tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTables Turned Ch. 04

Tables Turned Ch. 04


It was Alison's turn to take charge again. At a nod from her husband, John, she got up from the armchair and approached her kneeling mother.

"Did you enjoy that, mother? Did you enjoy cleaning John's cock and balls?"

Evelyn wanted to shake her head, wanted to say "no," but her lust would not allow her. Even though she told herself she had hated everything her beloved daughter and her spiteful husband had done to her, she knew that she wanted more. Her face blushing in shame, her pussy moistening once again, she nodded.

"I knew it. I knew you were a slut, mother. Well, let's see just how far we can push you. Follow me."

With that Alison turned on her high heels and walked through to the bedroom she had only ever shared with her husband until now. That was about to change.

Evelyn didn't know what else to do other than to do as her daughter commanded. Walking behind Alison she realised that John was walking behind her in turn and would have an unobstructed view of her naked bottom. She risked a look round and, sure enough, her son in law was staring at her ample cheeks. When he noticed she was looking he raised his eyes and smiled at her. Trying to regain some degree of dignity, she faced forward again, determined to ignore the pervert behind her.

When she came through the door, however, Alison was waiting on her, the rest of the clothes that she had still been wearing that she had been wearing now lying discarded on the floor. Suddenly she felt John's hands grabbing her from behind and practically throwing her on to the marital bed. Instinctively she tried to get up but Alison leaped on top of her, sat on her, and pinned her to the bed.

"You're not going anywhere, mother dearest. The fun has only just begun."

Without another word, Alison reached up and found the handcuffs that she knew were attached to the bedpost. She knew they were there, even though they were secreted by the pillows, because John had imprisoned her with them many times. Now it was her turn to use them and, what made it even better, she was going to use them on the woman who had dominated her throughout her life, her own mother.

Having secured the still struggling older woman, Alison got up off the bed and took something from John's outstretched hand. Evelyn didn't know what it was at first but, when Alison forced her mouth open and stuffed in the gag, she knew exactly what it was. Instinctively she tried to spit out the black thong as she could taste her own pussy juices from it and her previously upright conscience rebelled against such a disgusting thing being in her mouth.

Alison was having none of that, however, and leaned over her mother.

"Lie still, mother, or things will only get worse."

Evelyn couldn't imagine anything worse than lying on her daughter's bed, handcuffed to her daughter's bed, her pussy exposed to her daughter and her husband. Even so, she knew there was absolutely nothing she could do about it even if she wanted to. And, right at that moment, she wasn't sure that she did. They hunger between her legs had still to be satisfied and her body was becoming desperate for that release.

Standing on either side of the bed, Alison and John pulled the vulnerable woman's basque down enough to free her breasts. They smiled at each other when they saw how engorged her nipples were before they had even touched them. Evelyn could do nothing but moan into her gag as her captors bent down and took one large nipple each into their mouths. While John was content to merely sucking on the forbidden woman's breast her daughter was much more aggressive.

While she sucked hard on her mother's nipple, her hand squeezed her large breast, squeezed it hard enough to make Evelyn wince. The difference between her two abusers continued as John softly sucked and licked while Alison squeezed and pinched. The poor woman writhed about the bed, her body trying to escape while, at the same time, arching her back as she tried to feed her breasts to her daughter and son in law.

Suddenly they stopped and Evelyn looked up with a mixture of disappointment and lust. John and Evelyn already knew exactly what their plan was and knew their new slut would not be disappointed for long. Taking off her shoes, they rolled down her black stockings and, using them, opened her legs wide, tying them to the foot of the bed.

Alison looked down on her spread-eagled mother and wondered where the woman she had feared for so long had gone. Evelyn looked up and wondered where they sweet girl she had raised had gone. John looked on and savoured the thought of the new mistress he had created in his previously submissive wife dominating her previously domineering slut.

Alison reached down and ran her finger along her mother's moist pussy lips, finding them just as wet as her own were. Holding out her hand for her husband to see the evidence of her mother's want, she smiled at him as he licked her mother's juices off her finger.

"If only your friends could see you now, mother. Look at you, almost naked, tied to your daughter's bed, your pussy dripping, begging for something. I think you should take another photo, John. Father would love to see this."

At the mention of the man who had deserted her in favour of his young, sexy secretary, Evelyn screamed into her gag and struggled fruitlessly against her restraints. She would hate for him to see her like this; she would die of shame if her friends saw her exposed like this; and she would go mad if someone didn't touch her pussy again right now.

"Is it time to stop now, mother? Do you want us to untie you?" asked Alison as she removed her mother's thong from her mouth. Her hand moved down between her mother's outstretched legs and began to run a single finger lightly along the older woman's moist lips. Then she stopped.

"Please, Alison," begged her mother.

"Is that what you want, mother? You want your own daughter to touch your pussy? Is that what you want?"

Evelyn's mind was filled with conflicting emotions but her body wanted everything her daughter had to offer, and more. She couldn't say the words, she could only nod.

Alison , however, wanted to hear the words, wanted to humiliate her mother even further, wanted to push her as far as she would go.

"Then ask nicely, mother. Ask me to touch your pussy?"

"Alison, please touch me."

"Where, mother? Where do you want me to touch you?"

Evelyn was torn between embarrassment and arousal but couldn't say the words.

"Do you want me to stop? Or do you want John to spank you again, mother?"

Evelyn would never have believed her own daughter could treat her like this but she knew the very last thing she wanted was for her disgusting son in law to touch her poor cheeks again so she almost whispered the words.

"Please touch my pussy, Alison. Please."

"Sorry, I don't think I heard that, mother. Can you speak up?"

"Touch my pussy, Alison. Oh God, just touch my pussy," she practically screamed, suddenly aware that she was using this word for the first time in her life.

"Of course, mother. You only had to ask," replied Alison calmly as she suddenly thrust two fingers into her mother's desperate cunt. Evelyn cried out in relief as the release she had craved was finally being answered. As her daughter thrust her fingers in and out, she matched each of those thrusts as her whole body tried to find satisfaction. But Alison was relishing having her mother just where she wanted her and stopped, pulling her fingers out.

"NO!" cried her mother in despair.

She looked up at her daughter, pleading with her eyes, but Alison had thought of a new way to humiliate the older woman. Feeding her mother her juice soaked fingers she looked down.

"Lick them, mother. Taste your own juices."

Each new command took Evelyn to a new level of depravity but she knew she had no choice. She opened her mouth and licked her own pussy juices from her daughter's fingers while John merely smiled his smug smile and took another photo.

All this teasing and tormenting had caused his cock to grow again and he was now ready to re-enter the fun. With a nod to his wife, John put down the camera and waited. Alison withdrew her fingers from her mother's warm mouth and walked round the bed. She knew what her husband wanted and she knew he wanted her to give his cock to her mother.

Releasing it from his trousers, she led him by it on to the bed and presented it to her mother. Holding it in her small hand, she rubbed it along her mother's closed mouth, smearing her lips with her husband's pre-cum. Evelyn was determined that she was never again going to take him into her mouth but Alison's words soon dispelled that notion.

"If you want him in your pussy, mother, you're going to have to take him in your mouth."

The thought of her evil son in law fucking her had never even entered Evelyn's mind. She had only just managed to resign herself to being used by her daughter with John as an unwanted witness but, now that the thought had been expressed, she knew her pussy would settle for nothing less. She opened her mouth and welcomed him in just as Alison took up the camera and recorded for posterity the image of her own mother sucking her husband's cock.

She put down the camera and returned to the fray, still watching John's cock disappearing between her mother lips as she began to stroke her the other woman's pussy ever so lightly. Evelyn's inexperience at sucking a cock continued to show but,at her daughter's insistence, she bobbed up and down, faster and faster, taking her son in law's cock deeper and deeper. She hated every minute of it but by this stage she was ready to do anything to feel that same cock sliding into her pussy.

John started to moan in pleasure and both women knew that he wasn't going to last much longer as his hips started to thrust against the older woman's face. He grabbed her by the hair again and, as his wife's fingers began to thrust into his mother in law's cunt, he felt his legs begin to tremble and and that tell tale tingling in his balls.

Without any further warning his cock erupted and filled Evelyn's mouth with his cum, just as she tried to pull away. But John was having none of that. He had already shot his cum across her face in the living room; now he wanted her to take his full load and he wanted her to take it down her throat. As Evelyn gagged and reluctantly forced herself to swallow, John roared in delight as his mother in law finally submitted to his desires.

He knew he had her now. He knew she was his to play with and he knew she would do anything he told her. Only he wasn't going to be the one giving the orders. It was going to be her beautiful daughter.

Alison had waited for this moment all her life and suddenly knew exactly what she wanted to do to her mother. She still loved the older woman but she saw her now as a toy, a pet, a plaything for her to enjoy. Pulling her fingers from her mother's cunt with an audible "PLOP," she untied her legs, first the right and then the left. Evelyn dared to imagine that she was about to be set free but her dreams were about to be squashed.

No sooner had Alison untied both legs than she secured them once again with John's help, only this time they were hoisted up over her mother's shoulders and tied to the bedposts beside her wrists. Evelyn felt a new shudder of embarrassment as she realised that not only was her pussy now exposed but her most private hole was too.

Alison began to stroke her mother's pussy again with her infuriatingly light touch but, as John watched on, her finger began to slide further down and used her own juices to lubricate her mother's arsehole. Evelyn tried to clench her cheeks but there was no escape, no hiding place and all she could do was beg for release.

"Please, Alison, don't do that. Don't touch me there. No one has ever touched me there. Not like that."

Alison could easily believe that her long-suffering father had never been allowed to take such liberties and she could only wish that his new girlfriend would be more liberated. She smiled to John at her mother's humiliation but was shocked when, after a few moments of rimming her mother's tightest hole with her finger, she felt the other woman begin to push back.

Evelyn was beyond desperate by now. She need to cum more than she had ever needed anything in her life. She no longer cared how it happened; she simply had to cum or she would explode with frustration. As her daughter's finger slipped into her tightest hole, she was torn between pleasure and pain but she knew it wouldn't take long now. That is, until Alison pulled her finger out.

"No, No, No, No!" she screamed.

"Patience, mother-whore. I have a surprise for you."

Evelyn watched in disbelief as her daughter moved away from the bed and walked over to her wardrobe. She watched as in disbelief as her daughter bent over and a new surge of lust ran through her at the sight of her daughter's naked backside. She watched in disbelief as her daughter reached in and withdrew what seemed to be some sort of harness. She watched in disbelief as her daughter stepped into the leather straps and fitted it around her hips. And she watched in horror as her daughter turned around to reveal a large plastic cock attached to the harness.

"What on earth is that, Alison? What are you going to do with it?"

Evelyn feared she already knew the answer but she could not begin to imagine her own sweet daughter using such a thing on her. Even so, Alison walked back to the bed and climbed back on to it, smiling all the time at her imprisoned mother.

"This is one of my favourite toys, mother. John has often allowed other women to use it on me. Now it is my turn and you are going to be the lucky one. You know you need to cum, we all know it, so I am going to be kind enough to allow it."

She shuffled closer to her mother, getting into position, and teased the other woman some more by sliding her plastic cock along her moist lips. It didn't take more than a moment for her cock to be coated in her mother's juices and so, without any further warning, she thrust it in, hard and fast.

Evelyn felt her body being pushed up the bed with the force of her daughter's actions. She had never known such a thing existed but she was glad it was her daughter who was fucking her, she was glad it wasn't John and she was glad that she was finally going to cum. And it wasn't going to take too long.

"That's it, mother. Ride my cock. Cum on your daughter's plastic cock, you slut."

Evelyn didn't know if it was Alison's taunting words, her almost violent thrusts or her own desperate need that set her off and she didn't care. She screamed loud enough to disturb the neighbours as she finally hit her peak and went over the edge. Her body was too secure to move anywhere; she simply had to lie there and allow her daughter to ravage her in a way she had never been taken before.

The waves washed over her like a flood and her juices flooded her daughter's bed, pouring past the plastic cock that had invaded her pussy and leaving a very damp spot beneath her. Eventually, of course, her climax broke and her body began to slowly calm down. When her mind began to work again, she noticed that Alison had withdrawn from her pussy and both she and John were undoing the stockings and handcuffs that bound her to the bed.

She would have loved to have fallen asleep there and then, not caring whether she was lying in a pool of her own juices, not caring if Alison was still wearing the most obscene contraption she had ever seen and not caring that John was still taking even more photos as witness to her degradation. No, the only thing she cared about at that point was the fact that John's cock was once again erect and she knew it was her body that would be somehow forced to pleasure it.

She watched as her daughter lay down beside her, kissed her, then shocked her once again with mere words.

"Your turn to go on top, mother-whore. I want to see you fuck yourself."

Evelyn looked at her daughter in disbelief but knew she had no choice. She wondered if her throbbing pussy could take another invasion so soon but she struggled to her knees, forced one leg over daughter and lined up the monster cock with her pussy. Very slowly and ever so gently she lowered herself on to it, when a sudden image of her friends watching her and laughing at her flashed through her mind. Of course the fact that John was still taking photos didn't help and she trembled at the thought of him ever showing her uptight friends a picture of her riding her daughter's cock.

Her pussy was well lubricated and, even though she had never entertained her husband in this manner, she soon got into a rhythm. Whenever she got to the bottom of her daughter's cock and felt their pubic bones bumping against each another she felt another thrill of humiliation. It felt so wrong to look down to see her own daughter smiling up at her and to see her breasts wobbling as she thrust upwards. This only seemed to spur Alison on, however, as she reached up to grab her mother's dangling breasts and to begin pinching her nipples just as she had done earlier.

The combination of the pain in her nipples and the pleasure in her pussy was confusing Evelyn and she was only vaguely aware of John climbing on to the bed behind her. Suddenly Alison released her nipples and grabbed her mother, pulling her down, their breasts smashing against each other.

Evelyn had no idea what was about to happen but she began to suspect what her perverted son in law had in mind when she felt his erect cock pushing in between her cheeks. Instead of her daughter coming to her rescue, Alison slid her hands down and pulled her mother's ample cheeks apart.

"Do it, John. Do what you've fantasised about for so long. Fuck my mother's arse."

Evelyn didn't know if she was more shocked by her daughter's words, by the fact that her son in law had dreamed of this moment or by the fact that his hard cock was now pressing against her dirtiest hole. The shocks all merged into one and she could only plead with her daughter to release her.

Alison ignored her mother and urged her husband on.

"Fuck her, John. Fuck her big, fat arse."

John was delighted to do what his wife told him to do for once and, with one powerful, painful thrust, he robbed her of her anal virginity and proceeded to ravage her hole. As he did so, Alison resumed her fucking from below and her poor mother bounced between them.

John could feel the stiff, plastic cock in his mother in law's pussy as he continued to plunder her arsehole, harder and faster he thrust, realising so many different fantasies in that one moment. Evelyn, in turn, could feel his cock beginning to swell deep within her and it was this that set her off again.

She came for the final time that day just as her son in law did the same up her arse. As she felt his cum sliding from her battered hole along with his softening cock she could only pray that they would allow her some rest before the pleasure started again.

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