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Taboo Island Incest


At forty years of age, Marcie Daniels was finally getting to know her fourteen year-old son Robbie. After divorcing her husband 6 years prior, circumstances had led to Robbie living with his father on the east coast while Marcie remained on the West coast working as the head nurse at a large hospital. Mother and son saw little of each other during that time. In an effort to repair their estranged relationship, Marcie had arranged a cruise for the two of them on an exclusive luxury yacht on the South Pacific. The initial time together turned out to be a smashing success. The two strangers bonded immediately enjoying the trip together like two best friends. The vacation takes a terrible turn for the worse when the ship is overtaken by massive storm and capsizes. Marcie and Robbie are the lone survivors and find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island. The island gods however, are good to them. Not only does the island provide plenty of fruit, fish, and fresh water supplies, the two discover a large cargo storage container washed up from what would seem to be a previous shipwreck. It turns out to contain a plethora of island luxury items including clothes, camping supplies, food and various health and beauty items. Most likely intended to go to a large Wal-Mart-type of facility, it provides Marcie and Robbie several years worth of useful supplies. This proves fortuitous as they discover their location appears to be out of any shipping or air-flight routes. After three years stranded, the signal fire they had built at the shoreline has remained unlit.

None-the-less, the three years have been relatively good to them. Their bond as best friends has grown. Between Marcie's medical knowledge and their ample supplies, the two have lived healthy and well. Robbie has grown into a handsome, well-built man.

Marcie too has flourished. At forty, she had been heavy and out of shape. Three years later, she has blossomed into nothing less than beautiful. The constant diet of fruit and fish as well as the everyday exercise of maintaining the camp and exploring the island have left her muscular and fit. Her large breasts have remained but are now full and firm. The bikinis and tank tops discovered in storage which were once too small for her now provide Marcie any necessary wardrobe needs. Often she and Robbie play a friendly game they call "Does this make my butt look big?" where Marcie models some of the more flattering outfits for her son. His response is always one of praise and admiration for her attractive figure. By the third year on the island together, Marcie begins to notice her son looking at her...differently. His gaze seems to linger over her breasts and shapely legs. Concerned at first, Marcie begins to enjoy the sensation of having a man, even her son, find her desirable. She struggles with her own taboo curiosities as she catches herself sneaking glimpses at Robbie's toned body, especially when he wears only his underwear like swimwear. More than once she has fixed her gaze on the pronounced bulge in his shorts when he emerged from the ocean after swimming or fishing. Their forbidden desires go unmentioned and continue to grow silently. The extent of her son's interest in her as a woman becomes evident one day while she is bathing.

On a regular basis, mother or son would go to a secluded freshwater pool they had designated as their bathing facilities. Refreshed by a small trickling waterfall, the pool and their cache of soap, shaving, and shampoo supplies provided the perfect outdoor shower and bath. On this particular day, Marcie excuses herself and donned in only a bikini and sandals, she takes towel and beauty aids to the pool and goes about her ritual.

Once in the waist deep water, Marcie allows the waterfall to shower over her. She submerges herself then rises up, flipping her long hair back from her face. As she does so, she glimpses her son's face peering at her from amongst the bushes across the lagoon. Stunned, she makes sure not to react and alert him that she has seen him. A warm sensation blossoms in her belly and between her legs. Her mind struggles with the fact that she is both concerned and excited that Robbie is watching her. Her desires win out as she makes a decision. She turns slowly towards Robbie, careful to keep her eyes down toward her body. She plays with her hair a moment, wringing out the excess water, aware that her movements are causing her breasts to ripple and shift tantalizingly. She moves her hands behind her back, unfastening her top's restraint. Her ample bosom swells outwardly, continuing her sensual exhibition. She pauses just long enough for her son to take this all in and then releases the bikini's string from behind her neck and pulls it free. Her perfect tits exposed, she lets them quiver above the water's edge as she drops the bra on a nearby rock and takes hold of the shampoo. Marcie lathers it into her hair and then begins to rub it over her breasts and stomach. Using a washcloth, she proceeds to clean every inch of her upper body, front and back. She dips quickly under the water to rinse off and springs up just enough to allow her glistening breasts to bounce playfully, knowing full well the pleasure this will give to her curious son. Marcie reaches below the waterline and removes her bottoms and places them neatly next to their matching top. As she reaches for the washcloth and bar of soap, she makes sure to expose her hips and her muscular buttocks just enough to add to the show. She knows what is happening is wrong but it feels too good to want to stop. Even so, she has to turn away from her son's gaze as she uses the soap-covered cloth beneath the water to wash her private area. Part of her does this out of shyness, but mostly she does it because touching herself there sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body. She cannot let Robbie see that she is getting turned on. Her cleansing finished, Marcie climbs slowly from the pool, exposing all of her shapely brown body. She sits for a moment, allowing the sun to warm her. Her eyes take inventory of her figure and she knows that what her son sees is pleasing. Her full breasts are tanned and show almost no sign of tan-lines as she often would lie in this very spot sunbathing in the nude. She briefly wonders if Robbie had watched her doing that as well. The thought causes the heat between her legs to swell again. This spurs her to the final stage of her sultry performance and she takes a bottle of lotion and smoothes it over her toned legs and then proceeds to shave them. Her motions are slow and methodical, both for effect and because of the slight excited tremble in her hands. At one point she opens her legs to shave the inner part of her thighs and to show off her tight hairless vagina in between. She is more than aware that the moistness she feels down there is not just from the water. Marcie's exhibition has turned her on as well. She dips her smooth figure into the lagoon for one last rinse and then wraps the towel around her, ending the performance. A slight rustle from Robbie's hiding place indicates her son has left the theater.

The walk back to camp lets Marcie's mind race with thoughts of what had happened. Part of her is disturbed by it but it is quickly smothered by her realization that she had liked it; she had liked it A LOT. This was followed by Marcie's desire to not let it end here. As she neared home, Marcie began to devise a plan.

As dusk began to fall, Marcie began to put her plan in to motion. Her return to camp and the subsequent interaction with Robbie had been uneventful. He had seemed his normal self, asking how her bath had been and what else did she have planned for the day. The only twist had come when she had gone to her tent to change. Upon their initial arrival on the island, they had shared quarters; the protective mother looking out for her son. As Robbie began to grow into a man, he had erected his own tent next to hers though on occasion, they would still share a tent but always on separate mattresses. On this day, Marcie was careful to close her tent's flap just enough to shield her but left a small window to allow her to see her son from the corner of her eye. As she dressed herself in only a light halter top and bikini bottoms, Marcie detected her son stealing glances towards her tent, straining his neck to catch a glimpse of her nudity again before looking quickly back to the small campfire he pretended to tend. As it had at the lagoon, her body tingled with excitement. Now, as they finished their meal of fish and pineapple, Marcie began to weave her web of forbidden desire.

MARCIE: Hey honey, I was thinking about something.

ROBBIE: What's that mom?

MARCIE: Well, we've had it pretty good here lately and I've been in the mood to celebrate. We haven't done that in a while.

Robbie smiles at the meaning of this.

ROBBIE: Really? You mean coconut coladas and all?

He was referring to their discovery of the tasty concoction they could make when they poured rum from cases they'd found in the beached storage bin into the milk-filled coconuts supplied by the island. This was a luxury they enjoyed mostly on special occasions. Tonight was to be very special indeed.

MARCIE: (smiling) Yes, of course! The sky's the limit!

ROBBIE: That sounds awesome!

MARCIE: Then it's a date! That is, if you can keep up with your wild old mom.

Robbie smiles broadly as his eyes flicker briefly across the tight top outlining her round breasts. A random thought seems to strike him as his gaze darts back to her face. He too has been thinking about today's events.

ROBBIE: Awww mom. You're not old. You're the hottest woman on the island!

They laugh at the simple joke but the look in both of their eyes reveals that there is hidden meaning for each as well. Robbie stands and moves toward their pile of coconuts.

ROBBIE: I'll go get the coconuts ready, you get the rum.

Unable to restrain herself, Marcie rises and calls after him.

MARCIE: Robbie?

ROBBIE: Yeah mom?

MARCIE: (in a soft voice) Do you really find me attractive?

Robbie turns to face her. This time he does not glance furtively at her but instead looks slowly up and down her full body, pausing briefly at her breasts, the nipples clearly erect beneath their thin covering.

ROBBIE: Yes mother. I find you very attractive.

He blushes and turns quickly to retrieve the party supplies. Marcie stands motionless, the warm, tingly feeling washing over her.

Several coconut coladas later, the two lay stretched out in front of the fire. Their clothes are wet from frolicking in the ocean. Only the sounds of the nearby waves fill the air as they lay silently sipping their latest beverage, gazing at each other. The water has made Marcie's thin white top almost transparent. Her ample breasts and dark nipples are clearly evident and by no accident, several of the top buttons have come undone, allowing a healthy display of her deep cleavage as well. Robbie's buzz has dampened his normal inhibitions and he stares openly at his mother's inviting bosom. Marcie too casts unguarded looks towards Robbie's damp shorts. She is convinced of two things: her son is most certainly aroused by what he sees and he has certainly become a man. A small voice in the back of her mind tells her she must go no further. The rum and her forbidden thoughts lead her to do otherwise.

MARCIE: What are you looking at?

ROBBIE: (sheepishly) Nothing!

MARCIE: (smiling knowingly) You big fibber! Tell me, I want to know.

ROBBIE: I can't! It's silly.

Marcie sits up, purposely letting her tits shudder and strain against the damp fabric.

MARCIE: I want you to tell me sweetie. You can say anything to me.

ROBBIE: You won't get mad or anything? Promise?

MARCIE: I promise honey. She pulls her shoulder back, causing her breasts to rise and push forward. Her voice is low and husky as she asks again: What are you looking at?

Robbie's eyes are drawn for a moment to his mother's boldly displayed chest before dropping his attention to the sand between them. He looks up suddenly to meet her eyes and responds in a proud tone.

ROBBIE: Your body mother. I'm looking at your beautiful body. His eyes return their attention back to the sand. I'm sorry.

MARCIE: Don't be sorry. I'm glad you told me.

ROBBIE: (looking back to her) You're not mad?

MARCIE: (laughs softly) Of course not! A woman likes to be told by a man she looks good.

ROBBIE: But I'm your son.

Marcie rises and moves towards Robbie, kneeling down in front of him. She places her hand against his cheek.

MARCIE: But you're also a man Robbie, a very handsome man.

ROBBIE: You really think so?

Marcie's hand caresses his cheek as she slowly looks over his muscular body.

MARCIE: Oh yes. Any woman would be proud to be with a man like you.

Robbie covers her hand with his, urging on her touch as the bulge in his shorts begins to grow.

ROBBIE: That's what's driving me crazy. I'm never going to get the chance to be with a woman.

MARCIE: You don't know that honey.

ROBBIE: It's true.

Marcie's last ounce of resistance disappears in a haze of rum and forbidden lust as she looks into his eyes.

MARCIE: Is that why you were watching me wash myself today?

Robbie's eyes widen, his body frozen with guilt.

ROBBIE: You know?

MARCIE: (soothingly) Yes baby, but it's okay.

ROBBIE: It...it is?

MARCIE: Yes. At first I was shocked but then I realized how much I enjoyed you seeing me naked.

ROBBIE: I...I couldn't help it...

MARCIE: Robbie, I'm a woman. I know that a man has needs. I just forgot you have them too. I'm glad you did it.

ROBBIE: You're just so beautiful. I had to see.

MARCIE: Mmmm...I like hearing you say that. You know, I have needs too.

ROBBIE: You do?

Marcie smiles as she runs her hands down his chest to his thighs. She rests them there, gently rubbing them.

MARCIE: Oh yes. It has been years and years since I was with another man but I've never stopped wanting it.

Robbie, as if hypnotized, can only mumble.

ROBBIE: Jeeezus....

MARCIE: So tell me Robbie: did you like what you saw?

ROBBIE: Y...yes...very much.

MARCIE: Did my body make you hard?

ROBBIE: Yes mother.

MARCIE: And then what?

ROBBIE: W...what do you mean?

Marcie's massage intensifies as she sways with the motion. She gently thrusts her chest out, teasing him.

MARCIE: What did you think about? Did you imagine yourself making love to my body?

ROBBIE: Yes. I wanted to be with you mother. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Marcie smiles as her eyes close dreamily. He has voiced her own fantasy. She regains control of herself and seductively moves her hands across her chest then slides them slowly over the curves of her jutting breasts, her thick nipples straining through her shirt.

MARCIE: Would you like to see my breasts again.

ROBBIE: Yes please.

MARCIE: Okay, but on one condition.

ROBBIE: Anything mom.

MARCIE: You have to kiss me.

ROBBIE: Like this?

He plants a kiss on her cheek. Marcie smiles as she steals a look at his nearly full erection, then looks back at him seductively.

MARCIE: No you silly boy. I want a real kiss.

ROBBIE: But I don't know how.

MARCIE: Mmmmm...then let me show you.

Marcie tilts her head as she takes his and leans forward and begins to kiss him slowly and fully on the lips, again and again. As Robbie begins to catch on, each kiss becomes longer and more passionate until they become one long unbreakable embrace, fully awakening the burning desire they each have carried inside of them. Marcie whimpers with pleasure as she pulls Robbie's hand to her heavy tit and lets it squeeze her firmly and eagerly. At last she pulls away, letting him take in her every curve.

MARCIE: That was very nice. Now do you want your reward?

ROBBIE: (in a husky voice) Yes. Please. Let me see.

Marcie laughs softly as she stands before him. As she unbuttons her top, she steps back letting the firelight illuminate her figure.

MARCIE: This for you my son.

She pulls the rest of the unopened shirt up and over her head as her full, firm tits drop out and swell and she raises her arms to display herself. Clad only in her small white bikini briefs, her long wild hair blowing in the gentle ocean breeze, Marcie looked every bit the beautiful island goddess. This effect was not lost on Robbie who stood slowly, staring at her bronzed body and breasts. Marcie is struck by another wave of pleasure as she notes that her son is now fully erect beneath his trunks.

MARCIE: Now that you can see my body up close, does it still please you?

ROBBIE: Yes mother. You are even more beautiful up close.

MARCIE: Well don't be shy then. Come closer.

As if in a trance, Robbie obeys and moves towards her, his eyes never leaving her chest.

MARCIE: What are you waiting for? Touch them.

Again Robbie does as he is told, taking a breast in each of his large hands and fondles them lovingly. Marcie sways forward and purrs a light moan of approval as he massages and cups her bosom. His hands, calloused from chopping firewood and other campsite chores cause Marcie's breasts to shudder each time they brush across her hardened nipples. The sensation is irresistible and Marcie pushes herself into his arms and begins another round of heated kissing. Her will weakened, Marcie does what was once unthinkable in her mind and slips her hand down to his erection and explores it's hardness, it's size. Her mind is awhirl with carnal delight as she discovers her son is very well endowed...'huge' is the exact word that she cannot stop thinking of. It is Robbie's turn to let loose with a moan of approval as she guides the tip of his tented staff to the warm crease between her legs. The pressure sends a shower of sparks through her vagina and belly. Too much, Marcie breaks their embrace before losing control. Robbie protests.

ROBBIE: Don't stop mom. Please.

MARCIE: Not so fast naughty boy. Now it's your turn.

ROBBIE: To do what?

Marcie playfully fondles her breasts and looks pointedly at his crotch.

MARCIE: I've shown you mine, now I want to see yours.

Robbie does not hesitate. Sensing the opportunity to get what he wants as well the chance to rid himself of the shorts which have now become painfully tight, he drops them and awaits her inspection. Marcie's earlier assessment had been more than accurate. His exposed member proves to be at least ten inches and a thickness that was more than proportionate to it's length. His mother's reaction speaks volumes as her eyes widen with amazement and her jaw drops open.

MARCIE: (breathlessly) Oh my.

ROBBIE: Is it okay?

Marcie gasps lightly, momentarily at a loss for words.

MARCIE: Oh sweetie...you...you're magnificent.

ROBBIE: Really? I...I didn't know.

Awestruck by her son's manhood, Marcie can only respond by touching it lightly with her fingers. She strokes it's length carefully, examining it as if it were a rare piece of sculpted art. Her eyes are drawn back to his as he tenderly cradles her right breast in his hand.

ROBBIE: I want to be with you mother.

MARCIE: Oh god...I know baby, but...but we can't...not in that way.

ROBBIE: Why not? You want to too. I can tell you do.

MARCIE: You're right honey. You have no idea how bad I want it, but I'm still your mother and I have to do the right thing.

ROBBIE: But we've gone this far. We can't stop now.

MARCIE: I know what we've done is wrong but you and I have been thrown into a crazy situation and we only have each other to love but it can't go any farther.

ROBBIE: I don't understand.

MARCIE: Robbie, as attracted as we are to each other, I'm still your mother. If I let you inside of me then it will be incest and that is forbidden in our world.

ROBBIE: I don't care. We're all alone here. No one will ever know.

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