tagBDSMTables Turned Ch. 07

Tables Turned Ch. 07


That night, Bobo was very excited to hear that he would have a special visitor. I delivered my instructions to him as he knelt before me in the bedroom.

"You will treat her with the utmost respect, Bobo. She is a wonderful woman. Don't forget that. You are to obey her at all times. Understood?"

Bobo nodded vigorously.

She's been treated badly by men, and you, Bobo, are going to do whatever it takes to make up for that. She knows what you are, and she likes hearing about it. Oh, yes. I've told her everything." I said ominously.

Upon hearing this, Bobo began to squirm and frisk about. He had met Cindy a few times, knew she was pretty, and I'd seen him giving her the once-over more than once. Plus, it would be fun to coach her on how to control and train Bobo for her own purposes. I planned to share him with her. Not surprisingly, Bobo had an erection.

"Get that thing out of my sight, pig." I told him, and he scampered off to his closet.

The next day, Cindy and I talked on the phone.

"Hey, I'm really excited, Gretch. How did Bobby... I mean Bobo... Gosh I still can't get used to calling him that." she said, giggling,

"How did he respond when you told him I would be coming over?"

"He's looking forward to it, Cindy. I gave him the news while he was kneeling before me, and he got pretty excited, if you know what I mean."

"Wow. I can just picture it. Him kneeling before you, and all." she said reflectively, then added,

"But that's where he belongs, right?"

"Absolutely, dear. On his knees waiting for my commands."


"You'll get to order him around tonight. Are you ready for that?" I queried, hoping she felt some resolve and not just curiosity.

"You know, I ran over the whole thing in my mind last night, Gretchen. I pictured Bobo crawling around your place, and you doing stuff to him, slapping his face, and I felt like hey! I could be doing that, too!"

"You certainly can, my friend. And more. Have you had any ideas?"

There was a moment or two of silence.

"Well, I thought about riding him, actually. Like he'd be my pony. I kinda got into it. Making a bridle out of some rope, and steering him around."

"Sounds good, Cindy. Remember, Bobo is there to serve you. You just do what you like with him. Okay? If you don't like the ride he gives you, then you go right ahead and punish him." I said adamantly.

"You mean, slap him or something?"

"Sure, honey. Slap the shit out of him, if you like. Just pretend he's Roland. I mean they're cut from the same cloth."

"It would be fun, really." she said, somewhat tentatively. "Just letting loose like that."

"It's lots of fun, honey. And very liberating. Slapping a dirtbag male loser like Bobo sure does it for me."

"Maybe he won't need it, won't deserve it."

"No matter! I enjoy doing it for no reason at all. Why, not too long ago, Bobo spent a good bit of time licking my pussy and worshiping it. When I was done - I mean I came twice - I just pushed him off, stood up, and just laid into him. It was great."


"Yep. It was right after I'd orgasmed, so I was feeling that and getting off on slapping Bobo at the same time."

"Hmmmm. That sounds cool. So, he never knows what to expect. Keeps him on his toes!" Cindy said, and I could sense she was getting into it.

"How is he... I mean, going down on you. Is he gentle?"

"Like a little lamb, girlfriend. You're welcome to see for yourself, of course. I've got him well trained. Plus, he thinks you're super hot. He used to ask about you a lot. I'm sure he'd do a very good job. Most men are blundering assholes when it comes to eating pussy. but Bobo... he's been brought up right!"

"Oops!" Cindy whispered suddenly. "Here comes Connie the commandant. Gotta go, Gretch. So, tonight, right?"

"Come when you get off. I'll have dinner for us. And you can watch Bobo eat from his dog dish."

"Sounds great! See you then."

I whipped up a nice pasta primavera for the two of us the following evening, and had it waiting in a warm oven for Cindy's arrival. Bobo was beside himself with what seemed like a mix of anticipation and anxiety. Twice I had to scold him for touching himself when he thought I wasn't looking. He apparently had Cindy on his mind.

At six-thirty the doorbell rang. I sent Bobo into his closet before answering. I opened the door and Cindy stood there, pixieish as ever, wearing a light cornflower-blue summer dress and holding a bouquet of daffodils.

"Well, dear, don't you look pretty!" I said, ushering her in.

"And flowers." I said, eyeing the yellow blooms appreciatively.

"I thought, well,... this is a special occasion." Cindy replied. I could sense that she was a bit nervous.

"Come on into the kitchen, and we'll have a drink." I said, taking the bouquet.

"These are lovely. Thank you, Cindy."

As we walked back to the kitchen, I saw that Cindy was looking about.

"Bobo's in his closet. He's very excited about this evening." I said.

"Good, good." Cindy rejoined. "I am, too. A little nervous, though." she said, and smiled at me.

"Let's have that drink. I'll bring him out whenever you like. Okay?"

"Cool. I'm looking forward to it really. i've been thinking about this all day."

I ran some water into a vase, and arranged the flowers on the kitchen table.

"How about margaritas?" I said.

"Yum! And you know how to make them, as I recall."

"Agave syrup and fresh lime. Those are key." I said with some authority. I enjoyed bartending for my friends.

"I brought another little something." Cindy said, reaching into her handbag. She pulled out a small glassine bag with a fat, resiny bud inside it.

"Fabulous!" I said. I don't smoke regularly, but I sure do like a good buzz, and this looked like a quality item.

"A guy at work deals, so it was no problem getting it. Just thought it would be nice for tonight."

"It sure will. I might let Bobo have some. Won't that put him in the stratosphere! he's already wound up as it is." I said, bringing the drinks to the table.

"Cheers to a very special friendship, Cindy." I said, and our glasses clicked.

We sat in the kitchen sipping our drinks and chatting. Cindy had come equipped with a small glass pipe, and we smoked a bowl. Sure enough, it was premium shit. I freshened the margaritas, and, bringing along the daffodils, we decamped to the living room couch.

"Well, are you ready to meet Bobo, girlfriend?" I said, giving Cindy a playful nudge on the shoulder.

"Sure! Sure I'm ready." she replied excitedly. "Ooooooh. This is so cool!" she said, sitting closer to the edge of the cushion.

'Okay, then. Bobo! Bobo! Get your stupid ass in here now!" I said loudly. Cindy fell back giggling nervously.

From the far end of the hallway we heard the hurried thumping of Bobo hastening towards us. Then... there he was! He slowed his pace as he entered the room, keeping his head down. He wore only his kneepads, gloves, and the pink knee socks I'd bought for the occasion.

"Get over here." I ordered, and Bobo came to within a few feet of us.

'You remember Ms Cindy, don't you, Bobo?"

Without looking up, he responded.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Hello Bobo." Cindy said. "I haven't seen you in a while."

Still looking down, Bobo said,

"It's so nice to see you again, Ms Cindy. Yes, it has been awhile."

"Look at her when you speak, dickhead." I said.

He raised his head and looked at Cindy. Cindy, for her part, looked wide-eyed at Bobo, taking it all in.

"Things have changed for you, yes?" Cindy said, sinking back into the couch and crossing her legs.

"Yes, Ms Cindy."

"Yes, I can see that." Cindy said, failing utterly to suppress a giggle.

I was glad to see her loosening up. I filled the pipe again and fired it up. Damn, we were getting toasted. I passed the pipe to Cindy.

She looked at me.

"Maybe Bobo would like some." she said.

"Did you hear that dopey? Ms Cindy is offering you some of her weed. What do you say?"

"Thank you, Ms Cindy. That's very generous of you."

"Well, do you want some or not?" I said impatiently.

"Yes, Ms Cindy. I would." he said, and raised up onto his knees.

With that, Cindy handed the pipe to Bobo and flicked the lighter. I could see her looking into Bobo's eyes as she held it over the bowl. She was definitely getting into her role.

Neither of us could help seeing that Bobo had a raging hard-on between his legs. To my surprise and delight, Cindy reached forward and gave it a tap with the point of her shoe.

"How do you like being Gretchen's dog?" she asked bluntly, run-ing the tip of her shoe along Bobo's shaft. He began to breathe jerkily.

"It's wonderful, Ms Cindy. I love being her dog."

Cindy moved her foot so that it dangled in Bobo's face.

"Kiss it." Cindy said, and Bobo bestowed the sweetest little kiss to the tip of Cindy's shoe.

"I'm going to make another round of drinks." I said. "You two get acquainted."

As I went to the kitchen, I could hear some of what was said.

"Now kiss it here. That's a good dog. Good boy!"

'Excellent' I thought. Cindy was finding her groove. I knew she had a huge reservoir of unresolved feelings about men, and I could see that at least some of them were on their way to some sort of resolution. I just wondered what course that would take.

Returning with the drinks, I found Cindy had kicked off both shoes, and had Bobo on the floor kissing her feet. For her part, Cindy was at the pipe again. As I approached, she blew a cloud of smoke towers the ceiling.

"Bobo is being very good." she said, taking the drink from my hand.

"He'd better be." I said, glaring at him. I was determined that this wasn't going to be some pleasure-fest for Bobo.

"Do you mind if I have him for a sec, Cindy?" I said.

"No. no, of course not. He is your dog, after all." she said. Both of us got a good laugh from that.

"Get over here." I said positioning myself at the edge of the couch.

Bobo immediately crawled over to me.

"Did I just see you looking up Ms Cindy's dress?"

"No, Ma'am! No! I didn't. Please believe me. I wouldn't..." Bobo began, but the force of my margarita thrown in his face stopped him.

"Clean that up, asshole." I said, pushing him away with my foot.

Bobo raced to the kitchen on all fours while Cindy and I exchanged satisfied glances.

"Actually, Gretch, he didn't..."

"Remember what I told you yesterday? It doesn't matter. That's the beauty of it. There are no rules. you should try it."

"Well...", she mused, but by now Bobo was returning with a plastic bag held in his teeth. He proceeded to take out the cleaning supplies and go to work.

"I'm so sorry, Ma'am. It will never happen again."

"What won't happen again, dogboy?" I asked menacingly.

"I won't look up Ms Cindy's skirt ever again."

He turned to Cindy.

"Please forgive me, Ma'am. Please." he pleaded.

i could see Bobo was about to cry, and this delighted me.

"Get moving on the cleanup, moron." I said, and Bobo resumed mopping the floor with paper towels. Suddenly Cindy piped up.

"When you're done, Bobo, I want a word with you, okay? Now keep working."

'Atta girl', I thought. Bobo kept working assiduously with spray bottle and towels, and i went to the kitchen to turn off the oven and fix another drink. Seemed dinner would have to wait.

When I returned, Bobo was finishing up. He crawled over to Cindy. He hung his head, and I wondered if he would start blubbering. He had been on the verge of it a moment before.

"Look at me, doggie." Cindy said with uncharacteristic severity. Bobo met her gaze.

Cindy placed her feet on each of Bobo's shoulders. as a result, her dress gathered about her waist, and I could see her pink, lace-trimmed panties. Bobo continued to look at Cindy's face, knowing full well he had better not look elsewhere! Oh, this was going to be good.

"I don't think that was very gentlemanly of you, looking up my dress, doggie. Apologize."

"Oh, Ms Cindy. I'm just a lowlife dog. Sometimes I can't control my impulses. I'm so very sorry!" he blurted, then he was crying.

"Oh! Poor little doggie is sad!" Cindy said, and sipped from her drink. She looked over at me, and I saw a look of resolve in her eyes and a satisfied little smile on her face. 'You go sister!' I inwardly crowed. 'Let him have it!'

"Gretchen, should we get the belt?" Cindy inquired with admirable nonchalance.

"If you think he needs it, honey. By all means. He's done something really bad. Let me show you where I keep it. Bobo, stay!"

We returned and Cindy had the belt wrapped around her slender hand. I ordered Bobo to stand, as this would facilitate his whipping. Cindy paced casually before him, allowing the tip of the belt to drag on the floor.

"You're going to get a good lacing, little doggie. Right?" she said, looking Bobo straight in the eye. She flicked the belt out and caught Bobo on his thigh. He flinched.

"Stop moving, jerk off! I commanded.

Cindy ran the belt through her free hand.

"Turn around." she said, and Bobo obeyed at once, exposing his ass. There were faint vestiges of his last beating there; pale pink stripes, and a small scab where the skin had broken, now nearly healed.

"Tell me how sorry you are." Cindy said, and I could hear anger building in her voice.

"Ms Cindy, it will never..."

Cindy swung the belt and it fell with a cracking sound on Bobo's buttock.

"Shut up!" she said, then swung again.

"Well, tell me how sorry you are, pigboy!" she said, practically yelling.

"Oh, Ms Cindy! It won't..."

"Shut the fuck up, asshole!" Cindy said, and brought the belt down onto Bobo's quivering cheeks in a rapid-fire series that nearly had me gasping.

"you're not getting through to me, piggy! Where's my fucking apology!?"

Oh, please, Ma'am! I...please..."

"Shut your fucking hole, shithead!" Cindy fumed, again raining blows on Bobo's ass which now showed distinct signs of the belt's impact. Yep, she was marking him up good! I felt so proud of her. She seemed not even aware of my presence. Bobo was all she needed in that moment to feel all was right with the world.

She walked around Bobo and faced him. Not more than a foot from him, she stood and slowly coiled the belt. She turned and played it on the coffee table.

"You've been whipped good, and by a woman." she said. "How does it feel?"

She stood there, hands on hips, feet planted firmly, looking up to Bobo's sorrowful face.

"Ms Cindy, Ma'am. I like it when a strong woman whips me. I deserve it. When I misbehave, I need to be reminded of my place. Also, I hope..."

Cindy's hand came flashing from her side and fell flush on Bobo's cheek.

"You deserved that, didn't you?" Cindy said. "Hey! That was fun." she said, and looked gleefully over to me. "Well?" she said, turning back to Bobo.

"I did, Ma'am. I surely..."

Again her hand flew like a cobra striking. 'Crack!'

"Good one, sister!" I encouraged.

Cindy took a firm stance, her feet spread wide, and proceeded to slap Bobo repeatedly. She used both hands, sometimes feinting with one, then delivering the blow with the other, all the time talking to him.

"How does that feel, you sack of shit?! Oh, hey, which way is the next one coming from, moron?"

Bobo's face was red after a few minutes of this, and, believe me, there wasn't much letup!

Cindy stepped back, giving Bobo a threatening look. She feinted one more blow, and Bobo recoiled.

"Dumbass." she said contemptuously.

She came over to the couch where I was waiting to congratulate her.

"Whew! 'Bout wore me out, girlfriend!" she said, and laughed. She looked and sounded, well...disburdened! I couldn't have been more pleased, knowing I had helped bring this about.

"you were great, Cindy!" I said, as she plopped down beside me. I gave her a quick hug. "Way to go!"

She held up her hand for a high-five.

"Hey, not too hard." she said. "It's a bit sore."

I looked over at Bobo.

"Get back on your knees, stupid! Geez. You have to tell this dope everything. And pull up your socks. You look like hell."

Bobo pulled up his pink socks and resumed his kneeling position.

"You like them?" I said to Cindy, "It's his new favorite color."

"I do. I do. Just the right attire for a lowlife to get his ass kicked in." Cindy said, and we both laughed.

"Ah! What fun," she mused, loading up the pipe. "You know, all this is making me..." she leaned over to whisper "horny as a horn toad."

"Shit, girl, you don't have to whisper around this schmuck. Hey, Bobo! Cindy's feeling kind of hot from kicking your ass. Think you can help her out?"

With that, Bobo began to writhe in place. Well, he sure wanted to help. That was obvious.

Hey, Cindy, just had an idea. Be right back.'

When I returned, Cindy was inspecting the marks and welts on Bobo's ass and legs.

"That's a work of art, sister." I said, looking Bobo over. "Cindy, look what I have." I said, producing a pink ribbon i'd dug out from a box of Christmas stuff.

"We could put it in his hair. what do you think?" I said.

"How about tying it around that perky little boner he's sporting?" came Cindy's rejoinder. "How much is there? Maybe we could do both."

It seemed there was sufficient length for both , so we went to work decorating Bobo for the next event. I tied a bow in his hair, and Cindy tended to his hardon. Bobo shivered with excitement as Cindy adjusted the bow.

"There!" I said, finishing up. "Stand up and let us look at you, Bobo boy."

Bobo stood. His erection was at its peak angle, and jerking spasmodically.

"How pretty!" Cindy said, and we hugged each other convulsed in laughter.

"Do a little dance for us, Bobo. Show us how much you like your new outfit." I said.

Bobo immediately began to caper about before us. Stoned as we were, we just fell to the flooring in hysterics.

"Hey! bust some moves, Bobo!" Cindy yelled, and Bobo responded.

"Just look at that whore go!" I said when I could finally stop laughing.

"Quite the little dancer." Cindy said, as Bobo pranced and wiggled. "He certainly is giving a performance!"

"Well," I said, "he knows what his rewards might be. 'Might' being the operative word here." I added, looking at Bobo who continued his frenzied moves.

Cindy stood and called to Bobo.

"Bobo. Look." she said, and began hiking up her dress. Soon her pink panties could be seen, and the curved rise of her pussy showing through them. Bobo's dancing took on a heightened intensity.

"Howl for us, little doggie!" I exhorted.

He let out a most lusty and mournful howl. Had the windows been open, we would have had a response from the other neighborhood mongrels. Bobo was in overdrive, no question! He continued staring at Cindy as she coquettishly displayed more of her body. She turned to allow Bobo to view her very cute bottom. She wore thong panties, and her soft, white cheeks were on full display. When she shook them, Bobo gave a long and anguished howl. Cindy looked over her shoulder and laughed at him.

"What's wrong, doggie? Is your little pink ribbon getting a bit tight on you?" she said.

Indeed, the shaft and head of his cock were a deep purple where the tightening ribbon had trapped the blood.

"Come here." Cindy ordered.

Bobo fell to his knees and came cautiously closer. Cindy continued to shake her ass as she slowly backed up towards him. finally, she grazed his nose with her ass.

"Bobo like?" she queried.

"Yes, Ma'am. You are very beautiful!" Bobo replied, transfixed by the lovely sight before him.

Cindy turned around and her pussy was mere inches from Bobo's face.

"This too, Bobo? Do you like this, too?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" Bobo cried, and his body began to shake.

"Mmmmmmm. That's nice." Cindy said, and came still closer.

"Smell it, Bobo. Go on. Come closer. Don't be afraid. I think you'll like it."

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