Taboo: Sex With Father-In-Law Ch. 01


M-"You took care of yourself pretty quickly."

H-"No I didn't masturbate."

M-"So should I help."

H-"No, I just need to change my cloths."

Saying this she ran upstairs to her room. As soon as she reached her room she stripped off her denim and panty. She threw her jeans in a basket but she took her panty and threw it inside her wardrobe along with yesterday's nightgown, the whole time unaware that Mitch was watching her strip and walk around without her panty from the door gap. She then took a fresh panty and put them on. Just then Mitch walked in.

H-"Mitch, get out of here, you're not allowed in my room."

M-"Ok, ok but I was here to save you some trouble. Don't wear a jeans or pant again otherwise it will spoil again and you'll need to change it again. Try a skirt or just leave it like you are now!"

Saying this Mitch went outside. His remark had made Holly upset. She sat down with a huff on her bed. She was worried that Mitch had expressed his wish to do this again and that to today itself. She thought about it but after some time she got up and pulled out a knee length plain dark brown skirt. After wearing it she came down stairs and went to fold the laundry again. Mitch saw her wearing the skirt and was very happy that she was following his requests. Holly when reached the room saw Mitch's sperm on few of her blouses in the laundry. She separated those from the fresh cloths and completed the rest of the job. She also saw some sperm on the floor and thus had to clean them to. She then went on to place fresh cloths and collect dirty clothes from all the room in the house. It was almost lunch time. She then went in kitchen to cook a meal for the two adults in the house. During this time Mitch was busy watching television. They eventually sat down together to have lunch. After lunch Holly went on to wash the cloths in the washing machine. She then took the washed cloths to hang in sun outside. Mitch seeking an opportunity went into Holly's room. There he saw Liz taking her nap. As silently as he could, Mitch went through Holly's wardrobe. He went through her cloths, in which he saw her blouse, skirts, denims, nightgown, lingerie, her matching sets of undergarment and some special bra that she had separately. He also found her soiled panty and nightgown from yesterday's event. He took them and sniffed them. After making a mental note of what to do he kept everything back and slipped out of the room.

When he reached downstairs he found that Holly was still busy hanging cloths outside. He thus stood at the back yard door waiting for Holly to come. When Holly opened the door Mitch took hold of her shoulder and said," Holly dear it's been 3 hour. I think I'll need you assistance again!"


M-"What can I do dear you are so sexy, it's difficult for me not to think about you, and you already know what thinking about you does to me. Let's take it indoors."

H-"But I did make you cum, how can you be ready again?"

M-"Honey, it's not me; it's your sexy body that makes even this old man aroused so soon!"

H-"Mitch, I don't have time for it. I have to finish chores before Liz wakes up. Besides you promised it would happen only once. Please don't ask for this now!"

M-"So what do you want me to do, wait for you till you finish chores with this huge erection. Honey I am sure that you could not complete any work with the thought that you could play with my cock as an alternative to the chores! Let's do it here right now and get it over with quickly"

H-"What do you mean! Someone could see us."

M-"Relax, at 4 pm I am sure no one would come to this secluded part of the world expecting to see us going at it."

H-"Mitch, I am.."

M-"I know you are busy. But you are also sexy and horny. I am just asking you for a quickie here outside. Take care of me and I will take good care of you later. Come on!"

Holly was then led by Mitch to the backyard under a tree. Mitch then made Holly kneel before him as he took his cock out of his pants. Holly shyly reached for his cock and started rubbing it. Mitch's erection immediately attained its full size. He liked the sight of his daughter in law's hand running up and down his shaft. But he realized that he had nothing to do while Holly was working on his cock. So he requested her to change their position so he could feel her up. Holly on the other hand was busy thinking how Mitch's throbbing cock would feel like in her dry mouth. She realized that things between them were happening even though she had tried to stop it. She realized that her attempts were futile and Mitch was having everything his way, so it was about time she did something to take control. She shifted her hands to base off his cock and then directed it to her mouth. Mitch was over whelmed to see Holly act on her own, to give him a blowjob. The sight of Holly's pink lips wrapped around his shaft sent a shiver in his body which would have made him cum. But he held back as he knew if Holly didn't enjoy it she probably wouldn't participate in future. He closed his eyes and used all of his will power to stop himself from the climax. He succeeded in his effort but got a little limp. But as soon as he saw Holly bobbing her head up and down his shaft he was at his full length again. For Holly it was probably a victory of desire over common sense. For past two of their encounter she had wished for taking the cock down her dry throat. She had imagined its taste and so she didn't hesitate to take the cock inside her mouth. But the only problem was its size. She knew she could not take a 9inch cock completely down her throat so she began by sucking and lubricating the head of the cock. And after a couple of minutes she started taking it in more. Mitch noted this and encouraged it by grabbing holly's head and pushing it toward him. The result was that Holly's throat was filled with his cock, but she could not breathe. Mitch noted how the lack of air flushed her face, but he held her like that for few more seconds before allowing some air down her lungs. Both of them were at peak of their excitement.

M-"You want it in your face or in your mouth."

Holly didn't reply instead held his cock and took it out leaving his head inside her mouth. She then gave him a strong suck which made Mitch cum instantly. After he had finished shooting, she took his cock out, collected his sperm in her mouth and spit it all out, in a single shot, on the grass.

M-"You got skills Holly, but you ought a respect me. The way you spited out my sperm clearly shows you don't. But since it's your first time it's OK!."

Saying this Mitch got away from Holly and zipped his pants up. Holly on the other hand was still kneeling trying to control her flowing mound. Eventually Holly stood up but she felt weakness in her legs. She somehow managed to reach one of the bathrooms on the ground floor of the house. After locking the doors she reached for her panty and found it completely drenched in her own juice. She took them off and wiped off the droplets with some tissue. Just as she had finished she heard a knock on the door.

M-"Holly dear would you come out please; I have something to tell you."

Holly realized that she could not walk out with her soiled panty in hand, so she quickly hid them in one of the cabinets. She adjusted her cloths and went outside to find Mitch waiting.

M-"Holly, you have taken care of my need so as promised I wanted to reimburse the favor. I got it planned for tonight."

H-"What are you talking about? I don't need any favor or assistance from you!"

M-"I beg you to reconsider. Cause you love the idea I have."

H-"Mitch leave me alone. I don't want to be tangled in your fantasies and roll play. Just leave me alone!"

M-"Very well, but I have to show you some gratitude."

Saying this Mitch hugged Holly and nibbled on her earlobe. As he was doing this his left hand brushed her ass. Clearly he felt her crack. Alarmed Holly broke off from his grip and ran off to her room. Mitch recognized the feeling of the crack of ass. He understood that she was not wearing any panty. Mitch remembered that he had seen Holly wear a fresh panty earlier when her black one had to be changed. Since Holly had gone straight to the bathroom from the backyard, Mitch was sure Holly had left it inside the bathroom. He went inside and looked around. When he couldn't find anything he went through the cabinets. He finally found it in a shelf in one of the cabinet hidden behind some cleaning agents. He took them to his nose and inhaled them. They smelled heavy with Holly's honey. It was mesmerizing. The smell was enough to give him a small erection. But Mitch had other plans for using them.

Mitch climbed the stairs and approached Holly's room. He gave a little knock on the door and then went inside without waiting for an answer.

M-"You know some things in life are very important for us, coz they can cost us dearly. Take this for example, an ordinary brown panty which is emitting your substantial smell of women hood. You know what it can cost you. A divorce"

Holly was taken aback with this sudden appearance of Mitch with her panty which she had hidden properly. All she could say was.

H-"How did you know?"

M-"Please when a person has loved as many women as me, he can tell by woman's walk, talk and feeling of their ass that she has nothing on underneath!"

Holly's face got flushed with blood.

H-"Mitch please give them back to me!"

M-"Well since it is so precious for you I think I would need something from you!"

H-"What do you want?"

M-"Just agree to participate with me tonight."

H-"Never, I will never allow you to screw me!"

M-"Holly dear, I am not going to fuck you, at least not tonight. I just wanna return the favor to you. I promise that you will be unhurt and you will like it. And in case if you don't agree. Well then I can always mail them to Ted."

Holly had no options left. She didn't want to encourage Mitch, but the she had to prevent him from sabotaging her marriage.

H-"Alright. But you have to promise me to return these to me when we are finished."

M-"Great. But there are some conditions you have to follow."


M-"Well for starters you should not put on any panty till the planned event, that way I can enjoy you nervously walking around. As for tonight you have to come to my room after dinner dressed in a cotton panty and lingerie. Try some of the exotic stuff you have in your wardrobe. Till then I will hold this panty for you."


Mitch left the room after that. Holly was upset over Mitch's continuous advancement towards her. She realized that she had been trapped in this situation by her father in law, and the only way through this was to obey him. She stood in front of the mirror and starred at her reflection, trying to build up some confidence so she could walk about the house and do some works. She then left for downstairs. The rest of the evening Holly completed her chores, under the continuous view of Mitch. She tried to avoid his eyes. But whenever she came across them she was reminded of her nakedness below her skirt. At dinner time Holly served the dinner for Mitch, herself and Liz. After feeding Liz she took her upstairs and tucked her in her bed. She then remembered what she had agreed to Mitch. Reluctantly she opened her wardrobe and went though her cloths. She found many things which would fit Mitch's request, but she could not make up her mind. Finally she decided to strip off her clothes so she could decide better. She removed her blouse and lowered her skirt. After stepping out of them she unclasped her black bra and dropped it to the floor. She reached for lingerie which she had for many years. It was light pink in color and was made of cotton. It was a sleeveless deep v cut styled lingerie with thin straps. The hem almost reached her mid thighs, but the last few inches were of transparent net material which made it quiet sexy. She had worn it a couple of times for ted, but she had never imagined to wear it for someone else. Although she didn't want to wear something that revealing, a part of her was very excited for what was about to happen. She had some faith that Mitch would not put his huge cock in her, and since he wanted to repay her, she was sure she would enjoy this night. Having given some thought to this she selected the lingerie so she could have some fun. Next she went through number of panties, but finally she stopped at a purple panty. This was a cotton net mix panty, which mostly had designer mesh other than the crotch which was covered in purple cotton. She selected this one as it stood out from her pink lingerie and it could be clearly made out. She was about to wear the cloths, when she decided to take a quick bath. Inside her shower she initially avoided contact to sensitive parts of her anatomy for the risk of getting excited before hand, but later she gave a thorough cleaning to these parts as she realized that they would be used tonight. She finished her shower, dried herself and wore the planned outfit. Just before leaving she applied a light pink lip gloss and formed a pony tail of her hair.

Holly then started heading towards Mitch's room. With each step she took she began to get excited and her heart started catching even more speed. She had done nothing like this before, even for ted. She finally approached outside Mitch's room and knocked on the door.

M-"Come in!"

Holly opened the door and stepped in.

M-"It sure took a lot of time for you to get dressed. Just stand there."

Mitch approached her and took views from all around her. He finally stopped and exclaimed Beautiful. His hands approached her stomach and held her as he locked lips with her. To his surprise he didn't receive any resistance. Slowly the kiss got deep and his hands slided down to her butt where he grouped her ass. He immediately got a response as Holly's eye's which were closed immediately opened wide. He continued to caress her butt and thighs, and few moments later her lingerie was bunched above her waistline and his hand caressed her butt just over her thin panty. He then broke the kiss and started to lick his way down to her v neck.

M-"I could swear that your skin is whiter than milk and your nipples are redder than wine."

Holly was surprised. She had never expected Mitch to say something like this to her. She had imagined him just going along the physical act. But these words made her realize that there was a romantic side to this old man. By now Mitch had chewed on Holly's nipples from above her lingerie. He then descended down to her panty. His hands raised the hem of her lingerie to reveal her panty. Mitch saw the damp patch on the cotton crotch of the panty.

M-"I recognize the smell."

Mitch placed the tip of his nose on what he imagined her slit would be. When he found it he ran his nose up and down the length of the slit.

M-"I think you are ready!"

Mitch got up and pushed Holly on her back on the bed.

M-"Holly get on your knees and hands."

As Holly got in the position, Mitch got behind her and placed his finger at the same placed he had placed his nose earlier and pushed a little as he ran his finger up and down. Instantly he got her response as a moan and her panty was now completely soaked. He pulled his finger back and repeated the step each time going a little deeper. This went on for few minutes. Holly was lost in the pleasure during this and when Mitch stopped she looked back at him over her shoulder almost begging him not to stop with her expression.

M-"Your panty is completely drenched in your juice; we better get rid of these!"

Mitch grabbed the elastic band of the panty and slowly pulled her panty down to reveal her butt and the hidden treasure. The first sight of Holly's cunt made Mitch's heart skip a beat. She had maintained a smoothly shaved cunt. Her cunt lips were bright pink and so was the visible inner part. Mitch lowered the panty to Holly's knee and then immediately stuck his two fingers in her cunt. They went in easily, and he moved them around to collect her juice on the fingers. He pulled them out and tasted them.

M-"As sweet as honey! Holly dear your pink mound produces the sweetest nectar of all the women I have had. But I am sure you can do better than this."

Holly took the complement in a positive way, and now was expecting something nice but out of the blues Mitch's hand swung in and gave Holly a swat on the ass. She cried out of the pain. Even after the contact it seemed to her as it was still being stung by bees.

H-"Mitch what are you doing?"

M-"Just setting you free! Can you feel a drop of your cum running down your thighs, it was the result of the spanking. Did you like the feel of drops running down your thighs?"


M-"You want more?"

H-"I am not sure."

M-"Alright just one more, I am sure you'll love it!"

Holly prepared herself for the impact. She tightened her butt and concentrated so she may not scream. But at the impact she cried harder than before. It was because the impact was not on her butt but instead on her cunt. Her cunt immediately swell up and this time she was flowing more.

M-"Aah the smell of success. Now your cunt flows without inhibitions, just like it should. Let me assist you!"

Mitch then buried his face in her butt and started licking her. Holly, who was in cry of pain before was on the cloud nine of pleasure. Mitch was licking her up and down and was also tongue fucking her. Soon he added his fingers in her cunt to. Holly was now forcing her butt into Mitch's face.

M-"You are out of control dear, I think I'll have to wipe you off with a cloth. I can't lick it all off."

Mitch then pulled out the brown panty from his pocket and placed it under his chin. They continued it for another minute or so when Holly came screaming violently and spamming her cum on Mitch's face. Mitch wiped his face off with the brown panty and then stuck them inside her cunt. He then pulled up her purple panty, which were bunched around her knees. He patted her butt.

M-"There all set and done. Now let's do something you have to work at and I have to enjoy."

Mitch grabbed her hair and pulled her in to a sitting posture. He then took his already excited cock out of his pants and brought them near her lips. Holly reflexively took it in her mouth and started to suck it. When Mitch let go of his cock Holly took control of it in her hands. She started bobbing it in her mouth soon making it touch the back of her throat. Mitch also gagged her with it on as many opportunities as he came across. After about five minutes Mitch flooded Holly's mouth with his cum and pulled out. Holly this time around didn't spit out the cum, she swallowed it down as much as possible. But few droplets had escaped her mouth and were resting on her lips.

M-"You're getting better, but you missed few drops on your lips."

Holly licked her lips and then fell on her back on the bed. She was soon joined by Mitch. She placed her head on his arms, but before she tried to cuddle Mitch had already drifted to sleep due to their enthusiastic act. Holly got up to look at the clock and she realized that it was late. Since she was also sleepy she went upstairs to sleep. But unlike yesterday she stripped completely so she could sleep naked. This was because she didn't felt uncomfortable around Mitch anymore and Mitch had gained her respect as a lover. While removing her panty she found her brown panty stuffed in her cunt. She removed them and along with the purple panty threw them at the back of her wardrobe instead of the wash basket. Finally after checking Liz she went to sleep.

The next morning Holly woke up later than usual. But she was feeling perkier than most off the other days. She had a sense of sexual satisfaction that she had never felt before even though what they had done could be described as oral sex. She straight away went to take a shower and quickly dressed up. When Ted arrived at 8, Holly brought Liz down to play with Ted and got involved in their play to. Ted was happy to see Holly in an up mood rather than the complaining type she had become over the last two years. When Holly went to prepare the breakfast in kitchen, she got some free time to think. She realized that she had committed, as what could only be described as adultery, that too with her father in law, but she had no guilt regarding this. Instead she was happier than ever in the last few years, because the slowdown in her sex life was suddenly given a boost by Mitch. She realized that Mitch had just probably extended her marriage life, as otherwise Ted would have left her for the stripper eventually if things went the way they were going before.

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