my clothes and put them in the corner. I put on the panties and I admit they felt great, as did the bra. Then I put on the skirt and it did look good. Finally, the blouse.

I walked out of the changing room and my new girlfriends clapped and laughed. All this did was draw attention of all the other shoppers in the store. They had me walk around the entire store. We did some more shopping, as they picked out some things for them.

Finally, I went back to the changing room and was shocked to see the clothes I had worn into the mall were gone! Lisa said "I was afraid something like this could happen. Someone must have stolen your clothes." I froze, realizing I would have to leave the mall dressed in my new skirt and blouse. I recovered, paid for all the purchases and we left. The other girls had gotten some clothes too and I paid for them as well. We left the clothes store and I felt like everyone was staring at me. Lisa whispered to me "walk more like a girl, Sherry. Walk so that you cross your ankles every time."

We then walked up to a Merle Norman store. "Hey, what do you think, how about a makeover?" At this point, I figured things couldn't have gotten much more embarrassing, so we went in. "We would like a total makeover for our new friend Sherry." said Lisa. I felt a surge of humiliation go through me. I was shown to a chair while the rest of the group talked with the woman who was going to do the makeover. They looked over and giggled at me.

The technician came over to me and said "So, you are supposed to look like a slut. Trust me, the guys will be lined up for you by the time I'm done with you." She turned me away from the mirror, so I couldn't see what she was doing. She started by plucking my eyebrows, which hurt like a bitch! It seemed to take forever. Then she applied a liquid foundation and worked all the way around my face. She put on eyeshadow, liner, blush and mascara. Then she instructed me to put my lips together. She applied a thick coat of lipstick. "Perfect" she said.

I turned around and couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror. First off, my eyebrows were thinned out and had a high feminine arch to them. My makeup was subtle, but I looked very sexy. I really looked like a female.

Meanwhile, I had looked over at Lisa, who was assigned to watch over the process and give comments. She had been texting about the whole time. I figured that was typical for girls that age, but she would look up and me every once and while and giggle. I think she took some pictures of me in the chair. She loved my transition!

After I was done, I figured they had enough of me and I would go about my way. "Hey, we want you to come over to our place!" It really wasn't a question. I hesitated but they insisted. They had my wallet and car keys after all. And I didn't have anything else to do the rest of the day, so I figured why not? I was suddenly craving the attention and even the humiliation.

We got into Nadia's car and started driving. They had rented a house that wasn't far from the mall. When we got to the house, we walked in and they handed me a joint to smoke and maybe relax a bit.

After a few tokes, they told me "Sherry, you need to change into something new. While you were getting your makeover, we got you another outfit." They handed me a bag full of clothes and I started walking into a bedroom. "Hey, wait a minute, where are you going? Change right here!" I didn't want to do it because I was very self-conscious about the size of my little dick.

But they persisted so I started stripping for them as they started hooting at me. I was down to bra and panties and was looking for a way out. Sarah came over and took off my bra. "Nice rack" she said and pushed up on my fat man boobs. Then she pulled down my panties. "Holy shit! It's like a clit! Its sooo cute." They were laughing their asses off. I quickly put on the new outfit after I put my bra and panties back on. Just then the doorbell rang, and I was told to answer it.

I open the door and a strong, muscular guy walked in; he was a pure Alpha male. Ann said, "Steve this is Sherry, our new friend. She will do whatever you want, won't you Sherry?" I nodded, and he smiled.

"On your knees, bitch." he sneered. I immediately complied. I don't know how this spiraled out of control so quickly, but I was enjoying it. A lot.

I didn't need any instructions on what to do next. I undid the Steve's belt and then unbuttoned his jeans. I pulled down his zipper and his pants fell to the ground. I then took his boxers and started to pull them down. I couldn't believe the size of his cock... it seemed to just keep going until I saw it hung halfway down his leg.

I instinctively started kissing and licking it until it started getting hard. Very hard. "Suck it" he said, and I complied. It slipped into my mouth and my lips acted like a pussy. I tried to fit it into my mouth, but it was too big. So, I just started going up and down on it as best I could. I felt a stinging as he slapped my face. "No teeth bitch!" I opened my jaws up more and kept sucking. I felt his hands on the back of my head as I got into a nice rhythm. "That's a good slut. Keep sucking that shit" he said. Finally, I could hear his breathing get deeper and I sensed he was ready to cum.

I went faster and then felt a shot of hot cum spray into my mouth. He kept shooting more and more cum for me and he groaned, and he emptied his nut down my throat. "Good girl!" they all shouted.

Nadia then stood up and said, "Sherry, we have a confession. We know that you are an old perv who tracks and follows young girls like us in the mall. We do love the attention, but we wanted to have some fun and teach wimps like you a lesson. So, we tracked you down today at the mall. We knew right away that you would be easy to control but we totally underestimated how easy this would be and how big of a sissy you turned out to be."

I felt totally used but I also found it very hot to have been used like this. I started wondering what the future has for me...

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by Anonymous

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by cdCindy105/30/18

Loved this story

I'm a sissy CD cocksucking faggot and I would love it if some young sexy hot girls made me their sissy bitch. I would love to suck a cock and get fucked in front of them. Public humiliation is also mymore...

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by liz33nd05/03/18

it was a fun story to read

not believable by any means, but so fun to picture in my mind. good job and a 3 star.

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by Anonymous04/21/18

tables turned at the mall

I liked it, but would have been a little better if the girls would have taken sherry and used her first, then bring in Steve to finish off sherry in her boy pussy, and more chapters to follow.

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