tagMatureTaboo: Sex With Father-In-Law Ch. 01

Taboo: Sex With Father-In-Law Ch. 01


1 The Beginning.

Warning: The text contains explicit sexual, abusive, incest and rape related content. Any person offended by above topic is suggested not to read it. Any underage reader is requested not to read the text.

This story is about Holly, a housewife, who took her father in law as her lover. The following story is about how it all started.

Future sequels are also ready and will be posted if this story fairs out well.

5th Jan, 2005. It has been 5 years since Holly married Ted. At that time Holly and Ted were deeply in love. And so the lovely couple exchanged their vows at the altar on 4th Jan, 2000. Holly was 27 at the time. It was the happiest day of her life. She had married a man of her dreams. And she was surrounded by these magical feeling that from that day onwards nothing could go wrong in her life ever again. But their fairy tale could not stand the test of time.

Holly and Ted had numerous fights since they had been married. Ted often stormed out, leaving Holly alone in their house. It is during these moments she reconsidered her marriage situation. But often the conclusion was that things could be worked out. The result was their 2 year daughter Liz. After Liz was born the number of fights had automatically decreased as Holly was always busy and Ted was never around.

Holly and Ted's sexual life was also not very lively. Before Liz, the couple indulged in sex 2-3 times a month. Post Liz it was hardly 1-2 times in 4 months or so. Holly use to enjoy these planned events but during pregnancy she avoided Ted's need for sake of their daughter's health. Post Liz Holly had developed her breast to 36 D, which went very well with her 32 waist and 34 sized buttock. So she was sexier than ever. But Ted had lost interest in Holly as during Holly's pregnancy Ted had taken a striper as a lover. So he didn't need Holly for the job. Holly eventually found out about Ted, but she compromised for her daughter as without Ted they wouldn't survive financially.

So as the 2 years passed by, Ted drifted away from Holly, so much so that he forgot their 5th anniversary. But it didn't matter to Holly as she couldn't care less for her marriage.

As the sun rays flooded her bedroom Holly got up to draw the curtain so Liz wouldn't wake up. As usual Ted was missing from their bed. Holly went up to the sink washed her face and tied her hair in a pony tail leaving the front lock of hair open. She reached for the hem of her nightgown and took it off. As she was about to step in the shower she paused to view her figure in the mirror. After the shower she picked out her clothes and placed them on bed. All this while she was naked, her house was completely unlocked, not a door shut. But she knew it was safe as there house was in a very remote area of the town. After a little stretch she wore her outfit a denim and a tee shirt.

She then went about her chores around the house. At around 8 Ted showed up. He took a cup of coffee and invited Holly for a talk. For Holly this was unusual as Ted never spoke too much in the morning, usually he had the guts to speak when he was completely drunk. Well Holly sat down to listen to Ted.

T-"You know Dad was talking about retire ring from the ranch."


T-"Well he actually did it. He called me yesterday and told me the he had sold the ranch for a very profitable amount, but there is a problem."


T-"Well he asked me before hand that if it was to happen he would come and live with us, at that time I thought that he could never do it, so I said yes without asking you, but now that the deal is signed he wants to shift to our place, in fact his stuff is on its way So what do you think."

It was a black out for Holly, living with Mitch would not be easy, she had observed that Mitch use to eye her from distance, not only that she had curbed quiet a many advances by Mitch, with this record she could never live with Mitch under the same roof.

T-"Look He's my dad and I am his only son, if he does not live with us then where will he settle at this age."

Holly thought about it, and found that Ted was being reasonable. But how she could express distress about Mitch was the only thing floating her mind. Finally after much convincing Holly agreed for allowing Mitch to live with them. As Ted was about to leave he stated one last fact.

T-"By the way, Mitch is on his way to the place in the evening along with his stuff, make sure the rooms ready."

With this he hopped on his jeep and went to work before Holly could say anything. Holly was furious. If only she had known Mitch was to move in today she would have stalled the whole thing. But instead of getting angry she decided to prepare the guest room down stairs. The whole time she thought about how she would deal with Mitch living in same house.

At around 4 pm Mitch turned up on door. He had brought the moving van and a couple of workers. Holly shock Mitch's had and immediately went on to direct the workers to place Mitch's stuff in the room. It took quiet sometime to move all the stuff inside the house. By the time they were finished it was dinner time. Holly quickly prepared some pasta and called Mitch for dinner.

At the dinner table there were only two plates. Mitch saw this and asked is Ted would join them.

H-"Well Ted has taken a small house near the mill. Since supervising the stock can take several hours he sleeps there only."

M-"Oh, so we're all alone."

Mitch gave a sly smile which convinced Holly that he was up to no good. Holly quickly finished her dinner and went upstairs to sleep. Meanwhile Mitch got into his underpants and sat down to watch some TV. Holly had locked the door behind her. She undressed and quickly wore her night gown which reached her knees. Since she had tucked Liz in bed before dinner she just took a glance and lay on bed. Just then the television volume interrupted her. She tried to sleep with it but when she heard Liz move she got up to go down. As she approached the room she could hear that the sounds were of a female moaning. This slowed her down but she continued even if she had to walk in on his father in law watching porn. When she knocked on the door and walked in she saw a male cock pistoning inside a lady. She collected her voice and spoke up.

H-"Could you lower the volume Liz is trying to sleep."

But when there was no response she move in front of the coutch and decided to draw his attention. But instead she had to immediately turn away as she saw Mitch's huge erection in his gray underpants. Still turned away she repeated her words and left. As she exited the room the volume level dropped which relieved her. Climbing the step the image of the tent pole she saw was flooding her mind but she drifted the image away with other thoughts. As she laid back those images kept on coming back but she fought them.

On the other end Mitch was very happy. He had always wondered how Holly would look in sexy lingerie and tonight he finally saw her. This image was more powerful for him than the cheap porn he was watching. And that is why he had lowered the volume to absorb more of the image with all his senses. After Holly left he was ready to masturbate but he stopped. After giving some thought to current situation, he raised the televisions volume again.

This time around the volume was even higher so Holly didn't wait for a second. She stormed into the living room and faced Mitch and his huge erection.

H-"Mitch please Liz is trying to sleep!"

Now this time around Mitch erection was not an image which she could discard. It was the real thing and so while standing there all her attention was towards the bulge. Slowly her throat was starting to dry and she could feel her senses become more and more alive.

M-"I'll shut it down when I am done!"

H-"But Liz"

M-"No I'll shut it when I am done but if you're in hurry you can take care of it!"

H-"No, No way, I won't suck it!"

M-"Who said anything about sucking just give me a hand. Stroke me!"

With this Mitch lowered his underpants and took out his erection. It was about 9inch long and 1 and ½inch wide. The sight instantly dried off her throat. Her nipple grew in size and her cunt started moistening. This was because she had never seen a cock so large in shape and size. She felt like grabbing it and pushing it down her throat but she hesitated to even touch it. She did move a little in front but she paused. And her look was of curiosity than disgust. The two hints were enough for Mitch to realize that she was falling for his trap. He reached for her hands and dragged her to her knees. Then after getting in a relaxed position he guided her hands to his erection. Her gentle touch was enough to make him climax, but he took control of the urge and waited for an appropriate moment.

Holly was now astonished by the cock, as it filled her sight. She touched it lightly and saw some moment. She held it firmly and started running her hands up and down the shaft. The whole time she prevented Mitch from touching her and herself from sucking on the shaft. Soon Mitch requested her to quicken her pace to which she obliged. After 3 min or so Mitch finally said that he was about to explode. But no sooner had he announced it, did he start to spurt his sperm. Since Holly was not able to direct them they fell everywhere, her face, her nightgown, her hair, on the rug and on the living room furniture. Droplets formed on her neck ran down between her cleavages, some on her cheek flowed down near her lips, her hair was complete mess. The last drop was on Mitch's cock, as Holly had stopped the last spurt with the hand that was holding Mitch's cock. Eventually his cock shrunk to half of its size. After catching breath Mitch pulled up his underpants and said "Thanks darling for a mind blowing hand job, now as promised I'll shut the TV." Saying this he shutdown the television and went to sleep leaving Holly in the same knelt position in a mess.

Holly eventually got up. The reason she didn't move was because she herself was too excited. As she got up she felt a drop of her own juice running down her thigh. She slowly climbed the stairs and reached her room. She closed the door behind her and quickly removed her gown to become naked. She then went inside the bathroom to see her naked reflection. She saw the semi dried droplets of sperm on her belly {which had a trail from her chest}, her messy hair and her face which had a trail of the sperm that had dropped from her face. She also touched her cunt and realized that there were tiny clear droplets of her own cum trapped in her bush. She realized that she had never felt like this before. She realized that she wanted Mitch to actually go all the way with her. Thinking about his large cock, she stuck two long fingers in her cunt and started the piston motion. As she continued she felt weakness in her knees so she started to kneel. Finally she came making her hand covered in her own juice. As she caught her breathe she suddenly was hit by reality. She had given a hand job to her own father in law and not just that she had masturbated thinking about him. As she got up on her feet she saw her reflection. But this time the sight didn't excite her, instead made her realized that she had acted as a whore. The thought made her head spin. So she went inside the shower and sat on the floor after leaving the water running. She sat there thinking about what had just happened and how she would deal with the situation in the morning. After an hour under running water she got up and washed herself. After that she took a fresh night gown and wore it. She was trying very hard to forget it but the evidence of the event was right there on the floor, her dirty nightgown. She took it and threw it in the back of her closet and went to bed, eventually catching sleep.

The next day Holly woke up to the sunlight. She had caught less sleep last night but she decided to get up. She thought about taking a shower but she had taken one last night only so she decided to just change her cloths. Holly went through her wardrobe for something very less revealing so it took her time. Each time she went through her blouse she would pick a deep cut and would take it out before realizing that the consequence could dearly cost her. It was if she really wanted to wear something revealing for Mitch. After a long fight with herself she selected a cream colored blouse. It had a v cut which was definitely more revealing that ordinary blouse, but it was still not deep enough to display the sexy cleavage. The blouse had a design that would hug the breasts but underneath that it was loose. The top would easily reach her mid thigh so she took out denim. She than looked for a pair of under garments and found the cottons which she had hardly ever worn. The set was black in color and was probably a size smaller than what she normally wore, but it covered her assets better than any other pair. She wore the cloths she had selected and realized that the bra's outline could be seen through the v neck. She thought about it for a while but then decided to let it be like that.

Holly then unlocked the door and went outside. From the stairs she tried to survey the house for Mitch. Eventually she realized that he was still sleeping so she went about the house work. While cleaning the living room she found dried stain of sperm from last night. She immediately cleaned the couch and rug before her husband would come. At about 8 Ted arrived at the house. He as usual went about his morning routine. Mitch woke up few minutes after that as sound could be made out from his room, but he didn't come outside. Holly was somewhat relieved as she knew it would have been weird to act normal in front of his husband and father in law after the last night incident.

At the breakfast table all three of them had to sit together. Holly was usually busy with some work like reading newspaper or a magazine but today she sat quietly. Ted then asked his father if he had settled in easily and if was uncomfortable about anything. To this Mitch replied,"Holly is a very warm person, she took care of me very well, you don't worry. If I need any assistance I am sure Holly would lend me her hand again!" Ted unaware of the incident took it as a sign that there was no problem, but Holly's face was flushed red with blood. After the breakfast Ted was on his way back to the mill.

After Ted left Mitch also excused himself for a bath. Since she was all alone again Holly went back to her chores. After finishing the dishes she went outside to pick up yesterdays laundry. As she was working Mitch observed her from the window in his bathroom. He had always been fond of Holly's body. But after yesterday's incident he saw her in a whole new light. He now was imagining how she would look naked and what she would be like to fuck. The thought had given him an erection again. He wanted to fuck her then and there, but if he moved to fast Holly would probably get scared and raise alarm. To prevent that from happening he decided that he would continue his slow progress. When he saw her take the basket inside, he immediately stripped himself and wore a robe. He then peeped out from his room and saw Holly sitting and folding the laundry. Carefully he approached from behind her and placed his hands on her shoulder and said,"Holly dear I need you to take care of something." Holly had not expected him, so she could not evaluate what he was trying to say and she asked him generously what it was.

M-"Could you give me another one of those hand jobs?"

Holly immediately removed his hands from her shoulder and said," Mitch look what happened yesterday shouldn't have happened at all. It was wrong and I blame myself for it. It can never happen again and to avoid any uneasiness to both of us I request you to never speak of it again."

M-"So what do I do with this." Saying this Mitch guided his cock out of his robe into her view. Holly was again mesmerized by the sight, she wanted it bad, but she controlled herself and moved away from it a little, with her complete focus still on his cock. "Mitch I understand it you want it, but you are my father in law, we can't do this."

M-"Sweetie, forget it that I am your father in law and understand the situation. You want it, but you are still gonna let me hang loose. I don't know what I would do with it; this could drive me to do anything. Just take care of it and everything will be ok, I promise."

Holly realized that Mitch was threatening her, but he was right if she took care of it with a hand job the situation will be in control. So slowly she guided her left hand to touch his semi erect cock. But just before touching it she said,"Ok but just this once."

M-"As you like it dear."

With Holly's touch Mitch's cock grew to its full 9inch glory. It became heavy and holly had difficulty controlling it. She used her both hands to prevent it from hitting her eyes as Mitch was still standing and she was sitting on the chair. Seeing the opportunity Mitch reached for her breasts from over her blouse, but was stopped by Holly. To defend his act he said," Look if I feel you up a little I am sure you will be able to finish it quickly." Being in heat herself she stopped her protest and continued her up down hand action on his inflated cock. So Mitch started feeling her breasts from over her blouse. He found her nipples and gave them a little twist which made them grew in size a bit. He then weighed her breasts by cupping them from underneath, but he couldn't feel the complete weight. He then grabbed her by her shoulder and made her stand. He then himself sat on the chair and asked Holly to sit so that his cock would be in between her thighs. Holly didn't agree to this, so he asked her to sit in his right leg so that his cock would be on one side. As she sat down she automatically grabbed his cock by her left hand and started her hand action. This made Mitch realize that she was beginning to go along with the act. He then reached for her breasts from behind and weighed them. He took hold of her nipples and gave them a rub, but the material of bra and blouse were thick enough that he could not feel the rubbery nature of her nipples. He tried to reach for her nipples from the v cut but he could not get an access as the bra was quiet tight. So he reached for the frilled hem of her blouse and pushed it up to reveal her bra. He realized that he had little time before Holly would make him cum, so instead of opening the bra he grabbed the underwire and the elastic and pushed it up to reveal her breast. The move cause holly to moan from pain as the bra was fastened quiet tight. Her breast were just like he had picturerized them in his mind. The skin was fair with not a single spot but her areola which themselves were as pink as her lips. He grabbed the nipples and started rubbing them furiously between his thumb and forefinger. This caused a chain reaction as Holly quickened her pace. The quick pace had lasted for some 20 seconds when Mitch came shooting spurts after spurts of thick sperm in air.

Both then continued to sit in that position motionless. Mitch was relaxing from having his climax and Holly tried to contain her excitement that had build up due to the rub Mitch gave to her nipples. As she caught her breath she felt Mitch's organ shrink in her hand. She let go of it and stood up. Mitch seeking opportunity placed his hands on her hips and felt her ass and hips as she stood up. He then gave Holly a little smack on her butt and said thanks to her. Holly immediately ran off to the one of the bathrooms on the ground floor. She then closed the lid of the toilet and sat on it with her hands covering her face. After few moments she got up and saw her nipples in the mirror, they had turned red. She gently massaged them and then tucked her breasts inside her bra again. She then fixed her blouse. Just when she had mentally overcome the heat she realized that her cunt had been flowing during the whole process. She unbuttoned her jeans and saw that it was soaked in her own juice in the crotch area. She also realized that her panty were also wet. She needed to change her cloths so she zipped her denim back on and headed straight for her room. But just outside the bathroom she saw Mitch sitting on an easy chair.

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