tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTables Turned Ch. 03

Tables Turned Ch. 03


Once again, the taxi ride was silent. Neither woman had the words to describe what they were feeling, nor to describe what they had experienced in the boutique. Evelyn had been stripped naked by her own daughter, molested by another woman, tied unwillingly to a table, and even made to cum at the hands, and the mouth, of the other woman. She had been exposed, she had been shaved and she had been humiliated in front of her daughter.

What was worse than all of this, however, was the fact that her daughter, Alison, seemed to be a willing participant in all of this. If she was honest, Evelyn would have to acknowledge that Alison seemed to have played her part with more than a little relish.

Alison, for her part, was just as shocked by the events of the last few hours. She had always been submissive to her husband's wishes, but when he ordered her to include her mother in his schemes, she had never been so ashamed and her panties had never been so wet. Cleaning her own mother's pussy after the older woman's massive orgasm in the boutique had been a fantasy she never even knew she had, one that she struggled to believe even now. Even so, she could feel her juices running againat the thought of running her tongue along her mother's slit.

When they arrived back home Alison paid the driver and unlocked the front door of their comfortable home. It was a few minutes later before Evelyn finally appeared in the doorway, eventually having to accept that the driver was not going to open the door for her or help her out of his cab.

"Hurry up, mother! We don't have much time. John will be home soon and will expect us to be ready for him."

She wondered where her new found confidence had come from because she would never have spoken to her domineering mother in such a manner before today. Having seen her mother naked, having seen her mother spanked, twice, and having seen her mother cumming at the hands of another woman,she realised there was nothing to be afraid of. her mother had been coerced into all of this but, even so, she realised that she liked being on an even footing with her mother. She was no longer subservient to the older woman as they were now both the property of her husband, John, and now she had the upper hand.

Evelyn also wondered what had changed in her only daughter and resented being told what to do by the girl she had given birth to. But she was well aware of her predicament. Her husband had left her; she was homeless and she was penniless. Most importantly at that moment was the fact that her bottom was still stinging from her spanking in john's office and her spanking in the lingerie boutique he had sent them to. If she was sure of anything, she was sure she did not want to do anything to risk further punishment to her poor cheeks.

She followed her daughter through to the living room and, even though she thought to protest, she thought better of it and did what was expected of her.Kneeling down beside her not so innocent daughter, she and Alison awaited their fate.

They didn't have to wait too long before they heard John's key in the door and, as Alison bowed her head in anticipation, so too did her mother. only one of them had any idea of what was to follow and only one of them was looking forward to it. If Alison had been wearing any panties they would have been just as wet as her mother's.

John smiled to himself as he walked into the room and saw the two women waiting for him. he had never doubted that Alison would be there as always but, even though he had received a full report from the owner of the boutique and had seen the secret recording she had made, he still wondered if Evelyn had been brought low enough to always do as she was told. Now was the time to put her to the test but, first, he had some new instructions for his wife.

Lifting her chin, he smiled at her and told her tofollow him through to the kitchen. Leaving her mother behind, she looked questioningly at John as he closed the door so that her mother could not hear their discussion or listen in to John's plans for the rest of the evening. when he told her, she was shocked. Then she wondered if she could go through with it. Finally she realised that she couldn't wait to get started.

As they returned to the living room, Evelyn dared to look up. There was something different about the couple. John was obviously still in charge but something must have happened in the kitchen that had caused a change in her daughter. Alison no longer trailed behind her husband in her usual subservient manner that had always infuriated her mother. Instead, she walked, hand in hand, beside him. So she was not too surprised when it was her daughter who spoke first. Neither was she too unhappy at Alison's words.

"Stand up, mother."

Evelyn was glad to get up off her knees. it wasn't dignified for a woman of her standing to be kneeling in front of her daughter and son in law. Even after everything that had happened she still believed that she was a woman of some importance. She was about to be dissuaded of this notion in no uncertain terms.

"Take off your clothes, mother."

The older woman looked aghast at her daughter who now seemed to have a steely determination in her eyes that Evelyn had never noticed before. Almost worse than Alison's orders was the fact that John had sat down in his favourite armchair as if he was settling down to watch a show. Which is exactly what he was doing and he expected to be entertained.

"Do we really have to spank you again, mother, before you learn some obedience?" asked Alison in a threatening tone, her angry face only inches from her mother's.

Evelyn shook her head and began to strip. She knew she had no choice; she knew her bottom couldn't suffer any more punishment but, she reasoned with herself, Alison had already seen her in a much more vulnerable position in the boutique and at least she would still have her underwear on. that should wipe the smile off the face of her smug son in law.

Even so, her fingers nervously struggled with the buttons on her blouse but finally it opened, revealing to John the top half of her black basque. She had never worn such a thing before, believing basques and such like things to be the kind of thing worn by tramps and whores. But the woman in the boutique had insisted and Evelyn knew better than to argue. She was secretly pleased with the effect the basque had on her body as it squeezed her waist in and pushed her breasts up. she had never bothered to dress up like this for her husband because she didn't think she had to but maybe, she suddenly thought, maybe she should have.

She was allowed no time to dwell on these thoughts, however, as her daughter was already showing signs of impatience. She hurriedly unbuttoned her skirt and let if fall to the floor, stepping out of it to reveal her new black stockings that were attached to her basque and her black panties that matched it. It was humiliating standing there before her daughter and son in law but at least her private parts were well covered, albeit not by much.

The whole ensemble had been chosen by the owner of the boutique and, in very different circumstances, Evelyn might even have been proud of the way she looked. but pride comes before a fall, she knew, and she was worried about the effect her new underwear was having on her daughter. She tried not to worry about what would be going through John's mind but he was doing nothing to conceal the large bulge in the fron of his trousers as he readjusted his position, smiling at her the whole time.

Somewhere in her mind she was pleased that it was her body and not her daughter's that he was so obviously lusting after but Alison's next words brought her mind back to her. She had slowly walked round her mother, drinking in every inch of her sexy body with her hungry eyes and now she was ready to move on. She too had seen the effect her mother's reluctant striptease had had on her husband and the pangs of jealousy drove her on.

"Not bad, mother, but John hasn't see how your fat arse looks in your new thong. Turn around and show him."

Evelyn's eyes turned to her daughter in shock and horror. No one had ever spoken to her in such a manner before and certainly not her previously timid daughter. But, as the frown returned to Alison's face at her mother's hesitation, she realised once again that she had no choice. She couldn't risk another spanking, or worse, so she did as she was told and turned around.

John was delighted by what he saw. His wife was right,her mother did have a big arse and the strap from her thong was hidden deep within her cheeks. He readjusted the growing erection in his trousers again as he thought about the fun he was going to have with his mother in law's ample backside later. First, though, he wanted to see how far Alison would push her mother and nodded to his wife to continue.

John's obvious reaction to her mother infuriated Alison and she was determined to make the other woman pay.

"Bend over, mother."

If anything, this was even worse than having to strip, thought Evelyn. Not that her thoughts or opinions counted for much any more but she knew that Alison was hitting her in all her most vulnerable spots. The one thing that she disliked about her new outfit was her thong. She had never worn one before and it had been uncomfortable since the moment the boutique owner had pulled it up her legs. She knew her bottom had grown over the years and was much bigger than her daughter's and she knew the tiny thong would not be able to conceal this from the two sets of ravenous eyes that now stared at her in expectation. she also knew that her thong was soaking and this was the moment she was sure her son in law would notice.

Growing accustomed to taking orders from her daughter, however, she did as she was told, thankful that the tiny thong would at least hide her most private place. But Alison knew how her mother's mind worked and she knew just how to pile on the humiliation, which is exactly what John had commanded her to do in the kitchen.

"John hasn't seen your newly shaven arsehole and pussy yet, mother. Stay as you are and pull down your thong. Show us what you are hiding, mother. Show your son in law your tight arsehole."

Evelyn knew her daughter's words were designed to embarrass her but she still sobbed quietly to herself as, still bending over, she pulled her thong out from between her cheeks, peeled it off her dripping pussy, and lowered it to her knees. Her face burned with shame, burned with a deeper tinge than even her two earlier spankings had given her bottom. She stood therein her daughter's living room, exposing herself to her son in law in the most wanton fashion and truly believed that nothing could be worse than this. Why then was the need between her legs more desperate than ever?

But her needs would have to wait. John had other plans.

"Smile, please."

As Eveleyn peeked round in astonishment she saw that John was pointing his camera staright at her, straight at her backside and, now that she had looked round, there would be no doubt who was adopting such a lewd pose in her own daughter's living room.She almost cried aloud when she heard the click but she knew better than to try to reason with John. She just didn't understand why her would want such a photo or, what was worse, who he intended to show it to.

"Stand up, mother."

Once again she did as she was told. Alison knelt before her and helped her out of her thong, the first kindness her daughter had shown since their return home. The only worry now was that, as the younger woman was kneeling so close to her, there was no hiding place.

She could not from her daighter the large damp spot in the crotch of her thong. She could not hide from her daughter the sight of her juices glistening on her newly-bald pussy lips. And she could not hide from her daughter the scent of her own arousal, stronger than she had ever known it to be. Perhaps Alison would take pity on her mother and not say anything to her husband.

Perhaps not.

As John had instructed her, she brought her mother's thong to her face and inhaled the scent of arousal before throwing it to her husband. If the thought of her daughter sniffing her panties was bad enough, Evelyn's humiliation burned anew when her son in law not only siffed her thong as Alison had done but then proceeded to lick the full length of the crotch, exactly where she had leaked ever since she had left the boutique.

That wasn't enough for John, though. Looking her straight in the eye, he lowered his zip, pulled out his hard cock and wrapped her black thong around it. As he indicated for Alison to continue, Evelyn could only watch in disgust as he began to pull on his cock.

"Payback time, mother. Kneel down in front of me."

By this time Alison had sat down in the armchair opposite her husband's and had hoisted her legs up and over the well upholstered arms. Her mother had never seen her in such an obscene pose before and was tempted to tell her to sit up straight like a lady. She suspected what was coming next, however, and that was of much more concern than her daughter's posture.

Alison hitched up her skirt to reveal her own bald pussy. she never wore panties at home because John liked "to have easy access to her cunt" when he came home from work. She looked down between her outstretched legs and smiled at her mother, wondering if the other woman would be able to go through with this.

She knew John wanted this. She knew she wanted it too. She wondered if even her mother wanted it but the thought of ordering her mother to lick her pussy in front of her husband was a big step to take. There would be no going back after this and the tingling between her legs intensified at the thought of what was about to happen.

"Everyone has cum today, mother, except me. Time for you to put that right."

John was delighted to see his submissive wife take the dominant role for oncebut he would have to rmind her in bed tonight exactly who was in charge. The anticipation of doing just that caused his cock to twitch as he continued to enjoy the feel of Evelyn's moist thong around it.

Even at this stage Evelyn wasn't sure she could continue. She knew Alison wanted her to lick her pussy the way the store owner had licked her own earlier. She knew Alison wanted her to make her cum the way the store owner had made her cum. She had never known anything like that before and she really wanted to share that with her daughter but could she do it. Could she lick another woman's private places, could she taste her juices, could she place her fingers inside her daughter's pussy and finger-fuck her as she had been fucked?

She was kneeling before her exposed daughter, in her daughter's home, with her daughter's husband watching and she wondered what had happened to the woman she had been only a few short days ago.

But Alison's hands were now on the back of her head, pulling her forward, leaving her in no doubt as to what was expected of her.More reluctant to do this than anything she had ever done before, more humiliated than she could ever have imagined, Evelyn leaned forward and touched her daughter's pussy with her tongue.

Alison moaned in delight when she felt her mother's touch on her swollen lips. She could tell her mother was inexperienced but the whole idea of this once-powerful woman kneeling before her and licking her pussy was intoxicting and her juices ran like never before.

Evelyn could only follow the example of what had been done to her earlier and proceeded to run her tongue up and down her daughter's slit. Hands shaking, she spread Alison's lips and began to lick her again, delving deeper with every swoop. She lapped at the first pussy she had ever tasted ,savoured the taste, and pushed her tongue deeper inside, wondering just how far it would go.

Hearing Alison's breathing become more and more ragged and hearing her moans of pleasure become louder and louder, Evelyn presumed she was doing something right. she was pleased with herself but she also realised that she wanted to do this, wanted to show her daughter how much she loved her. Everything was perfect apart from the presence of her son in law but, at that moment, even he was forgotten.

She felt Alison's hips rise to meet her invading tongue and, remembering what the other woman had done to her, she moved higher and began to flick her daughter's engorged clit. Alison's whole body arched as she felt the woman who had ruled her life for so long attacking her sensitive bud.

"That's it, mother. I knew you had it in you. I knew you were a slut under all the pretence. Lick it, my slut. Lick my pussy."

Even John hadn't expected this outburst from his shy wife but he immediately got up and walked over to the two women, determined to get a closer view of his beautiful wife's pussy being devoured by her own mother. Just for a moment he released his cock to take another picture, the camera perfectly framing his mother in law's mouth engulfing her daughter's cunt.

The two women wereso far gone, however, that they weren't even aware of John's approach and carried on as if there wasn't anyone else within a million miles from them. Spurred on by her daughter's words, spurred on by being called a slut, spurred on by the realisation that that was exactly what she had become, she concentrated her mouth on Alison's clit while she easily inserted tow fingers into her daughter's desperate pussy. She had never even fingered herself before but now she was doing it to her only daughter. if she hadn't been so lost in her lust she would have cried in shame but there was no stopping her now.

As Alison's hips rose higher and higher, as her back arched more and more, as her body shuddered at the approach of her climax, Evelyn thrust her fingers deeper and deeper into her daughter and wonderd why they had never done this before.

Suddenly screamed out as her mother finally pushed her over the edge and Evelyn had never been so proud in all her life. She continue to play with her daughter's pussy, making sure lison derived every ounce of pleasure from this whole experience. But once again it was her perverted son in law who spoiled things.

The sight of his previously submissive wife cumming on her previously dominant mother's mouth and fingers were too much for him. Just as Alison hit her peak so too did he and his cum shot from his cock, hitting Evelyn across the face, hitting her nose, her eyes and her mouth.

That was worth another picture, he thought, but Evelyn had one more duty to perform. Pulling her from between her daughter's legs, he smeared the last few drops of his cum across her lips and forced his softening cock into her mouth.

She tried to pull away but it was John's hands who held her head now and she knew she had no option but to clean his cock the way her daughter had done earlier.

As she recovered from one of the biggest orgasms of her life, Alison relaxed in the chair and watched as her mother was forced to lick the remaining cum from her husband's cock and balls. It was one of the first things John had taught her and, even though she knew how demeaning her mother would find it, she knew that she now looked forward to this part of their lovemaking. She took the camera from John's hands and took another picture that perfectly portrayed how far her mother had travelled on the road to becoming a slut. Her pussy tingled again when she remembered John's earlier promise that her mother would be her slut to do with as saw fit.

Evelyn's face was covered in a mixture of her daughter's juices and her son in law's cum. She had been overjoyed when Alison had flooded her mouth but her joy had been short lived. She was now expected to clean John's cock and the thought disgusted her, the taste disgusted her, he disgusted her.

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